08-17-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Takes the Ice

Thursday, August 17th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls down right out and mentor and friend has a loan that's right most lane got something primary a lot like this magic cleaning lack of results just run homer and then rich and I'm very clean fresh feeling that. So change your life lol yeah. Hillary I ask you know I'm going there and really nasty dirty clothes and dark and dangerous savings. And. Works every time. Live music all. Strange behavior and of course we're. All benefiting deceive their foundation and the Fisher house. Don't stop for less money hopes to only fifteen months yeah Jordan and now homes and my staff. Ordering them. This is dumb men's room. Big. You're listening to. Was thrilled when miles and. I our Rochester lessons jump on now at at WC MF also in Kansas City the rock station that in China on board as well it's big Demi the game two as meat potatoes coming up today we've got nine of the most dangerous foods in the world since may seventh game is big dummy and we got Casey on the line. Who is playing for team sober so far Casey working on question number three. I did they hear is question number three what is the Spanish word for money. Mullah. It narrow it is and you tell you learn from now Moala had the narrow shaft. It's fluid all right that. Madonna very close to Robert De Niro. Robert the money. That mood I'll let incompetent who we drew him to. Haywood is out there really good at a dude don't look for improvement program. All right our runs are created what famous science fiction television. Let's see here like bank section I'd like television shows. Name doesn't ring of oh how oh target. While ago was threatened when I had no. I left. Yeah I mean more elaborate. Both. At the time in the world. Devlin real. Valid Garnett Judaism and yeah. All right what is the largest country and North America. Large well the largest and rolled in North America you have to guess. It didn't hit it pitch. Long the largest and brilliantly. All right the United States does not. We've all all of North America are OK okay all right now we don't know how America we Arizona Canada the US. That is true. Now and you could it would I would have to think in a weird way be chemicals besides last included. Probably not is off as we thing is wood in the in the northern Canada loses all that stuff basically going all the way up to the Arctic Circle that's really count just yet there's not so much nothing. Game is big dummy for 4999 all of who's our next contest in red play the game. Hello Chris welcome to the mineral. I auto jobs. The director of. And then it's over knots over. And over are you an Costco what's going on behind. All the time about the alms of that it often. Yeah Internet this is replete it that you can't you can't. We do a repeat. You can't be listening to the field is different joke but it can ride you know our regular lives you know the worries of arming the repeat this is our holiday feel from 2008 team we're playing back in 2072. Which are listening to now is really real time which would be 2008. With the I was crazy when you've been on the show yet but it's still repeat and it's amazing and people are bitching Valerie. The camp lately Guadalupe it is miserable today usually got more interest we've got this Simpsons South Park sponge Bob Family Guy. What to what I wrote I let that will fan I want all the event that took him off the air just at the end of 2070. There I never thought they'd probably recite or laurel our house crazy. This is our tour yeah eighteen Christmas special now they don't listen to have been canceled on my bad amid the ride I don't doubt about that episode yeah ground breaking off on this ups and a whole variety of Huntington Beach dear god I know pain and in light boards and there's. And now all the people and all four different Americas you know they they all agreed to come together to complain about the so it's called the Family Guy and yet when a team held a year and tell me. All right here is your question. Jimmy Carter was the first US president born any one. Dina or and a I'll have opened. Born and gave is losing their repeat show from 2017. We're also element you know I didn't realize that there in LA and that organ and luckily got on. We to a season and had a little bit more than to be easier to answer this question that it will be to stop the video that popped up to like. You live long. And hey man. Manger all went out at all appointment and I are reborn. I want at all. I was born in a hospital I was you did you were you born. I always vulnerable are Australia. I'd be good gas. Okay laurel hospital. That is Democrats Obama lived here all I'm thinking how are you really this thing back he was the first president born in the goddamn hospital. Dave has begun a 449990. Look who is an ex contestant and litigate and no matter again welcome to the men's room. Oh. I'm making just over an outfielder. Now I look in the sober now. Okay. Quite have you drank or smoked today. Good for you miserable there Megan Simpsons south aren't plugged Bob Megan orpheum again. Thank sponge Bob all right thanks golf fund Bob for me in the medium. Heat like I it's me again yet. Mean you I don't know why your name bothers me I'm sergeant Torre that group I think your day by day in this game and in a given in the meaning he had. I'm