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Monday, August 21st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted has clips from The BET Awards! Plus we end the show with Headlines


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor friends I just a loan that's right folks what you got something primary a lot like this magic cleaning blacks that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that. So change your life lol yeah. Hillary can't dance dude I'm going there and really Nazi journey both dark and dangerous savings. And works every time. Live music all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money hoax to only fifteen months yeah Jordan and now homes and that my staff. Ordering him. This is the men's room. Listening to. His room was miles and spread. Cricket doesn't alive probe by the stellar 9844999. Polo player profile this coming up in minutes. And I don't play one hour from now the first quick check into my cock for some of the stories and headlines is not to working out all right supposedly there's a new knowing toy craze in China to replace them but it's manner though this once considered much more dangerous. It's a tiny little crossbow that suits toothpicks or assault that man. I think does a pretty cool it. Kids as the bra like we widget and apples and stuff I've been a lightning kids get older does you know. That's going to be begun each other flicks it matches and well spoken guy out there but still you would shoot another person when I just wanted to see where I would argue that yeah it's. It's just you don't give you'll get stuff like I don't I don't know. But I every angle of experience with the armed with a toothache you're not going to be that maggert out I. If you want to give Iraq vote right a mini cross alone crossbow a toothpick shooting crossed. Yet we might have to get want I want. He would get all the blows my you do get a guise of doing. It that one. According to a new survey 44% of Americans know someone who's been shot yeah ever this little bit a little while ago. Homeowners association in Tampa threatening to foreclose on a man's home all because he hasn't pain it is mailbox isn't painted his Melba painted his mailbox some of those homeowners stuff. You know obviously. They're there for a reason. And most of the reason is something that you can agree upon but there's a lot of stuff that you hear about ministers like. Now the ruling just now. Now them about it that night got him rifle with you hear them. There was one where I couldn't fly a flag out demand yet I ever ever called a couple family members who could not fly flags on the side there are relentless it was a favorite college team whatever that hill was literally veterans like right exactly a better they've got a problem veterans veterans. No pain. I don't know just feels like pastor of about the American like you've bought the house. I get you want the neighborhood to look nice to think that they think it's that person out in what he wanted to they wanna have that flag a vigil at a flat like a homogenized just look at. They're not accurate. To add to your point I think it's more trying to create a place where everybody wants to mandate legal limit applies for the homeowners association so that'd it is camps. Really can't get it right let a lot of understood yet another little Europe fla someone's gonna put like if sponsors sounds gonna put a fake deer in the front yard and they're gonna have one of those things it looks like a bird feeder when you get to the top was just a metallic ball. They'll be funding goes in the yard trust me there's a reason that these walls or place it'll it'll really affect affect the wrong people but they do affect the right people rhetoric. That there's an air force veteran in California who's done Disneyland for 2000. Days in a row. There and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon that man makes bank I guarantee if he's got a season pass for something every year. He had devices that those entries. I don't know how could with the season pass. I I didn't know they sold metal at W and I are not have been there on vacation within a buck fifty to get in as an adult. I mean it's it's it's so we used to be over a hundred dollars ten years ago fifteen years ago there are you doing musicals to that now 50025. Nam war. The end of the season has done thousands now they only go by a number of days they don't expect you to be there for more than five day. Oca well I certainly don't expect you to be there for Jimmy Fallon the more dangers there through the chief for the ticket it's like getting this history and figure buying a ticket for each one of those days yet. And it and I. What did you do every tough enough throughout the day he Disney World and Disneyland not Disney land. It just specifically I like the cupcakes at whatever out of his hamburger what is it like little mall walkers he just looked around as neighbors for his work IB. Had his poise under a now is on the smiling field. For some reason a man in Vegas has become the oath of became enraged over the not does he ordered at a taco shop and ended up stabbing the cook fourteen times and looked. In the hell is wrong people apparently pulling guns and delegates. That and overbay had recorders and he gives them four. Or not shows. About like Joe's you hear arguments on. All I can have bad. I think it's a matter of which he savage put him there I wouldn't stab somebody fourteen times how many times widgets that. Like Oprah. You make to let's take on the eighth opt outs do you stat spam to a stand. All right communal nachos that OK are you the guy who is is decent. It just takes a little bit. With a chip or use the guy who reaches in and it's the big lobby chip that as everything on that you wanted. What you were too decent not to eat that yourself idea that like one out one out of three I grabbed the full on the moment