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Tuesday, May 22nd

Mens Room Question: Why were you in only your underwear?


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. He's thrilled. On our friends jump on right on Kansas City in 99 Iraq Kansas city's rock station also 1057 the acts rocking Peoria Illinois and new rock that he thinks nine fox. Here and beautiful apple that was Townsend welcome program they've Emporia as Ryan castle the gonna charge commend the CN. Head to Daley gets did rock songs that way into number one how would you don't need to know as things and honestly you really don't need to know. And our question today as we have a man who should've drunken underwear to his old boss' house put a mailbox through his car bashed up his neighbor's stuff and do we have a man who was. Dancing on top of a Wendy's in Saint Augustine, Florida which caused for four hours when these to be shut down only in his underwear. Why were you in only your underwear 844999. Old fellow Scott welcome to the men's room. All oh yeah. All right so back in 20012000. Q what women Hilltop Tacoma at the time. And in the middle of the night. The fire alarm goes off I wake up. Enemy that stupor a little bit and I immediately head out the door was gonna head out the door there are good but I made it. So I grabbed in your spare popular on the floor per month and ran outside to downstairs. So I'm outside with everybody else in the apartment building. I am the only beautiful boxer. While the fire department Haram it and they're paying me. It was a warm and cold and it was a weather like. I you know this would create. Oh say October November you know it's only one. You don't man that there. I don't know I IndyCar plate was aren't so maybe you can now married and living in downtown same thing happened it was non drill. Somebody's whenever got to smoky anyway apart not wide fire alarm goes off and this is like a former morning maybe. Everybody pours onto the street kind of a slow process right but that said at the time I slept naked. But I still took the times put on some clothes that I understood I'm gonna go stay in outside right so. The rose one that do data maybe 400 people standing out there one dude and demand he had tidy widely used by god release. I'm not really an aunt and the only thirty Jews nobody anti ladies and he's the only do outsider to not put anything else closet barefoot. And drove guys in and I'd like Harry rag but yet they carry lower back. Carla and he wasn't worse mood everybody else and we understood and I mean it was and good luck but why why and I couldn't help but think what must solemnly. I don't feel bad for you maybe it took what five extra sense on stated there is always is one reason I put on pants so inured gays were you that panic that Judas and held close I'm going out. I don't nitrogen tank and they devote government night's big heavy sleet. Okay what it's fully aware so I don't got no matter. May have yeah I don't know I'm I don't know what I then did just you know jar only woke up for no reason about summing it takes right around fifteen seconds to figure out what the hell's going now that makes it I just reviewed the fire alarm now. I've been in Billings downtown they want awfully. Good on short personality. Something. At least dress for our son was so much about all the people around them play man insane think I don't remember what time the bureau was but it was cold out so early in the forties and doing so. If nothing else like I gotta go outside ma'am. Like I wouldn't want any other occasion I'm want to step in forty degree weather on grass again some I figured out Agassi is there anything except for two things. The first thing is is that for whatever reason there is a truck in my neighborhood that the drives in reverse from about 4 o'clock in the morning to I've. Norton and the name saying. Any ideas that there is like. Me feel like I don't care. Me being. Ainsley does nobody there adjustable there's nothing on the road than it does it just do you brother it's just do. You know stop. And the other one is the damn cat man when he's about ready to throw up like I could be in the densely mail tonight. Am I off now please please if I get pet pig did tell hardwood don't make good on the carpet to. Awe that car bed you mother. You know and I knew that there right after he's done bar here. The game and you. It's. EMI is back. Wiry UN now earlier underwear 844999. All for me it's yell and I've lived next Iowa the highway twice in you can get used to like. The sound until single we're ocean not just like cars and I. Well users somebody outside on the streets yelling. But he debt that's it always charged Nowak actually don't we're rent this wakes me up and it sounds ridiculous it's the exact opposite of the sound like. This weird absence of sound so you'll be dead asleep. And you wake up the room was darkened a way. Man something's not right in you roll over elected kids can now value does