1-12-18 HOUR 3 - Welcome To S**Thole City!

Friday, January 12th

Matty & Nick discuss the President's recent comments on people from "S**thole countries", chat with Mike Hsu at the International Auto Show, and err my gerrrd more "John Wick" news!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always online and on your schedule it WA AF. Previously your Matty and nick now worried it might be your son I don't all of huge okay here's a teachable moment this sudden socks and you sign. Bill Cosby as those in the causes affected a lot of us men battery I don't invited him over for coffee and it was awkward. I've box yeah thank you robotic director recover because I have jacked. Like you read about her love how all don't talk about my DEA don't want my daughter went red blood lovers out there. And now here's two guys to give new meaning to the phrase the long weekend. Yet with the joke. It's Matty and nick on WA AF. It's 5 o'clock somewhere along at 5 o'clock right here. At that everybody. You have to borrow it oh pounds Betty admit we'll get your home. On the Friday of a long weekend we are about. I don't know T minus how many hours. Nick away from TV twelve well if you'd like to know the count down says. 27 hours and alleges. Eleven minutes were sombre lays out some pigskin. I'm ready for some pats play out porn. Right now and only a few hours away from a long week and what's a weakened. Oh what a weekend that's one of lives and that's in doubt and Abby. I never watched a single. Second tonight they enjoyed it. I really close super popular I enjoyed it. It was yeah it was great escapism we're what was it what was that joy in watching it like it just didn't ever seem to me to be a show like there would be in any of our we are houses but I knew. Homes of people. Five and ten years up in five to ten years down who couldn't get enough from the first ball masterfully shot masterfully crafted is gorgeous to watch. Keep it says that. But. What they would do that is brilliant and is you'd be on the edge of your seat. Over for example. If someone one of the wait staff you know. Miss. Handled the setting of a table. Because of the stakes that they built with the two different worlds the upstairs and the downstairs between the you know the family that lived upstairs than the royal family view of royal lineage and the downstairs the service attack yet to help so they created as was then the world's. Blended in people fell and there is so yeah I do a little soapy. Yeah yeah very PBS but but also side like that I barrel drama great performers is I mean obviously kids don't ever wanna get to that crap you can't find it relatable that Iran. Like people like the crown. Yet haven't got a good idea at all you know how awesome. One of my notes as. Stockton pats then a front of a long weekend there were times down down that I'm right. Great. Really really really know I have lots that we do I. You wanna talk about things that are worth watching that and get this audience pumped up about this news just came across two hours ago. A about this yet I'm. TV spinoff of Keanu Reeves John wick film in development at stars on that's got to continue in the cross pollinate nature of film and TV. Stars who have ash vs evil dead which is the TVs and of course the army of darkness and evil dead movies stars announced Friday is developing the continental. A drama series spun out of the action movie franchise. John wick that's the LA hotel right sass sins and hit men are able to go to there's no fighting allow not allowed to kill anyone else anywhere. I like get an out and there's a John with three coming out here. Every time I I'm filled we'll see you asked how I felt dizziness he asked how I felt about the trump thing saying ass hole. Doesn't affect me but quite honestly if you wanna know me know this. Could care less really that a president said astle at a meeting about country I think it's wrong I think it's horrible I disagree. I'm presidential doesn't bother me like I I don't go freezing loosely governed right FaceBook rant about my hitting could have done so much to prevent that earthquake. They were kind of behavior. And AD and he couldn't craft admitted to being subscription craft the joke is it just me no I ballistic. Here's the thing. He is gonna need to know me know this. That thumb bother me when I flipped my DVR or you know that might television there and I see in the description. The show description for the TV show lethal weapon I am filled with a hateful rage and anger that I literally lose soup books it like Abby unprecedented how can they remake with a weapon who would get why is Hollywood so a devoid of ideas. And vapid that they would remake a classic like lethal weapon don't touch it. We did try to get her some of the fifties don't that's lethal weapon that's still viable you ought to firstly the weapon it's awesome right. What they assume that this. Other guy and who's the loser did in ninety is a demon. Other guy and Damon Wayans Odyssey that way you know it's always illness it is their Wayne's brother and other guy. You don't start we never considered a mean after watches someone's definitely a text in the next five seconds have been like yeah who screwed. What is anybody watching this weekend besides football I mean the games tomorrow start at 430 and then obviously 815 kickoff for pets titans right. I have specifically saved in lined up so much to do tonight and tomorrow so as to just keep myself completely distracted. Because normally you know back when they only had a slight two or three Super Bowl. I used to get over for a wound down and now you to select the guys that get a little against anxieties occult the fan anxiety. You have rich people who don't understand how rich they are they'll say things like so wording summer. Patriots fans have that like so what are you gonna do visible this year