aren't. That would begin Tuesday. Here's chip here's chip third one I'm all over the world every third has got a little bit more dug up by of their efforts gravity thing yeah and again. Derby indecent or a little bit and partly because. Four when he gets that bad the problem that it flop him and obviously it's not right there at the top of on this one this is a little bit disturbing view that you get to detect that died and hot car after their 44 year old mother want them and there. In in the car at the punishment. Jesus Christ and not learn when you leave humans in cars that had these people. They glad to have him and anyone can have you might yet licensed the fish but to raise and they have yet but apparently now a lot of people can actually. And finally a new study had discovered the most dangerous type of fireworks you can buy it was data took fireworks most dangerous type of fireworks and I'll tell you what that is one hour from now. Can't. Thing in my dog we do have your headlines coming up a one hour from now the first today. That the man whose group represents. See the throw help to please everyone how profile this is playing a nor can miles that the simple game where we sure would you like new story. Something had happened right here. I plan to move or. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people and the decisions that people make Willis Hewitt it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Brian welcome to the men's room. 00. I'm trying to understand how this year's game is played IQ department does here is restore. A 23 year old woman. A judge recently ordered her to have no contact with the guy that she used to live will just knew they were bored for a girl. Now it's not clear what happened. But clearly they were dating because the judge also ordered him just there where plumber but unfortunately. She ignored the order and recently he showed up at his apartment to get some of her stuff. I'm for an. Well as you would expect they started arguing he tells her believe. But instead of leaving what did she do. She attacked him and she bass from over the head with a one thing that all single guys have way around the as George Foreman grow. At right grip you'll George Foreman grow and hit him upside the dog. It should be added he also tried to break his TV by punting it luckily she did you and grab a pair of sisters and one apple. But she clearly had lost her mind it was go to. Now when the cops got there he was still bleeding from a few cuts to his head that from the George Foreman Grill because just like a punch and George were amateurs and the growth ultimately. Now this all happened back in April but she just pleaded guilty to assault charges and not following a court order so what's punishment for bad and I ever had George Foreman Grill. Sixty days in jail eighteen month probation ankle cannot go with that in 15100 feet of his part. Do you believe that this lovely woman is black white exe or you could feel free to console with a regional consult Florida again is a reason. And updating Oca. In Kabul are standing about that and be under the influence. It did not at all and I don't believe they warm and I think this is literally. Off the judge ordered both of them there republic of solitude hostility runs deep. She wanted to get herself from the apartment Q coach you violated. A court order then you can understand what you present wanna do some belongings anyway as for arguing. Escalates and she smashed more they had to George Foreman room. It was gonna stand as instances of Coachella. I'll tell you my little. A little thought on this. How might be wrong but just based on food and what you make in the George Foreman Grill eat and what did you make your George Foreman Grill when you have that. Chicken burgers hamburgers mostly meat for the most money. Okay because the George Foreman Grill to me it just seems like he would lean wider blind. And on the Mexican food can be made on the George Foreman Grill while Mexicans don't in Hamburg. But enough I just I just don't feel like. The quickness of like again only at Garnett sat at drives only beaten it yet I just can't think of any food you can make it George or grow that would work that you know for this moment. A chicken burgers. Hot dogs I don't know like that means I'm not sure which you make a clause that's what he can you make enough is or clue in the Foreman grill him. To be just as it exists in this guy's place and yes exactly this pilot has the day it's that guy been Altidore former Roman Catholic thing again and don't hammer. Granted that ever thought of a Foreman grill mean they can't racial thing it's more of late. Make your single duty stone for them but I don't know anybody that owns and other than my single and. And they've employed venom stored them like look it's one thing but also Lieberman ambling around the George Foreman. I knew people for retirement craziness I mean to toast bread in there and everything out of wondered because that. This all went down and people so they could have been broken of that law which in other words I believe he probably has short form grow even when there were dating. Yeah probably before they started dating and been through and through. Do we know if she got the eighteen months probation for. See it you know I do not probably a combination of the two with a all the charges alone together finally figured she got sixty days in jail within eighteen months provisions under the best. The jail and guess for violating probation does that too punishment for that. There was and then you got probation for the crime that had not already committed which was news that my dad yeah I'm just gonna go black with this. Last. There are this tell you have a lead in them Maxi homily in white she put a lot of Boeing is everything you think up. I don't know I mean all my friends that do have the mormons are single but all of them are white