currently with it if you would have been to make giddy I know my only this thing. Wait let me. Media. You want to the hospital lord. That your daughter means in. The day we had nobody there who did a good thing they gave you that. All right. And TV showed chips. Brand of motor cycle that they arrived. About me he didn't. Aaron sumo and Tony five job. Yeah. Oh crap and I can't I assumed it was hard I knew them early put them on the buildings. The summit tokens but the good term growth which left it. I need give what the number two in what US state what you find it America's busiest highway. I would've been my guess. Virginia. New York, New York George Washington Kia and its. That's the thing about 95 south between. DC and Richmond. Yeah but even if you don't mind if I mother blow to go to New York City and yet it's even worse. I made him screenwriter has received the most Oscar nominations. Funny side of the guys go lie I've not found anything he's ever known to be remotely good or interest and people like this guy locus. And well now. I just don't. You know McCain is eager. In he also stars and a lot of movies to make if you right it probably shows up and I think he always has character role right so you know even of his Brinkley you know him as an actor more than likely but he is predominately director and screenwriter. Are. Equally effective in Woody Allen. I'd just act became I became a sport colonial war. They promoted. Him relies on my putting me again. At the air. Men with Al chest here this is not a blood that many without jets there or most likely. To gets awry assists but what or. In certain. Sorry the Hammond organ. The liver. Really I have no idea why Amanda apparently memorable outfits they're bulletin did the right to vote no because the drink so much trying to put hair on their chance. After getting a good parent of what are your check. I think that is now that we now know. I median. What's in teacher was once known as moth patches. It that is correct. Oh yeah it model patches. Well think of how many different scheme features you can thank him for sort of creepy. And throwing late night. Warned cinema welcomed us and on Cinemax. Horrible. Oh that's great duels Rangel. Aren't wrinkles in the ground assault I was in 115 feet and they will let me teach in his district to leave it at that particular. Sprinkles me. You have some more bad are you bureau and on to do it all logos but imagine what your freckles undertakes. But I don't like not directly but. Does anyone have frankly but heavy night. And got deliberately but now there. You would think. I'm journalistic equivalent freckles like made it on phase got you an arms elect the but generally speaking as a political freeze solid at a category for that. Look for on who I'm born meeting your on six. The girl and a lot of freckles. And like curly red hair kind of look like a lion. And he. I frankly medium is the question the use of chopsticks originated in what country. Now American and getting data and have absolutely. Game is big dummy eight. 449990. Look so far as or has our men's room poll is concerned. The Porsche shows Simpsons South Park sponge Bob and Family Guy Simpson's in the lead followed by South Park and sponge Bob and Family Guy coming up tied for third you can also vote on Twitter Edmonds or month. Silicon dead meat to potatoes and got the head Jeff on the way and today Ted has for you the nine most dangerous foods in the world in the meantime the game is big dummy 844999. All of this to repeat again from the 2018 Christmas show. You're losing to the metro radio network. He brings to the newsroom with. Cash half and half deadly details coming up the nine most dangerous. Moods and all the world. That is on the away with the head chef right after emails in the men's room. Edmonds or my back out and be damned game is big Demi who's our next contestant ready to play the game before we get there are few comments that we must address your first of all I want the questions we as I said the it's a right justice of the liver that was my mistake as people point about the late that's the skin condition it's a roses and deliver all yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely I delivered up at does make me juggle all the sort of pointed out new educate to dressed in a new government. And as far as freckles under but Goss says that's the outline. I have freckles on my junk but I'll check my butt sued for thorough that from Jordan thank you Jordan. What's the I have a single problem but I was always told the freckles and it is so I'm told that an intricate mind that the mall baton. Looks the infidels they checked and disorganized no Frankel but category. I'm born thank you for looking. Gave his big dummy for 4999. Alone. Let's talk dutrow browns black friend hope Franklin welcome to the men's room. All our. I frankly you've played for kings overcame not sober and not. You know left. I'm not so that Franklin Franklin and drew Paulson himself marks sponge Bob Family Guy regard up park although mark okay. Here's the question. What do the letters the eyed peas band war as far as your zip code. What does the zips them. Oh geez. The what would that. So let me home. In that. Proximity. Baghdad and Mosul Dario improvements lane. That was not a bag gets cracked. There have been dead zone that's forbidden struggle with the team when we got him viewers. Proven for Mike. East Coast of