that appeal that is what is weird bizarre that made any noise by some houses are standing look to ask you whatever inane crap they're gonna say what kind of more like. So might you late you wake up in you know older kids or someone else in the room and turned over inflate. You creepy somebody's gonna win you know and again I'm thirsty and it's a tag its use like I don't care don't. I can't reach it down on them a week. You woke did you ever wake up in heavily to partner to stare mansion. Now we're finding out how to kill you. Do you batterers so you just know something's wrong place hey here's used to wake stared at me correct I just have a dream achievement that. Yeah and why did you know as well Hillary I've done this deal which rules that. Blake 1 morning for eighty years ago I'd maybe a yellow high in the morning and went back the bad I think I was thinking nice thoughts what would she woke up huge. I'm just gonna say there's still have to occur if you insulate what is. Oh god my god everything all right our morning and a I man when I lake Murray mania you know knowing you're in. Just the current pattern killed in a bracket there's something really creepy about when you wake up in someone's already looking at it. Are you doing man. There's a Wiki to practically. Phillies he's kind of rolled your head over like I was physically on my side I think the upstairs kind of why are you in only your underwear 844999. Cola. Hello Graham welcome to the men's room. Well. A cop. So I got a good story Gloria are I was I was asleep at like 6630 in the morning in my model one of the walk the dogs and everything and now oh I hear her screaming bloody murder and I opened the window and I see it the neighbor's dog attacking her. And I got no I don't know launch and highly bad bed I slid the ball looks. Slowing down the stairs and I'm just in my block search. And I can grind to grab the dog off homer. In all the may first come out to you the process and I'm a big guy. So it's not Klein was trying to yeah. Yeah. I I I'm Mike. I'm like you lady on the big yeah yeah. Yeah and I'm trying to pull this dog off under. And a neighbor dog and owner comes out screaming and and here I am a hole in the back like this Rottweiler try to pull off my lawn yeah. Daddy's at times I yelled got a long and everyone else to look in and shock. And I finally admit the other neighbor. Get the dog what. Get good dog get all the dog he gets them off my mom okay and do you run a lot of little homebuyers now it's good that you want me to go to war and it's. Our side it's. Pretty much. Yeah yeah I do you realize something that everyone on my street has been meeting more than they probably should look dangerous and get in my boxer. Oh look here's the difference aren't happening it's one thing yeah if you alienated if you're just you know morning walk around the block yeah I don't feel like god des and Graham I know they are determined to take your mother from Rottweiler understood ma'am how bad loser. And injuries. Just puncture wounds on her arm and she had some back issues can dog with a bigger dog so you know it yanked her around there was no sir and our dog that didn't they didn't do you lose for a while what are you know he knows pretty bad when it's. Mom and dad and husband couldn't lose gun yeah. The husband makes sure Dartmouth university and yet they. I don't know Ireland and they called Ted and Ted collusion conclusion that's it and see in the face of the dog has never been disclosed. But right now I don't install. We never did that my mom my mom's a good person that after it happened just didn't even wanna do a bit more on it she just wanted to medical bills baby move on. Yeah I don't know I don't know we took into account of a person your mom was when media had found the solution to the dock at that salute you read we love you bonds apparently expects. Known as mad from mobile phone problem at resolutions as like a gun ring up an estimated that the dog off and others expect. Why are you know in only your underwear 8449990. Luck. The fact that solutions one must frosty Paul. Hello Andy yeah. Welcome to the new. You are not well. Barry so how to cop a New Orleans how tricky the girl. I broke ground nor on OK I oh is working on a night watch socially concerned today and that probably sleet and so much my doctor prescribe me guy and and not at first it didn't work surely he went and you see a large and so the first time this cat and it was about 4 o'clock PM noon and my neighbor is too. Actually walked meal while I was walking about true apparently I got out of bed he was walking around the neighborhood in May actually it will be open Robbie backed. You're walking around asleep. Yeah I'm OK so first time do you hope Disney designs aren't like you're in a dream when this is going on like are you dreaming what you're seeing are you know. No only one only when they were waking you up to wait an hour of Columbia Canada it was like could I heard I remembered