who. I don't have like for instance we know who's just appeared at times like a lot of people love the warm in your opponent like her evil. Really. Cared you have one mile. I do not have won did you know I didn't no you know help me. And I was single and white at the time when that event. Was it how would you Allen married in blacks. If that's what happens there good dose estimates. I've got I've still for some reason some summits Maxi. You're a black final answer yes you do what are thought to like final answer okay. We'll find out at the George Foreman fighting woman is black light to make the org Jewish next. T. You are listening to the men's are ready and war and pitches you. It's true. Now profile as they have a girlfriend with a restraining order and not too interested in that so he goes over to her actions now to pick up some of her belongings they get into a little bit she attacked some of the George Foreman grills that is direct hit them upside the head you've got back Stanton glance but. The cops got there in time and Brian we ask you you believe that this woman was black and white to make you do an idiot what black. Absolutely. Absolutely absolutely black and their right. And. Winds and remind us as a Foreman grill absolutely lights what does that go down that we know. Now all the you know I went down and can't get hard. There was. Yeah is that early on that out now as a big clue right there OK hopefully profile this again at the time. They games to channel and extend my personal from the dvd is all the time several TV to amity. Because you're pathetic life. Volunteered countless hours in front of a talking box and the men's room presents. TV. Everybody's got jobs for me like or don't like people ranked on the times that TV. It's a little tougher because they have to be very very cordial cordial to each other's he can't really tell once in while you see behind the scenes thing. So this is some good audio from The Today Show where you find out down Matt Lauer and Al Roker didn't start off great. We had a rough stuff. I don't know. Yeah it's amazing we have our dear friend. Yeah. This long story short we're on the air one time thousand something based on local television years ago Al said something to me. And I did not appreciate. I don't looted my name and as well that's the reason the big leagues is that for the. Al Roker so hand not so easy in the big leagues and pretty pretty evil but that is harks written sink to okay Matt Lauer with the anchor who did know his name. Yeah I'll troop through an Al Roker and he goes after manned satellite you know go after which still cries real as he's goofy to me. But he tries not above those guys and not been known to be like mr. congeniality. Yet US and video of that eager Czech government to FaceBook page also kind of weird it ice cube was on that morning. He's got in their twos to Vegas are talking about how some people have this idea. Re asked people they didn't get a lot when they first met each other threats at a get into the conversation but like Howard Timmy still says it is if as if broker with the bad guy out of it. He's the weatherman. Turned the news anchor that you should know with. An original bag guy's name right. Yeah Albert or other got in the air for years and years coming and he is the season most of the time the weatherman as the guy's been there for thirty years or every area. Yeah what does that they would check out the video doing in the major face the page is when it starts with large is a noted start off that's like. Our respect Al Roker for kind of fired back right away like he's put my name so I made that shot given financial Gore's. Obviously they're not the only two there's been a lot of people on TV who didn't get along. That is the typical things there again as a member Isaiah Washington. When he was on Grey's Anatomy yeah. So a lot of people remember he got in a lot of trouble for some homophobic remarks he made. And that he got ended up getting fired from the show but what you forget is he get into a physical fight with Patrick Dempsey. Yes. I've gotten over the comments are just in just know just on the set. I write is that was league voted out brokered stuff that I just was curious like is there other TV people who don't didn't really get a law. And that's odd because I don't know a lot about Patrick Dempsey. But I guess before you like Grey's Anatomy he dug some other stuff but they showed his old interview clip of him. Talking subtly I was on the set days ago we retirement Obama and the guy interviewed and said you know you were very popular. On the set like I guess you like prima Donna and just be tourism that so I understand apparently he sought to work. What kind of outcome opens in and mellowed out a bit. All right so many words of Isaiah Washington who I guess Patrick Dempsey was for just giant Jack as. And also can open titles such as. And I don't think anybody lecture. Yeah using the diva behavior you here. Depending on what the it could be anybody's job to write that dubious celebrity but just. And all comes down expectations about what people to be doing for them or how they should be helping them or whatever the deal as it's always about the person like Jesus. Yeah capital idols like. I don't know she won't like Golden Globe were Emmy but our reward was recently bitching about the on the show like man. You're the actors the rating some of those thing practically just relax just do what you gotta do. It was a mess and I wanna say she said something to the effect of well I don't even know we deserve litters on she just took a dig at the entire show and like make up all so they pay your bills. Yeah and the preview work with the new gonna talk to them. Every work environment has a couple people who don't it'll sure you just don't expect it'll come to blows it. But now that I agree I have got a bit different thing with deaths the in Washington