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Wednesday, June 13th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. It's also the shadow today which you don't need to know has more things that you don't need to know what our question as Kim Jung Rooney Brothers own toilet when he met with. Donald Trump there and Singapore he he did just basically he's got a thing like he's gonna Cooper is gonna open he's afraid that. If someone. Could they might take his stool. Learn about his health and they will go learn all things about that he believes that days probably right for somewhere read you know like he's probably right track try and open. Get all the information you need to know a lot of I'm sure you could I'm sure you could I just don't think anyone's worried about his group. I just don't yeah and while they keep in mind. I don't know this is the propaganda thing and and this is very important understand. Part of the reason he made a bomb was important is because he is the grandson of dear leader okay. And dear leader had many of the north Koreans convinced of a great many things that he never did one of the things as far as they believe that he never did reduce the bathroom. We'll Barbara so the thing is gonna. Doesn't make and I honestly don't make us think he saw just got to think ha if I'm the grandson of the sky and I'm trying to still convey this message right and I limit the free flow of information about. If there's if there is a video or picture of him entering or exiting the restaurant and somehow this makes its way to growth period ruins everything that you didn't say it. So I don't think that I was I don't know as an option like you know a man he onto every is about him gambling now you know I'd. I need to be able to get up there and escaped all targeted but you know dear leader he was he was. He was more than humans he so I think. Deep down Irsay and all those crap about a security with a grand I don't think it as you can do that I think look. This is the conflict and I don't know Harrell. You have all the soft released through generation drive and I'm out for everyone believes that but to protect the hype they you don't make the stinking. The cubism intact and that you don't punched the grumpy like everybody else it's important bring your toilet that way no one ever has an image of you. Going and her ex that's what I believe. Hell they are on tell me what was someone unusually obsessed or attached to 844999. Cola hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Oh man yeah. It. I gotta go until Greg. That there are scared. That's on the help keep Dana our brand the matter to our. Science experiment and canned. What I did this fifteen years ago we went to McDonald's and Bob a big Mac aren't. Am we did strategy when your Darryl you're all. Yelled blazers I'll I have that you know I which I. Chartered well as a desired say hey how largely licked it dead yet flat so energetic effort on our part in fifteen years great and I'm 38. In fifteen years. And the big act looked exactly. This same edit it it G a lattice lenses that don't will delay right. It's older a little bit the glory but nothing else is jinxed the targets generated a lot of change color. Is the easy it's still in the box or did you guys put it in like a Bagger something. Still on the spot where Arnold the president Sharif Sheikh who's in charge of keeping the big Mac or is it kind of traded Holmes is maybe. I don't doubt in my brain child you don't want it in charge of that now it is tiles single does it this is a hard sell right ahead maybe listen I know you got rid of my money out lighting neon sign. Game if you have my vote here now this goes well listen I know. That this hamburgers fifty years old but meal my buddies which is never never a cell and anything but leave my buddies have decided to keep those. As the science expert. Yeah pretty much he has little girl friend our ally and I think you're going to kick it to remain single and. Yeah only the Kennedy all right Matthew their Big Brother got you again you opened the big Mac can see the different layers of it's still or is it just kind of all is it together as a form together or is it still you don't mean could you take it apart. Eight ticket completely apart you know we are indeed out of body to take up irritate a pickle they're still there. Wow in army got a bit of its got a small bit of the targeted a bit of notre benched after it appeared it's not even show that. Captured you at McDonald's thing yet thanks. And yet they can take care of credit for it stood until hostility technical thirteen years later not. Decompose it's kind of. It's impressed I mean I am really impressed terrify the thing to think about all the things that we wait if you drink a Coke brand my understand this yet the daylight. Basically your don't bring costly to acid in Iran doesn't that because it'll don't think the roles often male we just have the landing on her stomach flip will drink cost the gas and in you even worse than those nowhere fifteen near my. At this point I mean you're right Blake obviously none of this stuff is healthy I'm sure there is better alternatives but