05-25-18 Seg 3 Mens Room beats the FCC

Friday, May 25th

Emails, Ted tries his luck against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!​


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Well Andre tells loose shot up today bad jokes on the way the return of Chad vs the FCC that is all coming up stay tuned our question what happened with a gun 8449990. Look. Hello all and that's how low do you know welcome to men's room. Little or no Iraq. How this happened back in 1990s. And it was Super Bowl Sunday. And I have been at military ex military who is that guy who is that's Super Bowl that your denounce and on Sunday and grenades hackers Italian don't really care. We got a Packers have Broncos right says Steve McNair. Seeming manner. That was titans lost in the right hands and I'm saying it was Brett Favre or degrade their bag of playing whoever they lost it. The Broncos one of them Frontline Broncos aren't so good that I now size aren't really really tolerate it matter DOS are now we have to prevent them and we don't even Opel Wright Anson beard yeah. Anyway and military has been we got station up and Alaska had six months into our marriage. And. He went off to a friend count came back home and things were good you know Arianna out of and slipped and had brain cell. I. We went about doing that we political argument he pulled at age forty why seventy which they huge. Caliber shotgun. And pulled it on my head. He actually eat all the triggered. Luckily he bit the gun jammed. And as I'm trying to get out of the house. To get away from hand to go to saint yanked up like that. Again dead winner of Alaska in February. He told another right pull on me which lends and a three the year in the sniper rifle. I got out the door before he pileup fired that shot off. And luckily I'm still alive to this day nothing happened right pander don't have to. Charge myself in short any torn off future. I have a mile to the local lodging you and add to our base up and Anchorage Alaska. To get myself checked and all the top all that stuff wolves and I. Did he have a there's like a psychiatric care what the meaning he'd make you lose I didn't even know who's doing there was very cognizant of. No he lost that he doesn't even remember anything that went off on I am. I used it since then been been diagnosed with severe. Pre war what we know that today. But he wasn't any. A battle back and 78. Under the Czechoslovakian border. So there's issues like that to buy it. Did you say did you stay like this guy. I'm that would Murray gonna celebrate our 22 year anniversary. And yes this is an amazing the story of love. It starts out with a gun they had a good dozen fire in the discussion you zig zag running through the snow. In Anchorage and short enjoy accident tore off half teacher would probably looked in a weird way like a horror movie could you have to look session when you're doing this. You should know grants loans are well dodged the sniper rifle and here you are a fire and here you are now twenty years later and you still love each other. Wow that's a lifetime. And it's been a battle up and down. I'm direction he would much better very much. Yeah me much I know the economy I mean then. I don't know more guns and house no more guns in the house right. Actually we don't have that we don't have supported I seventy and that's really going to look here I'll want to put your head back in the day. Yes actually I memories a love gone the other school of government revenues if it's. And you're comfortable that. Like I think he's going to do the key to that lockbox or UN control of that. They are not locked up they are free open and I and that in no and you need is pray to god that nothing happens again. And nothing has happened in the last twenty years to sell I don't trust him I bought them you know. Brent and as that gives. We I could not have kids so now we do not. And currently locked an omen and an athlete to. Did he ever have any interaction with the ranking officer how do you know about Alaska isn't a random post. I handed him over east war and saw there were options Arab Hawaii Alaska. Italy eat go to three accompanied towards. Or Korea. Which would unaccompanied. And these new into the marriage I didn't want him to go to Hawaii to be was a hole went to. And on all in Honolulu you dog okay you let him go to Italy together Holler okay our experience literally I don't know who did you know he's going to be there are glad they didn't sit here. As I entered the last I would say it'll I'll collapse got. Wow well you know a man you know what we've been angrily earlier Forester there and say hey. You know dug up and I know I dragged. The. How would have been with the gun 844999. People could across Hawaii. Italy Italy Korea I don't want him to get laid. You know in any likes those who would you go to warm weather Dublin and angry red yellow accumulated over them being members of government to a tournament. When apple begun a 44999. All you know what the numbers as you don't want him ligament cheeks and the key that's what am I already went on our towns and Italy all of the different today that it. Man oh man north. Hello Jake welcome to the men drew. Okay. I