going to bed and that's it. The women making a return which is a lady neighbors shaken nation. You lose have been more of the ones you walk around a boxes I have old fraud I don't know about you wake up of direction every morning it's is part of life. You won't go rounds now in the first time the second time courage I always I always stopped. By another police officer who recognize speaking I was forty miles from my house yeah I boxes driving my car crossed the bridge. Oh my god holy quorum and Mississippi. In my gut my I was completely isolate I had no idea I don't I don't either were I remember. What really briefly can stop teenage I don't remember how I wish all my car over unit really early next. Where junior patrol car were you when your personal well no I was not personal Clark and Mike Gunn Obama front siege when I woke up the next day Alabama friend Montel another police officer graduate in the area action and so do you actually have sergeant that's got me and he beat. Pulled me out of the car I don't remember and he did he took my gun apart put it on my short speech and I he left the car there and brought it to my current march elsewhere I woke up the next morning and he brought media Michael are now and obviously out the last Elmira took into a. Doubt you and as you head very. Ambien CRI side effects include. I gotta think they count for the world to see more almighty dollar hole then anymore my god is or I'm OK if you deliver babies. I mean just because there's no women deliver maybe maybe get twins or triplets that want to feel like if you're cover the world you'll see. 100 people better make it out of over 2000 people you look at that drug still on the market and then Andy I see are. Who's the CR sinful. Crazy. Crazy ready if you if you could pick if at all side effects nobody. Why were out Larry you know and only your underwear 84499. I don't like you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitching is you. True. My capsule come and enjoy it jarred. How will sit and spent today with ten rocks dogs that went to number one sit and spin it. It is going up our question today why were you in only your underwear 844999. Cola. Pelosi today welcome to the men's room. A lot gentlemen always chaos. Bob. I got a story that happened no more than yesterday but it's quite bullish. No pun intended. Pun intended. So yeah. Don't like. Tell us below friendly driving to go to go to paycheck because his dog related the only to have some sort of domino and eggs so. Almost to the almost as though people played great work I'm not all of a sudden we know we looked all right. And then it just happened to be a crack gets any over the trash can. Pants down with a raider underworld stop trading. Police say an affront that the backside. I think you're the whole kit and the the brutal. Well that's when he chose to save us walk outside Iraq that there aren't called trash cans top. When Ali there was going in the can right. I don't realize was there breeze. There's a reason old man is Marines are everywhere. You did you imagine like a bomb sitting on a bus stop like two blocks away and I don't know. I think it's like what cottonwood something's on the loans they can migrate and I get over of the Greg did shaven his general polls and the would be pissed man yeah. Yeah I don't supposed to just as weird taking care of appease the oddity ridge there. Well it's it's I read so you can't really expect much all of our pushy. Which makes it even better. All so none of that going on the plus you Arlen good. You know from now I don't won't I mean you know I mean now there's a lot of pressure as far as those who are doing a wanna do that is like one of those ranks nationally ad man. This film as I can stand on street corner in my underwear and save my progress purely in Osama it's always easily as. Just lodges and shave my legs and I don't mock. I don't care I don't at the moment I'm on my side all of this you know if yeah you get that make me here's what you need to understand. If I'm in the position where you feel the need to share that with me I promise you I do not care yes in the moment you're telling me that that means nothing. Why are you and only your round where 844999. Alone and the statement thanks and I didn't mean as. Well no no worry about Schmidt is why I'm here I have legs are not here for your legs. I don't you shaven and win are not confident we can respond are well it right then you're you're going over that didn't pick it back he had no chance but I. All step down a man. Hello Andy welcome to the men's room. Barack. Site still live in Minnesota. And the rock station up there at their rock girl gala so me in my body Saturday go get rowdy. Check out the rock girls. And I got hailstorm was headline tomorrow. And out there are great show. Well of course all know we knew we're going to be super Barack so. We've booked the closest hotel to the but it. Just so it was easy straight shot Brooke walk over there or not. Well