08-21-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Loves Their Dog

Monday, August 21st

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor friends I just a loan that's right folks what you got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning lakers' that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that. So change your life lol yeah. Every song and dance dude I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes aren't in danger of savings. And. Works every time going. Live music at all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money hoax to only fifteen months yeah Jordan can now homes and that my staff. Ordering him. This is done men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled when miles and so. Hi Chris. We had Erica Jefferson a more people have more importantly would you got a problem focus here as so so okay so how much of the cost of this whole package the hole by the trailers all that stuff. I wrote it it's a great invite him he didn't get pepper Y all Ali started and really in golf or about eight under and I. Now I paid just over working harder mind. And Kazakh out of the N if you are a professional race or whatever it is you're doing that about the average price were right there. And could pound negative saying all right we got them all opponents you know than a little bit more greens here this like we're hardcourt you want I'll look at a whole lot and you know an outbreak on you know and. Now I'm here ever opened at gonna break on me or fall apart at inopportune time. So we're talking about bikes for what is worse bike crash and Ben again any time Michelin towards France right. These guys go down I enjoyed watching knows crashes cause it's so many people. There are very enjoy it watch that I think look man. We are not ESPN and they say OK though whatever 400 NASCAR. Those who want but inevitably you want to correct if you watch box that you hope to see someone get knocked out of the national hockey highlights discouraged over Google's. But the problems in the fight. So the Tour de France and kind of thing like they could sure the guy who's leading city's mayor and a bike riding really really quick but they show the grass it's like 200 people. Falling over regional. I mean apparently I interviewed the Delonte. They're like two inches and one another independent guy Bain and let you know 1 o'clock and you're gonna get the whole group of gold I mean I. I'm actually in a couple act but I never really been involved look like nmap. I thought he might say. And you'd you know when you're behind go over a European racer by the smell of their Cologne. Yeah ring at a Roy noticed that all OK I mean I figured oh yeah Mario little tour. And no matter what their Maria callers bugs motorcycle his Marie once and again and they are playing with a bunch of formula longer as the debris in the brief. Other address the best investment you ever made George Clooney you've heard about him we've talked about him and his partner Randy Gerber. Recently sold there Cass amigos tequila company for one billion dollar punitive cash from one billion dollars for the record. I had never even really heard that Cuba and thought all over the place this week because he recognized now that you found out that has been sold by one because it is the signatures on the bottle. Mortgages that it was like this including stuff I was like oh so it is out here Aaliyah I would I do is no greater ability of drug George Clooney stuff that is sold for a billion dollars only to see now are one's gonna bring about what's funny by the time the go around saying hey drinking glued to Q conflict no we're not now we're dinner and I need to be charges mortgages at the margin quote George needs the money yet that's. Billion dollars but so the story says there are a lot of other celebrities out there that have billion dollar brands. Brilliant though Miller billion dollar brands other than George Clooney and Randy Gerber armadillo like their stuff our brands they buy own. Then it will be vote but some things that they've invested in things they've started. Mark I didn't walk away there's a view as I did drop the ones I know up my and what about like match Jonathan stark. He's not on the list but I'm assuming he's close to being a billionaire it depends on who else he's one of those guys who goes into investments with a of people. But he's not always creating so he's always not the most major investor in the right but he does have a knows a lot of people but these guys like George clues George Clooney Randy Gerber and one other guy. Sony sold this thing was like three peoples but cash. So other billion dollar celebrities. Kate man Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are. They did it ages ago believer out there clothing brands when they sold out on that stuff they instantly became billionaires. And that's why I guess they don't have to do that for Al stuff. Or shall open any of those things are utilized and all that's that's the other five. Jessica Alba is annulled her honest company makes non toxic household products. It's been accused a few times on short on that oh well even so