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Thursday, August 17th

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor friend and has a loan that's right most lane got something primary a lot like this imagine cleaning blacks that's right folks just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that. So don't change your life lol yeah. Every song and dance dude I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes aren't in danger of savings. And. Works every time. Live music all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money hoax to only fifteen months to get Jordan and now homes and that my staff. Or dragon. This is done men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled when miles and. That as a player profile that's generational consultant standing by color 9844999. Alone will play profile that's coming up the inmates. And odds are on the way one hour from now first a quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a woman a Kentucky claimed she found a used hypodermic needle in her McDonald's hamburger after she started chewing on it. Come. Can we just given the size of a McDonald's hamburger. It out just the need rob this right. I. OK you know that that's not a bad point and I don't that would just because the ridge with a needle you would see sticking out a part of the perk right at that you would notice that. I also think you notice an eagle and burger but you know that's just me. Do you buy underscored. Honestly never filly that wants to off because we know McDonald's prepares the food so you're you're very aware of what you're putting on the same as you go from and I know that even if you're not getting paid a lot of money most people in the food industry and of the patty with a needle go ahead serving well and I. I keep fathom somebody in the kitchen. Maybe Vienna heroin and oh yes you can fathom that I can't say that everybody's been a McDonald's likes gaining in the McDonald's kitchen at them how to keep the need all the strangely. To think that you would notice. Yet. A truck driver and England recently got a tattoo on his chest and neck that makes it look like a tiny person is driving his bunny. You know what you usually do after its. It's either but I saw that yesterday I have asked all of the injury burning coal I got here miles now about ten have a second look up as the guy in England is that these truck driver. And he eighty didn't its. It's really from the chest up just kind of looks like he's in a little four I don't evidence you're gonna get it out but yet still look like he's handled is a little cockpit. Look at his eggs really funny. It is an outstanding argument I've got to be gone my way it is dominant. Yeah I think fans who put the little arms are coming out of like you. Red development shortened his shoulders or are you yet thinned out his shoulders. Did did joystick on the test test that if there miles. Yet you've got to. Act now let's. Currently expects. They think they'll about it. Other than 35 year old personal trainer from Poland who makes himself look 65 by dyeing his hair and beard white. And it's specifically to get more followers on mr. Graham because people think that he's an old man who's in creating good shape and get it one at whatever today right crazy how all these. You see these girls guys know yeah I've seen him well there's a real old guy that super rift I think he'd Italy and the like met up to. Want to pony yeah one is of no that they could fit with the Alec. It's 61 year old man a New Hampshire hit a construction zone worker when his car last week and then drove off. But it was easy to remember his license plate because it was trump one. So full that he is tracked him down an arrest of army looked me if you got a vantage point we didn't do anything at around spitting up from his vanity. Play why not the idea for anybody who's up to no good YE drive through the construction are probably stronger so well I would assume that the you know did you have construction zones that you do drive through but I'm assuming that he. You don't light like miles that might have been drunk or something in just swerved and hit a guy. And then went oh crap and then took off. I don't ever find me a picture gives him hit in the stop slow sign which hit the flag and who it is yeah. Why. A couple in New Jersey recently made news that they crashed a wedding and left a note along with a one dollar wedding gift now that important it turns out that they were on the first day. All right. Time at looters raided pretty exciting first day. I will fight you them first. I don't know that crash when you're a grant to address the reception yet not the wedding in your notes though. Yeah we'll just do it through on its first day. With a high class early. Totally got hair there's a new line of gin in Germany that's infused with a motorcycle parts. Each bottle has an all the Harley-Davidson engine parts soaking in that you have to pay half the vote if you want Triad each bottle costs over a thousand dollars. We we've just been an extra money to greet gee in that has a piece of motorcycle. Because the that's the case McDonald's can turn the woman more for the murder with a needle. Well the thing is that you can convince him like the bottle with a parent that's. That's a little bit of a novelty that I can understand the Paris troops but if there's a bottle of metal cylinder and they liked about it like it probably. Actually did I've Greece on that thing. I don't bottles with pears and I'm so fifth with a pair in there when it's little and it grows in the bottle correct me. They get that engine part of this. I guess is that it's smaller