we go down there we succeeded didn't super drunk. Lower drinking and read all your wish he would all night just got out of control of the blast. I kind of blacked out and we decide we're gonna head back to the hotel. And don't really remember much up until hall outplayed him bad. All the lights were out. And we did hear the pounding at the deal. A bloody got a got it bad run Eagles at door and I opened it up. And probably not two seconds after the open that door they're probably six cops it would. So. I'm sure they're just my jaw hit the ground because. I go from sleeping ones back into just surrounded by officers. And they go at that he got that I'm doing here. Not to never sleep. And he goes to you weren't down around and around. Hotel drinking follow yelled at people here onto. It bit. Okay this oh well it. No one bit what you like you're here I'm just sleep but it sort we're arguing no word just sleep better and we're still just blitzed at this point. They got a basket a couple more questions and then pretty much come to the conclusion that it is not worth their time to look us right now our party to hotel room or out. You may know they know you're guilty but they recognize that your blacked out. Yeah pretty much all we. They leave we go back to bed and next morning we wake up Minnesota tower is just the disaster. Anything that have potential to be dismantled as and I don't like we tried to those sports. All the booze was gone which was alarming. And that we're brought way more than we needed so we put down like a bit the whiskey we've brought a 24 pack up like a pale ale L Bogart. How bad I feel when you woke up the next morning. Call just don't work as though we walked in and out of this is players and we walk up to the front desk to check out. And there's this little Kennedy he'd do little Indian and working back there we turn our keys and he'd just stares straight endorse all I got. Boat should ever come back here. Clear the 'cause when you look at the ghost well. Why why. We might do it I mean I don't really know or replaced argue that guy. And my friend is still broach she's like not manna and you really I can't come back I need to know what. And the guy just looked at this. He's just. It's it's the ego get in the car. And now we're about to drive when my friend realizes that he forgot his cellphone up in our. Go to our. The let don't let them you go brought it back pitch. They do that guy is this. So we still don't fully understand what else they thought that I. On the other great. Yeah sounds like get at the fact that comes letting go makes all the difference though I mean it's like it's this it's not worth going through this why were you and only your underwear 844999. A lot since you worked very directly underwear telling people move. Nobody laid cowboy welcomed yeah. I'm Abuja on top. We're gonna Delmon cars there. I get a hell of a date answer. Are. They like the couple looked global Bakley had a party at northern gold bar a friend. And we all had been drinking blood you're believed to include this little down the other. And also and I didn't go to the bathroom in the middle of night and I hear my wife screaming. Get out get out yeah. I'd get up all the plug did he get debate club Libby as well about an embedded in the other big strip down to the Edward Brennan called a bit my wife's. Like. Now we don't know where this battle may. I don't know what he would do enjoy it does mean you can believe. What you gonna go wildly cast double apps look and yeah the birds are numbered do. Like reading out the bedroom down the hallway. Not into the ground that is based pick him up or called. Open the door I shot to death outdoor. And didn't open broke into what they held up the bill they would got a man. And it put. The fun part about what we've got Donald sport he is so slowly. Wasted away in litany goes I swear to god I did you know open it was all a big deal but still going like 40% of the mosquito. Not in real time you go brother OK but when I get this straight you did all this with a dirty yet but I I have not left map point. Israel. Will pay itself began boyfriends. I the world the restore that underwear away. I don't remember if it. I'm Bob Bartlett now boy did I did that I'd I'd get this one again remember. I would also amidst a portal is not a lot of things onto the dirty got to be terribly invite over like I really feel like I would wipe my ass first. I noted men who ever since I've discovered the joy and relief that is wiping one's asked before I do anything I. I don't care if a bear broken in my house like how am I can wipe my hat's first told about the time and a minimum. Mother in law native Brent yeah oh yeah who yeah and then use boot you're behind there's and I both. So listen I want to admit to that lets this tireless I don't really describe it as a world tour say he's a Willie visited the thank Dan I know noon and did he now I have narrowed it down. Now I mean eve rally out can you look out the