just assuming we're going to be it meant so righteous. Are aware of this first world football problem where you super bully really Super Bowl. Where the worst I know dad was in Westport Connecticut where I live manner and he knew these wicked rich people and asked him where he February. You've got a new word you when you are on the verb and you have one life but I do reserve the right day. Maybe do it. Up to is someone right now. Who I don't Haiti. Mr. myself on the Hill Man Morning Show Michael got a week after we finished with the Downton Abbey chat room is mobile the lives of jubilee is definitely welcome to all the you know all wet. I. Tell you didn't watch it tell you couldn't get high waksal doubt that he. I know I did not get passed out at target while what I always good we got that come on. Hey I I gotta thank the guys here at the New England auto show at the Boston convention and exhibition center the F crew over GO or little they'd let me drive one of their most high tech. Amazing vehicles. We did a FaceBook live that. So if you wanna go the WA AF FaceBook pages still up there are you so watch it right Evan it's it's up there right now right now in it's it's just it's one of the most high tech vehicles. In the convention senator. All weekend long this is going on all weekend long so and then we did a lot of video stuff we're been take a lot of pictures check out the instant Graham and FaceBook and and a Twitter for WA AF forget about your pictures the guys that he side motoring let me slide into a Ferrari. Who sold low to the ground I needed to of their crude help me out that's embarrassing. That's only of that right. Now that's really got to be a moment your life we're nearly out guy always dreamed of getting into a Ferrari and yelling need to grown adult purse yes to help me get out of a fair it's like a roller coaster I'm like look look at me I'm the coolest guy in the world look at me I am old and tired. Might we see those guys who who have those got a cars are old tired and right way to allow works that they're out there usually sold in the compensation. Section. Premium medical. It did now did you try the other trick of course what's the boss move which is sliding across the hood than jumping through the closed door with the window open to get into that area. I've a feeling I'm feeling if I did that nick I'd probably get teased. Because the these are some pretty expensive cars that means you've got the super cars here today. Are are pretty Mazen are set up in the center of the conventions is the convention center right in the middle. You know they've got the the roles that's when he team Rolls Royce rate that's that's the cheapest one that's 422625. Dollars. But you know you get the V twelve engine and before zone climate control which you need is there's four zones inside this car right. And it's it's the one that's as the umbrella in the door but it comes with a an umbrella in the doors of its raining. You can be like one of the avengers. I'm I'm I'm watching a video viewed now Mike and we yeah you're in a wheelchair what that Matty that is probably the the highest of technology at the bat the Boston convention and exhibition center right now. Odd that is a motorized wheelchair. As you can tell also operated by a very small joystick yeah that's why I was attracted to speak out for yourself like I was gonna say he should be comfortable that yeah yeah very much so it's I've handled things that small all my life and yes so you can see that video right now on FaceBook ladies and in my say at least. I just inviting the elderly porn jokes now yeah nicer way you know wearing pants in the video but that's why. I did in the lobby where apparently that's what they said Everett. Is different styles wide selection of live at the New England international auto show stop by say hello to him. I'm Mike thanks for checking in yet Thomas at all talk about down nab you sound bites. Okay all right well aren't wish insert witty show banter here thanks Mike. Yes. And now before we go why not a quick check of the Weather Bureau annuity the New England auto show or whatever you might be doing. This fine playoff weekend we all adore forecast in the 5 o'clock hour. Especially when they're brought to you by our good friends at New England that laws to visit them today at New England that lost dot com. Would you. And efforts believe is sixty degrees outside right now. Six and raining. Notice the fog to. Now the fog is also rolled in as well is like my son was asking Ehrlich and it was a foggy. Like that the extreme temperature just like creating like the fog that rose from the ground as the snow was just like steaming off the ground Vic O because that's the killer fog would marches and for boys were back right. Mr. hazzard in tonight's gonna run and 49 tomorrow 53 morning rain cloudy and breezy. And then tomorrow night it's gonna dip down into the twenties poor Leo football. WAS. On the street gets out for you called doctor Philip prescient doctor Leonard today 1800 get here also there on the web and hair DR dot com. You're listening to the only show that got their own date from the mayor and also making his Mehdi nickname in the city. Matty ended. On WA EA yes you can always give us jingles Agilent trading aboard studio items like to talk to us on this Friday let's try a couple right now let's go to some people have been holding for whilst. The hero that he left. Hey guys doing good man before. I do well I'm sure to hit back out rebate it will recover it and I'm okay. I had blood don't like what in fact mark is or is being made a rebate for me. I think they took weaponry and make it a slap in the face of those guys also gotten so out there. Yes a couple of them for somebody to make it seem like they've got a horrible thought which is not true. Too soon hash tag too soon thank you Eddie my rule of