the West Coast and went from a two to an iron to a nine at an arm like that it's experience crazies to the wealthy and the zip code land. All right an 1867. Speaking of the in the zip code like the United States purchased Alaska from what country. All I know us and Russia. That's coated gum lagoon Seward and Seward folly. Yeah I believe that it suit your game is big dummy 844999. All of those are next contest and ready to play the game hello TJ welcome to the men's room. Ninety days over knots over. It's not over but hey yeah like yeah. Heart and then you hinted you. Think what I need to read it's many get autographs and only one I have yet I think you're in Germany and I even in the studio. Beyond. Yeah you feel it's an Elan yeah DJ Simpsons south park's front husband Robert Bentley got a miserable which when you take. What else are without a doubt and the Family Guy not get more love and I thought and McGovern Dominic America is a new sub par would do well Sharpton now lonesome. Under the question what US city was once named pork opulence. It's located in all of our. Support Koppel much. I. You know I know me and Monica Lieberman. And on the Internet. Or copilot and eight different pork then and now and they do that didn't. Oh okay it. Well now they have the mirrors. How. We surge San Antonio back. Hours and now he's right I would like very politely and ability to reapply for their their study like insanely. Bad apparently San Antonio's Joes we should move there always skinny. How would look great I got to vacation there unappealing now. Thing about a man with that if you go to Q. Part of the small to be Ayers got him Barbara you group. I get my car exhaust hundred it is everywhere. Are reviewed and sexist card over the dog tags week in the. I would like that huge debt eat a lot that's like the article right there. Are what you weren't sold off what three words written on the bottom of a ouija board. Courage to come. And all. Our lab does not want him. And an English or. It would be English. And this at all every EG port that correct me. Then I don't think of is Matt price right incorporate the bass DJ. Those predatory and deadly yet. Hello goodbye and yet. And on down depended on the PG not overpriced and I don't Bratton is growing high schoolers. I hope they don't ever done one. Oh goodbyes to our goodbyes with Britain. Thank my that. Okay what word is shouted by Alaskan sled driver most. Last. Oh crap what the much. But some months everybody won't say much fan but even at its height. What is it must mean guilt I guess most people don't like is making its line I don't know I am going to. Man I'm bottles made dog rat Mahan as ever been able sled dog gone. I'm my money's gonna say anatomy like you're playing grants you and look for people say. It's completely active and we would have heard about this there's got to be no way yet. I've got direct us to go to there never has been a winner about a dollar caddie and don't have the third and how relaxed. He's Muslim man yeah no I felt like on that went out there are easily nominee getting to this. I don't know man I'll think I don't know like Tiger Woods with a big you know you've been around forever and I. Yeah it over and flat out. I've never seen such a big and it's golf. Who's got them golf ball in west in dog sleds does get a little brother looked like Talladega county could with a Grand Slam of golf it was a lot litmus. Yeah looted there's got to be like hockey player I can finally get a lot of black folks that are either gonna do you gonna auto lies. Oh yeah. The aura being used David brother Brad rough there's been lots of what I had. There are some black folks in fact going back. It's a pretty original hockey usually by black short man with and Nova Scotia. What was noticed ocean yeah. Like people moved up there and they got in hot. Storm and there are emancipated minor player and ice and to drag and I think as far as as Alaskan sled go I think hike and much mean the same thing the mentally say hi yes some will say hike to get the dogs to go look at that we found on good government a black competitive all know Carol did Gould who rely fuels can you really look at for the Google's confused and he says that just hugely famous dog sled drivers itself is odd Google reservoir. I did to Iraq you're not quite sure what breakfast item literally millions. Weeks. Are you said look Rick the appropriately beat bush it's more condiment then breakfast on a but it literally means sweet things. And it. Yes that's. You breakfast but man they've moved. Qualities that spawned a bit on the feet and I hurtful and it. What does it Martin literally normally tough out of my league they really don't NJ a marvelous world. Martin Luther. Voted horrible. Normally did you really add a bit and like a lemon marmalade and a bit of lemon peel or yeah I think that their. He says like I wanna say more blades of a whale like Google poll or the wind affordable through his round of and I question everybody everyday. I enough question what does the only admirable Ortiz. Mike hawk adds that he is a huge fan of this. Some people even describe my call is being this actually put it in perspective. It's a late at all or are hook. A flower that correct. All of you are very promoter of this way. No one I know dislike this flavor but a lot of people pick of the way. I'm really confused look. I'm confused as well allele in nets are on