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Friday, August 10th

Mens Room Question: Why was the adrenaline pumping through your body?


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This is no men's. You're listening to men's grill. Diallo are our friends jump on now WA AF Boston's legendary Iraq's Asia also niceties time WC IMF Rochester is classic rock. And Rockwell three in Fayetteville, North Carolina hello Fort Bragg well in the program. Shall we have for you today bad jokes on the way Ted vs the FCC and they were gonna talk about adrenaline as we had a former firefighter. Who saved his own life. He ripped his leg off from underneath a loaded truck the guy's name was Troy west. He is a veteran who's been enough firefighter fire commissioner with a hoarding valley fire and rescue. It been something that he'd been doing since he was eighteen years old if he gets in a situation where his leg is basically almost already completely torn off ya all the way he looks down. He says that Helena. He's the wonder of the zone led off. He's a wanna put the tourniquet on the bell. He's a wanna call 91 month he's the look of the car than you may calm everybody down around him he's the one good one I'll do it every story or himself and our guys and hopefully we're getting a prosthetic here pretty since our question why was the adrenaline pumping through your body for 4999. Alone. Few moments ago we're as far as drilling goes for more controlled adrenaline or dogma roller coasters rides at amusement parks and she became mob one. The stratosphere roll coaster Vegas and I said look my and I think the same kind of rules you over the edge. And you're hanging over muffins those persons as a liberal coast from the stratosphere it doesn't take you over the edge. Then it bounces a couple of times and drops in further over the edge that way you can think of a malfunctioning and truly prove yourself to bits. As far as slingshot that you were talking about miles you're mad Bennett said you would not do and how one person timed and says. I've done Leslie shot. Never did and so I did ask doesn't one that was investors says yes through that thing my mom talked me into it appellate barely survived. One of the persons harshly shots is that slingshot with the best ride I've ever been on why wasn't even in his more intimidating look inside I don't know any other ride it. That was the got to go oh no I've been way up but it won't think you're thinking about doing it wasn't it was part of the skies. Messengers as the police are best run a government ban on. A one on with my daughter who's thirteen but guys counting down from ten. Launch is a dumb for. All day all that cost up to one moment in Holland told him and we've got messed up well look family vacation probably gone 89 years I guess in a long time for my daughter was much younger than to us. She is now and she wants to go down a giant flag can slide is like the water slide and it's. It's long managed charade that held down menu look at that thing you like man how wanna do that she's the only do it. I'm like all right and so. And I'll go with you in a unit rappers is one Regis you cause you're harsher Chesley and yeah EEU you can CD angle you're on the side the thing. When you're on top looking down. You look like you're falling off of a building you don't see any Anglo you can't believe that this is not a free people there looks like a free fall. Anyway there's quite aligned and you have to go fiset stairs not keep in mind. They are are there are a number of people in line all the way up the steps takes a bit of time to your way for the person bottom to clear so. This ride moves slowly we're probably in line for 45 minutes well and holds under cursing yourself every once in awhile you have this one lady would come down and she be like sideways trying to think that's everybody in chizik I'm not go into the on the ball it is only now at the value of my daughter wouldn't I don't mean maybe to those three days there's not crazy he would take you almost as long to get past all the people who go back down and and you know there's a launcher in and you're and and so. I'm my calf delegates I don't act like I'm I'm just a webcam I did dynamic is a yeah. It is so she got his first man. And she said sensuous that I can just see this look on her eyes like you like oh god and there's these red lights like. And and and it turns green like. And you go but I hear. I immaculate scream like she's being stacked. You don't mean right it's like you're here it is but the most legitimate scream of terror you can ever imagine from some moment of very high pitched was an off a hole. Horror movie screen right as I'm newsletter and our god didn't and I next you know he'd still like that I got to go there relics. It's improved from I mean if you really you really feel like your back doesn't even touched a slot right you're floating on water in a freefall. And then when you hit the bottom is just like. Oh my god I'm alive. I'm alive and then you hit the pool you realize that I don't like fifty mile an hour currently under Texas open and stuff can tell us like this is stage. How long does it take hello doesn't take into my car point five seconds HOU yeah I wound on his. And when my brother and he was already I was a teenager the same things they were going on that sounds like all right. It's when you sat on a little raft yeah okay but it was it I should they rafter with the kind of the affordable sorry I classical and the boogie board. But same deal with the angles so sharply as you wind damage it felt like you were just kind of all for you were also bid and then when you hit the pull the same thing for. I mean it's skin you hopefully into the pool I guess when I pulled all right in here to sit there I love. Okay don't like that I had this thing I have to stay out I I won't go almost I know that many wonder I'm one down one and done it if it is never need to see that again. Why I was the odd journalists thumbing through your body 8449990. Look at what other ride you cross your chest secure in a casket that's right exactly yeah I did I write your body I recommend you really pucker up downloads do you don't mean just. Hello Steve welcome to the bedroom. The yeah. It. And let go but I couldn't handle and the issue of yeah an even more on that idea well yeah he's dead there's basically one way that you apartment. And there's not a bit of bad looking yeah. Oh yeah I don't buddy Jerry yeah it was good out there let me think he did anything good I am the judge does. Five days earlier I just had no metal and yeah. I can't yeah didn't share yeah. No I haven't yeah didn't we get into the apartment and let them all the way until I look here and here you can get a good here in Pigram Greg go around the bag to be Smart very Smart card and you are gone yeah and just did their don't they know they no radio no one up then yeah and you just like board made no you cannot guard you know you don't wait and things go. This sounds completely safe and asks the very real yeah yeah no problem yeah. You know it's yeah. And it's home. Down yeah. And I didn't let me go quickly did was aided they did neighborhood didn't build wind and tiring and I know aren't you know their permanent lighting. And didn't get this bag we'll have to clear out there color you can bet my guard yeah. Clinton and and I thought I'd are neat but darn. Good job blow up well swing and Dave what do you do it again yeah. They aren't a quick break you look into it you know did little gold knobs door and did not go home. And Palin yeah you know early in. General. Ordinarily you know. You are good and I'll let go on the ground yeah oh yeah and blow it all and London and engineered I did it and may not know and then you say you've gone yeah you'll wreck big busy you can hear bush did the night and Motorola. Yeah I don't my web and yeah a lot of my old Miley and then after about a bit and yeah. Auto radioed and rob Loranger. And there. Every day and no I'm gonna go well grabs and it's and I did not often. I have a feeling I'm assuming that your blog with a gun that was in the apart yeah. I don't I don't actually it's. It was a story I just say it was necessary majority armed assailants and they're looking for you yeah. I'm a little bird about minded that you know. Oh yeah. Yeah. I ever did everything that they're like I've got cornered in what might go to mock me the way you know didn't I don't know. You didn't have little or okay yeah I mean short ball quite a dog white. Yeah yeah. I'll grab her blow might and that does branch Monday Limbaugh and I'm not I'm not joking and that the branch in May and Bob yeah a lot myself but let me bring you the mine and Murray are you know how idea when all the bay because I couldn't really bad and you know they aren't in danger no bull yeah molded that would Euro and look New Orleans feeling. Bad strain but what Bob I read my shirt off my read my you know a month what are remind you did not bear that. Really happened. Only. Word. And they do you are big broad Ned yeah yeah yeah I don't apply there and you know you're confident you're going blood dumb finally OK I haven't you wouldn't want it and didn't do you definitely got voted off. Dream world and loses three hours of rehab wouldn't we did a little and you know Linda got little pop and but I heard that thing goes rob and I just wanted to cry out but I did then a better job right now that there's no going back I need to do issue yeah I don't buy right now heroic guys that Goldman don't get my brain and what does he was busy in the airline grounded in your mind yeah you know. It's like sports being NBA and NF yeah. Don't know what they didn't use it a little while ignoring us. This is still have a Raleigh at the moment. That little different you know didn't ambush that era Barry admin person to gbagbo and unimaginative and not being amended and Doug yet and Gabriella Garnett that they'll let me let DeVon there's a brilliant and well I've got about. I know you are rolling you can this. Yeah you know whoever found I would remind Lawrence still marry you know. I thought a year later didn't get here are video. Go back and I wonder and yet the garden or somebody who apparently Gardner. They're guaranteed anything it hit it it. America's gulls don't everything changes when they say canine units why why does the adrenaline pumping through your body. 844999. All of our golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Tomorrow night and a seven year old daughter lay low for a kayaking in Adams county Pennsylvania on Sunday when their trip to the dark turn. A large beaver attacked or kayak and put up quite a fight according to the dad's face to oppose any animal later turned out to be. Rabid. Corley says he Layla and her dog were on the creek by their house when he felt something grab his kayak. Corley says at first he thought I was just his dog pulling the boat but it wasn't. It was a big ask crazy beaver. Again trying to bites and get into the kayak after me I kept beating it with a paddle this went on for a few minutes it would not give up. Will erode his photo showed Bieber jumping out of the water appearing to bite and or. The beaver battle only escalated from there and it's good it's a yeah. If I finally got slammed into the opposite side of the creek. And turned to insult laid off on or kayak who's now thirty yards in front of me. It takes off straight for my daughter. I yell at her against the shore I jump out of my guide to help the father described as FaceBook postings in the beaver. Mitchell who has kayak and started to climb into the back as she was screaming bloody murder. The tenacious beaver would not give up so nature Oslo government tenacious beaver early said he punched the beaver. And it fell into the water. But in the Bieber started fighting back. The B rules punching the Bieber was kicking and the beaver. Was trying to get away our brains of the bank of play like in a follow me still trying to attack he said Corley said the attack continued on land. He said he started pummeling the beeper put into nonstop wheel trucks. After about five more big rocks today head sees it swam away a little bit and then the beaver came back I grabbed a big stick. Smacked it and had five times as hard as a god and it the last kids Christ did skull Jesus Christ man. Sounds like a damn war movie. The way she was screaming in the water splashing according two whirling. I'm just glad I didn't buy euros are Sissy Bloodhound it safely in the weeds far away the ball as he. Dad says he contacted the Pennsylvania game commission about the beaver and they urged him to go to the hospital get rabies shot one of those photos on FaceBook shows the beaver. Apparently unconscious with blood on his buck teeth. And the beaver fur rag after the fight. He says the EPA game commission PA Health Department and PA department of agriculture's in the Bieber tested positive for rabies the first reported rabid. Read the beaver that every now and counting rough yeah. Corley said he is received eight rabies shot so far and has three more to go this week to wrap up I figured it was one and up there I sort of thought I had no idea maybe beavers have different kinds rigged that's terrifying it is especially when you look Roger breed to it or you hit with a steak of coming back. And god damn man why was it adrenaline pumping through your body for 49990. Le hello and welcome to the men's room. I made a good standard. And I'm all right so I'm very general manager usually allow multiple Olbermann Howard column the bridge. God. All I just care migrants there. That's basically story is threw a chair. He. Did all right Barry I don't of the chair relax Mike Stevens is story now. He took out a couple years ago. Coach do like fishing and all I'm. And they're good solid capability did you expect I've got a lot of grease all. Just leave it there. It I'd show. Up in order to. Ago you know sheik and they're good they're bad like old barrel down at look at up all agree this very encouraged. Twenty from an unbelievable oh my god about diet there's a lot going away lament the fact quite the opposite decides to attack. She's like a prison didn't even notice so they don't become a huge blip in the grief she's about an alleged over again. There's going to get a good I got double take a look I always look to Lebanon that began much Arnold and standing in the I. But I thought I could emerged what do you. I am about a horrible and I aren't offset by a she's from both he and Dick Beijing. Yeah. I don't know are there it's got it looked good against the bears got scared you to go out and started running my own. And that's what got up and of course he smoked a pack of cigarettes are deadly and you don't understand that there was. I care just. Don't know you don't like it is all of I got aren't going to once I literally thought I was going to die. How long did all the things like that you thought you'd just be he's human bones and baking grease spun out how long do the whole interaction take place. I. Aren't our guys look like it should. Get into logically I expect. Okay contest that I consider this. No bones and basically agrees. Always found them why are they adrenaline running through your body for 4999. Old love. Hello there and welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. And I don't know ninety year old boat about twenty years ago I think for the trip Eric in little blip a couple of funny and we went on one of those that apple where it. Below are the people who grew in the battle over there. And we got there and they had to be called. And we're all gonna look at though he had though they found the bottom there was water it you can bet that go down. Where he could ever lived and everything like. Pat the guys don't like we accurate but it anybody or something notebook pork. We've been here and you do value around big people jump into the political liability but even I ninety beat the bottom true. Well they've really been you know thought I look at everybody about people would jump into it. And very accounting AEA to jump in good men's open book all of the pop up like climbed up on the wall. Quit and they are those that once I mean why did you think paid they just always ninety feet to the bottom of what single. I think I should jump them. Ariel about a year and like I didn't you like. My good impolite I would guess. I guess this is sure I didn't. He knew right that's sensible I've got this or seeing your frogs would redo it I'm. NA you know I'd like you but I don't think they're really into it and how I ninety below. It be an ugly guy act in a dual you know the type of people about a book all right Democrat. But I was like under on the opening and I in my limited dump then and it would kind of like it's elegant car to win the bay and the guy about the clipped him by eight all. But it added like bella is yet another blow it out kind of appealing lady guff from anybody you know look like they're the rush and keynote. It looked like you that Philip Beck and hit the bottom and when I hit the water. The tall guy or departure. I didn't mean the most he's been in Baghdad Derek my life been like yours started the water. Not all the wind right out nick couldn't breathe. Installment in China different side of trying to breathe government trying to swim or trying to sort that died that bunny get over that side. In my wedding back in me. Or go to the opera but you'd through loud and yelling down I mean everybody logo that was pretty cool you know any entity like Delray until ugly guys you don't sleep book. Well I got up there out and I'm walking up with that. Well I'm looking down my rib. I had just did not have Bobble on Mumbai Ritz gloom. So I broke my arm. I'll hold all of but I can't give it up and stayed down and my career provided quite it's pretty certain pretty good meet the eight ball getting bigger and bigger number writ been. So the pure people come over there at this claim leg daylight. Well it's going to be like really really nice to meet. I daylight download these you know about these union because the doctor you know we're gonna take that doctor we're gonna make these quite chairs. We only being what I. How are you gonna add niceness is done well responsible. Stock part of people later I'd I think they were thinking that I could dispute and begun their cure they don't meet out of it OK to do it. And so light yet deep in talent Lionel had decided that they could probably I like making sure that I looked and everything. And then Belle got noted by my stats look like another. You know like I had not bent over right like pain in my dad's been kind of hurt me. In big much doubted. All the time like they they're like I don't know like what they called out there like sort of like by our great argument over it. And everybody it's one of the round you may send a big got a call you somebody that was brought them back up the best. But somebody had tried to kill them. And follow. Up around me I you know I thought might be and I'm not a big the united that the pardon guy late to the people of the unemployment did not only did nobody. The nobody jumped off the problem at all. That's well I. It's. Good enough to go to a bit odd element you but the mobile and they put it out but my army route tactical voting Booth like. Kabul like boarded up I couldn't swim and uncle like that I got a little like old school plastered apps. What I got all I went to my doctor. That's on this story every day and then apparently thought the chat about invasion but the cat but rewrite that to put a new and arm. And they're not. And and that. They did an extra rights that they're gonna but I fractured right my sternum and it too if. It's Jesus man calm. Okay how long how long was your recovery after the figure everything bad happen to you. Well you know I didn't really do much testing regularly and eight Beijing on the ice you know regular rapper or whatever but you know I doubt I'm like yeah. Our white caps on orbital and now want you to do today. Sometimes like when I bend over like a book on it like death seems weird kind of pain in my debt. Do you that I was in a good job ninety's media benefits it's a fifty foot jump when you do it now. Well your opinion like I when I landed I would like kind of like an outstanding position. And so like I didn't go engraved. But I you know I think it acquired chip about that they get I do it again at the plan but it. Got here it is pretty blunt you know. But nobody is doing a I think that guy just said that deal like I am due to a time go ahead. As well as the Mexico where you can step the steps if it's. And I go to your. I'm tired are they actually do if I wouldn't it. When I cross my mind to jump into the bottom of the cycle this is the treasury jumped off grownup this are Muslims and crawl the top of the bears is that he's gonna climb out there and in. I don't. It now you don't know not everyone was doing us yeah they weren't answered he did Jesus went there and he climbed up on top of the bridge there's two bridges and as smooth as well we did I traffic and high and is. It the other bridges much higher than this can you jump up and interstate. But does not too bad but the only other pretty bad too bad but I still wouldn't go to high. Hype doesn't look like crazy the idea of being wet and climbing up occurs downstairs and it's yes they're asking people is it's a stupid idea moms why Rosie on adrenaline flowing through your body for 4999 alive and people they jump off stuff they can never fathom why you don't want to. Staley and just accept that we don't want to I giggled yeah and Cheryl out for you. You don't think like I do you know rationally eat eat eat yellow and Bruce welcome to the men's room. And I. Are you know and love they are user. I'm doing good things that could go a long time ago I lived in Michigan. I ordered this little golf putt putt course Matta driving range. And I was a junior high school. And figure out I was kind of in charge of the three guys don't work there. Would be seen here. And when she started her she climbed. This sort radio tower they're dead the very end of the driving range. And there's five towers used to own the tallest one it was 280 feet tall. Was full of old red ones they're trying though yeah. And the thing why is she inclined up above fifty feet and how an old. Golf cal yellow golf towel. On the inside and its power. And the girl was anybody who has moved. Pete Carroll a higher than where Shiite. Computer book in you all the doors and top. So. Look I would say about boobs in view of the against the but the dial higher. So it. There are you guys that hadn't done this before me a lot of them still work there. And he drove old contractor that take up all the balls off the the driving range and I have to do the work videos. Oh yeah I was again but yeah it was worth it. Well I think here I talk tourists and they say well. Audio delay blew it up go blow every fifty feet there's a white striped green on the bank yeah I do move into the next door right. I'm like okay. And I'm looking a word attitude about it that you every I'd put markings so it's it's pretty eyes on this cool power. OK you're OK what do I know Joseph is talking. What marriage goes well I'll let you play with a man. Hey I'm I'm on this program right. So yeah kids you know considered naive. You can't be deemed I mean a thing. Could you give me trouble of course toward Ashby and have to be dark. All right on the other side into the fence and on the other side of that is the freeway I believe all right and salt. We go out there about three weeks later it's perfectly at all. I do Hillary beats you when I mean is seeing them play and all of us. What that you waited for release is it blamed the boobs but it was gonna happen. Oh yeah I got a great you know just thinking about it and they got down could kulana viewed as. EMCORE and now she knows I mentioned billionaires and you don't even hear what you don't just don't all. Not a flash in the whole foods has pulled you've got down just good enough you know. So where his daughter has a good job. Haven't our man at night and never know how to play in these things and I deceived you got a bigger plan. Oh yeah yeah. My goal lived at the beginning into the top. I I'm Anita van loaded nobody cares I get on the concrete platform he can't like I mean I don't think yeah in the end I'm. There's just not enough room for May be true people do bad. I'm so. I mean yeah Canadian into the towel and I looked down and it's a long way out semifinal he would hear aluminum structure like that yeah. And that's how long layup. Yeah and we know that. Station had to I didn't quit being punished her I mean not and I got a tiny little flashlight. Every. 25 feet is where these stripes. And they are completely. Limited inside America agree to a halt what I'd do that apple and so I did all the way up chill the 200 points. And now don't do our nose. And get to climb on the outside and they can go any higher. So I get on the outside of the things. He had all he needs. Tell me generally is at four boobs to show you for you do now slamming outside of the tower. Why not I'm never gonna fight I H well once again on the outside this. Even though it's windy you can feel your pain moving your own Dan Anderson. Still another forty PP goalie on the outside and you think you get to the light. So I figured OK I mean I'm looking down at and I am absolutely. Scared. And I am. I treat a great control and they claim that two more running and they had they push off. Therefore I'm pushing I'll flip a well breaks. I know yeah and I we all thought Kyra nice intelligent. And I'm hanging on for dear life they get myself and I'm gonna do not hate us. Yeah. I period in my journal as just car. More information anybody else other than actually there was so much adrenaline I got yeah. Standing. And then enjoy it and I'm right there it's like I know it down a little tripped up to counter com three hour. Wow Jesus did you did the same blame the moons ago. Yeah yeah. I need. Some words that I mean actually paid under the holly number yeah do more than just play enough. They president of pretty good job play when your best and how they Lindsay she's a keeper. Negotiate yeah what does he do now sills art of the deal at another half a I was the adrenaline running through your money eight for Fo 9990 low line Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles and drill. Question why would the adrenaline bombings or your body 844999. All hello Gary welcome to the men's room. I don't badge and are. You're gonna all those. Rules. Hey I just got. You know look like this story right here oddly. Don't put you guys restarted we're trying to marry here might get out of the unknown person golden pond dammit it's. Reversed the yeah I know I appreciate you gotta gotta be made that famous psychiatrist dude did you try to make everything all right. Are we don't which they want and if you will you be I don't know we see them personally. Yeah it. I was done I wouldn't every poll world full wallet years back. And had a truck where you can refuse to remote control and it appeared. Truck or car or whatever why at this quad she's really done and it went way down in the gorge then I'll white river and that's what I'm middle of nowhere and employ of the driveway finally. And it's just come and often they come around a big rusty valves cabin beautiful place come around the side of the gravel and then there's or faith. The right shot thing that I can't cord blood pouring back get off of grab my big board get the right been numbered he had a big game bought it off and a child sort of semi big Border Collie and at around the corner jumped this guy with a nobody rolled. And stay get Chang got I've ever seen in my world and get good in my life. It was crazy so much adrenaline got too often pretty big time and walk up to the truck what did desert eagle five all I didn't all of that time but it was big. And it Doug's question here what I had very good here. I'm 37 passing out and. Well yes I typically young patients. Are you know you didn't get dogs ordered one looked the more you never say on TV or radio that might give Doug Jones got anybody who didn't watch film and while they've got multiple and I've ever been and that can be another pointed out but he's got to blow this place and each and every blog I'm sorry intelligence data. Oh I. Kicked off and I couldn't get it on their young life or not good people in the middle of nowhere nobody more than I had no idea what it does but I tell us that all it can look bars. And then I've got the paperwork right here I have illegally repossessed in the squad and that's about what the right there and he Bob Gainey dumped into the truck and on the run a mortal again and there's that just don't go across his chest pains have been added up and admitting. Involved I thought might look ahead as an adult I don't like that who invited evidently not the lead. Our blog I'm sorry we we just forget about the god and I didn't want to put it down the old ball aussies saw it but again it won't be anything from breakfast. All the bag and plunder golf bag in great part they decided not. There's not a lot of government dared to. And some don't know what to believe that I'll get loaded but. Now they're an internal internal event goes out what does that guy makes for breakfast. All of you we update and an endangered and I did you did you get all caught the guy had good all good golf. Was amazing yeah it is it's. Not it's less than ever looked. All go well yeah maybe a break while the adrenaline coming through your money could if you walk around in just the bathroom and gun you've got to make good cup of coffee. I would believe that and amenities like ML while you're waiting whenever you feel like up golf and I think every ounce of my emails for the mammoth. When you walked out and open droves basically an agent of the gunmen thought to myself. What is it yeah I'm what you find I wouldn't say what is easily the gun was again oh desert eagle desert eagle far absolute. Yeah desert Eagles in this thing was a massive gun. And I mean that the bullet for fifty cal all my gossip oh my god that's. Yeah let's that that would make include events so I want to move we show our. We talk about the story zooming in much worse men and women from every bowl people called before and I do expect it seldom end well. Yeah no one is ever happy to see you. That debate as to what while I was in general about your body for Ford 999 cola. Hello good race and welcome to the men's room. I the all time. So visit this story. That turned injured you're going to beat us. Hello I am. Handled non. Is it a little station identification. I don't not gonna get ready also the return now but did vs the FCC already a busy here as well during it tells. Where the shot of the day we still have time for a few more of your calls on our question why was the adrenaline coming through your body 844999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.