1-12-18 HOUR 2 - Pastrami Sandwiches & Roses: The Danielle Story

Friday, January 12th

Matty & Nick find out that dogs love listening to their show, get jealous of Danielle's roses and pastrami sandwiches, and chat with Mike Hsu from the New England Auto Show!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on medi unique upload your plate there's some. Not at all. It's huge okay. As a teachable moment this sudden socks that you saw Bill Cosby and those in the causes affected a lot of his Manhattan I don't advise anyone over for copying it was awkward. I thank you rob yeah. Because I have Jack. Like you read about her out now don't talk about flying. What an honor went red blood loss or better. And now here's two guys around my job since Saturday at 815 yet. Let's get this over with its Mattie had nick on WBA. Yeah. Go fast. Game five of buying. That's our voicemail and drew. Hates. The patriots. And kill them. Have to say. Gopac's. For the behind the scenes info there just is made him do it and now we've lived it. On the institute grants to hurry. Of him just saying go pats over and over and over again love it can't get enough of it I love. Making other people miserable at my joy. Odds Matty and nick Brad you by town fair tire. I told you we had tickets. To another luxurious skiing mountain. Lift tickets for you a pair actually and also. We're going to give away the grand prize. In the 5 o'clock hour. An actual. Get away a weekend mountain getaway. So right now what we. Give away our first pair of tickets and if you win right now you're qualified for the 5 o'clock grand prize all the winners this week are qualified beat the seventh color right now. 2617. 9311. AA half and you might find yourself going to Lou and you know I've spent a great amount of time a Loon Mountain. On clinical ski trips. See drinking in the cabinet doing skis right. Never actually stepping down. I read without a cool like broken away you go your brains and go on a recent every winter in a big Winnebago that tackler Meehan on my best friends. And we would go up and a Winnebago and do a Loon Mountain weekend we actually did like five years ago on New Year's Eve. And we would ski all weekend is as the best best times ever. I'm still recovering from I love a good student years ago they would do chemo and marquis I get back on he's on he's written awhile. Obviously me with the tremendous athleticism and senator senator hate you should or not athletic by. You good core hole. I am not due to joke you're actually really good and it was that it takes an article instead takes and I Gordon as I have actually hand eye coordination that nothing else policy on skis news. So that really and execute you know as I leave us a message won't you please. On our generic radio voice ally and that number is 6177795454. I gain. 617779545. Or maybe you wanna toxin pacts pending into the long weekend that you wanna talk long weekend maybe you wanna talk as a whole country's tock. Whenever it is on your mind let's hear from you come out step up six point 77795454. A random oh Ding is in order a little shout out Roland let's zoom in the morning thing doctorate. Thank you. I'm sure he has no ECU with us I don't think so borrowing matter caught him momentarily give a shout out to be good listeners of WA AF. A texture of the 9781 to let us know they're listen in the car and made their way inside a little doggie daycare. And turns out. That when they went inside the doggie daycare. They had the man in action on they have all been through so we're big what jogs. That place is preppy tech in Pittsburgh thank you guys we always Matty and nick if you like doggy style. That's right it's the preppy pet in Pittsburgh everybody loves PP in Pittsburgh is not like this like speaking a morning show things. Picture Danielle got lake. Pastrami sandwiches and roses sent tour I know. She's ending her autobiography. Pastrami sandwiches and roses the numbers story speaking of mourning so we have friend of show morning shows that. Mr. Mike Hsu Mike sure. As an awesome over. Night. The other yet if it like cancer or you know straight stray dogs and there's Obama. Where I am not I have met the New England. International auto show this is like the place I mean if you love cars. If you if you covet all the super cars. If you want to creep out some really beautiful ladies who were showing those cars before this is the place to be right now about last year we get the big you know AF booths set up over here. You know I got the Garth Brooks microphone headphone thing go on. And I last year we were they set us up right in the middle like the portions. This year were it between what looks like the mobile command vehicles you know those advance. That have you know BitHead hasn't stuff sticking out of that and jet packs and missiles and things like that