1-19-18 HOUR 2

Friday, January 19th


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. And I knew schedule and WA AF. Matta and neck what do seven point three WAF. Can she just joined us which broke the news from inside sources. That Tom Brady threw today and that ain't dead. And he'll be okay so we're going to hold onto that whose trust our sources. And just believe that this team's gonna do it. Gonna win and get to yet another suitable here's an NFL nightmare next bomber give you make a deeper conspiracy there are you ready for this go I know you love these worm holes I do love this is all a giant marketing ploy by under armour. The red glow of the real stuff they will sell who the Halloween costume this year if they gonna win or don't is going to be red gloves. He's literally in the press conference wearing a T shirt red gloves he's literally wearing a hat like at home like this giant floppy hat that looks like a turban. Yeah and he's got the two radicalized and the to a red gloves on. I think everyone around Boston this weekend you should all be wearing his red blood they're gonna sell a lot of champs all of you sports. There ought MVP there'll be gone today conspiracy theory yeah. If Jacksonville wins. I'm just just hear me out and you get a Jacksonville say Minnesota. Super Bowl worst rated super however that's doesn't ask the right I mean so when there's a hold call. In the backfield. When drugs going across the middle of something and as a holding call against that great Von venerated Jacksonville's secondary and you know people and ago. Patriots in the super ball one. 1000% because if you stop and just think about it we've talked this week on the show we talked last night on. Boston sports one of one podcast which will be available for download momentarily it WA AF dot com. Think about it the three biggest stars that would be. Involved in the super ball the pats make it our all on the patriots have three stars left in the final four football ground Brady and Belichick right. If the patriots who are far and away the most interesting team in this town the most interesting team in football the most interesting team in sports. If they're there. You get clicks you get sound like ours is more page views you sell more painkillers casualty and that doesn't follow the stop watching cause it's dynasty watch and because it's time character's basically playing football radius so compelling everyone loves to hate Belichick and they are the most despised team. In the world yes you need the bad guy TE MD and got there T James C ain't following the jaguars around but I would follow Brady you know and I gotta I gotta get that amazing story on. Nick foale's. I allow. Well I just can't I just can't wait. IE for the Eagles is so compelling that caught dead defensive end Brandon Graham who. Well. I mean aside from the fact that Philadelphia's fans. Make Boston fans you know look like strawberry shortcake when it comes to misery and self loathing and I can't think of anything else. To sell non users test. But he may be just eat he may be just dumb enough to get the job done on that scares me actually have done portals as. That quote about what he drinks hydrate but he say yeah. While he traced body armor which is the official like artificial hydration drink it up before our jobs as listen this Genentech is so yeah yeah. God I'll just occasionally allowed. Now a kind of like okay portals does Jager bombs from Italy and I bet he's a ton of fun to hang out and go on be kidding me and he lives in. He lives and an 85 mile wide dollar store Jacksonville. The 4 o'clock ourselves just excited they're bottoms fits well Texas actually and I went on vacation. To Emilia island. Golfers that's my saint John's is great to have the speaking of golf. Now yeah yeah. Bring you. If you want to miss lady could have it later not now it's my great they shut his Mike up there just isn't my cup all right let's go. More on the other side. Sunday Bloody Sunday there might be bloody there's reports that I've raised him and actually cut. But we know this according to our sources. He's OK he was throwing. No real permanent damage. And we're good to go we're looking good. A little up pirate radio there it's funny you guys listening so carefully. I'd like to know liberty is seeking a little tool the next. Couldn't get fired up a kick it up to a man I gotta say I know I'm not run less about Valeri. Noses music mr. scary nose or music they know how much people. Dig tool offseason I won't get into Wilma back. These two rays need him to cool on a day like this me and it just kicks so much if that's a funny you. The tool I have read to mean the lake crows play with a similar passion and power. Laws slow and when all that cash your checks if you