bubble or are. Believed to be hours. And flowers. You mean you're out of Edinburgh and the supposedly in or did until I read this to. I I. I editor. And Manila Manila. You know. Are you get rid of this. Mike doesn't bud what would you have left the country of Jamaica. As they'd dog sled team they are you career I have a photo right getting blown out and it's here a moment I need to see the picture I can't wrap my head around. Of course they would just figured it out yeah. I. I'll tell you it wouldn't might think on the back in Alaska Airlines. Yeah like the heartland oil isn't the favorite and don't put again that is Rocco caught I don't I I was going to try to drop that far in Alaska hair well all of our. Sorry we got the league that we now an angry. You. That's got my brother oh yeah and on the email Dave reasonably good point there was a whole movie about a with Cuba Gooding come on back him be real that they still hold off until the idea of the way there what was no don't. Well it is Jack you had not taken time to watch them incredible cinematic Matthew. There is really funny the snow to cause an Oscar winner. Isn't all that I remember being in the mayor Chris that'd be the and that was one of the previews and all you hear from the back with a maggot in that and sold out yeah okay. PJ how hired you. I sat out a way to men hang on. The comments that got me new and more sure. And we look at what Newton Marshall 46 competed in the Iditarod races. I will be guiding our black dog sled driver in his and a movie Cuba Gooding junior aren't so. Newman Marshall I guess it was a boy sled dog I had. God and it wasn't Marshall. Is to us that Tiger Woods of sled dog he's hauling gear to have. Hey it's okay I'll expose all of these are the thousands of the Alaska Air shipment. I interrupt thirteen and that it. Our miles by the way you wanted to write to us as a dictator and now all of you are married and hold worry how do during the very. What body part of a woman is natural. One and have them bigger and remains. In. One I had to and you'll read a book. And right out of there. A lot of but it's about the book at the obstacles to the book. You know the area that most of the bush very close to move but kind of sits on. All I'm alone. Here but it's oh yeah. I. I okay. Yeah area there are seven questions there so that only seven questions Lewiston man asked well like he was just there for a game is big dummy 844999. Cola. Low Kasey welcome to the men's room. Oh. Yeah. I gave me sober now for over. Not over had a chance to have a couple of drinks. All right then scoop hey let's go midterm Volquez the Simpsons south park's fund barber family yet. Although margins pretty day in and that goes well for about a kid you big margin bank you know. Well you know too gutless Villanova. That are look if you look like one thing about march. Roosevelt they did what they could to make sure she was not sex. Well you know everybody goes say aren't you got to make in the way things going on that they've. Your question. In 1964. That were only two whose sperm banks one in Tokyo won it. In what US state. Let's go rule. I'm saying you know wiggle Florida. So in 1950 for the returns Burbank. Moments in Tokyo and god knows they need more people and one in what US to California. Met up at bat I guess the look. In theory you won in fifty chance of getting right I'm saying it's not even about bond. I'll give me Orangeburg capital the world. It. If the fact that the eagle at Logan Brock and Saturday with. Capital of air. What was the name of bonds these dog I'm happy days it's also a description of the teenagers on washed clean. I don't oh you mean that it will work side please. So today MacFarlane is dog I'm happy days and I added it would also be a description of the teenagers on washed team. It'll be. They can years is up line it is to I don't know the rule. Yeah I got I got got up on the once. Little thought about it. And I don't want every day. The name of dogs and kept on Egypt also from Iowa yes. Otis spoke by Brian Krakow Follett and those Cokie do. Third delicious for what they call activity bold photo policy blog my iron Mike Barack it's a secret agreed in Turkey it's. All right. Chocolate can be broken down to 42% or 5% protein in 53%. While it. Baghdad hair. Thing. Hand. Either toward our. The rule of law provoke people like me on a US postage stamp. It either it could be dead person. Or people from what profession. Not a lot of people. When. Not a lot of people in. And I'll say most oldest profession don't even get to do the part of the profession that would make anyone want to actually pursuit. Got a mortuary guy. As for my. In the the best resort about and we're going phase stuff. You'll need regional one minute you're not outdated if you wanted to in space and it's very unlikely that directly. Did they put famous people working mortuaries and stay why would you. You name any famous mortician. No Greg Zuckerman well well well. Bob Dole he just. Didn't look like I'm Matt said Bob though. Our what was the first country to send an ambassador to the United States bank and 1770. It's. Yeah. Had a Philip you're gonna. Benjamin Franklin fidelity out of ordinary people practice and expect us to number five decades. C'mon. At. I rights 80% of restaurant diners. Choose not to eat what course of the meal when visiting. Is there. Got a sense 80% of people motives particularly I think