got a good good JW. It almost compliment to our community I was over and so we like there's still 45 minutes and but does Stephen all the money that you are getting real close those few wins the dollar. Always seem so low would tell would have with a gun. So I was just you know very nice blend you know I don't remit so rare night alone he's going to be decided it is hang out and watch a movie and had a few drinks. And so I'm a much loved me and I hear annoyed outside sounds like court patio chair is being split on the deck. IPod the movie and you know don't think anything other that just aren't really make sure I don't hear anything else and sure enough I hear that let you get some like you know look to have. I am. So I go out and I look out toward the slider and I see some guy in the white he should run off like that so my first instinct to go grab my gun. I don't hurry to a certain. Eilat and give me a free T shirt I like metal campaign ma'am that's good good go ahead and get that do. Themselves I've got of my gunning non solo confident that had a few drinks and whatnot so I go out there. And I don't even have a safety is got extremely sensitive trigger so I don't I don't ever really keep chamber. But I adaptor that you that error and not into the bush isn't and what not let live kind of on an acreage. So and I pull back the slide to make that sound got to kind of intimidated and I also have a later my pistol suck on that side terminally they're so quick that Bush's. So that's what I'm appreciated that about ask themselves. Yeah I'll probably. Cricket I'm sure right don't. I know I'm thirty autumn they get them out of here or whatnot and and he's I don't see the bush move very day in and actually beyond. I'm glad to see him bucket and I don't intend on hurt the guys want to get that you know get the hell off my property. So. I had never gotten that close to like actually using my guidance target practice or aren't in I actually wasn't going to you do you know I was just. Trying to protect myself truth but still when I get back and I'm you know drop a clip and I go to this jet you know each chamber that bullet that was in there. And you know I'm kind of shaking up the adrenaline and then a little bit and you know you know little drum and all that. And when I know that you care of the ball and accidentally. I saw my I think our furniture and actually shoot a hole through the floor and that's what we're glad about it. Old man Okafor wasn't. And this carpet and OK so that's that's the one I would think would be the most forgiving insurers aesthetics ago. Yes but you know the fact that it gets left foot financial not even the worst part in itself. I sit back down or watching a movie and I couldn't think in you know at that point and like the most so we're every bit as well shut my foot off. And down. Some sort of they can elect a you know and I don't destruction that absolutely no position like electrical underneath how to look I know that you know die my sleep through some sort of electrical fire. A big guy should go down to calls basin and see what's going on. Well the sooner they get the calls based door I already know what's going on I hear the sound of water just gushing. And settled and that I read it out and so I'm trump anything I don't know what the water shut out as I've only been here for a little while. Until I call my landlord and extreme panic trying to figure out where the water shop it's. And he explained that he had actually in the middle of the bush off the deck. And so I. And just buy into this bush trying to find the water shuttle took about five minutes and finally got to shut off. A long story short I would make sure is nothing you're not on the trigger. When did you bring the bulletin jets. How much does did you have any water damage after five minutes. Router could go don't go to crawl space in that keynote. Gravel the vapor barrier but it was a good sized puddle down there. Oh yeah shallow area. That's the one place where you could have shot enliven and not done any damage structurally element into that's for sure nothing about the guy that was on his back and join you think about for second so at your on his deck the gavels to spot you. You're hiding in the bushes laser Scopes looking for it. Since the guy standing in his own doorway you he's got to go on you and that's all right so. He goes back in house you were involved but why are you running all you hear the gunfire. This guy is probably thinking like hey man Arnold you walked in the house and just killed some Barley Alamo piece so mad he's a but if the guy did not approve his pants we've had down the bushes I guarantee you he dropped a load when you heard meg gonna go off the depth. Are starting to shoot an Emmy Grammy and know that you found babies is like holy as. Us. What's now what happened with a gun a 4499. Analyst and again I'm quick side note. Wooten. It's not that much for breaking and entering act but if I were populate the state like Alaska would be won the last places on conduit West Virginia city of Memphis a ball to really like these are places. I thought 38 champs they get home like I'm not Idaho home and or no who's gonna go whole northern