window did a great day probably. Tour bus rolled back close enough he hit it hard to get to look down into. I think the outside the league gets you crawl yet you I'm not saying right do you it was gone wrong but OK still she's just how why how long were you in there before it was it was I was young I was I was I was not married year old. We had a one bedroom apartment and she came in the town for a weekend. And because just the way things worked out she ended up getting our bedroom met and we slept outside on the couch reckoned with dealers put. I get to use the bathroom Manila night and this just usually make an amount of that I went back to bet you're not thinking that a let's write in my sleeping in my bed tonight. So that was not good you gonna make you death toll COC make it to. I hope I I guess you're only I really know yet who was our own no arduous really you. Yeah ads hit staffers I would say man wouldn't do that like what do I include Macon women to manner so that they weren't laying all I doubt if he. Hit it you. Okay. Why now you have like a library view you know earlier underwear. 84 or 999. Cola without the blue that was so surprised oh my goodness we. They've linked ready boot if he's if you leave it. Google that named after her boot disk with hello Tom welcome to the bedroom. Medicare and ours. That happened they hectic month ago. I thought come out work and I don't look longer days and hagel talks like she's been outside the neighbors all cute they're proud. And they have especially oh are you are okay and I just bought a bottle. ESL. Internet at the house Gaza what does that this like man. I don't honey why did it sweet but no I can't be so we. It's like a honey one OK so it's like. So they get sweeter wine like we talk like a blues farmer like we would do it a fortified wine and what. A strike could well old world. Yeah yeah I don't like several other day when I had the man I machine that I I've heard of people ever had meat and never kind of know well how would you describe it. I mean is right it is sworn. Well. You know there have been no place to sells beer but they'll say you shot a meat pies. And that eminent figure than beer isn't nobody stepped would seem to think it's a little thicker than Mike they get cheap. Why Michael can use our routes I mean it's hard to strike. Geyser Diane you're doing an immediate. Yeah I already I know about the Barbie doll at bat and as Mark eagle what I go to your lag you'll go play don't you about that all want to kids. I played all right job market and I doubt at all go ahead and I don't let it can't. And I got up the ball actually creep on my lap back out and really how much again. And I had a chilling to pull all the meat. I've been double check the army GM about coming home and Freddie dropped like 4 o'clock on a day. You'll like you need to bet. And so cheap you'd be ready but you giggle back up back in any photograph and at that I get up at the helmets are out of my all but not on the ball call our people I don't know how it. And I'll catch up 60 ought Dr. Phil all right. And I thought it okay you got I don't go all the burden of all of our party better in my underwear at all. I don't walk across. All the way off. And now what are you MRY looted. There's slowly back and I had an. But about it. At times. I need that bite off a little. I don't mind here are some of the comments about him about me eat right good luck we might start from there we know what it is but does that and if they would take I had a lot to drink in my lifetime I'm just never think you haven't had. And I know you've you've drank an apartment where where's what does it wears it. Like this it. All I have been an out there and meet the red meat now. Obviously the phone says I'm through to the came in order. Mead is yummy followed by mead is trash so go figure it color you don't play goes but it's definitely one of those things are you there. All ballot or not make I've against them like that place has its that's the only place of or drink get out of that go find it but do people we have one love one another. Shack I mean little to shot. Well I liked it I mean you could just set it isn't Beckett because I know a lot of people go to court and put into it but these and save people a lot of times I question. Are you enjoy it because you like it or you into the goes Coulter you choose to associate with. Celebrates that you follow on slam mammoth it's like you bring you news of luxury carrier or not he was an example like you drinking whose old because boot to group you identify with lows usual joy shore. Or do you legitimately like oodles also be able met this guy soundly he likes me Powell thought the whole thing got drug. Walked onto is why don't you people tend to be like that and I I Notre Dame but I norms of my kids and some Indian needs like. I'm noticing there's strange but I believe that there into me. Driver or look a look at Doral tiger a horrible cartoons and smeared him Bryan