like SL I mean after those many years like you know I advise you that you go to the junk yard man and you could take any seat. And you could push it forward if it's like a two door car. You can look down it's gonna find a McDonald's ran track and you're gonna be able needed it. At its ability exactly the same it's guaranteed to be there you might find a nugget under the seat. It really close in the real close. Fifteen years healthy or unhealthy what was someone unusually incest or attached to 8449990. I'll like the scientists. The scientific approach to Atlanta not listen I admire what they don't I'm just the new group of guys and unknown in my life. There's no chance the would've made should know would I want done then like in school for a science fair project notable lasted like two or three months. And mold the gazette and have the time I had to be done in an email like I could do it it would just be Palestine ahead leading up to the due date. I all the there's a question for NET two council's okay in theory my kids. When their seniors and as we'll junior to whatever they're gonna have to do some major science project I would guess I'm just assuming. Five by them would any of the big Mac court under whatever filed by the one now OK at. My daughter she wants to be won the second greats like like you for the next 1011 years we're just gonna keep this spot. When you're science project comes up you've got this league you've got to this murder is ten or eleven years old and he didn't say like Arafat like saving for college. I don't know the my kids going to college were a slogan put my anyway I saw quite can do that certainly. I disable burger for science project put would have been keeping them I don't think it is. I'm looking ahead you're coming it was science project for the science projects and I'm drinking than anyone else Catholic. This is legitimately a ten year old amber not only that they probably don't have the same food at that point that's good point healthier and help they also an unusually obsessed or attached to a 44999. Old line duel with the elusive mid rib. Hello Joey welcome to the men's room. Ol' us all. The guard at are there. You're you're a total Q unhealthy I used to consume. Massive amounts of energy drink eight. This that's got to as a poor man's heroin how much is still free drinks. I'd easily crushed or a day okay and what always your brand of choice. Only it will be Red Bull smaller rental and how how lowland gorillas. But I grew to medium I can never do 120 count on it because you get warm support it etiquette. Let me ask you what a major stock. My wife picked up that soon losing your doctor. You know. All just it was it was as though you're dark wizard does they nag you your back to talk could be yes I mean yeah he could be say but he did say somebody was eleven to Jesus maybe I mean so could your wife trust me picked by. How much was it was a matter of cost expands or was it just her general health concern what was a budgetary woes are deal. Amid a look at the budget if one with a budget at all I was it was more health related and I mean I'm going to work out and up to where I didn't have to worry about you know but not a lot actually it was more get that Benoit du courage in Irian. I mean you're like a change in my RBIs yet one day you that it felt like my heartbeat was beaten weird. And so does your wings flap and rebel usually goes near lane Amin a morning maybe or on the couch and the polls come on job. Schism now do you drink. None at all or did you just got back. I do it now it's like art in between I mean maybe like a red ball down again how long the agency Kuna. How long did they keep them. Normalize that like cutting back on Red Bull that month was Europe. Did you notice of withdrawal. I'm truly be at a caffeine headaches weren't saying like hey we're. They learn more you get your upper from now that's when I got to ask. We need it to the upper I mean one that started cut back and they're going. Backcourt can count that I guess they just got a little better keep my energy up and keep myself. It doesn't there also deserves a lot of people who live but obviously if you're if you're in the music industry. You've been on the road a lot you stated a lot of hotels you can use you know there's there's not a lot of regularity at times you know you don't really have a home or whatever a lot of guys say they crash and burn and you know I go through the thing and another rehab in a quitting some thing there. Whatever it is I mean it's it's a tough it's a tough row to. To be an addict because there's nothing short anchoring so all these guys of the the come through you know they're gets to a point where you can only take so much. And there's a lot of guys have just reached the point where something has happened and they just had to it figured out meant to stop now. When you go backstage is now that there's not beer back there or anything else but man there are eight Hahn. Of energy tracks. Who Jesus that's on the way. I just know for a fact voiced. This is fronts is people say that they aren't addicted to something as much as people say that. It's just a switch and