California last. Just goes on nationally feel most deeply that you have to have guns fired because of the wild right you live in a rapidly ran don't break in the other homes and the reason it just in case you run into a bear for exactly you know we do you jog red X and we just looked at page of bear sighting. And a certain area I go out let's let's Gary is crap now this you know. They're season that's where they live you know who now with what what have a with a gun the new emails go to the men's room and men's or my Docomo also might devers is the FCC bad jokes and we will drink and those with a shot of the day you are listening to the bedroom radio network. And Joseph. You don't have to turn the men's room. Watch what happened with the guys in here come those emails from the bedroom mad men's remind acknowledged. And I go guys and I was younger I. Lodged around in my friend's apartment floor trying to disengage the hammer. On his 45 owls also arrested carrying a fully loaded stolen 2.2 cal Pope I was very stupid in my younger days I had to fighting human rights carry back now I am responsible gun owner. That from the black rocker. Guys while teenagers my aunts and uncles went to shoot trap my aunt didn't have too much experience so her wonderful Brothers wanted to help brow. They showed her how to grab the gun how to aim it how to shoot. They gave one last piece of advice to make sure you all away from your shoulder because it'll move back toward you. She believed them pull the trigger needless to say the twelve gauge kicked the crap out of her chair pretty great bruised for a good while. That from Justin but jealous when I was a teenager I used Johnson I was hunting with a family friend that came across a herd of deer I took a neat and I waited. Out came three point buck of which I took the shots all the deer scatter in every direction except the deer that I took a shot that the deer are shot at then started charging right it meet. That we ought to realize I still had a loaded gun I shot again from the hip and had the deer drop ten feet for me. From then I was known as the master honor because I had a deer drop in my feet. That's from scouts in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Guys I was in the army at JB LM formally called Fort Lewis in the early ninety's me and three other bodies in my new car mind you. Went off base to seize commands the largest few exits north of the base. I'm journey on LSD as well as another in the group long story short we're up in a bar declaring Bob Barr clearing brawl into the goal army do fashion. As we are getting on the freeway back to the base this is used to Impreza. Do in the bar we are fighting starts opening fire on us cases we hit about a 130 with the car owner dale the entire time was some sort of maneuvering. We made it to base safe and sound there was a dense in my truck where the bullets just grace Eckart lucky to be alive. That's from Dustin we have the comments today now I'm not really a man with a lot of mishaps and everything else policy here to ever view excellence of the men's or women's or live dot com. Jose mine all husband dad's birthday is tomorrow an obvious fortieth. I would love for you wish him happy birthday and drums of turtles thanks thanks guys that from Megan all make you are. So sorry we outward guys. Guys don't wish show other guys had a birthday we suffered. We don't have birthday weeks we don't have Bert than months we have birthdays. From Baltimore thing or that Brenda and an encrypted Ali we hope we have had to grow up journal guys yeah are gonna wish you happy burden on the that is birthday what it's like dependent stretches in like a second day. Mine now having a birthday week urges the birth date and there I think you're still on it from the night before our I mean I'm usually continuing the part. Yes he had to think for a few hours in the news logo there and a few good rounds. I had a birthday to our daughter has Siena it's or tenth trip around the sun did you get a little kid fish sandwich you know what that adds is that. Thanks guys from Jeff in misty. Oh my god what the the girl. Kaiser's my son page in a mall some birthday he has ten years old he wasn't your show every day and laugh so hard can we please get the dirty Germans. Talking about kids cheating a dodge ball. We will all be listening and it'll make his birthday love his mom and Brian the dad. I'd do not know you cheat the dodge yeah. Of the loop through the bulletins it was sort of the bulletins fix. God I mean cheating if this will see this very tough I mean can she did bug bombs you mean you get in the way gets his by the mall on good. You teach at the game we tried to avoid you do it goes the other way as I know would be kind of violence. If you could recruiting much older child. Think that it is stronger now 118 year old casino opening the really actually trying to think this through. While how much did not know do you did but he didn't want to. Yeah and I couldn't shoot to beloved yeah. Not one of them. Let goodies it's time for you to learn to play caught because if they do and they are big bird. They always do I Doreen AK AD she would love nothing Marty here a European as is