1-19-18 HOUR 1

Friday, January 19th


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and I guess schedule Kelly. Previously on Matty and nick this film will stay with the rest of my day yeah. Right yeah shower everything monitor shall we share cakes. Child being shelved beat the child pats well this is why I only attend. Little children's birthday parties and the time from when Tom Brady where do look at nick Stephens. How long until he Jack believes it was mostly unbelievably built gorgeous sexy so a lot of time lost ground talk. Your guys relentless tonight down what's pipe down. And now the two guys are guaranteed to be the hitting your tailgate party on Sunday it's Matty and mixed on WA AF. Analyze your show our peers everybody I. Mr. Meyer. Good morning captain lawyer. I have but not. Freaked out lost my mind almost thrown out celebrated. Gone bananas. And then come back to center again just in the last thirty minutes alone. There's a reason why I'm wearing gloves in the studio today. We'll Tom Brady plays will this be the best show ever will we all survived the weekend. Wilson. You're also wearing super cool happy birthday glasses. Which are fantastic hostage taking pics of auto plus eights are social media. Take over from yesterday. You can handle that gives you what can get out. Yahoo! well there's nothing else on anyone's mind right now in the area pretty much. Unless you hate sports. And don't care about that everything which there are a lot of you like that to and we'll address some issues that you care about but what's on most people's mind in the area is the fact that Tom Brady. Just tell the press conference. Didn't address the hands. And we are waiting to see what the results of that let me say this neck. I'm gonna get the show started off right away normally I don't do things this early then when giveaways and ski passes this very break let's do it. But we're gonna get that second and tell you what to do. I. I love the outlet though just give. As you're saying you're giving is there let's just let's just give I mean huge present here all I mean open Nile watch dogs say let's say they got on until. Almonte they deliberate thing pretty good about our. These are the high school and still is gave me beef yeah. Now I celebratory paid celebratory day sorry today made I would tell you what these. Growing up I thought the goat roast beef sandwich was a villain Bob's roast beef on route 28. And west jam. Spot in the cape Bennett turn in like two Emmys and there's a couple of those good stuff right. And as rhetoric. Stay is finally hooks me up. Would my first ever I know right age 44 grow from the South Shore back in Boston Canada to take this long from it ever sent RP I was. And Mike's right dude. That is not roast beef that is goat beef yeah Mike's is his goal really good and atop this weekend off them to follow Mike went. New to WA AF from wicked vitamin follow his advice I'm a good Adam bodies yeah. I'm gonna get some of dom steak tips and I am just gonna fill my. Golly it would sweet sweet delicious local beef. That's. Pretty pretty pretty disgusting. Now if I can be completely opposite you on his views listener rob a lot of beef up. It was a single angle Josh Dolan will be taking your calls in the associate producer room 6179311. Area was raining imports studio line you can text us that he 717 it's a free for I am Fran and read for all bra and Friday. Is its. A free for all Friday you wanna talk about Tom Brady get a hand gate. Whatever is on your mind we will chat you can also you know get through to us. Leave us a message on margin greater voice mail as the mailbox. Matty and nick. The voice mailbox it's from the eighties but still work 6177795. More should we give the audience a little. Little joyous new page. Can you do this can you break the news right now. Cannot I might be able to I might be able to allay if you fear that you'll notice that it's close enough so I'd hold on I want you. And Boston we don't do much serious. On this well when we do we immediately follow the part of some right or did you or something in the tour but you actually. Twenty plus year broadcast professionals without. We have some connections and industry took eliciting. And say oh you work for workstations and my partner nick Stevens about to drop little some some near that nobody else pads in this town. Yes his Matty and nick on WA AF breaking. A little bit in news on this day go ahead nick our. Tom Brady. Is alive wow with parties. Up and go do your thing to do was in Foxboro today them. Oh plus he threw footballs. Right. I don't know much but I know I love you and that may and that may be all I need to know but I don't know I don't know some people. So I don't know if we can that we good we go to the ball well at all. But now when I can attack Iraq and its talked about how good Heathrow and I can talk about how far they're not gonna talk to me through it we're not gonna talk about why ether we're gonna talk about the fact. That everyone is still gonna think he's not gonna be okay but in the end. If there's one person you know has done more good for your life and you've got an important dad and I had one too I think. Matty and nick exclusive. Tom Brady is he now by C a and I'd heard I don't get a report to the contrary before right you ready insider I had I had some it's among this group that we right partially contradictory we still don't know the full nature. Of his injury however. Two conflicting reports I think we can part those like the red. And that NC. We can just stare straight down the barrel signed through balls today to be at the facility the one person that you most want to quarterback your team. Against the most ferocious defense in football but the right. To compete for the one ring that rules them all and we think he hopes he threw balls and his thumb came flying off you can put IR Neufeld this place. I'd here we go we got a pair. Of lift tickets to gotten stock. If you are the seventh caller right now on the Framingham board studio lines let's start giving right now knicks birthday. 