it's a change yet throw that thing over asked as this it's a change in what they're addicted to. It is so it's. I won't tell us not it's not in other words like look man I'm not saying but if you're not drinking anymore and you had a problem drinking that's great. That you're not drinking anymore you keep it together because that's not easy for anybody but on the flip side of it. When you just exchange what they look it's I think and that's what I'll do Coke anymore but you don't I will do I'll do eat red bulls and a day. Show and really reliable and I can do local rebels behind back backstage is there and I during a moment I'm African flying like. My body is shaking right now that's why don't stay quote cocaine but I track I've told him that our time and time again this year mainly usually you're not sober either you might think that you're sober which are not like. If I'm on our overall. I'm not sober right but I don't get me wrong I did time though prime blown up I like having a good times and up all night there's a reason on that about a 10 o'clock and hundreds of entire sort of little I mean that's that's life has ups and then let's and we are also want bandit was but we play with the spam wants. They've been around for years and years and years and we were lucky enough to open for them and one thing they said backstage to get along pretty well and a solicit. You guys are more than welcome to come back here in in the fridge you can drink all the beer you want or five dudes in this man. Maybe they try to told three and and Meehan my guys. We drank the pits and it was their powder there was a bear to listen can be used to that they just given to those drink it so. We demolish their beer and now there are prepared to go on stage and the things are looking for is the Red Bull. None of us as far as an order to rebel my understanding was that whoever's responsible for backstage. She and her eyes stay. They did not stop the Red Bull and also the Iowa believe sooner those bad I've never give one of the more epic meltdowns have seen just from a person in general. But also it was about the Red Bull man. A moral and each other way I don't think he understands exactly this is like me not be enough to find a cigarette after a bad night in a remain. I just admit lag now I'm addicted to cigarettes and brother. You need to get a Red Bull quake and it was great so is is no doubt he is screaming he is yelling he'll throw things two minutes later. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome and here's this guy and stayed in light of thinking is. Nobody knows is that do want to Red Bulls so bad. You'll hit the Red Bulls pulled back at you though not all applying the. Right time. Healthier and hell they won't lose those someone unusually obsessed or dad to bigotry or else gonna Clemens or amendments in my back on you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Craig it's lovely Saturday also other turner whose lives less in minutes first time for a few emails in the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. Seven of the emails got hold on until late in number they shout out to twin girls Jocelyn and piper. It is our first birthday today and I know they would love to hear a little kid to face sand wedge do you know that thanks for the daily labs and overthrow reminding the listeners how delicious veggies are bad from Derek. It's our guys today my youngest grandchild and a force to be reckoned with the lovely and Angelina grace Ava tour loyal subjects turns. Six please grace or with a little kid they sandwich that would make her happy thanks guys from Mike in Port Orchard. Here's moral vigils I would love to wish my husband make a very heavy 26 he loved her joblessness daily even in the shower. Yeah Bay Area and Kenny gets a European this is too small and the dirty Germans talking about being an airborne ranger with great hair. That guys is from the lovely Serra. Yes. And Jonathan took note to your health and yeah but not the one on top of nod and a Honda nothing meets out. Cool guys your birthday set up my brother Joey is joining nine and is working he's been listening to the men's room for years. Abbott and original face sand wedge and one of the sexy Germans ask him what he's wearing and if his leader hose and are clean. Thanks guys out from Kenneth. I would give my two friends can do to the before. You need to host and always seemed to weather the inside out. Not just these kids and I can't feed generally you know isn't. Hello guys please give my friend Morgan a bird they shut I would turtle wax and winning puke in the Paz may be European is is too small on the other one he's an awesome guy and now some co worker thanks guys keep on rocket. Yeah yeah. And. As Illinois are master powers were tactile heavy dirty thirty we do not envy the hang over the you'll endure and hope for a speedy recovery. He's in dirty Germans talking about getting old liquor and cars guys that from Christina and from nick. Yeah that is the problem can do. The age you want to hit 69. On Hilton's best tennis and yes this minutes. Why don't goods is due to sun life. Only dinosaurs like to wish Lacey the dirty