too small and all of you talking all over each other about Christmas. Thanks guys love Mac and Debbie Debbie. Christmas aren't randomly out there right now wondering can replace Christmas you know the deadliest so clearly at Ontario I think you know Dan when that happens for a little while and arrogant labeling her a hundred remember these are glad to look around his son's pain in my religious and include the Frick and batteries which ozawa always driver I had the eighteenth birthday today he's been losing you guys NT while. Irons. Ten years old thanks to his wonderful nanny. He would love to hear this at a time to take off the leash may be a LeRoy Jagan and for good measure I think happy birthday in German from Wada and that would be awesome had a birthday T love I Shani the nannies have been sick. Yeah. I. Yeah I'll fully kingdom bush. Bridges let's say airline always say job or they don't like co worker justice. Pronounced pay you. It is as to when he first birthday he's the baby of our work crew and he keeps us and our customers entertained with his bad jokes. Can you please him a little kid faced sandwich and the dirty Germans talking about getting drunk on your birthday love the show debug rocket that from you vets. Yeah we will get to rejoin the book and movie. We were named Bob scrub that is why good. And 011 cheek how much inform you of the cheek in the lagoon and. Now on your birthday getting drunk is greater since you the special birthday if you like from. Bozos name's Dave and always my dog you Kevin had a birthday he is 25 years old and he doesn't hold up and there were okay. I'm boogie down my. How why would you please get. He would like to hear three Joey just not someplace thanks a lot rock commented sincerely that we dirty days. I there's no way OS cavity even heard that Mel yeah dog and go oh man that Donovan walked. Mozilla guys at a birthday shot onto my lovely girlfriend does Sarah as she is 26 years old today have a turtle wax in the dirty German talk a little odd Ted from Melbourne please thanks guys you rock that from Cody. We'll overlook God's. Please what. Yeah hopefully he'll blow that I would be conducive to the running star program. Where you bend over and I get to remains to. Think that the bet that if amendment Sam had just find Sheila good news I'm gonna come down there with a little rumbling distilled skin. I think my Tony turnaround has done get I get again wasn't shot blast shotgun blast and thrill. And maybe the dirty Germans talking about electricians. Thanks guys love the show that from Brad. Did it it's. Yeah me. Yeah the thing on the Obama team electricity. Twenty sparks fly and I'm in Greece she was my only whites who. It's yet and kind of the opposite of an electrician. The thing you try to avoid isn't I do in the end to go boom. I'm going to attributable to over another birthday gray mama best friend and you know what that happens that brawl and all of you talking all over yourself about what just happened thanks guys. That from bill yeah. Crawl however have been there news plans it's a little bit more for awhile hesitant on it's sit on our part of America and as a learning how to get a handle on crop dusting funny pills available. Although my brother Adam is celebrating his 32 trip around the grave all fired today all he wants is a symphony of turtle wax maybe some dirty Germans. Talking about piggyback rides thanks guys that from Andrew. Ha ha ha. Yeah unload this home. A you would be good kid and I will be a little bit and I'll piggyback graphics. But dangerous you have to be careful. Who did way too sex with your buddies. Double talk piggyback rides a different. You Pulitzer on the front of this most of last time you saw grown men to have you back but I did not think this thing together. It is today is my 41 trip around the son I just recently found the show and enjoy listening on the have you made driving a night entertaining. Is it possible to get the dirty Germans to tell me how good I am a backing trailers into docs. Thanks guys that from mad listening and lovely Appleton Wisconsin that. Job. I do not to believe you have a few trailers and two ballots so tonight we both of you prove it true. Ya Portis look back at Chela right into my doctor dirty little patch up. Dirty little mention Madison Wisconsin yeah. And I sort of feed them cheese if you go ahead to. Food. It's actually wanna it's actually the fires were not better she I'm sure he's a bachelor fan. Just call him a dead and a look ahead. Good guys there you know having not having. I had never added ROK I'm happy I'm happy. I DA MP UT new big T and TJ and. So available through news and world in a men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Trying to fly. We lose we need to get you know that guy in an email back and I moved here dude I was they're fair and that we're gonna go out javelin sometime had a very clear just know that for sure what you drink your beer we talked about the hang out for sure and and eat our face off. Hello I've been losing you guys for awhile now. Great show anyway I heard guys talking about beat that butch sandwich in Jersey it was a huge at this bat this kids head bits the fact that pitch okay. I'm