6179311. Day and after a mother of the Steelers got stock goes back. Matt and nick one of seven point three WAF. The only she's there really rocks we have given away. Free lift tickets. Every Friday in January and we'll continue to do so as long as. On our watch a lot of that is still January we will continue to give the line I'm again I like my father before may. And his father and his finest out of a plan that's what we do side weak games you can ski for free on WA half we give way lift tickets to England's biggest and best resorts every hour nine to five. When you win you automatically qualify for a weekly grand prize which we are going to give way today. And this week's grand prize is a trip to Sunday river get to go and stay at Sunday river unbelievable congratulations right now go to. Nathan from Kingston who is the seventh collar favoring imports studio line and he is going to gun stock. With free lift tickets so that's a week ago ski for free thanks your pals at WAF. Matty and thick in the whole gang is just carry Hill Man Morning Show. Don't go anywhere because coming up. We're gonna have a gift exchange here and look tribute to my partner nick and I think it's gonna get old dusty open here really do hospital time on this and. I think it'll dust in an area. Emotional excel these days you CNET TV you guys but my Jersey up in the rafters. It's in the cents. Optional I also wanted to just recommend that everybody check out our stories on our feet at Matty nick WA AF financed program. In addition to it your first glimpse of the celebratory beef that still has brought in in moments we'll be posting. Of the gifts that intern sage products and viewer beware that's all I can say about it it's just you were be where. I gives a column like Jack Iranian ports to realize open 679311. Efforts Matty nick. Do you buy town fair tire. Nick caddie unnamed source but a real source. Communicate with him. In regards to Brady's hand here's a Brady said. During his press covers just moments ago and apartment. Still comes down to. My what OK the question as you Tony football today not talking about that. Nick you have a source saying he did indeed and it looks sharp. Tom now several sources are now. I had a source awhile ago that I thought was first in the scenes saying that he did in fact throw balls at practice any look good now several other people. From within the organization has now made it around throw all your football's ours is that he did in fact throw footballs and looks jacket okay. I don't care about that as well the credit that we did first volley it's three and a thousand now on nobody at all the other Wallace sports days is not a they have to get a god forbid. People while connected who have dedicated on a legitimate chunk of their lives towards the fan in fan services this team ever get a little credit for not just the end. You know pajama clowns for the now. I am we got a little bit more open. Breaking news from another inside source so let's do not flash. Time for a high. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you only doubt it's. Ready and nick we'll cover it appears you're. On WA AF. The top class about you by the levels market twenty plus varieties of homemade smoke kill bossa nova reserve is no pillars no gluten. At dilemma this delicious caballos I have and called cuts 43 over issue was to visit them on FaceBook now. Neck we have a another source means an actual person our boss Ron Valeri will back us on this they texted someone that that is here with us. They know them personally and they happen to connect to the organization now we said they wanted to be fit anonymous that it has little Portman tell little funny joke. Mary fan but they are definitely deep deep to that connected deep throat and they wanna be anonymous well you know what. We'll call it bad deep ball deep ball OK are anonymous source deep ball yes our anonymous source deep ball attached to the organization. Has texted. Nothings broken. No real damage no ligament damage in the community. Where can. Take. Oh let's do yes. If they win this game Sunday. So help me. Towns and struck out. Pownce a site. I would be it would be most appropriate. For me to start having some verbal slippage on my 44. So I promise you listener wherever you are would stir up north New Hampshire down cells show wherever you are listening to us and HD radio how realistic you're apt. No we're not just talking of these actual people that actually Texas today we don't know why we're getting this bounty we we did before 340 they're fans of the show. Well they say OK they legitimately date they wanted us to know this there well connected and Matty I just figured something out. Ballot Tommy colonel let's check on us we can give him the names anonymously Jose and his real this is. I must make night c'mon at us now I know Todd Carter and don't go very quickly got out. God daily Hollywood he well like you I caught out follow comes seeming analyst seat we can't engage them and anything like that has them we're gonna play in parts of effect next thirteenth that a lot immediately delegitimize ourselves in your next move my black friends. Are out there in Dallas and how many other how many other shows in Boston okay what it shows anywhere around the country. Can break this kind of news and do it. With cash Disco music. Really quiet Sunday game and get ready all right. Out. Yeah we've got to make the negative we ended on let's go make an excuse songs do you think the other sportsman's day you know so it didn't break this have a sense of iron about. Cat music. Nicer and it's fantastic and just accustomed to hold out like two minutes did you guys deliver that and vote. This without a history five away as the day Matty nick. Of the news on Brady throwing balls a practice for anyone else correct. You're welcome can attest to this again a source they were not gonna give a name at this is not something made up again these actual two attacks from two people. Inside sources Diego things are looking good no permanent damage the thumb he's throwing. Let's put some football. Quick question yeah I'm so excited for Sunday tackle something can I actually start. Can I start Sunday drinking Saturday for the game to calm my nerves it's important it's our right now let's cut me open my present you Mike generally start whom. It.