and and there's an actual bicycles section so they knew I was coming so that put me over here with the things that could afford over here. Would be out of the ten speed bikes but find out what's going on all we get along we get you take a look at all the latest models of stuff there they are here shell off patent license curiosity. She'll man have you seen any. Iconic or like superhero vehicles are you seeing like today is it are we talking is all this Stafford you seem like anything like super cool retro it's like. Comic con nick at the admit I didn't Wear might cost you buddy. Okay BS it's on hundred no matter what you Wear. There's no problem was that pilot jump that Luke Skywalker drove around got to wean Merrill's. Lane Souter. What was that that was a that you go lands you there is something like that now there's little Lucy I I actually I just haven't walked around yet but they usually have the retro. You know sweet sweets to a classic car sections ought to go around us are taken pictures and she's like cool autonomous vehicles like it they accuse you like in this is the future right here drive through on 5000. I don't know what that's a good thing if they have them secret research on the robot uprising so you know one that's gonna come running down on this revenue down on the streets don't know what looks like. That was such and nick Stephens moment it is like all the best car series sic got hit me v.s. Have you seen that that are well I don't. Those Spider-Man card there how does this I am very well. I can't serve very tight right now it's not like yeah it's not like that the incredible Hulk hot wheels just they sell the I something. While you're just a medal lot deeper eyes this election where where are you like physically like where's the event that they trades under the bus the Boston convention and exhibition center you have a beautiful waterfront there's no flooding every exploit I interviewed all the waters. Abnormal levels so costs come on down done tonight and then it's happening all weekend our body odd check in again with you later well all right well I'll just to find those nerd vehicles were inactive all the yeah I think tonight here. Nice you know when they'll have warnings are taken and on the commercial banks buy you out. I. He's he built a oh boy it. If you're considering coming to America please. For me DJD. Stay hip and hey we need. See this. And I base. Yeah. The days. ET. I don't think it's great. And not even life. It's no. Countries. Did it change. He has dropped a new single but unfortunately. Some of the beach didn't get rid. So we had to dump. But worried play at nick we'll replay it its hot they say the truck. I love that he does it on our show. We have obviously. Established a great relationship yes we got 45 records yes we have which coincidentally actually still produces 45. Absolutely so we'll replay that will fix that up we there was some skips because we had dumped. That's what's funny is it begs the question and that conversation next. That cable news Wright was saying that word. Over and over and over again last night. So in a sense why couldn't we. Yet I mean while I I don't know. So I believe. I mean I think if we push the envelope. Every asked the boss of me we chose not to because right listen we know it's out census and well that we did but we didn't more in the audience and advance. All the news shows said. Like the newspapers said like suited for journalistic standards that setter all right we're going to publish this word because this is the president we're gonna keep his words intact verbatim right news shows said. We're quoting the president directly. We feel as though we have to do this it was so surreal. Just watched from. MSNBC it is CNN to Fox News who did it. In part sometimes they would write it would you like ass letter letter letter hole record and some people sent. It was just so surreal. To think like well yeah okay well maybe you would say that off. Off Mike or somewhere else would like gets quoted. Discussing dock at doing that and apparently. Some other stuff I read today. He was asking around I mean who knows what's your read on what political blog and please don't anybody at us we're just having a desk hatch act. But. However you feel letting these countries. Apparently last night he was asking how. People thought his comments went over and some people thought it was im actually almost kind of celebrating because he got all the press last night so. No wonder they think anyone did anything wrong what do you think of the news saying like you agree that act I think it's a little a little. Wade to. For them to you know attack him doing it by saying I came and you set the bar here is what your gender bias bro I'm telling you know I think I think it's an I I don't it's it was a bias. However I guess you