isn't cosmic get a guy I know I have a birthday any of the dirty Germans talking about how well she handles are tools got. Horrendous on the 200 proves true you're a hundred mile screwdriver. Ninth hit a six cents against the intents and and I love the outside looking into incentives. Pose those days are beautiful baby mama and fiance Terence thirty seconds or brown the son to this gorgeous woman get a sucking up come Kagan and I'll look out. A thank you guys so much that from Adrian well. Look at it brings on enjoys my husband Chris a wonderful happy birthday because he is awesome to be given the original face and much for his 33 trooper on the sun. And can you guys talked all over each other about fast cars a challengers being a better than arrest. Love from his favor life that would be the lovely Courtney fish sandwich as far as. Challenger Senator Hillary Clinton in times. I just learned here Melissa Daly and I almost like when I'm just doesn't get my family and I feel injuries especially in Aurilia sales familiar well I don't know you have your memoir resilience in the flight killing seven aboard the last thing I remember for a teacher journal television was obviously a major about bush. On about the challenges. There's a report Byrd now loves him dirty Germans. From Angela yeah. I don't want to talk about things that explode in 73 cent. Young shoot Mr. Bush since Sydney this thin and I couldn't close knit. I got pretty sure I'm Elena put a number they're caused a mile mark they love losing do you guys if I get you all talking over yourself and may be a Mike Hough deal though that would be great that would make my birthday thanks guys that from Alex. You know Amanda I'll ask ourselves we begin mining scenario we'll give you don't usually do draft actually I use it absolutely you know I don't know really why I know we're available for a month or is that he's an angry nasty when he and I don't believe progress. Throws today a mile brother Josh is 33 birthday is today gonna get a European as is too small and a Joey chestnut thanks guys we appreciate that from Big Brother Paul. 34 birthday the woman is a little while I've did you give her a little kid they sand wedge and maybe heavy portion of dirty German to finish it up thanks guys that from Chris. Yeah it's who you joked I'll stupid Chinese finger grip and Palestinians did Saddam the bush sample and send us simply so. And then then. Figured candidate yeah. Guide to guys' heads up and all the employees OB URL working today because today's my action where not to we are on alone outside and I'll tell him I'll be oriented they do things my husband Joe's birthday Brown's old Willie. Love the show and almost always participate in the shot of the day he is the sexiest man in the universe I know it like a big old bomb ripped and you like that. Thanks so much guys. Andy Mac. Now dude today my love Katie takes their 41 server on the side no the dirty Germans discussing something thinking earthy much appreciated out from Troy. Young to be simple. Young this again we put an end up close and anger Goodson. Also my favorite cup buggy drama in Germany. Sic and good. Lieutenant. And don't look good. The guy's birthday wish it is Kurt herders 52 birthday he needs attention gonna get your penis is due small. And the dirty Germans talking about his small stature. That from law and only Steve dirty Carl and Roberts. Need our guys go home. I don't know I'd. Yeah yeah learn okay. Bat I had I UTU but today. There is no we're. Available through these we'll stay on men's lives does come another sign retailers. In the shrine club. I got lectures I just think the guys really gone to twelve. Twelve packs a men's room original read it. And plan on having them over the tongue and down the throat to party in my tummy before sunset actress beer ever guys. That from Billy in Mount Vernon I'll tell you this I almost around the twelve facts. My grocery stores have been having incredible sales check where you live right now ma'am because that is a hell of a deal the twelve back depending on where you are. You'll see it it's it's a great price if you're seeing what I'm saying it is a great price. Guys as far as names OK here we go. I ask you not I have a cousin named Dickie p.s come I asked my aunt what they held she was thinking that from my Gail what we do know that I had a girlfriend high school named a need load. I need a loading if that's. Stay out main guys I know white guy name Oki he was a busboy when I worked in a restaurant in San Diego Dwight look I know stunning white woman named Ty Nash out. Tunisia she's a bartender down here in San Jose a bar called jacks and Japan town neighborhood in San elect aren't I say we go may have they just telling white woman named Tunisia and those Tunisian. Guys pertaining to my ex wife. We are going through many rough spells as she was spoiled and we for Chile with actual real life. When she got pregnant sciences to my daughter be named Sarah you like to name agreed. When she didn't know was Sarah was the high hostess and Al thanks to a Kandahar Mallorca at the time and I liked her. I was born chief looked down and left six weeks