her company worth one point seven billion. Then there's Ashton Kutcher. One of three partners in the venture capital forum called ate great investments they've got money in tech companies like whenever Caribbean bees are where. Yeah but now he's part of an investment firm called Elevation Partners of course. Which recently decided to put some money in to FaceBook in net and elevated to one point four billion worth of stock. They bought in Arlington Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson who we all know is an unbelievable. Investment. Business channel actual jargon and believes it's her she is pleased make up thing and she has fashion line. And it's earned over one billion since 2000. That brown is the most impressive one of them all. What makes that is throws and of her exactly. And beyoncé injuries either joint Edwards has recently pegged at one point 16. And a host power more or other. Billionaires and that is just Clooney. Yeah. Hello Daryn. Hello Shawn. Welcome to the bedroom. Flickr or liquor and all ours. Let's go to our talented Eric gabbana are you are for aren't geared despair from our allies in the Car-Mart broke remarked on okay. LG under. Arguably vibrant burger like all right denies he has sex question on July 4. Via that it can't edit edit. How would they better or worked up inevitably do as an adult man like look I'm wouldn't drink beer and eat growth and often else. And out your kid's birthday easily you're obligated to hook him up you know it's not about Berkeley take more than it is beer. Our order or it acts on the I just can't believe it's I had spent 14 of July. Virus when everybody has plans for the item you're gonna have plans for your birthday you have a plan for the fourth of July holiday you order a goal and you're doing them that. I let's go this would double would you say is the craziest thing of the strangest thing. That it happened to you during sex. We'll. Deborah and hold. And pick and I've had to do that couple arms and probably that. Go like you know you need a hole before but the problem is if you get to the moment of full release until kind of the same muscle. That tell you kind of climax that you kind of parting sort of apologized the materials are very. Hard right. So are you at all bill Garrett and you'd turn their. Now let it out who the big being sort of pay below persevered there. I I'd Europe call 11. Night it was. This was just eat a crazy by being crazed. At the time of having sex of my girlfriend I had a king sized water that. Because I got it for free in it was office isn't really all it was awesome I love that thing right but it was huge. Where Harry are better we were having a party. And I don't know I wanna say it was my buddy Chad's she ran from back home who was in town for the weekend party. He came into the bedroom while was cool on down. Any just based first play quite dramatic Soria. Fell asleep passed out in would not wake up with a hand sprawled out so we just kind of looked over like you go on he was out yes we just kind of adjust and on an eruption in the midst of it and at the whole way past the point of like. Do get up get up get out of here get up he's not move get up. Dude you don't let it get out dude hey man or jet go right to the go do our. Held that effort yeah. So what so worries they would have a deal. Yeah it could well I did then huddled in the park couple prime. And it also. Spread or grow on down on the one time and it you have a little further and it. Surprised the hell out of me. No. By the popularity of the panel movie about how much decries guy. I mean it is casualties exact it's amazing thing it's you know we original assumption about thing gonna go into a whole. Loans we. Should that speed you know. Are under no loose and Alan. From us dollar bridge in the UK. Now confined to a wheelchair. After becoming paralyzed. Down the left hand side of her body after a headache during sex lecturer in agony. 43 world who was pregnant that time it was rushed to the hospital and put into it medically induced coma while doctors performed a creamy economy. To relieve pressure on her brain. Six days later she was awoken from the collar to find a that are baby was unharmed and three months ago she did give birth to a little baby girl named Mary Alice. She hopes it does stem cell therapy may one day again help her regain movement but basically what happened was this. In the midst of achieving or gas and she started to get a weird feeling in her head and weird pain. At the end while she at the beginning overlord at the beginning over Oregon. In the middle of it she began to have a stroke. And a little over orgasm the headaches Jesus then that's then the orgasm beheading was always there right there in the orgasm which triggered the stroke usually the guy thinks he's the man of the sport. That's. You know yes exactly I ordered him to. Social problems doctors body like that the headache using the excuse that she. Think or that and I guess headaches during and after six or believed because by a leak of spinal flowed from the skull into the spine he's. Which can trickles down below they're saying she had five instances