than the bulk of Jimmy Michael and a motorcycle that you are Harley guy would you drink it or pay for I am a Harley guy do like Charlie's. But in a thousand bucks are really expensive gin which are already don't really likes you your bike Harley now it is the alma. Tonight as the little team Yamaha but that's what I think you're not a hard Ahmadabad. I enjoy can't. I do have a Yamaha but the best writer Adam apparently. You can only afford so much I can't like Lauren are only now are problems as your first bike that normally doesn't happen in western Florida tired of the wanna Wear helmets no way he's handled LA NC maybe you should buy these TNT can be close. You buy enough you can go through on Ireland if that's the way. All right remember the story about a guy New Jersey you've broken a woman's home and did the dishes yeah well now some of the Virginia broken Osama Salma clean the place and left without feeling a thing. I'm OK with that I do it justice for my break into my whom greeted him but I feel kind of violated. But the put away the laundry so. Yeah. At least something else going on there right but they clean your house but like. I and they've put into Russian Obama. I was gonna I don't know we'll have some of the setup man I'm down to you ought to broken window open winner Brooks and Retief might retreat like Amos. I'm talent is something no good or maybe they clean your house while wearing all the underwear in the house. Else that in it and that's get this must he should. All. All right says driving a burning car in your blog probably won't put the flames out and I the most out of it to fit that but a 24 year old man in Florida tried bold of those things when his girlfriend's car caught fire and got arrested for it. Jesus Christ I understand you need. Theory drive it real fast to blow it and it. You can't possibly drive fast enough though it said Mike I know this I drove a car what has nothing on five and I think it's they thought I mean I have a flat tires at. It if it. An undercover cabin Michigan tried to buy drugs from a man and didn't have any. All right. He didn't have any. Yeah that's what it's as a cat and a guy offered him sexual favors instead and got arrested for prostitution the court held that one charge of Leo right offer you some knowledge. Elegance that's gonna buy drugs you're on something but you can do this adjustment alright then. Jules. And it's wanna do you're a woman in England says she recently spilled gravy on her lake at Kentucky fried chicken and it was so hot that she ended up with second degree burns out. That's gravy woman don't you think would happen well you don't expect Naipaul money you'd think you're the guy if he cautioned that. Can't match my data isn't Ravi might behind fifth that's not served. Mean every Thanksgiving thousands of people millions of them put Grady on stuff don't spell because we know what's hot. On but it vote. Great to vote. The Internet it's spring after a man realized it kind of ice cream fits perfectly in his thermos. Well so he walked around all day with a and it will melt. Like taking it out of it that Tim put him you know I think he actually puts the actual pint of ice cream inside of his thermos. Ice cream all day. That's how badly written me I think it's not a movie just because how can learn ice cream you pretty grated tailgate you know. Hot tailgate you're walking around what what's monitored or Sri. I. And finally a manager at a deeds you might have responded poorly to a rude customers and native they'll about a one hour from now. Regular rock headlines are coming up one hour from now but first we gave new blow to the room. Treasonous. This season throwing over to please tell everyone how profile this is played at dark and miles at the simple game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here at planet herb. Her. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make Westwood it is you think. Makes the story a story hello Dave welcome to the men's room. Oh. Our debut understandably games played. Duke fantastic here's your story and look when your barrel. As we know about the rob place isn't the gold who knocked draw attention to yourself so three friends. They stole the local 506 dollars proposed golf from Wal-Mart in sports are township Pennsylvania. Last week. All three of them wore elaborate costumes as this guy hit an eighteen year old man dressed up as a bowl so certainly no mobile watch him. But one hero guy dressed up as a werewolf. Certainly norms and keep their eye on him and other aid to neutral for him dressed up badly guerrilla sorry in my dressed up as a go wrong. To be able bull werewolf from guerrilla walked into a store naturally what kind of stored in a I believe year in the Wal-Mart aren't so what accounts got there than in every problem tracking down the guy's an account doomed. Because all three of them kept their costumes on the in all three of them were arrested for retail theft and criminal conspiracy. You believe that the job who's the bull bull werewolf and guerrilla are black white Mexican or agent. You know I got my thought. And I probably pretty correct but but yet a rate that opinion from no no racial consultants. Not race Google consultant. And miles. You don't mind what does this happened it in Pennsylvania Wal-Mart. What horror township I'm nor do that is Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania township it's not township in order to tan white hand in America tan to tantrum. I mean. It's a Wal-Mart. My initial thought is just. White people love costumes. Like Halloween. You wreck I'm an economic and constantly we letter parties unit right costumes