said it within thirty seconds Matty will turn in this backgrounds. Proceed to the front congratulations and your winnings wisely taking your calls on Brady gate banning imports studio line thoughts on the game. 6179311. A half. This much ado about nothing. Or do you think our sources are wrong and that maybe hands were so we think that patriots in trouble. The group BO OK are going to be celebrating on March there were going to be bombed out on Monday coming in here it's going to be tough Monday to come back. If they come with it detects like it's not a game might even say hypothetically. How he used me as question. How to clean up and downstairs and on the day the day you. Sometimes I wet the TV. Well eleven days the fact that might might lead to us so powerful to spices America. Yeah people that go with the is like I would almost wanna have to to wrote that we extreme. As you get older. Strong. Strong. Personal you know we're now on you know exactly I think every house I think every house should actually have. The journal and its wallet. As your wallets and have a solid floor what. Every house every urinal and toenails of journal I wants that's what a waste of water it is and you don't wanna play it Lydia if it's yell at melody against you left at the moment. Yes but they use to socialists and water watch so now let's I want some of them were actually water Louis and then they just you know I want my house what. When we go to number one slaves that I'm an install it well that. Also made. Although my master crash I don't know Chris I want you about a wonderful. Deed yes. See. I want a 1970s era. Fenway Park. Your Arnold trough put him out now percent. Are now. Just you know I fraught and honey plus genetic I pressed the thing in my foot and here this is ready for this here's exactly how to work bar and Matty span came downstairs. You would have the journal Strom who you could throw the peanut shells all over the floor and just like 1970s Fenway. Bar fights in racism yet. Absolutely I nonstop then what Al. I mean the only way you get in the password is ice that password as I did I spent my life and then the secret room. The real pain beacons what is this I'd really like arazi who shot on who's on the framing him boards to realign hello Sean nearly pals. Unit and the artillery movements it's gone. Let's look at this guy had what do you. I sure hope it created a New England he. They wouldn't pick. I think that is a fantastic idea shot like that cutting your Jiabao like I your mind works that's the type of thing we need to we get shot a job with the mayor's office please. And we are endeavoring right now fantastic. OK I it would do we have time for one we want to here's. Fan favorite and show friend Ozzie Paul the special gift for nick hit it Ozzie talked. Wharton school. A news. You couldn't. I mean. A little boys it. Thank god they actually may oh hello there were verbally undressing me over the well there. It is it's. I. Saw some. Thompson I'm very good he really is about the demo of the new book and he's got the inside their own the notes that companies pretty yeah thank you Ozzie Paul god bless. And real quickly sneak in dawn of filling in for studios behind holding hello Don. Yet I had guys go to the bathroom. Toilet flushing problem solved let's do it today. So when you go to Italy my girlfriend and I are both students. You particularly. Detrimental and I you know our flaws in order to make a lot of noise awakened just right romantic. Right they have a bottle of white vinegar it's their quarter. Take a leak of isolated Tigger I don't the flush like 34. Weeks that I cleans. The yeah I believe that that has been residue and a great care of this now. Loud and our tax thing what they eat a lot. Considering I'm such a Lifehacker. That is absolutely genius key to a lot of white vinegar Don gets it gonna collapse or it is the Blake portals thing. What's that this can improve. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning Blake. The problem. Well you know it's good to call occurrences. Any minute amendments and if we threw down with him. Ali. That's where Evert yeah okay and accuses us this. Is everything okay. I'll see you tried I'm not. All I know there's a homeless. That's why you need to are connected to the computer like cerebral in the X-Men so when we think it used to play nearly a gas. What all right we're open knicks gift. And winning give away some ski passes. Next time I cracked this microphone and start talking so don't you go anywhere. Tried to in the ski passes was caller number ones is from five away must say whoever ends of the phones some like Hadi. Knew her that sick and and she is Heidi but more than that she's talented at her job she's Smart. It should go getter we'd love