1-26-18 Hour 1

Friday, January 26th


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We lost Indians 37. I can't believe I'm. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on then yeah it's like out quite useful way. When I go to limos. Sauce. As we welcome the possible. All wrapped into the studio fifty guys who. Where they're not supposed to. Find W. I've never done this and I'll never know I know I've. Never done this in my life. Nor will I may be ever do it again I'm having shot The Black Crowes. Because a white hit this press this button right here. But it. Now as. I is he the greatest guitar the greater. You've got to hit. 300 supper table for a minute let's get out of Woodstock let's go post modern okay. Eddie Van Halen and we're gonna tell you about doing drills before the show how I get Jezebel that you thought the Paribas. Knock that out by happy birthday Eddie van yeah. Worries it was my greatest might mean my favorite bra my favorite guitarist Angus young but I'll write. That now favored vs best is a completely different well. Most influential. Numbness. Eddie at the shredding knows don't know how to. You know what she's playing like the finger board now I voted on a groundbreaking revolutionary. Unique. Spectacular. Jaw dropping. We had Van Halen is an ever want to put it this way he's the only rock guitars and you can say squarely move that is in everyone's top five. Right the out ever nonstop but we did a list on WA AF dot com. Of some of his incredible guitar solos. Still it's what we got the ball about a little. How about a little with today. We think. Eruption. Of this kind of new. That they're sure you've put into well we've got you've got to be kidding you have got to be kidding me out there well. You that would. What would then run. How could you know what they insure road. I think I can't fault look at it and Haley where have all the good times gone it was not bad but this is don't press this button is that what you're not supposed to breast where have all the good times goddesses to search that now now. Well I don't. Should show ID to vote. Plus your blows. Yeah man he's. I'm okay. Ticket the Black Label Society. It's a flashback Fridays we never got a throwback Thursday we'll have a great Grammy debate stage is is going to drop a new single. So if you wanna get pumped up for the patriots don't miss that. And it. Our green room neck. Is the puppy bowl did shatter the palpable wrath he's not comfortable self he's the referee of the palatable. I'll he's like the animal that kind sexy version of DVR. Yes probably Laura and he actually brought an accent on that for like 22 hours. Couple little friends with them on. Some little people are. And despite your. Ravenous. Hatred. Of drugs do not understand. We are aware of this whole dog of phobic this canine a phobia of I don't pay all right let's just bring it. Can you couldn't get the wrapped command. Here is this a shot Animal Planet is upheaval ripped and staggered and thanks for coming. Cook grabbing me it's such a thrill now this thing has become hues of Abdul get into all the stats and facts in a few minutes. But it is huge old millions of people watch a puppy bowl. Guys let me stop you right. I could talk all day about the puppy bowl and promoted. That report Animal Planet BP and accuse competition for Lex. Oh we all know why we're here. I think you know his nose to the audience knows and it's very European adventure and we you know mention. Mingle wanted to look at me okay. We. We love. You're in a safe space. You're among friends and then you're brave without friends act burger. You brave even continue to listen to. We know you hate him and it's OK it's OK I don't hate them I want you know we have owned several wounds and one. And and you don't we're gonna not anymore we're gonna get into that we're gonna get to that we have some audio. Evidence in them the facts every letter now that rode him as part of the popular mention you can or you can easily however you feel. I'll treat for them. Nick. Yes working with you has been a push and a peaceful some talk and now tonight can you let him adding that finish you want to assume it's sort. Yeah yeah we're here for nick. How to use rearrange all of those seats in the studio in this awkward circle or have to face that and being your radio partners in a thrill it's been a wonderful year. But I hope we continue to work to. What your vicious hatred of populous. Makes it very hard to continue. So I'm asking that you listen to Dan we'll be able rev. And you're willing to seek the treatment that only he can provide. And that one big annual learn to love. The little critters that are truly desperate that you would you do anything. That was important and great reviews. With some what you. Platters of bagels cream cheese and lots of we're not sitting Cuba make every window every player out where we're going on the release of that. Or six million dogs and cats and killed there recently. Three million of them adopted happy ending that we think it. And to those remaining. Now. Insert neck. And all knows you can't spell adoptive about dope. Which is what they're probably on or at least put on how are you how can we work with them and Hostin race latency what he needs to say yet to peel back the layers are. Cancel adopted without that so hopefully this is what I do those dogs we're gonna bring all of them will be to bring some puppies and help nick. But the puck ball arrest him Jack beat anybody. Well we got the puppy man in studio Dan Shatner referee of animal planet's. Puppy bowl and it's what eared and fourteen year and you or what year 77. The year oblivion our producer on it. Done great that's super super thrilled for you since you beat out Meehan Mattie when we audition for that. Super excited for you thanks humanely here with your accusations. And your fancy job. And year low did your normal bodily today's show appearances. Golf is uh oh sure go to your most of the you know agrees yeah we have denial that loan at an. Oh