could. Couch like that and I think it's the news saying like Heyman. Yeah the present and you said this so all bets are our finger in a 100% yeah so we should do a split again and drop a take the all the beef. I've we will follow the FCC a lot of money nobody. At the same time I wonder if they went with a this morning I remember it's like Chris Cuomo on CNN. He wrote it down he said analysts say it I have kids kids don't say this word you're not supposed to grew leader of the country is not supposed to say that. Why. That is inching question why can't they said and we would the FCC money. I quite well we know only if somebody reports you. And I just I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that are doing for us to give them a reason to report and once some lists using our own words against indexing don't fiddle well. Yeah sorry guys and I'm glad a bunch of you texting and on the ninth Somalis seven. Text line dug the song will clean up and we'll play it again at 5 o'clock after the lockout it's great and it's also to the tune of one of my. Favorite songs you know you look this up on a breaker we did. It is almost universally agreed upon that we built this city by starship is the worst song ever disagree with that I mean if it's it's definitely dated. It's wicked dated because of the sins and all that. But it's harmless pop song with a pretty good medley is worse are just more annoying songs than that I think right. And number one. Hit some really the video the video so ridiculous. That could be and I'm let's see here it's pretty consistently considered like the worst song ever but I that's exactly why I love. Like why I like look I'd love pepperoni pizza flavored combos that might be. The single worst food there is for you. I would as a lover a can of franks and beans there is at three lifts up here and it's number one and all three lists Tom harsher that's too easy what are we have a starship in the system that's important change. That's. Don't know I don't. Know what to rib Jane. No I that are US Arab know Jane what is gene don't they sing the song Jeanne. Change we do play the song this is what the great rocks aren't forgotten rock songs. On a flashback Friday. I saw this song what's yes and yes you know what I mean that you mindset and it is a classic song alone. Turn this up now. Bad things. There. Too bad so they're known as having like the worst song ever but. They put hats on him off saucer a rumor and I am. I think this I think. Worse than build this thing. My feet in the eighty's well now. Green off just about the inside nice and out you guys do a top ten songs you love them and I'll say it's. Probably probably Jane is right up there. At odds are great song it's all and actually we just got a problem. They don't act gaga. Today that gondola. This one right here I'm okay I think most people think this is the worst song us. Milan. It's queuing up knows that he can refuse that. That's the other thing I don't like it or people put novelty song somewhere songs over those Geneva county should be actually let's have chicken dance well I forgot they have this song and hear that pat the PP eap liked by Napoli in the and that style song that might Peco tomorrow. The same an attempt. So are almost no. That is worse. That is okay. So we need to update all these lists now on list. That is weighing worst we've built this city and it's and built the cities on every this is number one ridiculous all of a second five away shall not the worst song ever is Humpty dance. It's pretty bad a season. Excuse me so they're pretty you know not of what you speak. I sighs okay SS ice ice baby is it. Is a phenomenal. Phenomenal guilty pleasure. I'm told nick that we have fixed the insurer. Given Colin has didn't Halliburton gets called in to fix the disaster if you have a child in the car just be careful because we might have missed another guy you're only allowed three of those and our presidents to spiral back up so don't you're wrong. What we take the risk to take the risk. Did you Josh right now job late Q what did you do job so we need to win to have our now we're OK okay we're okay I've. Let's try it again follow hotline is probably the boss. Well obviously I don't hear about it again answer answer C let's see what the rulers. It's us vs the it's easier osu wins I'm. We Gaza we get struck by your gal I didn't know this this fit that throw real world premiere truck. His news shingle. These ads word countries. And I'll cut his. And yeah. And on. Yeah. He's been built on. Oh boy it. If you're considering coming to America the grameen PJD. Stay home stay you hate me and she has. Based. Did the guy. The days. We keep letting. I don't think it's great. I'd be better life. In this no. The country's. Countries vis Hamas saying now. It doesn't guys. Look but here in the theft of.