just to do a five K like and I only five costumes why people love. Are you gonna cost him. I do not. Night. You think that the but hey quiet when the last time he's seen a black man and it cost. He I doubt I'll remember her right arm up I thought our body in last weekend and constant who cut. I think he was academia you're restricted it. They don't even go up for Halloween. I don't know. I think the setup ma'am. It isn't set it over we put out those guys and walk through the streets of America and at the senate three dressed men walk you know Wal-Mart to rub placed him busted in a black white makes your Asian which your final answer. But while I answered why I will find out if these three masked men Wear black white Maxi or Asian coming out. T you're listening to the beds are radio network. Did you. Have did men's room. Profile that fixes the Pennsylvania and three robbers who work oust. I guess there they're too long whatever the deal was up for called right away in the rest of them on the spot and they're still end their wrong they went in dressed up as a bowl of wearable from the guerrilla. That's kind of what got everyone suspicious and then you know people watching and starts feeling California cops called the arrested. The day we asked you did you believe they were black white makes your agent in in and you went party. Yeah me. All. Well gentlemen our. Half of Eden. And can't race somebody made the comment is that when government with. What Torrance and and ship went automotive. Economic news that it's near Harrisburg won. Ninth and earn now for all the TV news all the time now for TV time today. Because you're pathetic life. Inclined to countless hours in front of a talking box Armageddon the men's room present some. Yeah I think baseball sure nobody is every baseball game have to start. Going a whom they get the girl gamers the ceremonial first it yet. Now oftentimes you'll. You guys are third round ceremonial first pitch you know. No no my buddy Mike all right. He has done so many of them deserve to got through those past week he gets the carpets for these Seattle Mariners taking on the Baltimore Orioles are actually raises money at. Basically against domestic buck so he's on top fundraisers or the year to put into perspective how well he does he has. In the top fund raiser so when he got him times and wrote this year took in one of the rewards for being the top fundraisers to get the first Indian sweet novice. Is I don't tell when he let the runner up this year throat for Britney. My eye on advantage so at times I have very little to add even like minor league you guys. Oh now that evidence has interviewed him yet twice okay wrote okay. Sometimes people at all. Yeah. If you're not solve the man out. I made it to the right if I didn't think bing how to play the guy I practiced by buddy an Alley the day before announcing that toe the rubber in the event. And that I thought the knuckleball like an ever doing. You would you want it to look good on it power outages dance. You it so they think like Wakefield come on out here remind media for the seventh. But you got to imagine that guy sometimes the guy catching isn't even the actual catcher right he's the player so you try to though an actual knuckleballer ravens fan just as the ball ball in the dirt that hit a pretty good adequate. And I think heated up a prayer for the dirt. Anyhow that you have a ceremonial first pitch right. So all the times do you line up a few people getting neatly like one of the one's idea like I did one and there was a guy after me after a few special. Well thunderstorm I have to deal clearly more profitability in the outfield with the press that the Internet is that it picked me. Also I will think it's giving it the chance to throw first pitch do it it's awesome to do right. But also it did you really get access to the mask. Okay it really happy that I am human again to an open book I was thinking and it is. Who heard it here papers. I still would charity here here. Is the first pitch going on a Red Sox and the kid throwing the pitch was high school baseball but no way he he's very good. His team that played open up that way before. But the sound you'll here is very simply is the the the the PA announcer kind of an out of them and when you hear the crowd gas. Know that he is thrown up all that has missed the catcher and has hit a cameraman in the back in the growing. Well Jordan fired in the air. Go to imagine what FaceBook page and watch this video e.'s sister correct shot that tag on no I would see the man. Really yeah alcohol and delicate watch it and here. Look at the guys that the guy about that these people back their filming right yeah so this guy just komen for another station or something that guys just don't he keep getting to see because he's filming as the ratings and the Dolan right at an honestly. There's no reads that a ball she'd give him. In the growing where he stated the heated way back there he's way back electrical on the on the there were going to back. That's stuck in the back here yeah I mean he doesn't drop but he definitely bends over at me like he took a direct shot. Suppose above the ground. Okay. We've been silver goes down on one knee everything could have an idiot there would you feel bad for because it was a legit. He was they're trying to capture the moment that it came in did it the and have a good check that I mean it's an awesome video. I got into a little nature stuff last night. The way news mode we've well that was part of it. But that there. Well like with an assessment and we but I watched an hourlong show on nature in India he smoked weed. Yes it Reich you totally