from New Jersey obvious strengths and and expertise this man I don't know I was good days and even today and I just had stars Staten. I'm from Jersey and out by the U guys mileage some info about those fat sandwiches so the Fed bitch is SE. However the fans booed though is oh my god it it it's great is a burger. Fries. Pork roll lettuce ketchup and Mayo on a sub role so that is the fact Buddha the fab Buddha and what was the fat bitch. I don't know he just says the Fed bitches SE the fat bitch my understanding was it's just that she typically something. Are you familiar with his sandwich ready and every told me they think those injured beauty and of the Nady you've been out drinking inches is speaking geez it's got mozzarella sticks like chicken fingers on the enterprise I have for the much but there's different versions of fat pink a PS so the booed off. Is with burger Fries. Pork roll for all of corporate Landis ketchup and Mayo on the sub role there's also. The Fed Darrell. Any get the barrel on the bad Errol I know that there is a bad luck okay and they've now established on the fat in there I don't put some fight all right here you go the fact Darryl is. Chicken fingers. Mozzarella sticks. Marinara sauce and cheese on a sub role. So it's almost like he chickened harm with mozzarella sticks on the several that to me yes it's almost like get sick actually the market around is still in chicken fingers bitch I ain't if you aren't accurate seat if you have chicken fingers are right and you put cheese and must also an anti nuclear kind of close to a parmesan cheese here our misgivings Debian had and some are close to that. I I mean a gummy vitamins now what's eating fruit man no himself doesn't look at excellence there's so there's also allows no matter what that's that bad said. I would eat the Livan has summed up all of the my doctor that I would have more fruits of trigger grapes out which could eat and eat it and thank you well organized to give her Assad and diabetes down. Yeah right leg a I don't know like I think Lisa and Billy did your chicken fingers and Bob Rose our look French Fries on top. On mannequins as crazy stuff here I says it says these are found at the grease food trucks located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Which is right on the edge of the Rutgers campus. If you eat three of them and a half an hour you get to name your own and it goes on the board of for all time. Pretty awesome place to get to munch on anyway though thanks what you guys do I think you don't throw that information vote based on AM hey Paul lead here from sale more again. Brain freeze can be cured by present your thumb up against the rule for your freaking mouse yes that a senator Tim this new found information and it worked keep kicking ass. Listen you guys every night Donyell Giordano and an opponent WTO are the kitty kgo in so wait a new intentionally gave resolve Braintree I visited them and then Maine and I was to a more here some in my neighbor to an old rituals. Friend was renting the house that her grandmother used to live in two 23 Asians two Brothers and one sister nice quiet people. Which is what the neighborhood loved there was a quiet turns out one of the men was selling marijuana out a house. I notice all the cops narcotics division showing up turns out the cellar and 44 pounds of marijuana in a green told bucket never smelled it I love the show. Bad throw mud Georgia probably it was this tow package. Can kind of buckled or out of a thousand times don't I do we do something green actually diluted Miller come. Come on man yeah hide their Crown Royal bag were grown up. All you're familiar stuff and oh Crown Royal bag laying around what could possibly be a bad back what are people possibly six. Is it been it is have been used did you triple Crown Royal and now you wonder crowds are right all the breakthrough bleeding did manage to put the pipe then you put the lighter version. We had a friend of ours house years ago one of their friends the cop and I had that bag and he cycles before it was legally say. That's that you brought to read and you what do you mean he's like. All right that played well you Kendra and have moved back. You know I'll run through that's got your money's not a matter right you don't you ever broken your house of Billy personally look for to Crown Royal marriage to Susan party favors. Four among let's go back into and lasted only played ten vs the FCC if we're good let's go back into and clearing in the likes. They cut beaten bigger nick speak in his always stick cut. Bigger Nick's girlfriend has a thick cut to fit cuts kick but please address bigger nick likes that not make it bigger next weekend is is always speak out. Cold bigger Nick's girlfriend at the fifth cut to fit cuts hit us on bigger nick loves the big cuts make it bigger nets they can it's always stick bigger next girlfriend. Heavy thick cut to fit cuts kick but do better next likes. Like Scott make it bigger and it's making it the only thing I thought they had a girlfriend has a quick cut to fit cuts get well. Plus how we don't win endeavors as the FCC let's do it again. Whose three. 