sage. We love hustle here men. At work days why. Rocky and when you for guys. Come on he birthday bag here that's the giant birthday Atlanta heavy birthday today I got a lot of stuff I pay perhaps it's gonna get emotional no he did this this. This bag has have to who's gonna take a Los it a good. And I want to read the strip right sorry the card read the card out like that it's attribute I worked during the what you do the prizes for that regard at the end I think at the end. I'm I'm a part offers at my preference there stooges of music may Whitney Houston was a lot of balls like that. Okay yeah. There's a nice star of David on the top of the card well yeah I was the storms that. Was out of a lot of stuff and so the I'd ice I think it's permits for season. Yeah so I was only able to get a bar mitzvah. Bar. I. Are you kidding anybody and Marty super psyched up replaying the cyber all right. Whitney Asperger's love while though. I'm gonna put some this on the stories now my card he went to stars of David on days like this how to do this but just press the button. But he just doesn't want size do you not know how to most prosperous are about good life and hygiene and my god this president wants a little world I don't I don't really gets it might go. Days like these go down in history as the absolute best. Ever. Have the most awesome but mr. Well I I'd pick trusted at Rhode birthday. Happy B day I'll look at this. My gosh look at the reason not only. I mean yeah. Neck of B day tribute today is your B day and I celebrate you sure you belittle my cable show at every turn colleague at fake news. But that's not what today is about time and yes you correct me all that time and success rate of 50%. Prince is being generous but now's not the time for that have to talk. It's your birthday and okay. Your part to make me wanna kill myself. Your voice grates on doing than like it never ending punish him yeah headed the size of a midsize sedan it argued or small SUV. But the back. Both on the back your personal appearances mostly embarrassing as you dress like a cross between a twelve year old scifi geek. At a homeless person who broke into the patriots pro shop at your body has more ironic that the big foot from the Paterson give them they'll. Your disdain as. Which is misspelled the wolves looked at it this. Yeah yeah I. It's. You're disdain for my paired all of Belize border on assault speaking of which we all know why intern saved left so suddenly Nick Price tag hurt do. We're just. Pupils what for what reasons usually Wilson hmm. But today none of that matters that's your B day that's right the greatest partner guy can ask for love your pal Matty BP S. It's still a great B day even though on this very day two years ago. I held my mother she passed away my sweet mom my biggest fan but they have but okay. If this is not they wanted this is not. They go the greatest of all birthday cards Ebert and I'll buddy that is that's by far more time more effort. And you could have funded you gonna vote. DI EST AIN disdain. Fast is Sylvia that it. The body DI as he. Of the rush we're just going to pointed to. Let me I'm scarred. I'm and hang it up right next to my films the gift from. The gift from enter into any surprises Rotella divisive. Olson did this Iraq. Oh a monster land bumper sticker wherever did you get that right. When you're having opinions and Fazio. A towel. I'm in need them back X that's the rich Robinson swept that the rich Robinson you know that they're not quite as an open there and may be valued my needed for a couple minutes. Ms. Ebert they just. It's a desk ticket value going to be a little more emotional than you are or maybe he was trying to hide. I was trying to fill the bags. My favorite candy raises is it. Yeah its history in the fourth quarter when I don't have any figured out what did you laugh. It. Hard and blue. It's that shot a quarter vote. Malone. A shamrock entertainment bottle opener well and the Daryl Hall Jonathan Tears for Fears that that sarge. He's going to where things came from nowhere and I think we classic courses prop up the debts of coincidence that those things happening in our options legitimate colleges and re gifting me and I hope Weaver I went out. And I went to the tears for doing it. You don't do this I would that's my dad did web site is triggering birth I know you like these stuff. Where does. No wrong way. T eater Reese's. Reporters sharp letter. To ask you like to eat food stops during work. I need about two. Lines right now. Well. Of my favorite beard doubles yours. I had. Yeah and they all. Always thought about it. Advertisement they. There's this. He's good attitude give that little muscle tough when your bar mitzvah this last group like the old pre game. Absolutely maybe.