absolutely and then I watched never stop never whatever I are we Kennedy good man I really liked a ABC amber yeah take what you will but India right would you think of India with animals you think tiger's a lot of are you I miss the cobra part. So there is tiger and there's that there's a ton of these tigers and indigo. Out yet the babe again. I was really too focused on the the main thing is the elephant in the eight number one Gino there's apes and in outcomes that did not Rosa raves yet and there are only a one specific and got them on. What do these eight sitting they sing well what do they do corner shop to and they call it singing the pace. You're bigger big room. Have all these different call would you permit who hope to dive. An ex guerrillas he does it grows. It probably about your market. At these rates are monkeys apes. I thought it guerrilla once primate to primate. And any piece it's a pretty cool everywhere and it goes down goes down every morning they sing to each. The guy that live there and India they were like what they think about you think they. Ever ordered that the they talk about where food is it they talk about where they feel like other dangerous creatures that can hurt him. I just wild stuff and every morning and he could he got a won't. Even those of us out of Salmonella that's handled pretty interest there's also. Part of the on going and it. Like when you think of rain rate than I know late in the United States. You're automatically because the. Denmark. So I think around the world. But I'll watch miss the show and there's a whole section in northern India where it rains not every day but almost every day. But they have some months where they average more rain and see cattle Washington average year it's Obama and the new season but appear. Yeah but in this area of India it's pretty much month Sunni all the time so that's just the weather pitches they're wet privately after members of the highest mountains in the world so anything that's got to get over the earned. And dump you know I mean six of the 19 tallest mountains in the world are element Himalayan range so yeah it's crazy did you have a Himalayan came to be. I shot up straight from the ocean floor. Yeah I didn't realize this India was and it wasn't always attach them right now and then it hit it. Brutal assault plate tectonic these days it is mainstream my kids are into it and everybody's due to fad now ma'am yeah all the gunmen burned through and it it every buzz got great economic tectonic. But just the sounds like of the DJ would work those are techniques and but I got my plate tectonic shift in Britain. I'm and to order your singing monkeys. They were apes apes singing apes booed they were awesome to do that I had went amounting I'll tell you knew that this is more to. Who quote unquote. What does that mean good writer that's bananas over there now that went out a beauty of this would open local book. Practice is over. About or 000. Hey yeah that could have been no doubt that does that go to that it if it. Monkey that you know of meetings these so. Eight as a Mac. I kid you not these aides also to travel a 25 to thirty miles an hour their long arms. Tree branch entry for the long arms well I'm thinking they have ridiculously long arms. And I did wrong to. Yes yes and there's elephants that stuff is wow Lotta people I think bingo tigers still feed on humans like taste of this. The tigers are coming back actually got a good good news Libya and some of their numbers are going up we see the crazy that elephant attacks. And like chicken little cars. You only get mad but don't they go to Italian drunk but they don't go into town that's the thing I realize is that a lot of these towns especially for ET farms and stuff. Have sprouted out during their normal like every day routes they Coca they have people that watch all these elephants move it around and then elect call ahead like eight. Board the town Don hello angry but protect elephants troubles there. I'm mildly and irritable and others they I wanna say it's someplace and India I believe it's an every year. They have some kind of big Foreman patient passable for the wind whatever it is but the key but it these huge cast kind of an outskirts of the bill. And of once a year the elephants have remembered as well most of those great memories but. Once a year these open show up is not a whole lot you can do ma'am big drink all this stop but the only get drunk. Much like people the elephants are making bad decisions but unlike people you don't just Yzerman tackle Jeremy so you've drawn elephants rampaging through to. But think about rate is any of us stub our toe and like the object weak kick doesn't move we stubborn title correct whereas like the elephant when he strong. Isn't stub his toe and he's taken something different color and design ladies can get a call I think. Yeah and it will why her gang lost her whole whole you know fleet yet. Managerial McMahon it's this it's not cool. Yeah that's helping a weird bar for like the angry elephant yeah out of go to yeah or maybe you like very hoppy beer. No need for yeah small brewery entered in the angry elephant 08%. God and I per yet. The angry elephant you know you know it would happen if they are got an open yet the real Jose reopen. Next general took. Is strong with out who hit it straight in Georgia must Elway. And product. Those are real apple pie holes obviously. There's TV animals as well movies you see when your child and so TV show that airs every like July through August it's hard knocks. On HBO which race either gonna go to NFL training camp they're gonna follow the people around this and so up famous