later. She doesn't know by seeger the man best decision I ever made off the record eighteen months of child support left would quote that from squirrel. You named your daughter after the high hostess that you were truth and out Baghdad being stage and you know no rose just ride. Mr. bent. Was supposed to go and meet up with a few friends to watch our army buddy run in the Boston Marathon decided not to go to does schedules are not wanting to bother a public transportation all that crap. Marathon bomb guys went off 25 minutes after we were supposed to meet up directly in front of where we were supposed to meet up and our army buddies were the ones. To rip the fence down to help the victims of the blast. That's from Jordan. What I miss guys I miss my son's wedding I live in San Jose California. I was in Los Angeles cleaning up my mom's belongings after she passed away tie her service was march 20 and my son was getting married. In San Francisco on March the fifteenth. So I left Los Angeles on March 14 because I have narcolepsy and it took me until the afternoon of fifteen to get to San Francisco. The wedding was at five and I was sitting in traffic in South San Francisco or five. The really bad thing about it is only the parents attended the wedding all he is still hurt and angry at me. If it out from Sally in San Jose Haas cars that LA has a solid box they'll well we'll take you down there and I would think you do to have access accounts it's another of those from other San Jose moral figure is C a tenacious. Our guys come war. The other day Mike Hough. Brought up the survey this at 5% of people who target and never kissed someone. I guess say that I am a part of that 5%. I'm 21 and relatively average looking and it just hasn't happened for me yet thankfully I didn't end of the coming. And in Seoul. Look at other if you don't know. But there's a knock you just hate people did you know god damn well no one knows the word Judas and another delusional old all whiny baby. I'm just don't know except I'll probably happen eventually when I'm finer person. PS listening on off since middle school. You as a the highest quality or to have a hell that cold months and this luck. Couldn how old are you now if they're 21 years old oh you're large when he wanted to look at you get a ticket to read festival I had you show up. I won't find a woman who go on stage and make you a man or man who'll go onstage you make you a man but you never you're looking for rather we will hold you up they'll be so many red Basil who will take care view we will bring you up there with the band to play whatever to you want why you remake it now it could to make gala some. Dude a woman for. You know I think mom MS wants a lie billion deaths to play a song of his joy are you kidding me of anything destitute yes. I got an apology today. In batting in the key is these cell and I mean it was literally a minute to be all kinds of old I've read a assembly by him. Could you Dolan threw a complete one year old co. Nobody. We will might come up here. The kids home for the very first time around. You wouldn't let me. I've been applied runs in amounts that track before you get this guys who assumed put on the red led this. Lou they locked and loaded. It is in Redmond wash down at the end there and not only we had your first weekend jagr firstly the hey pong with your mind through parks system. Still come with no need to know we have a more. Thank you donated nose and kind of come rolling in Europe where all of this while then he came and now this might shock a lot of people laid to pull the curtain back on this. I don't actually know the language impairment now I know a lot of you are like our dude you've been you've been BSE possible time. Does your German actor who's pretty spot on but no the installment of farce that said rob and actually does know German and an occasion. Says things and I will be a thousand or so moms we have absolutely no idea what she sighed okay have friends that are well. Nothing translator but they did to us off there might be more to what's going on around his mouth and he did you were I know our life so it just says here so one point. Armory on my hawk the word bill though it's just for him it's like the so they asked us talk over each other talking about buildup and Robin and you were you were speaking in German but it says. Quote I caught that definition of Tilda rob you want more you actually doing the depth I don't oil futures say what else starts with the Diego doesn't San Diego due call now I guess use something. I don't know Diego is put an if is that did you actually there is not a lot of good now. That's really no time to come we've got other turn a much needed don't need to know about first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Blue. A time. You bring a three stories every week out of the nude and all these stories suck but it's up to us to determine. Which of these three stories sought the least now if you like the men's room there on FaceBook or you follow us on Twitter and is the Gramm had men's or live. The debate is under way on who sucks less chairman Donald and all over the place this