this is darn here are sustains yeah I do love aids chatter yet the dogs out there too yeah I know I don't feed them grapes I know I'd take the great that's why drew the line the other we have breaking puppy bowl news. We're hot flash. The same time we should do something if it's hot and fleshy part if you only data month club ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WBA and brought you this hour by Mercedes-Benz for medical all wheel drive all season competent all road confidence limited time up. Are available on a completely out of a broad gripping coupes sedans suvs and more visit MB USA dot com for more details now you're just joining us were doing a bit of a puppy intervention with puppy bowl Afghan Shaq there. But boy get back to nick in his. Patron of dogs that's just unfounded I'd love dog you have some breaking news unpalatable don't you reference. We're really excited about this and I haven't really you ask me it is raining and announced this is one we always is the losing team gets sent to North Korea for dinner. He's in he might need just how well. This again he might need to go hey come here you go live within a Kim GOS. I just when he auto when you peel back those layers you can get different layers some will be pay in some of the jealousy that will be denials it will be equity crying in the corner about five minutes predict our the breaking news. Are we part of with the NFL and Animal Planet do you all remember the football documentary hard knocks it was on HBO yeah training camp we are doing a puppy training camp which is premiering on adult. And on Thursday February 1 and yeah well. Did get we got it for me to come on and be our be our coach is it called a hard barks. We wish and that was the number one choice in the valley god bless them. Turned it down that you want anything to be too associated confuse the viewers how you could confuse the viewer between opinion is beyond me however. It's called a training camp confidential but it is gonna be shot and it's produced exactly the same way that part docs was done. Puppies are caught. Like it hasn't in the office circumcised. No that's next here and help it that way that's weird Tim Tebow was actually going to the Philippines to do what about cutting. And circumcised and dogs. Oh and I are excited that's gonna be amazing. Nick that you denied. You deny like many dog haters your hatred for these puppies right but that I'm bill denied the dogs science guy let's go before bring hobbies and let's go back in time this is why I'm here to January. When Dan called into the show. And nick said this during the call and of course of lifestyle that I adopted was also shelter dog. And she was bat guano crazy and almost drove me in my life apart I love a good sheltered out. We are gonna heal those wounds today I heard we're gonna you know it's. It's not about her that dog much like myself what you look for years in my life and you know until they regard bird are all of the guys miss daisy I showed her nothing but love let's I was dogs I was so good to AZ for years oh my god it's rob. From the and that's DC had to make a plan and maybe not who I. These PA I want in your finest you know I'd say he's don't know why my mother's favorite charity. Right now let's gently. Rob who are our dialogues here on who our friends at the minute political opponent OK okay has fired up right understandable we have Mikey here it is ten operating and Mike he's best buddy is Willie. It was a little min pin mix and if you can believe that Mike Easley he's of them millions for more team and a homeless dogs are you kidding now very care teams that are here Grogan let's bring the dog Overton conceive lowly he's slowly and everybody can do. And it's only his eyes slowly and over Mikey in it. Okay I surrendered and it's. A Mikey looks real scared. Of doing. What. This is all being is this FaceBook black outs this reply right Nancy you've seen knicks. Because it hatred between Animal Man in their eyes. Rob you're than MS MS BCA Jamaica Plain. But tell us what we need to know about how many dogs there are and what we can do. To spread the word about sheltering these animals are getting not a substitute yeah I mean the short answer is there's lots of animals available for adoption in Massachusetts are three shelters in Massachusetts collectively bring in thousands probably 4000 dogs every year and put 4000 into new homes. So as we always say elect bears no end of the comic benefit of adopting an animal you say to lots you can save the life of this dog here and then you make back cage open and available for the next doc who needs temporary shelter before they too can go on. And what about the fact that it lowers your own blood pressure just keeping your dog in proximity padding your dog it's better for your help you may be saving three lives. So but it quickly he's apparently. We I had I had. You are on a miracle worker the dog's still hate him he doesn't make the dog to dog doesn't at least and they sense and this is Willie Wright that we did really seven. Willie is fort slow the lasagna Willie. He is in prime shape easy showed up Nate you know it's funny I've always wanted to Pomeranian especially since I saw that Tom Brady who in his new documentary series numbers as time. Has primaries talent hammering the so I think about getting on that dislike it. Pop rating in this this dog I was saying is paging better than Tom Brady didn't you say that one of them makes a funny noise while his steady diet of avocados. He doesn't totally committed to it he breaks the minute it's often is it one more just give nick the dog real quick we're up against the clock here what we'll be back with Robyn the dogs that rock. We come back I want to tell any shower heads our listeners if they're listening in touch by these animals or maybe some posting on FaceBook like a cute they are. How they can get these dogs in their homes if you're all right so that and more as nick tries to bond the animals who clearly so clearly hate him on many.