Randall Simon is a little like you're exactly what did you go to year old. Fair yeah probably give Dallas meet regularly you'll corn dog or whatever. Yeah justly by do you use the head to Turkey leg you build smoked Turkey and I happen you'll hold formal change you'll men's room. Mean Paris I made these items voyage across the Atlantic why now why are you in only your underwear 844999. All you early. And into the men's or radio network. Smiles. Bobby's county sheriff's deputy is on house arrest for thirty days after climbing and old man's bed while she was sleeping we'll see. Probably on the Ambien CR according to the arrest report in September are among those are Rel climbed over a female acquaintances friends. Went in through an unlocked door to Elvis fans and climbed into bed. When the woman awoke she told to leave and then he put on his pants and left in his personal car and then once that he did not make any sexual advances and they had not been in a romantic relationship although she did say she had lunch with him and another friend a few times. Later she says he found Texans around telling her he was outside in the column. And also apologizing. For scaring her our question though why were you in only your underwear 844999. Alive may I give that you sleep walk what you hope your your mind would be kind enough not to do exactly what you can't. You don't really matters food are climb into a woman's bad. Even ridiculously like Cindy naked down a little LaBroque but it did you not climb over a fence and into woman's back. There's an order progression when you like someone and they have to like you back right. Got a very important I'm guessing he like Terry and I never dreaded they are obviously. You can submit it probably rivermen inspirational message sent David says they have life's full hurdles gold Warren like fences and I don't I don't hold back album. You know take what's your state would you want yeah. Says the problems inspirational quotes are almost never liberal now to gradually file or older by Susan good James you can be arrested they disappeared and a ball. Though is flake but mine's the black band every article you read they remember do not go near a mental block a threat. She's climbing trees why are you and only your underwear a 44999. A lot hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. All laugh yeah yeah. So what when I was younger I had an issue where sleepwalking anytime I would then I knew place. And have one night which I woke up I and a my buddy. Challenged. With its parent asking me if I knew where I wasn't. And apparently Ed slut walk about three quarters of my all. Started peeing on my current spike in athlete. Loses bruises like. It ordered behind. Blocked spent okay that's better than being unable to open yeah. Are at it how so is this some playing he says some happen anytime you ordered new place what about Mac. I haven't had any issued a lot like bite ears. I did when I moved Arizona. App that I got a lot. Let me ask some place like Arizona as we understand it ma'am. Once you're outdoors just good all the scorpions and snakes now practices anything right everybody thinks rattlesnake and sleepwalking into war is not great acts recently he wildlife of Arizona anyway scorpion almost no matter where you live it you Elvis you know it's not like super bugs you can say Matalin and woods you got a problem bears you live in the city you don't it seems like your role from Arizona it doesn't matter if it's Phoenix or city you've never heard of like the problems are the same so did you ever run into anything like that. Look I ran into a big pile of rattlesnakes like bark I game but you're usually curiously block. Are now not now when I got back well guess what percentage where admission and ardently block it. What percentage of the time do you believe that you know okay oh I guess what it's one thing to wake up and your in your feeder money. Because the rain that one day in January in Arizona if you're elected bash figure you might be out walking around easy footprints out there but how many times do you think you saw you you walked in your sleep without even really knowing it. I didn't I would normally say most of the time I'm in a new place I'd probably do without knowing he still thought it got to the part where my daddy to barricade the door with chairs and tables and stuff so I would at least balanced. You know it's weird manner my parents did Abbott and nothing goes well while they're the hated me did you did you did do you still do this. I'm not that I am not aware are you one point eight. Seventh spend five year what what was your most recent seasons about five years ago and the other TARP the question I have is. What pursuant to the time to someone else to wake you up vs you just waking up and realizing your anywhere other than home. The last time I didn't buy it in about five years ago I remember just kind of walking out into the law took the outset and it just. I remember herb. