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Wednesday, August 9th

Mens Room Question: What did your parents do to embarrass the hell out of you?


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. This room. Files spread. Although it is coming up third turn opposed Sox last the word ask you to stop using these office buzz words and today on the question we're asking you what did your parents do to embarrass living hell out of view. A man kicked a girl for picking up Chucky cheese tokens in Attleboro Massachusetts basically goes down like this. The guy drops and tokens six year old girl just bends over to help pick them up so she can give them back to him he decides to kicker. In the meantime a Texas woman used a stun gun on her five year old son fortunately the Child Protective Services have taken away the boy and the two week old baby that she had a looking into the story of the dad who recreated his daughters in to Graham accounts and her pictures by replicating them all by himself. Our question today what do your parents you know bears a hell out of you I will never forget this in my life. When I was a kid in you know how strange it is but forever reason you your friends making fun of you in your friend's opinion of you matters a whole lot cure it just so. We had a bolt wagon box now this thing was. It was an older bus he was. Not the best condition and Volkswagen just had that tonight. But all found thing. And tell like at that point in time. The leader had really nice custom vans where they have like runner boards you get in there and cloth seats TV like the band world he was just. The Dodge Caravan was just coming round even like that was a a a nice ban new nicely and a polio as a step backwards to the band you were talking about. But if you're a passenger seat there was swivel. That really a way to the drivers drivable later comes at an embassy she gets been arbitrarily and have a full conversation with and I always thought that this'll all supposed captain's chair of the mine I. I so can't wait for the day when the custom van comes back. And coming back to come on Larry I hope so because now I've seen some of these bigger transport vans the coming out with that. Beth I don't need to retrofit it halo combat begin to deduce transport van that can have angle front right those those are back in blue are inside you can't tell you are at the problem the problem to me is this opinion that we're goes bam ma'am and I think you need to go back to. Give that big air brushed chick righted my guess I would I would that would that would what we can always change bikini on you know to me like I got this is what I'm talking about. So my mom decides at this point in time that this trip to chuck. It's just basically Amway but a different way but the same way. So she got involved and Mary Kay cosmetics Mary Kay cosmetics everything is pink. And all have I hadn't seen the cosmetics and while Texas gold you can get a pink cattle yes and if you sell enough to let your goal yet on the law I'll never forget used to Wear this pin and had a ladder on the call at the Mary Kate latter of its success whom she had been very successful in America. Is that skin so soft that stuff I think that's able but the art that's great for mosquitoes bite that's what I use well yeah yeah. I use especially your taste. So. So she decides at this point in time that she is going to one upper game. And we get this bus. Painted Mary Kay pink home and I mean. You wanna talk about getting your exercise if I it was being dropped off anywhere. I'm a mile from that location balking at the rest of the way like I was solar bears to be dropped on you don't know the ridicule. Of children until you've stepped out. Of a pink man with a baseball glove you absolutely doubt it both teams both coach. Every single person and like even just riding around town mamet. I just wanted to lay down on the big seat back this sort of look its August game. It was a song they thought it was great of course Obama lobbed it in time that that was that was down that he Leah Payne Ed. This this great you know at a big merry case sticker in the back which is just. It's cosmetics in I mean like I mean it could've been any words that mean that isn't comparable I would be seen and it now. What did you parents due to a bears and a lot of UA 44999. All hello Chris welcome to limit room. More progress on job. Well when our electric Kool fifteen or sixteen Google my mom and bears beat the hell out of me. Hewitt. But mostly gone through the majority of the night as I was having friends over and I got major candidate that so we were then to have a good time and we're sitting in the basement we are just. Feel the vibration of the curtain around us and all of a sudden it bang bang bang on the downstairs door. I'm like oh man. On mom's home what are we gonna do you know like you got to go to the doorman who is so I ask the door. I open it. She comes buried in the end. With this way seven inch rubber adult toy just waving it around slowed me right that title chase left around a whole room. We eventually ran into a bat remain locked ourselves in the bathroom while she's just sitting there banging on the door with it. Saying why did you take my week way to kick my wish. A. Was Enron it was at her did you just carry it whether all times had to have its. And I and I Russia or go homers and realize it oh man smoke like BR a missed out. So seek them out there it is unlikely he apparently he went back upstairs. Got her little Cole ever there and then he proceeded to then hear all the crap out of us and eventually it still army might eat your clear my friends still everytime I just wonder brands like you'd ruin your monitor wrote that do Luke. Yeah I was like Jerry and his budget as evidenced toy biz is a lot more realistic and you know like a fifteen and Jermaine on the doors nobody on our job you have. His sons are like weird purple waters opus it. There has been acting my friend told me that smoke weed anymore there's no doubt that my mom got out of rarely do you like do you. With Zaza as your mom doing these amounts to around. My mom and plurality though most every day still smokes weed every day. Yeah actually. Yeah. All Kerr and athleticism because. Extend low that good for you and how she's feeling. Young graze our stuff and Adam doesn't have any jitters throughout the day at all. Yeah man. I let's make sure they don't get we need a secret program. Like you worked almost all the I'm sure veterans can get it does make sure all the people who needed can't did it crash. Yeah yeah battle interest in the street and you'd be surprised given that. I'm a buyer. Of course they do because look man a third child is one almost struck and jobs and hurled and they need to really look here's the thing about being a cop. If not it almost forces you I'm assuming to be an alcoholic. You've got because of Nona. You've got to come home and take that edge off Manny went to crap all day mean not all days are as tough as the others but there's certain days memory come home and you just need to take the edge off in any job in any career but the stress level of being a cop are you kidding me and you can't kept. It's almost forcing you and Al calls. And I'm not a thing that it is in no one forces himself and uncles but it the only way you can take an edge off. Is by prescription drugs or drink you're headed you're headed down a dark road. And we know we know because we we fight those demons that we don't have all the got a good job you don't mean like that we got a great job and I still irony that fracking with it's I think it'll rule I lifted I think here. I think that if the FF that F I believe that cops app. Saloon league. She knew we obviously during the military elevators and I don't know what congress is beef is with the villagers who were kidding vacancy and you can eight war. But they won't let you smoke weed if you're PT as deed to deal with the war that they creating new an alcoholic purportedly Linda out and no teachers man teachers like luck. Because appeared teacher god bless you buddy Dan horrible compression go into this. You're just surrounded by knuckle heads and like little kids it's a little different because one thing I will say that having kids age I am now wait. Not the brightest things on earth but they're still fun and are still some and it's and so even the little kids that little bush bags like you know going to be awful people later but at at this moment. There's still OK but particularly junior high school menaces this these are the worst group what people. In your and the thing that you take the blame for. Did you get vibrant and education sought teachers fault tee and god damn thing to do it but they get the boy have parents at least as I can tell the the educational value school means less to them the idea of ministers daycare right. Yeah so basically you're babysitting their kids in Europe to put robins gets old I'm right if you're a teacher in you don't smoke weed but if I'm wrong not a man you. Eels don't have the same authority as parents to read it but what about gals and ask with a with a previous week. As your brother but he was a vice principal for awhile still it goes and at a middle school okay now does he did easier to deal with that stuff to people retaliate against him and anyways ever had students who were just like you know if you make it to that vice principal. The way it works if Byron call. Is there it's a good cop bad cop single about the principle by experts stress the vice principal for the most part is ahead here you get that he's right. So you know we're the principals Kabila are you know OK now weighed the options under the vice principals to teach. In rendering the point with a make the decision and I'm sorry suspend for three but but the my lawyers or of that what did you do you good luck that. I thought you know it's not just as he does he does is it Manny Aybar tried to you know put a rock through his car window or dumb crap. Think the a year and the tires and now not like that and remained in the middle school kids is there. Horrible they're not little enough to be cute right and I and they're just old enough to cause like real trouble OK but I thought about it don't have the thought it was rule book to not be a jackass but third jewels hold them off that you can't get away with a Q but Dick can back your I think it would just be like constantly looking over shall I I'll go to I'll go to the grocery store economic got a flat tire. Which one of my ex students. In the letter that also but they're also not high school students rank right so like when he first got the job. There is some kids so be it cigarettes by the bushes or whatever so he goes out there and in the kids take off and he takes off after. I shouldn't of done in business the rules of school and stuff. But the rest of the kids word got around school like almost a snafu Jewish ghetto right and that's I don't know and a I. I think he's he's got a faster gets weak and the hottest who hits Robin Billick I'll throw whatever belly right they're still not battle where they're Smart enough to like find out. Yeah. And that would be if it is it in that position it's almost like you against 400 people. Everything is not a theory we have about like you know how many seven year old could beat up avail commend you one thing before it can take you down mr. go to more Renault to horrible series. But I wanted to thank you Canada. Al vegan I think he's got a little pictures all which is six years old and it's that there's an endless supply of six year old. How many as an adult. Could you do it through before Bentley did take so. One of the things are ready guy estimate of forty but he broke it down scientifically he said. Obviously you kick grants and his recommendation of this grab the first week. This up so terrible the government I grabbed giveaway going to swing and as if canola oil form a perimeter about the but he said you're going to get worn down in the kids don't go by the same rules we producers that go punch right judge ruled. They bite he said eventually get to do but he estimated about forty. The competes at. It's obviously good I don't play a busy day about affordable have been through the move duplicates because talk about your. Eyes and what did doubted your parents did embarrass the hell out of UA four point 999. All the hold the line Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Instead a failure to stop well I thought of something better. Many fathers like to play pranks on the children but not many will go far enough to mock them. For all the Internet to see one bother though has no problem would mocking his teenage son. And daughter online. Much to the enjoyment of his fans. Chris berg Marten from Washington has taken to trolling his teenage kids on social media by recreating yourself please and posting his copycat photos. In response to their original post. So my daughter's been posting sexy self pleas of herself and instead of telling her to stop well I thought of something better. Guys a comedian and podcaster. In one photo he used to permanent marker to draw an interpretation of his daughter is cast these ten to. As well as wearing Aretha plastic leaves to emulate the snap Chad filters she used in the self. In another he pulls a full dot face as he takes itself via the mayor likened the original photo mr. Mardy is wearing pajama pants are cropped top and has a drawn on tattoo peeking out from under his short teacher. In another phone don't mr. Barton makes fun of his daughters thick eyeliner drawing on his own and pelting for the camera. It yet another he copies around that wearing jeans a white cropped top and a flannel shirts. Although his stomach isn't quite as flat as a teenage daughters jab and it's at a captured on answering in the dead admitted that he didn't think ahead when using permanent marker for the joke. Took me three days to get all the ink off you wrote. Our question what do your parents do too embarrassing a lot of UH 44999. Cola. I got a double comments here and we talk about radar detectors Reid spoke missile went earlier he was and are we her radar detector Gough and miles you set and it was amendment. The response was miles they still make that not everyone rides scooter policy some people can actually easy now I went miles I didn't know they made any I just I don't know runners Hillary why oldest daughter's well why not helping the argument I think guys say you scooter people are already here you come time and end with. Making the point four oblivious speeding ticket on that thing just to prove you wrong you wonder just me thinking of them fell off a cliff I cut but. I isn't cool though and I'm gonna I'm just really trying art book about it I have ball when I was when he but that was I mean that was 1990 however hurt like I haven't been anybody's car that has. So again even seen one just in general I thought they are illegal. Some states they are sort of friends with state and and is Arnold won a radar detectors to support the problem the radar detectors that when you detect radar is because the rate or is already detected use so. Basically it is what you know you're about to get old and I'll that would be elect of men at those those self opening doors of the grocery store do and and again it's whatever a couple of the comments came and we we brought up the fact that there was. There's us that it wasn't a study in guy ahead. Proposed the idea of how many secure world view is grown man how many do you think. You can work your way through before they take you said it's like an endless supply of six hurled at so. We talked a little bit about with a guy wrote the study in the and his comic comes and says my buddy and I used to have a Comedy Central could take out standing in the middle of the stadium argument all the time he. If you can hit hit hit it. Yeah I think people mind the six year old old one hit recorders if you can connect with a punch her or down for the count. I'll save more to 75 to 100. I can punch my way through twenty or thirty that I regret but I can mount the goods away if you. While man okay. And then as far as parents embarrassing her kids that says hey Mike and Mike. Once I might that lift the picture of pro Muslim girlfriends of mine has said that he would bigger bookings than they do fall addicts and had a hot. Does what. Why would you do that to your son. Because outlook man I don't know how to explain it bought. Every time I look at my kids if there is the opportunity to embarrass them that way like. There's like this weird thing where you really want to. You know I can't explain it man oh man. Here you want to like look I take care review I've beat all the side you don't got to background and in return for this. I'm going to embarrass you from time to time cannot explain it but there is some weird thing where you really want to do that when you can if you can if you can't write so when you have this I don't sounds terrible when you have this opportunity to do it they're gonna do it plus you home. Believe me. They do many things habit that he could get ugly woman accuses Chrysler and yeah it is no bad and I know it into an all purpose like look. You take inventory and stuff like. On interest partner to him humiliated me you embarrassment you don't know is available things. Temper tantrum and restaurant. Bad temper tantrum at airport UPU lap on airplay like all this stuff man and I am earlier kid levied at death but hell yeah Hayley yeah. Payback is gone dude that the locket with my kid at Disneyland and she's walking along beside me in this guy passes. And egos. Hey girl and I'm like. I said. That babies. Because he looked like Bieber all right and he just looked at me and other elected her to look like he he looks like Bieber right just to applaud it and that he did a regular right. Hey that guarantees theater products on the sake of settler now ma'am do you remember. Did you ever throw line now to a girl if she if you knew she was a profiler. Know you're like oh I don't know lol hey girl they know little girls the now. I firmly in my body during the month and the jacket was like yes yes that's going to be just did he tells why remember he got even more pissed he turned around like she's nineteen and we like yeah we're wanna. Yeah. A. Game on coffee I don't think he's legal and there is no eight to try and Billy yeah. What's what did you parents you don't there's been a lot of UH 44999. Hole. Words why I was the I I still go back to balance it about a month the girls with her dad we shouldn't have I can do you figure. But I hello Eric welcome to the men's room. Or top. I so. They weren't my apparent goal light to metal. I'd say eight year old daughter now I understand I'm getting it. And what they're getting it didn't go to one mom did she couldn T walk. And who's your Harry. You know I think that the good old habit that only literally years. A paragon I that they give you a horrible Erica and then they give you a nickname based America. They decided to give. Bully as well then you're out here on top of that so it's like I don't need any more help residents and. The going well you lock. Yep and so that it in the circle around the dog likes it pure gold today I'm dirty you know and it. Still my junior year at homecoming football game I've played out I was very athletic you know and on that early word. Clearly middle linebacker and a got to make a tackle a Jumbo talk to somebody like I hit the side. The eight indenture lions field and it. Doesn't get too carried out the deal. My long term stay out of the stand. Yelling in your locker you OK I'm happy I'm. Yeah and Ed Michael Turner standing down there and extend the cancel those Sunday can't get much work in the sport like. Every kid in my school was there ever watch him watching him I like the most embarrassing thing in the world especially like. On sixteen years old and my school like and the only thing that not as you know been blocked. I'm out now gotten everything going on my current calmly walked has stakes pale. Yeah. That's at it doesn't get better at the point and I know this sounds dumbo like. They had to go to the humility of that moment and I'm very happy to say that I cannot imagine how horrible that moment was but. Once every one start calling you that to the point that it's that was item funniest of what they call oil at. Is it okay that your nickname as you walk now urge you hated every time you hear. All in all pretend like I'm I'm thirty years old I play a violate a volunteer and when people call me you walk on the football field at thirty years old are your child to big intimidating it is. It's into. In effect until market now Cincinnati I don't know not our top thirty years old. Why did your parents do to embarrass the hell out of view 8449990. I'm mania among public QE bellowed dusty welcome to the men's room. All I go yeah. So I got the story for you had a background eighteen churn up amend Jamaica that's a family vacation ever want to have a good time. And everyone else had gone back to the room and it was just me out about this all inclusive hotel as an eighteen year old. Whereas I have a good buddy were wrong you know you can all include a volatility just swim up to the bar and order yourself a drink it they just slide right on nobody you remember what town you're. There than you make. Don't don't really were called don't you can drag on the major good times. Alia it's Jamaican police spokesman who exactly. And tell you tell me out hey how Bo go pick up some year old phenom all right that's cool we can do that and we end up bull that meeting these two girls they're together and were hang about pinnacle of real real well. And for some reason can't even tell you I was so drunken good time he had to leave tonight the upper sure odd man this is this is just ship for me. And the Harold Hugo Tom Hayden knock her friends she's gonna take her permanently of that the end of the story. But no I decided to play in my car and that they were down I was gonna ride the tricycle and so I. But I don't I don't do I have a way America you know a couple of reject these drinks urine urine the grills where you were. You're gonna happen I can ride the tricycle group. And so we're walking down the ramp to the beach and all of sudden over the balcony my mom. Just stick their head over as you know ship wondered just archived understood you're gonna help me god I'll make I got a woman handed handle vulnerable little earlier right now where you're coming under you gotta help me finder. And all the sudden out he'd go Obama ballclub like yeah that's your damn you better ago. And you've been drunk eighteen year old I knew the one thing though goes shut down trees and faster than anything was the word. My mom. I had a she back to the room there's my sister never been lost the whole time my mom knew exactly what goes up till the. All she just wants you're on no lead our. Law that's not okay manner that is not OK. I'm out here you have have you been back to Jamaica. Now I have not yet you have to go have you had a chance to ride a tricycle since then. The opportunity has yet to present itself that is how well I never met here it never will have presented itself but not what they took him out a lot of what I don't look. I don't ever get this this is as rare as seeing like a meteorite streak across the sky it only happens to you a couple times in your life. In if you don't take advantage of that point in time. Then you'll kick yourself because it will take fifteen to twenty years for that. Scenario to hit again and like is that a might not be the ideal scenario and was just the next time that it's an opportunity. But you don't realize how few and far between that as of the time he discount ticket for Graham like it's gonna happen again and you gotta be able to still take advantage of the situation. So thing man yet man mom did that. That's Rauf. I dropped ma'am what's what do your parents do to embarrass the hell out of view a 44999. All the oldies they were you eight team. Yeah. If your kids fifteen I kind of did it do I look before you I understand how excited you all aura about quote. The opportunity that presents itself but like look me and you fifty you're an idiot so please do not but I'm sure but I think he looks like look. He's legal technically an adult. And mom you have to listen once a lifetime opportunity just let him go dude is gonna do does that drunk he's gonna fail miserably anyway but let them take notes way. Yeah that's all man and a tough one that is and it can be bitter about that every day for the rest of excellence in even repeating it sounds terrible. Like I missed out threesome like. As of my mom because my mum lead over Brad does that kinda ugly real good. Hello Zachary welcome to the men's room. Again today all overwhelming and of itself Deborah. Well and checked for your good luck on this. So he grade. I'll mention a street from. What. I. That. China now on the game. If that's correct that's all these that we Drobo. I. Out of the work out for you with a girl. IR. Iowa a parent you are wrong okay. Well that there's nothing cube and amp a bit of that but that's back to just. That feeling of wanting to embarrass your kid in any situation and I know I'm an artist absolutely I mean. Hell yeah. If I had a son okay elect. I would say like I have never laid a hand on my kids and and I never I never hit them on never discipline them that way have disciplined about not any kind of physical way one of those one of the reasons why the girls are taught never hit a girl anyway. Never had a woman ate at Enola she's just come and a man and she's like six but then maybe will go but it W notes and reduce its figuring out awareness that a little while the that would put this in the smaller form of coercion and that thing you love of coercion