during that time. Where she had five mini strokes with a mirror. And one organized record at five mini strokes and had to go to a medically induced. That is I mean like what we've heard the stories of people big joke the wrong way and ankles and injury. Some forced entry if you will but that one. Is new to me yet. That's crazy. Thus crazies make based on the fact that first of all he's she's pregnant and having sex right number one don't know what you know about that but if you've ever been with a woman. Who is pregnant is not a comfortable feeling. You don't look like you normally do so unless your feeling sexual in your comfortable in your own skin and everything it's not it's not how you want to be. Seen even though your husband doesn't care and he loves you one way or another he still wants to answer six and figured out it's understandable. Why like look if I look like ask for a long period of time Alessio and his walk around pressure I don't walk around rusher right now I'd agree should Salina Helena island like anything else because what you want apps that you wanna have sex with that's it in your article at that point you're gonna have a child so I'm pretty excited about that that hasn't been able to finish well there. I remember. We were that you know the style preferred by dogs and it was more like shortly or some. Man and you don't crippling it is a quick hits me. You never won in raps actually having so I just push away entirely and I GAAP and that there's nothing sexy woman let me excellent and only time in did that broke. That sex and a big dog back in the day yours and yours and yours ago and I don't real problem among us open living rooms but roommates and Elvis were holding though. So that's due in the mud dog very large vote which is very cold goes directly between my butt cheeks man. Made contact with the area and it indeed instant I was so mad dog's meant to read a question question aid. For Florida 999. Hole hold the line back with more your calls your listening to the men's or radio network it's. True with smiles and thrill. The rules finally before we do the tells drink in do Lou shoot merit. The show today do live shoot them would surely there are rules gonna before that by the way all the rules we've greed of the year's meant to live dot com check those out. More to come right after our random question and hello dairy welcome to the the current laws that aren't ours. Gary give a dog. I'd do it I will would you seizure dogs' favorite thing to eat. Besides its food ride which cities we know that believe your dog just get really fired up. General right. That should have been right specifically. Yeah. But given its don't do it's not it's new boot. And you've been all about it okay sue how do you make. I've boiled eggs again. Or make right normally to mix it up Verlander all. On it. What I make chicken in the oven my dog lays in front of the other road Aaliyah. It doesn't matter it's just the chicken India and the barbecue sauce on an act of nothing. No other meet ya know me and generally able to meatloaf at their apps doesn't care isn't a barbecue sauce the chicken astronauts now is this and that does make it like salt pepper. Okay I'm pretty sure it's just the chicken and she absolutely goes eight so that your. Well nothing else. Does that make any Joey to Hamburg or whatever and out shortly have a dog burn the dog Jimmy and Erika as a what was wrong you're have a soft stools. Yeah. He just got here to watch any move across the country changed out diet are all. You ought to whack you worry came from. From Rhode Island oh okay I probably used to bore lobster. The peso absolutely Rhode Island Atlantic salmon you know me I ride exactly and why not if you can eat lobster every day. Other as we ask what what is your dog's favorite thing he does pretty exciting. A writer from National Geographic. Studied a few cases out there in the world of dogs and although this is pretty dark. And a hypothetical situation. He would actually happen to you if this situation occurred. If you were to pass away in your home and widget dog okay eventually. Now with woody. I think when he runs out of Liu I don't know as an adventurer a bit later cat app that Catholic school he's dead let's try to do you have an open bowl for your dog eating tuna want to yep Lucas I've. Dogs insatiable in my agency's get a company that's what you. Legal legal right be Google's our insatiable my dog that you could vote to eat when she needs that now. How about your cat. We your caddie I think hell yes. Depending on the numbers I think your cat would eat you even if you were alive I think your cat deeply. So cats will. But with your dog would your dog teach you the answer is absolutely. Yes your dog would each you and here's the scary part about this. He's not gonna wait to the food. Organizing it were not long according to the writer from National Geographic who look to cases where people died alone in their homes. And they figured out how quickly the pent eight. And it turns out of that I'll have a thing to study reverted back to their wild wolf ancestors very quickly and chow down. Horror. On their dollars. It's 44% of the cases where person died along the dog the dog started eating them with a today. Bennett today and in some of those cases the dog ate their debt owner even though they had their normal dog food available. Damn man. And there's really nothing you can do to stop it in a lie if you debt is dead then Iraq I don't think their owners even if they had a great relationship with those sides of abuse or neglect. So really your only hope is that someone find your body. Before your dog it's on the worst thing though. Seniority dead you're dead and ultimately you would like to think that your buddy your friends like that dharma dog me right back and eat my half one and a animals even if you can write if you have an animal that's like a chicken you greedy when it's that dead. Yeah our big. Problem what you like super howls with me and I wouldn't know it's like if it's my pet pig apart like an. The ramp they reverend bacon and that's ultimately my dog was eat some of the dead person knock yourself how they want to buddy I'm your body I think. UA dogs manual and random friends friends I don't pay the government. You Ohno guy. I'd say the stuff went out running turn ever comedy people's. What chain. Is the strangest or oddest thing that you could be either on a bear there are just your states and got a weird through. You know I was in invading a few years ago and I had scorpion on a stick. How laws. I know there's not that I wouldn't. Yes unit I wouldn't do it again I would suggested that you know move edible. Based on tastes are just based on the previous of what you figurines. Hello good people there are definitely keeping a Specter you know I'm sort of legends like cooking over an open flame. And they missed like yeah like an open grilled being there they have it would have a bunch of different things there's like. Different kind of meet on states that there is questionable. You don't know you what was orbit like at least I notice scorpion. Yet still but you couldn't read the buzzwords mislabeled what what would what would your thought beyond that or does it like if you knew somebody who could select all that's cat. That's a lamb whatever it is that you don't talk at you don't know failed going to be right so I don't know nobody knows gonna be on the stick. No there's no label. There's just need to stick. Indian all the the same. Seattle looked pretty much saying that is Korean didn't season about how that once or at least I know I don't know that's not what to make my decisions. Or you know I was I was in a new area there's. Something that haven't done before and I you know most. And it had a girl with me so I couldn't exactly see no. They say Bud Light delicious but wishy wishy wishy an adventurous eater was she native to the area that's what that was five other. Photo shoot come over their own steady program out of that meeting here at the time just. Here I'm from the state and the city program okay. And what else did you know that was the little bit different. Have my ordered this year came out of the hole there. Let's gonna come out the moment as for these. Was that there was a shocking view there was a hole finish. I mean it would shock the united seen it before but it is just wasn't something I was prepared or you know. Intent of that is big mistake he now was that the whole fish. It's not immediately you know. A special. Inadmissible as you get like that Trout like the whole trial aren't disseminated I think generally people think about fish users to people and sedate a special state. If it's the whole thing is stable all we still it's all. Yes and I level. Generally I can't make camera while I know I always under cocoa. Elvis single file an appeal partly realized the but I try other reason gas with Odyssey newbie there's a restaurant in Long Island New York called a Pete is clam ball. Welcome to pieces and a giant lobster named Lilly had been living in one of their fish thanks for about wanting years he weighs 22 pounds supposedly. A 132 years old now that he lived there because no one ever picked as ugly as each or they actually had him there. You know what it says the oldest lobster ever was estimated to be about a 140 so he's one of the oldest on record. A guy named. Again my into to into an argument. Get in bush you'll Molly opens the place yeah. He bought about four years ago it's has always been like a pretzel that last week some guy came in and asked to buy him so we get tournament to a huge. A feast for a meal for a celebration makes aren't the guy offered 1000 dollars which is a lot of money for one mobster butch said he could not do. So return the guy down and decided at that point under the best thing you can do. Was set Louie freeh instead so he held a big ceremony got the town supervisor to pardon him that they went out on the bulk and released him back into the ocean. Even greater accountability and two decades at least one expert says he'll be fine. They're just aren't many predators out there they can eat and he still might be able to find they may according Howard you lobster expert. How are you the guy goes yet if if the lobster lives and aquarium between the time he's a 130 honored in forty. Then if you let him go back into the ocean because I'm not saying that I would have done the same thing I'm just like Howard you'll lobster expert in you know I don't think you can wash up onshore like three days. I would think that I would not know what happened to him was I would have taken a thousand. Like it's moving great you know India but look man the leader in the tank the guy wants to each article enemy. But let me have an advantage because he was going to tank for twenty years. You know I give you if you spend you know forty to sixty. Indicate I don't know in jail or something decided to come back gala you lived in the regular society on grass court hard coming back in real aside isn't this elite. I feel like this flops there. Always felt like he would artists that would eat your ninety years in the city. Yeah but you know here's the other angle right so somebody or he saw his size and wanted to give a thousand dollars to ease tonight you release them back to the place that they fears for lobsters and personalized. I get it builds of Richmond and like that's a thousand dollar lobster or right other apart. But while his team and I think that adjustment the older animals are. In that the basic and with the exception may be a sturgeon. Can you think of and an of an animal that you eat that has the potential to be hundreds of years old hundreds of your for a hundred years old mean. Most front of the storm I imagine just wouldn't be very. Hiding anything from the dinosaur era probably wouldn't be great. What Bosnia. Yeah horseshoe crap crap that amendment well crabs this as well horseshoe crabs and you know orchard right and that's more Prius story along with the turtle and the Crockett. People he turtles we'll talk soup. Dot sea turtles well August as a matter of the way they eat a bit all he turtles protected thinks nothing nature of that doesn't mean announcer. Correct literally I reasoned legal fees I got noted that anybody I don't play the piano so it all seemed to overprotect. I believe so yes how. There's like ten right what about what the emblems of regular Nazi turtles idled and sea turtle ones oats and total regarding mail order. That the difference I think so. Then when actually no no I'm just there is a difference though between a terror a turtle and a tortoise story but do we know with a different issues. Maybe tortoises don't go on water. I am guessing. I am not I hope I didn't does that give you really get leathery look and slow and you've seen him before the panel looks like the same skin is a Komodo dragon. But the turtle that's eternal via the the big old ugly yeah prehistoric look internals of the Roland. President and Michelle asks why does look like come on we're drag it just has the same skin tone bottles and caliber talent like it's like on land that I don't moment to. 844999. All of Brenda just lost our phone calls and strongly on. Did you won't give it to an end for the record ice when he turtles and it. The German older I know I'm a ridiculous but I'd respect and got harassed me forever Monday after two million tourists yeah. Youth I feel like is gonna fire area and who screwed up your order. Up while the last one was a simple one OK I ordered some food to the house. And I'll order a bright orange soda along with it and they left that's for. Amendment. Where did this guy OK they bring about another woman. No. Because personally I didn't I guess is like a kind of mad I don't have sprite. I don't know if it's worth sending this guy like on another mission just to get this project then you know book was like I don't wanna give those guys troubled that at the end right it does sprite I mean like right it's screwed up like the actual food it's and that after the worst one I've heard lately is the one that you told me about the toys that you order for your son Jesus Christ what a deal and that deal. Long story short this got him a like race call for Christmas you peddle self kind of by big. He got so much crap from like grandparents and all this for Christmas how bad it would give too for birthday which isn't. Oddly enough as it's leading to his birthday he and his sister determined that the thing they want it. Was raised. Her third home run mental notes shall. The day before birthday apples thing the Bok has been a funnels partly apple box and put that together. Don't listen three of the four wheels. They go on this month. I don't like you've got it and indeed you know you're screwed. The man look there's not a lot that can be done at that moment and paid out of looking fortress and hard sided breeze gave it to him anyway. And it just three real caller and just explain like look. When we get the other we feel. We will put in honor of giver to get oil. Finally got in I can write it outside but Clinton has done little mobile pulled some stupid that is at three wheeled car like how dumb do look. Why did you Jack up one side to look like. You know put on blocks or someone else he had put entire mood on it. But you know the cars the makes it on three wheels and when we look of the up I was tied with with in this cars you're about elite media. Give us a plastic and our faith made him. I don't know for that don't think it's a lab to do is put the four wheels on frame and that you can ride at the little four wheel. How do you forget one of the weasels. The cable the stickers and stickers we need to god named wheels. Reason I ask you screwed up your order guy from California visiting Chicago this weekend and went to Starbucks and got his drink order wrong so he went often started yelling at the staff and when I was lines that payment comment similar income downs that got stabbed him. Let him as order was messed up stab the other day you know against Jenna com guide is Oregon missed over the garner enough to stand up. And then we have the nineteen year old woman who ordered some delicious chicken ignited at a Jack in the Box. And she was angry because a lot of cars was so long and then she got even angrier when she didn't give her drink right away claim something was wrong with the drink and also claimed they shorted her. One chicken nugget. Apparently the missing nugget posture over the edge because she launched ordering through the drive through window and then pulled a gun. Two other people were also on the card eighteen year old guy and a fourteen year old girl and employs close the window. The fourteen year old got out and started punching the window the driver took her handgun and pointed in the workers. She drove laughter that some got a license plate number they found her hiding in the attic ever garage both passengers were rest do this all over one. Delicious likened this question already nuggets are you supposed did and she knows. She knows I don't know. It's I don't know that it is go time in a downward. How many it to a McDonald's says 69 you know I tell you. It's. Hello Steven welcome tournament. Yeah. Its. Stephen is she here. As my below the four of them will ask you. Stevie. Actually kinda. I'm an hour hour. Photo I would be exactly cheating million dollars. I think with the Guerrero and then she was kind of mentality navigate what we were pretty much being down a background. I'd like I let a guy encouraging MP a much are. You beat him seeks to LO you know I I don't part in my house. And the guy happened to be there could use friends as well and my remit. And they got him out and talk to me about being he had done with that girl off OK yeah and though it is trying to Canada yeah turn up here. That changes it it does it mostly in the same room same time Wright of ITV's melt off like I gotta put him. You guys. Okay. So that it'll serve me here in this survey basically said. What is the what is the what is the most usual time for someone during the week to contact. Their mistress if they're cheating. Who still with the established mistress it's took it and I'm your ball different Virgo for whatever side I waited what went perhaps they're like they're doing with that alleged drunken I have I have a life are now outside actually nine. I'm gonna get a hold. What time during the week is the most likely time that I would get hold on hold over to make plans. To hookup. I think when it knew when when they knew about firm. It. But exact I have aptly and urged it to this makes a lot of sense. That's why we asked the question is those like ha this is interesting. Eight new survey found. That's the most likely time for someone to contact their mistress is. 8 AM. On Monday more. A I'll also forget now the weekend unlike any honor my activities the weekend is past is now up for fun right AM Monday morning. Basically that. Amen mr. this weekend it was crazy 8 AM Monday more no offense. To meet 8 AM Monday morning is probably. The use moment I'm going to have adamantly Arnold told anybody at 8 AM on Monday at least popular time is Saturday at ten. The survey also found the most commonly people either affair is to put the person in their phones under a fake name of the opposite gender. The second most common way is either totally different ball then that would be ball and except her. When your home man and have our own life has never heard that faltering before did you find that you have a separate vote we are subject to ring tones or doesn't ring whose dad. They need it. That would I work all I think you get a little throw a burner for a 8 AM Monday morning and it's that's that it's too early for me even think right like Heyman now. This is terrible thing on cheating it was kind of describe people were describing some people had been cheated on some sort of cheated right. The one person who think well I knew that you do to achieve it wasn't just some random hook but I think. So there's a better works. Like all right you're emotionally evolved into a clear difference dog died before it you will kill me I'm going to be pissed either way into the dog Q1 night stay at the one night stay and I'd probably go I wish he's been somebody you like if it bit them they'd newer items and legal limits that she's. We got orgasm as good as minor categories today vegetables and roommates your guess is as good as mine come on up after emails. On our random question question 844999. Cola more recalls coming up you are listening to the reds are radio network. You're never gonna try to categories today vegetables and roommates hold your guess is as good as mine ran after emails on a random question question a lot of big enemy vessels are roommates. That's yeah that's. And an hour and a you're welcome to the middle and ran. Off. I'm Parker. Barker when did you have a dispute with the neighbor as your random question question. Turn things here. Help her and her jailed and beaten down. Yeah I know. I'm. Well OK. So. Back when back when I was right about eleven or twelve. Pretty classic mean my brother in the back yard when in baseball. And we yeah it ended up hitting one bill. I ended up hitting one or two and into the other neighbor's yard now normally that wouldn't be a problem. But apparently. According to everybody who would be in the neighborhood the lead out to be that hit the ball in Newton would some. Teaching me old French lady. And yeah Jay ended an old French lady you know the type he has like To Kill a Mockingbird the all being there ancient. Yeah though we we regarded out next door we knock on the door. Eight she wasn't home at the time. But. Yeah I. Sorry guys I got up Emporia. I thought I look for evidence that you have an area you have a network of android. Where. Suddenly to me like you live in the sticks. Now I gotta do it. Into the suburbs trust me I have a dispute with a neighbor reports also and it's like you might not have enough light experience yet but it inevitably will happen it might be 89 years holding it until it. Odd reason we asked anyway. This one neighbor down in Florida he had a problem with the next door neighbors playing their music too loudly. So the neighbor calls police the police come over. They turned on the music and they turn the music back up this guy that goes over his name is David Bender he tells them please turn the music down again. They laughed at him he walked out in front of their house opened up their mailbox and urinated in it. They called the cubs back in Iraq the next door neighbor instead of the guys who were given the musica a guy like that move. And be available lines of code entered back and I think that was an add much where. They clearly it is like that the you know what does it mean. And Judy and the press. Hello Jay welcome to the bedroom could be built and Wagner are. LO OK not you know. They were doing their legs aren't all that huge day. I'd. Yes Jake what did you steal and who did you steal it from oh. Are. That and he walked. I. Yeah unity there and my yeah. Dole. A lot of button but at. I looked kind. I saw her there a way. That our goal. From my brother. Would you steal from your brother. I don't know if it earlier I sure. Depends. You Jerry would steal from Safeway. Aaron halo there is that magazine. How recently. Have you stolen something. Oh no not not at all. OK I don't I don't get out Omar I'm old. I'm OK let's turn up the alleges that you avoid jail it's dubbed my idol I am I siding get. Their fate or art. We aren't what your profile. And attending earlier in the Becker Braga who like good giggled I was still. According to a new survey the reason we asked what did you steal the average parent steal sixty dollars from their children's piggy banks out to every year. More than 13 of them do not pay the money back. So believe it or not if you're wondering where your money is kids your parents about they borrowed so I will do Ocalan in and I and I am OK I have not done. There are times I know I should not do. And I've been told many many times before conservatives as are overtime you should. You know I'm just one of those people who OK if I am putting in a load of laundry all right. And is not all the way full. I will go to my kids basket. And a hopeful whatever it is genes I'll throw them in as well yeah now if I find anything in his pockets of those genes. And that dirty clothes pile and tens fives change whatever. The way that I look at this is is that that is a small fee for the task that I'm doing it. So in those instances that money will always humiliated and hang on until late in Atkins of the tasks they did not UUF there on your vote at data not. It would be like if someone came over to my house and had a bunch of money it's in a 120. Some change and always a good idea of people covered it's among came over and clean my entire apartment. And today man and you didn't ask me to come over here in my apartment. But I did and I took the twenty and your kitchen counter I'm like dude sweet thanks man per. Wooden as a wood to revive. Certainly if I had Monday August 16 in their defense delegates that take you into our larger good enough. So maybe being maybe Vegas would had a moment where they offered up at twentieth nineteenth here's the problem. Those pods costs money. My time at the grocery store costs money that the average sheets don't come cheap. The book it's all part of just you know being able to wash the clothes are paying kind of you know feed multi depend like a laundromat. Where Ireland I judge did after its bagged my kids Bob box that do afraid leopard get Abbas. I've replacement. Public statement also critical part of my 3%. Far far. Continue on the men's room and radio network.