week because there are people variety. Is the spice to life you know that's what I try to do what it's like all the basket Robinson 31 flavor from ordering and so today what we have run began we have a man that hosted a special warrant for his friends where he made. He made for heated talk of who's been on the feet okay well we'll get back to that we have a a shelter animal shelter in Texas did in older. Pit bulls have the reputation. But they may have gone a little above and beyond. And there will be old threaded through cop beat the (%expletive) out of a black guy can do you know he's unarmed wouldn't sit. That's an Arizona both are not afraid pujols hit a very special brunch invited his friends over. Eighty made in fact we keep the top goes for each and every person. The leads in the figure the tacos. And it should be noted his friends did know of the meat source was. Was meets from his severed foot. And it turns out that cannibalism there's no federal law. There's no federal law on America the bar of Campbell's. So only in the state of Idaho is edu and flourished in the Mosul where were they. They were not an eyeball or good all day long game alone and I applaud they look it's hard it is still camera people who can't buyers saw him to meet. It's not easy to do but in this case. EST December 4 and he invited some friends over they marinated it overnight but estimates they may have included pictures that are kind of nauseating but they in fact. We're served the heat is made out of his book. I don't know if that's the brunt of all here's my spectrum of failed. Oh yeah yeah you don't they look like knuckles they do. I know we go to Texas or a pebble Texas amber puppies that were euthanized. But this happened while the goal was giving birth to the (%expletive) it's a former volunteer their since you don't walk through the shelter and she described seeing the dog before we utilize instead it appeared friendly but scared. No later went and checked on the dog went into labor she started talking to the staff by getting proper this that the other four but when she returned to the ball. It is being moved if you heard later that the dogs and puppies have been put down before the dog he even finished. You New York. Actually talking to solve a personal message you have it's unfortunate but it's the judgment call we me and I guess that particular pit bull. Some Nicole because it was being aggressive. The parties however. Well number five and now let's go to globally Arizona Oregon and Robert Johnson is leaning against won't look you know cell phone to cop show. Based surgeon he is on our. He's not even being investigated for anything. Someone says someone might be tried to break in the she's not the case the apartment complex from confound them is worth you he was outside and some boy don't they did ask him to sit. I refuse to sit down he did leave against the wall look at surge but what he would not let the officers I tagged him sort of punching him being and everything else now he says. That the conversation. Is what led to that unfortunately in spite of the video somehow the audio got lost so no one has that part of the real ID on the men's are among those FaceBook you. Made on who sucks less is underway Brian says the studies such Phillies DS celebrated his milk fortune at the foot guy with his friends by sharing a meal. And rides his pit bull killer doesn't even suck it all hopefully they kill the Pope is well. That's his opinion I believe yours if you follow the men's room on FaceBook. On who's such less so don't drink adult with a shot of the day the return of what you don't need to know has more things that seriously you don't need to know. And that's coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. True it's my. Coming up we will again we will toe whipped a shot on the day but parts. We're in Poland useless information. And you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room chairs and let you don't need to know plus an ideology no need to know believe her now we go back to the well loves. Some things that pretty much you really don't need to know and a lot of them have to do with the red red hand left handed species that that is of your people there's the does have a conversation about the now as far as the fact. It's a stupid thing at Louis Missouri stupid thing but we did talk about this as a left handed person compared to understand I'm what I believe. About 12% of the population flippant. I'm so. One of the traditional things you do when you shake hands upon greeting someone needing someone you shake with your way you do. Now as I understand it when it comes to mass debating most people use the or non dominant hand. All right so what would realize that Google's is that they know miles of my talk about during the break. I have received more penis than I've given you understand so the idea that you can imagine maybe send out my hand on behalf of the as the left handed person I never have you rarely talk to my left pane so I don't touch he's seen as the touch his mind anytime we see every time I mean so right I lose that battle Los Libyan on the left handed person we should