120. Boy. Go way. Forward. No need. And Monday through demonstrated in our polls until that is they could pose a snapshot unbelievably you know that cans of Lysol man oh man can you get above all of those bad boys Rondo out of but dastardly acts and three Novak. We gusted up all night just hired in kites are coming out of new Ryan's rules for ten vs the FCC lower bowl. How we get in here today and when you known as soon as I check my email this morning. I see that we get a listener submitted. Ted vs the FCC some involvement and he'd always say this or gums where their own way that's that's not sorry that they have printed in gold as I got water and our concern is our listeners come pretty much like a guy like Carl Welty before Riyadh due to show that we've we won't go to her total and we all slack than we do and rob forgive most laps you're the back in that church says what's. We should look that up Rivera. Yeah probably believe picked up by the way I just don't you know if you do download. The other men's room out which is brand new and absolutely free and you can no listen to a show on demand anytime anywhere we do have a nice little nugget on there where you can take on the FCC play a little you vs the FCC end up pretty much as soon as we get done playing the FCC with a couple days we've got new woods up there from the ones that you have actually submitted so we haven't checked it out there's so. It's time once again. Portend vs the FCC the way you play the game is dead he need to read this one time through then three times fast this one comes from our good listener and friend named Dillon. And this week's Ted vs the FCC goes something like this. The flow plea from these fluffy frustrated horse bunker blocked with a dumb adult big horse hit. The dumb adult horse take didn't help the fluffy frustrated horse bunker buck the horse. The way we do ten vs the FCC is an eatery that one time through then three times fast. You're very you're you're worried Jim Rome like with your paper's account. I'm sure it's like you noting. Technically if that if I think if we look at it. Right now man there's just a weird one to the fluffy frustrated course blocker blocked with that dumb dumb. Dull big Porsche. Hit. That dumb dull horse kick didn't help the floppy frustrated horse of locker buck the horse. Afraid affect the fluffy frustrated horse bunker plugged with a big dumb dull poor sick. The dumb dull horse pick didn't help the fluffy frustrated horse bunker but the courts aren't the public frustrated horse bunker but for the dumb dull or expect. The don't know born sick didn't help the flood her. Fluffy frustrated reports bunker blocked or do what they frustrated what's blocker what you would not do all big poor sick. The top dog horse picked did you come up fluffy frustrated horsepower per month. The. Fluids at vs yeah. Match play baseball scores 999 wholly good email the bad goes to the men's room and men's room live dot com bad jokes are coming out. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Don't trade form for a 9990. And away we go with the bad jokes here's one from the email what do you call snake did three point 14 meters long. What do you call us today pivotal point 34 meters three point 14 meters long or is more pies made a pipeline damage. All right time as you look hello Michael welcome to the bad jokes. Do or die. And and it is over the I'm always curious. I felt like now. Do you know of a gun going to ruin your whole body till that gun is going good period now. My discharge. All. C.s and main road so it's welcome back hello. And all of hello. Yeah I do it and we're gonna Bob are you. Good idea are you ready for this bad joke no no we're just do the segments you guys everyone's time. Did you hear about the Ricoh brand and sometimes you know whatever with the repo man at the hospital. Here at cedars didn't. The outlook. I want renewed its back. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Saturday Dennis usually had considering gas cans even throw a little find out who were tells him yes indeed and today and we toast of 37 year old woman known simply as Gloria C eat. Or Mexico City Mexico now she recently went to the hospital at Luke Rubin that led narrow hospital there choose to complaining. Of abdominal pains are too said ma'am. My abdomen skill militia also pointed out to the doctors look I'm pregnant so that might be the problem. One thing about lying to doctors about being pregnant is that they can easily figure out that you're not pregnant by like you know running test. And in this case they couldn't find a heartbeat they transported to a specialist. So they went in and immediately. They got a gynecologist who came in and said no no she's not pregnant the reason your abdomen herds it's a 2.5. Pounds a camera miss that's been stuffed into your vagina all man furthermore as I think they had gay. Does Canada through so fresh that is still had broken clumps of mud stuck all of whom she flew right at bigger yeah. So a moral high. I lose because we figured out yet made out its tongue down the road to party in our tummies. Now not only Arizona. Picked Arnott line 84499. And all of her profile that's coming up. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.