thumb would just be simply. If you could remake something. As quickly as you want. If it sucks. But it it's great. And timeless and awesome capacity at least a generation later. Right and you know tweak austerity get your first lawyers. My rug out of it but. It's not even that it's a remake it's like this continuation. TV show to its own right no that's not ZR rated it's not going to be that AG won't the idea tone down the violence. It's more comedic now and that's the worst part it is is they've cloned it up her remake I think you need to wait for movies I think you need to wait at least yet you said a generation I'd almost even say to general yeah maybe but it but again it only matters if the thing is great. If you remake. Hold on what to. Crappy movies come out recently urged an average movie if you know if you re make up the fault they're stars next year I don't give a crap. Then you know I mean. Well I mean accidentally you've probably would have he wouldn't have so much time to watch the remake is you're so busy watch and the average let's go to G. Austin. Just you know Matty and the timing of ports deal that. I guess I about. Are you guys look talk or. Sure. What that count that yeah don't yes no downtown abbey that's the one that that stands to lose him. Yeah I doubt that he guides dozen. I got what it showed it got older and walked out okay. Yeah. We settled it just a forgot to sell on showtime yeah Mary Louise Parker's trails. Do you need that we need to watch the queen's. Newton corner and just and it's really downs and being it's not downtown abbey. For rail. But that's. I'm still confused he knows this you worried downtown caddie. That show is Downton Abbey he had not downtown abbey now why the name of the mountainous terrain. And an middle I'd do my whole life now. Well that that line the week in line comes from the grandmother character the aristocratic grandmother. Who is so wealthy. And they say I watch so feature add on and they said this is actually true someone of her ilk and that time wouldn't even know. Her heard granddaughters marrying a guy who by the way totally wealthy. And they go they go what do you do to our community goes oh I practice law and on weekends I retreat to my summer's day and their grandmother leans over and goes. What's a weakened. Because she didn't understand you are no idea as I guess at dinner every day to day Rebecca what to weaken and I think that these are nicely said to eastern with a weakened. I know weekend is has come. Yeah we get a three day wanna that's it's anyone. May or may not have been made aware or needs the alert. I your favorite shows will not be here on Monday for Martin Luther King Day obviously. Well I'm Maggie and I have a number of vigils. Services. And a memorial to attend to. Who's I mean okay. Old Tom Cruise these. And I do. So it was borrowers owed to the later lethal weapons although I would say no that's why it's just they said us yap as in have you watched the first one debt and Dick immunity. But it real cool. Yeah you a piece of mail here I do I want to open it up. You explain what this is I didn't distant god you know. Yet he bag it's dressed in Iowa so bad it got. So. Wife he used to date someone about Tony odd years ago. One Lowe went the way of the Scientology's weight as he tries a drag on into two very believe the stock went way of different. I mean you that's turned to her bathtub full glass or whoever it is Scientology's recruitment centers yet at Tuesday's physically and mentally abused he was Tuesday night for me and Yoko act now right. And how she gets you off your feet but. So. Somehow he still put her through he tried to bring her classes and get her to go in you have to go clear vision of went. But somehow he put her name on a mailing list and like couple times a year we get these. Recruit like magazines and recruitment letters from the church signed Tony. Oh to open now. Are there instances celebrity. The magazine of the church of Scientology's celebrity senator New York. It is unopened silk. What the clubs that I Wear when I open and that's about it I mean if this is where the rights and is this is where the residents threw all right a year ago hook you prepared to follow celebrity. Awareness of awareness experience the power of the moment. Three top reasons to do SRD. Interview focus become more successful and efficient and propel yourself up the bridge. This have you considered Scientology's absolutely not absolutely. Not. Is he sure hold on is that Scientology's brochures that for TB twelve. I don't know look at. There's a gorgeous person would no wrinkles nose sunburned and then looks as though there's a night shade three plate of food. This is the creepiest everyone in here. Has the look on their face. They're all look like those people that you would meet at a party need to like a person's probably total hard and they come talk to you New York. I actually pretty nice and then a few minutes and like they're niceness is getting a little too intense they're offering to share their nice. I don't need your nice. This is creepy man up and then they go. What is that what are they holding on to. Is that the well we don't know that I mean maybe the region electronic. And impulses pontificate in the nearby that's right. You were clear where our defeat means they're all will be there all know in your body during that there are you know they're they're I got there under the ocean they're trapped in volcanoes I believe that's what that I'm going clear was to get rid of the beans what he's trying to get all I know is I don't know where I'm gonna go in the volcano blows. She's cute. Do you know mister Utley also started that they're just got that will. Yet they're gorgeous but I guarantee you when she goes to key issue what she does is she gives you the demand doors Q since you suck your soul out. This