several special handshake deal that he was free and got let's see here. As far as the left handed people are concerned. The average person's left hand believe Hernandez 56%. Of the type. Okay and he's I think for senate diving that's done with the left there we hear some more a shark is the only fish chicken wing with both sides. What the only fish who can blame but vocal opponent and individuals or together a shark the only you don't pump there's more things you'd need enough. Collins. And ostriches I is bigger than its brain. And Ross and his eyes is bigger than spring a top big numbers. Did you know that if you were to shave a tiger. Was striped fur ball would be underneath stripes and stripes kid that's right absolutely. I dragonfly has a life span all of the old limit. Six weeks six months since Marat really it's a bug the last for six months being up. It's being held a cockroach can live nine days without its head before it starves to death. I think about that I cockroach can live nine days without attend before it starts today. Here's some more. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because. And more pain does not Wear pants a floral assault. More people are killed by this animal annually than are killed in plane crashes mosquito donkeys donkeys donkeys. I've met a dog he wants his name pokey and I can't explain it. Mean does god damn donkey got a long I don't sound stupid about the economy and pokey dude I don't have my hard on network. Mayor Booker rugby ground stewardesses is the longest word typed was only the left hand as soon. And one count me yes or correct I'm Marilyn Monroe had six toes on one but these are things that you really don't need them. Wrote if you keep a goldfish in the darkroom it'll eventually turn what color white that is correct. Women linked nearly twice as much is made. Here's an exciting one thing right handed people live on average nine years longer than left handed people. A. We can all live than it was back to a tiger. All my time. The sentence the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog uses every letter of the alphabet is correct. And the names of all the continents all in with the same letter which is which what they stopped. Yeah Europe Antarctic Africa but he sent to the north and South America. And typewriter is the longest word for giving me using the letters on only one role of the people yes ironically enough very young which you don't even know I kind of imaginary attacks. Many chances Ericsson pureed. I would isn't as usual way I did you bring gas cans even throw vilified out nortel's. It hasn't been Bertha wanna point out that right hander commented that they Madison may go left I am so when I meet them I don't you know at least it's a clean tea okay. I appreciate that I'm sure you're not going to doggone gone but thank you that is right and that they wage those 34 year old Rahim Drummond of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. He is one of these geniuses who is got himself in trouble but has decided in the brief time he's been in jail. You know what I'm gonna go ahead and represent myself because obviously he wants to stay in jail. He waived his preliminary hearing on charges of aggravated harassment by a prisoner. That's the second charge against them he remind initially he was put in prison because of robbery that he was involved that. But nevertheless as he was saying that he wanted to represent himself the state still provided them with a district attorney and I in this particular case. He believed that it is. He believed that his client was handing Haram an envelope. With information pertaining to his case because a lot of times and these guys choose to represent themselves. Those so consult with the lawyer about certain legal avenues so he provided them with an envelope. But it leaves held information about the case are on the lawyer or open the envelope instead of being a letter about pretrial matters. The envelope was opened the and it was opened in court. It should be noted. It was found to contain. Only fecal matter. A little bit. All due to move them up. It's a lawyer and the lawyer openness of the court case the lawyer reaches and grab the letter. It gets a handful poop that's worthy charges of aggravated harassment by a prisoner of comet. He waived his right elements like he'll be spending a little extra time behind bars it seems that he did not think his cunning plan all the way through bridge and yes. Hands his lawyer and humble little opportunity to pretrial matters again this is in the courtroom. Well one thing u.'s gonna get out that man obviously the guy's crazy right. I mean clearly going to prison does not bother him but that's. Maybe it is one of the shot of the day you don't honor I don't know about my bad as a move a man lived I'm trying not to laugh when. There had to help move. That's so important booze of injuries this loser because we think it's yummy out act over the top and down the throat you Barney and our Tommy. It's down oh god red zone arrows. Kids are go and I don't live right now for low profile this 844999. Hole. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.