James Winston you know live from Tampa Bay Buccaneers also won a national title that Florida State. Also stills and Graham. Is it hit it it it is spam protected ever really hate on because crab legs are diligently working privilege which really king crab legs became another man's pants no prominent example I put. Michelle okay. I've every Democrat every crab legs are like crabs. Content if a lot apparently it's you'll eat that it's a good stance taken us as famous as seasoning. I'll. That night that old bay Jack means that game. Mean famous game at salty and salted that I can throw a touchdown. So anyhow provider that he's talking with them is teammates in the locker room and basically he just kind of shocked they haven't seemed like it. And I don't know. Who noted. You know what I mean. No words you and it. It means no worries with the gallery. You have a little longer than you have every right. Have you seen any movies gives them talking movies on government alone and then we see Matilda do everything to Latin. I haven't seen the last play well Maria I thought of that and I think I was a little closer to do it's also agree that. Shrek forever and I've rented. That it's you know and a fifth season. It's over the wall who drove you have a comment and out in the woods now that I we have. But I it just weird to hear athletes and lack you'll put off any gas amendment did towards our Greg against him but young. That's the problem right there to extract. Honestly prod two old men like Mike you you remember watching the original Shrek we added our. I don't know like like idol here's a different might tell you 26 okay ease talking to a 21 Euro. And at five years when your only planning and it is a big difference yeah yeah and in those five years and for 200 movies came out. Maybe monsters and whenever I was in memory. Well you know his long million time it's it's not a bad movie but man here's the difference like. If you take your kids a movie theater you sit through some of what the Pixar movie to get through but not two but once these things are on demand your kids determined that this is what must be watched at all times. It moves you. Like to watch him over and over. Exactly is this developmental thing like it doesn't boggled because your children but like a lot of movies but sometimes like back to back over and over how and why am accused. Because the characters for them a lot more engaging if an enemy. I like what the following in stores moved up on the miles and the little song Sunnis and god damn I hate musicals but in honor of the kids like they both point and stronger signal is dominant songs together but. There's something very engaging to them like they've never like bosses maybe they've now seen him. I. I took Mike has to Disneyland and they have of the California adventure they have Catholic with the hotel in Vegas does the water fountain show blah blah you know like that they do a little miniature version of that in front roller coaster and they project images. Of Disney movies up on to the waters it's being sprayed out yet chemical and and they do all the songs my kids knew every. Single song from. Every movie I thought I've watched these movies to. Yes they remember every song so it has to be affected the music involved I was impressionism. But the commanders are guys that everyone they know. Every word every song like bouncing balls maybe which does not have a boxing Mo one another Rosenberg adds Puget. And for those days over and it didn't want my hopes and days I don't put your bank job global warming if you want this to god damn movie about Milan so. Like and again it's an okay movie basing every song worked for work. It is a but they're remembering got him thing I tell but apparently pricing through them I'll remember it music I recovered to close the store into a pleasant to votes goes through the growth is the the brown wool. Longer. You make toilets. I just did I'm. I had a conversation with India today animator repeat back Renaissance program in place a New. Orleans safe they sister again most. Wipe your rants. For support every time recoup these two things you have to do weicker has pushed toward. Repeated back my man of danger wiped but. Let's move toward. Debra brown was moan. Obama visited the door why does not. Yes he did well guess what they're got pat I stop one I'm OK with that baby steps and me in my dirty toilet. Talked a lot about the reboot of the and settled there the reboot of American I don't think the American. The goal of the taco bells at mama was asked if Omar and fraught make everything plural. You drink in the Miller lights. Yeah why the ILE dot net to ramp to the right. Because obviously never ABC got it from well basically fox got rid of it may ABC ball bought it back to a ball the right physically bought. They side Katy Perry to be an idol judge Dominique right and that's an error three months ago the problem is they're not really sure who they're gonna get to join. David talk to a lot of people but TMZ says the show seems to be in crisis. No basic right we talked to Lionel Richie. Oh come on over to you let's point or ten million. But they don't wanna pay plays on tour with Mariah Carey is gonna make that anyway so you're not gonna pay him what he would made and why would he take another job pays less. Or he would be an easy like Sunday morning and as my Tuesday afternoon finally. Yet you think for real cannot believe there you. Pay me that it's never got through headlines on the way with my cocktail at a Fauria and minutes you are listening to the bench or radio network. Timely and Swiss miles is now let's see what's happening in the real