Scientologist feed off the energy of others. Congratulations. To our winner. Let's see here let's talk. T heard her name. News Rebecca she and then TB twelve line she's here is Rebecca wish you any interest in not going clear with nick and a yeah. All right grab on to these things the airman read you now. I. Think. City. Do you ever have doubts in your life and feel like. You submitted different decision. Excellent question number two would you like some more information. On the survival run down. Do you sometimes these shuttle you're concentrating. Do you think you have the power. Within you to discover the power of the moment. Wouldn't. And finally thoughts on shower Beers. I'll be all right let me do tallied up here you are a Scientologist I actually actually it's. You're yeah actually actually you're a guy acknowledges yeah. Footsteps. Rebecca you are our grand prize winner. You're going through. I'll luxury ski resort thanks to your friends at W how does that sound like that also weekend getaway girl we gonna take. I've got a ball that slowly. We just did a Scientology's sweet you're get away lodge will be beaten three. Our call all about how old is your daughter. And pool we are going to recruiter and you. Stop it from some things about this everything's going well today grab onto the the odds there and we'll give room. They've got to the alleged decade. It. At the. Undercover that. I never thought about actually just like it's safe yet. At a time vitamin. Here you better come up where we thought it was. I'm one that should. Stanley Bruno okay. And now I imagine unique exclusive exclusive exclusive. Whose. Yeah I cadres. Yeah. Non. Yeah. He's Beagle you know boy games. If you're considering coming to America of the grameen PJD. Stay home stay you hate me and she is. And I'd base. Please hey that guy. The days. We can't let it. I don't think it's right. Not even life. Okay let me. It's no. The country's. Countries need mosque say hey now. Let's check in now way at Fred dobbs show from the morning show might shoe hello Michael. I citizen FaceBook live at the people's faces as they were walking violent I was glad there was sounds so basic so amazed I was told hilarious. That was awesome did the DJC dropped his new single oh yeah baby yeah. We got to deal with 45 records and he gives us some stuff that I would dare say is its rate by half shoot ever tell you. You're the second sexiest person of that last name right behind Elizabeth. I'll thank you very much some you know what I was on radio six million years ago in Virginia people used to call and ask if I was her brother. And yeah and that's about as close as I'm ever gonna get to Elizabeth's. Yeah I didn't help you're wearing tights to write us letters and little mini skirts bright and awake yeah yeah and also you know that he would steal kids out of their baby sitting inventors and run the run Chicago you're the guys who decry the in Uganda you know I miss those days. You know there's no muscle cars here at the doing a lot of international auto show that the bus ticket matches exhibition center there are some fine automobiles if you wanna come down. Lots going on all week and I suggest going to see the super cars I was just looking at the 2015. Portion 918 spider. That's close to a million bucks it's you know it gets to forty miles to the rich get per gallon because it's a hybrid. At that point when you're spending close to million dollars and a card do you really care about the mileage out right it seriously are you drive that thing into a gas station pumping your own gas. At that point. No seriously it's only full service. Yes this amazing cars just amazing cars and you know that the lead McGee the Avant hunt and meant to doors that they say that. I don't know it's almost 600000 dollars it comes to all wheel drive and the V twelve engine so if you wanna drive 250 miles an hour in the snow. That would be the car who doesn't yeah. So I want out of sea isle spews ours at the activists that are here that you can you sit in these things like and actually you know. Touched her I had to bribe a few people to justice just stand next to get pictures that so why yeah I don't know I mean you could come down. Maybe rent an expensive suits or maybe it she tuxedo and come down as I like today what are these orders for. That's a great idea shot might work we have to talk like that so I we I didn't bring our own like fake ballet or something like that. Yeah yeah exactly the two year old Jerome Blakemore stays drawl yeah you could I mean VMware monocle and yeah I mean in Seattle thing. Incest so the New England in international auto show I'd imagine it's a lot of like soccer moms. There are a few yes I go carts they do have other cars besides the super Garcia they do they do have the extreme economy cars they do have. Yeah all sources the latest models of all the suvs. And moments of seat come down take a look at or you can take a look at the put bodies who are hiding in the clubs and a right that comes in at a 1400000. Dollars. God who are that means no worries right. That means that half the world I think that's what that means. For 1004000. Dollars to get out take a look at that guy who r.'s new linemen. That I was that who Venice that Fiat she's totally get it is constantly coming out of Oregon is that guy yeah yeah that's awesome Mike Hsu. Thank you for checking in goes seem like if you're in the area of New England international auto show. Say and I might have a great long weekend body thanks and it did it's my 02 corolla we have 278000. Miles on it. And and drive that baby home and pick up chicks all along the way hundreds of communities they should play right now that met our agency today you obviously I don't. What I could do that I could do that on validate those that might come off I don't know that the bank thanks guys do the best but it.