that's got to be like a weekender special occasionally if newspapers or the yen. How what what's your feeling on getting the dessert menu at the end of a long night your article. I mean I. Depends on the meal my feeling has always liked no one's yeah but there's one thing in his corporate show piece of cheesecake well. It got cheesecake a take ago Pia from the way reluctantly can fit with anything else and her stomach dude it's delicious and it it. It won't make her anymore and you do a thing shorts and a ridiculous state counts and get minutes Foster now and I Nevada they come. Average I don't think about going to dinners and elect a lifted does are rarely read it. Gamers may damage still to come Najaf and house dead meat and potatoes as the nine most dangerous food in the world. He'll have time for more contestants in the game known as big dummy 8449990. Look you are listening to the men's or radio network. Bridges. It. As Jeff go out. Dad's name tells the nine most dangerous foods and all the world that is on the way. Can't we get another contest or do here on the line known as a game in a big Demi 8449990. Hello Stuart welcome to the men's room. Hey. Oh wow. I should be playing for teams over peanuts over. Came over to say welcome to show Stewart are meant to employ all the since himself marks sponge Bob Family Guy. Well first off happy holidays guys aren't. Into for everything has declined to these were. And happy birthday and give us yet guerrilla all of it good. And follow us and the through thank you intent. Are there board JT a resident and Stewart we are sentence out others. Sentence now part. So we're not okay. Aren't into question. 63%. Of Americans spend five minutes today looking for what heights household item. I would she while you start out. I'm not a Baghdad. Smoke drink remote control through. I appreciate the encouragement felt. Well look mammy like my wallet my keys all the same place. Every day no matter what otherwise I know while losing the remote who helmet. People. I don't man up all my hat off and everything goes in my hand absence of my back pretty dazed look like yet it's able aren't going to be able. Tell me about my weren't had a barbecue bowl in my head. For. Are what the name of the three headed dog. And Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone let me read read that. What was the name of the three headed dog in Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. Other idol. Audio. The big. Oh yeah unfortunately. I. So we get our thing and how dumb Stewart. Those do not know the lowly with a lame little three headed dog worm I'm gonna book in New Year's. Party. We're going our our final Amazon could feared could get our Christmas gifts for the kids. You wish you a broccoli balls are crab ball go crab balls mr. aren't a lot of people who lower airing a show the previously aired right before the holidays in 2008. Why are. Not easy to do. All right don't over think this makes a lot so what product ranks number one in consumer brand loyal. All let me say don't over think I I can't over think things. General on bold statement I don't know the ability I don't think it is. You know look simple thank all need change and I DNR. Oh yeah absolutely it's gotta eat meal. Male or do you milk. Hopefully apple. And a few. Cigarettes they're I don't know kid I think about that right if you can move their inventory and it looked accurate. But it will. What I what I smoke it was what little cheap everything I talked. To roll whatever. A bunch. But Q you collected butts and put your own cigarettes together. Or don't tell anyone 08. And L. And call it. What has the chemical formula H two O two. Of all the normal robot Star Wars age too old to. Water. That is correct. She sent all dang cool it. Syria's miraculous he's sure you're sober today. Another planet not to let it go too little bit had been brought to. A picture scams Bob. He's doing a new infection. Not guilty don't miss any question so it. All right we are gangs and yourself spirit your cup. What letter do most of worldwide capital cities are. We'll walk. Analysts. And moved. Fifteen feet. Can't Barcelona. That we're on the dam and ended. That is the entirety of old abuse of Bali at the country. Via. Adding that this is our holidays special. The holidays of one team approached let's think back to last year's Super Bowl or won the Super Bowl and the 2017 seasons or. All men best game ever tell Tommy Brady. Patriots. Now works are that super bowl of the 2016 season this is our holiday edition 2018 we demo I saw your best sort of hanging that is correct. It's. Okay I'm all out tough came out of nowhere I don't live shot I am subliminal season here. They just got on a roll. Out there that absolutely. Oh yeah don't merely a little political bullet there won't be able to have all these days. They don't have water came back in week fifteen we're still getting emails asking if this is a repeat true. Obviously yeah it's elite eight everybody nobody I know we keep telling. What is this the fruit of who's an act. In the evening won't count or. Are they root. Out of college office was only being you know go. The whole. I think it's stolen. Teach for Georgia. And eat. Think about a form and is not not peaches strawberries or reorganize and questioned numbers. There is big down 844999. All of that take more port 999 alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.