well. Our periodic Gramm 140 pound torrents escapes from zoo for two weeks and makes it a whopping 500 feet. Meanwhile paid Peta has to pay 49000 dollars for unionizing a nine year old girls dog that they picked up on the street. It's made baby nobody dies after exhausting social media photo shoots Wisconsin man shoots himself in the hearts with a nail gun and drive himself to the hospital to boot. In a woman dies of shot put and make an intruder jumps into orbit it is time your headlines. It's time day to day. Bidders might call I had a job joy out. You're a dairy queen in Minnesota was forced to close early to the staffing issues a fifty year old man pounded on the door demanding ice Graeme. The manager wasn't follow the man's method for getting his way it responded by mounting a man and his ten year old daughter. At that Matthews. I am it the carnival had a breather there I am the manager has since been important and that carpet. They've just don't think it's that that you know Matthew no longer. Closes name and it poses name. Jesse James Montgomery that's we do it veil and the as the days it was JJ Montgomery that here's my ass kissed it. Did my what the chocolate fudge. On the fumble on the road after its youth. Anything. When Edwards and also you can listen if I didn't. Leo as the mix it up but it. I think that it and other market may hit the utility of the down. That's not a that it either because I beat him down not far enough I'll laid sideways to look at the smile yeah. It was. And earlier are you about blood and pick a yet the book smile and enjoy you are remote. Added around the world to darted in Japan manages them out go missing for two weeks from the locals L. What ablaze relieved to find the 35 year old animal on the air 500 feet away that mega O I is like the good turtles will slow might get and also you couldn't find it here. I'm an issue like this let's not forget that more. She hasn't been returned to the zoo and has been well cared for Dubai. And center in the bushes and the animal protection organization Peta has landed themselves in hot water after they lifted a nine year old girl's true well from their trailer park. And euthanize the animal before the five day grace period had passed that's what they do. That's what they do they've been doing this for years I know this is not is not news they've been doing this in Norfolk for years with a base they've been slaughtering animals for years before offering them the opportunity given new home. Then they care yeah they really care and my god rescue shelters open. This one knots over. The good news the governor paired seminary 50000 dollars and a known into the local SP CA in the dog honored they got off lucky but the families seeking upwards of seven million dollars go real real lucky you know to steal someone's dog well I don't think they did get out miles I think there's still yeah I mean civil court probably yet. In an ever to keep the integrity of the gentleman's sport golfer Chris Crawford made the difficult but right decision to disqualify himself from US amateur championship. After he noticed that his caddie was using aid bandit slope measuring function. On his distance device that some of what the caddie didn't realize the mistake they didn't keep them from disqualifying himself out of these. Meant is that I play again tomorrow wouldn't do if if if if if it was absolutely. Will Smith was the caddie Matt Damon with the golfer. Bagger man Bagger Vance that was the one that's what I immediately went back to that is is there that. I'm no magical negro. Yeah. They will allow me to play golf ball carrier these bags. Salsa over and over while person would you like your life evolves that they couldn't OK debate there I did next to steal the movie yet well that's a game with the it's been really that bad idea. But what kind of club you'll also one of them their goods what you look at that move him like you have been hitting me. When Will Smith wrote this that day now Hillary is laid back guy of the hasn't Joseph Blackmon. Are gonna do what evolves as you go down the rabbit hole every day here. And another example would be able stupidity would nature and it ain't old people witnessed a baby bell. It. Up to break double to David on the equipment D'Alema a lot of fighters people love it art with. Colored Baghdad's rather than I've got to repeat in my hand ready beat full of people witnessed a baby dolphin get itself stuck. That's overall update there's no I don't have preliminarily. At all right what happens in this war baby doll the debate. The baby doll and got stuck on shore and the people rushed over. Now I'm sure that they had every intention of aiding the animal back into the water really do some funny how they started take a photo shoot a variety of what's so funny though they weren't weren't going to do without getting their son is in first. Because of the delayed response the baby dolphin that I'm sort of torture helped you get to haul well Larry I now man oh man a lot of lab and add a bit beat up that. It doesn't sound like it really does. Will number no my shooting and around like this guy's lap and the dead isn't it's. This is the Dallas you guerrilla nationalist. By Ned that realizing that. Why are they write their Brazil CNN's Deborah bad jokes exotic or turn up dead vs the FCC and profiled this yes indeed it is all of throw away your output of course we should return bitches consider yourself. Until next time due to new best for a leave that thing. Yeah. The men's room as the day before a live studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limited. The presentation knows. The man truly feel that way.