but I can just see myself rapid mass on a Gaza like you dumb act shore. Put I would never lay a finger on my daughters that because of that with just like. Out for and to you know but the ribbing that's open season. I can do that on one yet. The grammys different and that coming guys and and women our brains properties obviously in different ways but like my son and I already talks to and so what if your plan anything with your daughter. She wants two when she dropped her shoulders if she loses probably she's terrible things where frazzled. By some other form football play bass more real ugly. If he makes a shot it is amazing that I've never taught him to do the boy hill Landis dot com route current bench in many things like diet right yeah. But you can't help the Dubai actually you're always kind of competitive group whatever you do don't football you name and its yet there's something entirely different about the way you interact. But my father would do. Just horribly embarrassing stuff frank both the worst. The fast food ones were ban will order some of the past these things umps arm and people leading these I would like writer Leo. You know lake sir you got to pull over to decide throw a look at the drive through though in the car and parking no I'm not at and late and I'm at I ruin your best. I hate it or the other one where he actually part of that rain inside of the cabinet jumping up and town if he'd be in the news now I don't know they would be right not only that. Me I'm trying to think he's. He's like the regional berth in the lose remind of bathroom at that. The all the rage now it's like Robin you have great lines were like sporting events writes my brother seven years older I would go with my dad to watch complete baseball. He even get thrown out all the time. But like I remember one I don't know what he said to the umpire bill I was really pissed at them right he was like you're out here. Then we walked away but we weren't far enough away and I'll never forget the guy you could barely hear him he stops the entire game. Points like this little ridge we were on in his like I told you took a lead this big deal. I mean it was it was horribly embarrassed about your brother Hannity and call. He did not like it but I'd rather get it. My brother could stay there and other people Vieira it's okay or whatever I have to hop in the car with them and in your bitch and Obama aimed at umpire Barak that they like no baseball what else. The windshield wipers on its Cardin work heated get him fixed aegis attached during you know we didn't say yes please left arm he's broken. People blistering. Review. It's just what dog for like months to close them like a two week fit their paid the I I think there are so many if I'm number one now my Brothers coaching and Erica. He's coach I'm due fresh out of high school right now coaching at about smoking at the budget. The my brother that summer league it's American legion the tournament in West Virginia republic the beastly that if so my dad M com you know I was like eighteen they scoop me up in my western Maryland that they will go watch Chris coach over in West Virginia that great. And I missed the first games and taken and that. And then I show up to the field and my mom is like just has that look like. What happens. She's like well your father who would you like. The cartoon he doesn't have a can't play right it isn't just coaching. So really he got into an with the umpire so much. And then I guess yeah empire one point we just like something blah blah blah just we know loan frat boy talk. But I missed the umpire was and play golf how buyers that lets you. But the umpires it was a golf cart I think he's like going to the next field and they also now picture of my very rotund. Sixty something year old father chasing after the umpire at golf I don't know if you denied most of the kids on this team I think I'd just like they went to my high school all right so that's why am I get there they're like oh my god your father's attic. I have at least Jason doubt if he took a golf cart exploded that it stood anomaly. What's happening prefer it didn't have that you don't it was only so infinitely here's the thing I'm sure most of whom he was probably right between the may and doesn't know baseball or. But it just at a certain point they just know peace and I think if that level. And I'm constantly having. My sister right she didn't play nearly as many sports is needed to when you should play basketball teams decently good. And I mean. I don't know if you've ever been thrown out of a small arena and like the seventh grade girls game I hope I have done well in that gets thrown out at you gotta go with the deputy and I was horribly embarrassing him. Go to school all can see these girls a vote. I mean I know look I lower my health and who don't know who knows that we don't. Haven't even. He was. Consistent bright red right if you count and out of everything. Yeah he got done anything I mean to the point where it was like my brother eventually just got to any recent hate it don't come of the game theory sort of a restaurant. Yes. If we get there and never stopped it what time he felt. He felt our service is really bad and they have sent to us too close to the kitchen and cook cook a I was like we can't leave the starting order so it's got to pay for you know there's crap after they sound like table slam and I think he hit it if I. That it just me every time when you got into the cars like you know like none of them where in Vietnam. And it's. Didn't guard it's they aren't adequate. The lives of those recently did that at the what do your parents do a bears the hell out of view a 44999. Along although I would Gabor your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you. You don't have to the men's room. What did your parents do so embarrassed the hell out of you wait for 4999. Cola. To atoms can share some comments became man you are you're telling the endless supply stores by the the adventures of your parlor and many different ways that you embarrassment to me that is some of the comments. Please let Ted tells more restores your sitting on gold mine. Ted that was so funny my hollow for the home they laugh you can heads down Ted's dad sounds like Walter from the big about. All my camping god Ted's stories are legendary I mopeds dead things my dad I love to advance and and and an aunt and. Ago. Just know your father a hero commitment yet I too got the guys is that my dad and vaulter from got a bad call just Baylor basketball and you anymore. So this horror and I have two bit of hogs and it's okay down you know we like slacks. So one story I'm actually not a part of it's my father in my sister driving at Cape Cod to visit my uncle Phil NC. So they're driving up the stop at some restaurant ranked as he's got to use the bathroom but the only guy working and it's like the guy just open it up right he's clean indoor never. Eat so I guess he doesn't speak English or whatever doesn't while adamant that need to rest and now Obama blah. So finally. He just goes I need a restroom and starts undoing in between his zipper in front of the guy. Is moving and open to count them yeah but actually open in enclosed so what do you think this guy and helping survivors barely gets reaction is like Gideon. Ha yeah what it yet and then the other pants story down involves me so I out of you played a few miles you played baseball grown up. So used to have to Wear. Stir apps yet rank to the whole court. The correct way to actually put on stir reps is what you put on your you pull him up to your knees right. And then you'd have your baseball pants and inside out yet and you'd talk come up late to your meaningful to stir up over top ranked so he's coaching this Little League team on homeland. And we get there. And my father is pissed because other kids are not wearing a stir up correctly right. Things that got everybody roundup coming. And we walk on and off the baseball field think a little patch in the woods many think debt. Drop your pants that vocal hook I like him that easily drop your pets somehow stir up some work. Think she's living in the woods. I think I have to take down my pants right imagine the chubby sixth grader I know when it jock strap is not a great low performing terrific. But then if I remember correctly like another parent came by and then he has holding court with a bunch a painful skin could. He. That's the Netherlands. That's a bad luck to drop your pay would want it wouldn't know who couldn't. Everybody I cannot explain you how particular my family is about idea peace. Or fifties with these kids anywhere those large hits what do your parents do to embarrass the hell out of view of those stay and welcome to the men's room. All of us and eight net goods they know are you. I know my story about why. Obviously a while ago. I. Pipes who again I would politely go to I would not. And Alexei. I sophomore here. And I would date a girl out of pretty sales but she had an audit. Any guy probably has to let it done with that statement. So I got by that I call her up under. And yet not under the. You try described. We got we got the everything under quake and. Wouldn't. Let me say it. Out so. That happened. I got suspended at a hotel my dad why I got him by. So he's chuckling like tells the story and then later on how about a month later. I don't know what buddies at my house I got the there and the much Brett. And I are talking about how popular or adopted the so you can make the joke. Are you catch the Olympic anyway. Thanks dead. You know well I won't let. Not if you're gonna break down but have won against its its water under the bridge. And spill. Yeah. The desk of appease like the did you always think Susan. I mean that's kind of got. Obviously he did yeah as someone who courted broad the only girl on the how many times have you had that thought in your head move by. Your words as a kid when you're younger like this is going to be a time where I knocked that bastard out. Our remember I had that did you hear my story is that the inquiry there into that affected the good which always had a vacuum I like is this the time I'd drop them. Is this the time of these activities shop the other night I consider a bit until he read look at my face. That under these shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.