in this instances be physically came to blue is your right. There's always gonna be that's the great workplace school sports team and that's just a poor it's gonna happen but right. It's very rare out that it may be an athletic team that come physical blows. No we never seen we've heard the stories of it and radios. Got a guy we know and he was on a very popular show for a number of years. And these guys did incredibly well the time and they were 1 of the biggest morning shows blah blah blah blah. But then they eventually got the point based on certain things that happened in the room private lives of the couldn't stand each and now the one guy he's got to carry permit. And that's as big things in the coming every day with a gun. So in this other gentleman who was co host system he pulled the gun on them live on the air. I've and it goes out over the air. Now at that point time they are reporting every day and a McEnroe quake and then a couple weeks go by there on vacation you know I mean whenever they come back. And they've got them in different studios. Now would you have to understand is they still have a window in between and the one guy who at gun point it was so paranoid about it's about. I'll do the show winner but I need to lock my door. Andy bulletproof glass in between this one guy might shipments on the two league fans are you gonna answer it but think you know I actually think about this week's they Oregon. They came man. The instill bulletproof glass on the glass room between the main control studio in the studio the other guy who was beaten. They put a lock on the other guys' door so just in case his co host desire to fire shots at him. That he would have bulletproof glass and B charts this studio studio dollar would be law. In this was it we thought it. It's all yours right there an English only saw John in the morning you know I mean this is elected me to. Some of the TV stuff is even crazier to his lake in the X-Files right. That's David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson they're basically the two stars there were absolutely enters. Apparently they didn't go home and either was well known on the senate. You know their their rebooting its apparently it wasn't that big of a deal with it out of her home. You don't mean it's been twenty years eulogy it's fun but owed the company quote we forgotten why we ate opened up a quick or remember what. A it's like it up so it just that says. It's Jack was pretty yeah. That's exactly that was right. We're on a massive show we forget that like anything else to show up late to the set when you know prepared and is always a reason for the. It's not a set. Standard rule of things right but I've got a lot of jobs might just be a this is what you have to do today again you know look I voted on that doing there are great they're actors they're doing this so it's like they all kinda have separate sets of requirements. Yeah and always getting groomed in different places too so don't make up like you're not sitting next to each other talking about missing ones in this trailer when the net trailer. And anytime you can be away from each other of the most choose to. Put it together all the time. A that's our that's the theme it's a arguments in TV were then that two hosting get along a his legacy Charlie Sheen and everybody you'd ever work. Ever occur at an issue opened your job. Yeah there was a couple of other people I found out to like another what a weird one Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall. This is Alina Cho was such a monster should I don't think I heard that because after the show sex in the city. Came to trial was easily printing and it was she was in Europe during a radio interview. And they knew veterans or does the Parker did not like to joke but what they discovered women smokers that they saw a healthy amount of respect because when there were talking to control of something. The guy made the point of calling Sarah Jessica Parker horse face that you likened to child and of vitamin and she's a man like that. Whether or not we get along you don't get to say that I mean she's on this guy out or die. It never set a larger Putin said on local ports for his or lose the fat and debit or Emma doesn't sucks but there's no leaders list. I get are probably at I want you can't that's exactly apparently yet people it was cross that line in amateur stuff. It any you guys watch a BT words and no I didn't know deny us our our Mike you watch it beat forget about it. Yeah. Leslie Jones who don't know from Saturday Night Live via also stayed a comedy. She was doing some of the OC hosting duties and she makes a strong point about the modern rappers and names. When I was coming up you understand the rappers minute and the rapper men and a bit. It. What the whole. It was don't ask. They've got up. Friday. A. I think she's got a good point but what got you sort of endured eyes that are coming out layer of though. And he is the young dude but it it it's the truth and at that the tough name path there that we got. Yes so as opposed to settle many Google's. You know live is there it is how I am. Right is there a little in all. Well that's how you spell it like though Kim was always locate Napster you know I mean that was a little Kim back in the day and stuff and it made sense. Kim was part of big easel crew and everything but she was small. She's short hurdle and a right and then you have like little Romeo who was like masterpiece on right. Made sense he was a little bird like he's a biggie. You configured yet that's what does it levels out there. Little waned but he's short low rider from Florida. That's still one of the best things ever made I thought about old school yet battered ego country I love those guys and with. I love their name out of their music but Florida Georgia line is I still contending in Luxembourg a country that you heard trinket whiskey electric which we named the band like. When you live in Georgia. Florida. Doug I am done. At Laguna called day ends hot dog Jack sedan model known. Houses thing about Colin Dan's not dogs but so does what is to syllables that like. Boston wearily from before god damn balls to what you and you put thought into this man. Yeah you're right Chicago was from Chicago to kansas' from Georgia it would be weird if you took the name of the city that you were actually for a Chicago stuff from there. Was a bit also I think it depends on your job to secure a country band. It doesn't matter if you are from Juneau Alaska naming Iran and Alabama probably destroy a week ago. Gets the point but I think they were from the fact that either way that's ahead. A British earlier from Alabama and having Chicago's rush him. Mean definitely. It's 707. Enough what could get the point right right we go to opera pop up at eight I don't buy it that's got to think that's. Alcohol marketing and speaking of funny. What does this say his name and Dennis Rodman. It's the it's Robin about a way he's one of the few Americans. That somehow has access to North Korea he's friends with Kim Kim Jong-Il. Boom boom boom boom modern bills bills bill l.s right hill's done men. The license to build whom. You know sometimes you forget. So he went over there a couple weeks ago seduces him and his agent talking about member there was an American student yeah they had been in jail. Now the student unfortunately has been. He got released back to the states he's now pass the way yeah. The reason Rodman and his agent are still taking credit for him getting out. We're told political what would that the kids got a and I. I didn't I was I was wanna supportable and get him out. I'm you know being that saw him do it because. When I was organizing trip. I dress I don't warm here I asked combat had done this for his release three times they said they understood. There's no doubt in my mind that these trips and be asking on his behalf had a lot to do and it. Thank you the State Department and this guys Stanley have both come out there that had nothing to do with the court today and nothing. We note that I believe that they believe it throw. True that I believe that they do think that what they're saying is true and avoid the wrath of Oscar you are as dumb as we are thought to. Either of you guys watch sets special late the second time he went over there a couple of years ago did you watch amounts I did not are read about his trip and about the fact that he urinated in the palace on the floor walking from one data fluffy and like by the time Mosul send on who was like OK go back on now Herrera. So Dennis Rodman is notorious for crank now part of that is I think he's notorious find time drunk that people like to have fun with them three. You never know when it's dark when it's gonna go off the rails but if you watch they have whether they're going to see how right. So does the publicity was on showtime was in it based it was a movie write me and they showed him going over and stuff right to be Heath. But again it seemed innocent enough but let's get a couple of cocktails with Annette but he just wasted the whole time of course. So them when he went over there right that was when they were on CNN and stuff and he's really drug in the interview with our today yeah rights awake it was kind of cool could use you'd you would seem interview on CNN and not understood I for me I didn't actually was going on and basically seen and we should saint eight. You guys are over their delivers fast Walker's budget Americans but there's still people in the jails there yet but he won't what are you doing to help that. So Rodman was just waste it was odd don't ask me this of that problem lies and and you're right you solved in that trip is. They the president there loves the leader. The correct but right eat eat big drink it so much stuff that even back even Jim Jones who was like. All right enough. And I just. They close tonight home Dennis Rodman's he's African NC and I feel bad debt saying that because I don't know that we've ever seen him not drunk in the last. Fifteen years and who knows how insane demand might be in general but I think. He might drink can be more normal yet I've heard nothing books. Dennis Rodman stories being like what a nice cut. Met him here bro bought everybody BO blah blah blah blah I mean and that's the weird thing about it is the stories effort from people who just in the thing about Dennis Rodman is. These are kennel like bill memory experiences. Like he popped up in this bar and lick Wyoming. And elect quiet day facility here you know again it's always it's always like butter buy drinks. He took pictures of everybody he was nice to everybody sign all the crappy economy in the left. Right lefties in a bar in he's drinking so. But possibly there's a difference between Mike the Bill Murray stories generally kind of start and end the same way you might it was still Marie was drunk winner but robbed robbed and you write estate all the stories start that way. Then there's also the backside. Worker president and leaders of foreign countries like you did get out of my country now but the key but by the six years well he loves. Mean it's a given today it is my outlook works with dictated when I can't dictate the that's a dictator and author of my pocket and I've man that's on and off yeah it was there I am so glad I didn't. She didn't help that it was a specials but they drew an Idaho. Well it looks like equipment and like I am. Analogue. Muted though he had that look like today I don't know man. Are ever going to eat this thing lead the country. It's crazy to me is what I think museums I never think of male genitalia. I think that the lack of a woman. You know would mean ignition for the leukemia but yeah like and but he called it the game are you did this Republican and the game. Well now obviously and I think that's an acceptable terror you know look at the names on a look at. You'll batters in the sweet potatoes. Yeah I'm really you know but luckily dams might be her legs three days is clearly dogma. Maybe presenter got a sweet potatoes were Europe's golfers gamble boo forums seven in the yams. They don't appreciate it TB tablets that we've got your headlines on the way with my cock you are listening to the mantra radio network. Three guys with smiles and let's see what's happening in the real part of Pennsylvania where I'm ready cobble perform karaoke in front of hundreds at a city park. Meanwhile an overweight man he a book's two seats on spirit aired doing the right thing but they would take one right before they embarked. Go to Indiana here or water park is supposed to cool you down would you chemical burns instead a father Barry's son and three weeks later learns that he isn't really dead. And a Florida alligator till the photographer for the third time no pictures it is time for your headlines. It's time to hit. There's Mike caught. Had a contract I researchers have discovered the most dangerous type of fireworks that people can buy at any public market. They shell and mortars style fireworks. Good run when a figure studies have shown at around 101500 people are treated for fireworks related injuries each here. And a third of those are related to the end shown more sorry I just giggle because I mean. It's a mortar yeah I mean I think resolution to this day when the battle people active right. You know you're not able to get it right. Guy guy I knew oath had a backpack full of mortars they were sticking out of his backpack matures physically coming up the top club. He is exactly the guy that you would expect. To be walking with that. I actually arsenal. Of a yet. Exactly right okay another guy and they not surprised that things are going to happen I think if they are. And if you put him an upside down and they just visit the top and him to have a half the loans were word happens is like we the more room ahead. All the way into this I mean that's there's like bartered my apology similar degree burn the most days missed in four fingers to that is the big flash and you look down in your hands that about the guy plays for the giants. I rattle world got to California where the 29 annual world's ugliest dog has named a winner mark of a three year old asked him. For moral you know his son of a bitch she's not a typical what are the coveted you know the you'd have one with a weird look and all the dogs love smaller right but ours is a real ugly features other than when she went up on stage present herself. She always laid out on her side and mostly drooped over the states. It is seen something really. Strange that Brinkley asked about incidents of just about saying that a female anything. Is so ugly elect I feel like that award it just has to download a guy I'll just based out of the fact that I are generally more ugly. Let me like dogs man I go back and forth you know with humans not done a Kansas eagle opportunity in the dog world. And Idaho and it in an effort to clear the way for a hospital expansion crews are taking on habitats. Moving a tree two blocks away moving it's why movie. It's just it's in the path of the expansion a look here's the thing. We want to make this hospital bigger. And these this big trees it's in the ways instead of having another blueprint for we can keep the tree or build the buildings around an hour. Use up some of the other land of the currently credit. It will move the tree the tree I would build round it just did architecturally speaking. People would notice that you prize titled whatever businesses incorporated in the what you're doing don't don't they finally did and it may have been that it's on the architects. It will calls so what's more it would roots are senators I'm shocked that you can transplant a nine year old tree. It's more than ninety years old it was planted more than a hundred years ago I'm saying is ten stories on its link to an intimate naturalist. Not an infamous name is Matt analysts. So they had to cut the thing down that you have to build the go to like an old age home for trees. Note. Okay. Do blah will produce. About that they haven't that thing guys. Yeah about rob they're in an accident that. Manic Colorado says that he was humiliated by Spirit Airlines after they give up one of its seats on an overbooked flight as a ridiculous he's overweight and knew that it would be more comfortable for everybody on the planet he bought two seats on his flight home from Vegas. But without and sending him for the airline gave one of the seats away and then. Asked if he would take him then when asked if he would take about her or get on a later flight he refused and they forced him to move look no look you you can be a regular sized person on an airplane at this point in time we all know this it's not comfortable. It's just not the way that they've been in everybody was sure this guy's doing. What has to be a hard decision on his point. Just face in the fact elect look I get the situation that I meant but I'm gonna buy two tickets and do the right. Yeah he has been Bruno usability and faster right Zito that Saturday did what they don't indeed India in the and you go through all this crap to try to do the right thing and then you're still. But I mean you're still pulled out and and just individually just absolutely crap on the go outside. That's a realize that Iowa that my. They might appreciate it we'll see you tomorrow the exciting return I'll profile this also want to have the drug charge rank castle was in decisions that yes indeed it is all through the back tomorrow until then. Yes and world beat this thing. Still diet. Yeah. There's rumors that date before a live studio audience wardrobe and makeup provided by the Manchester limited. The presentation knows. The man truly feel that way.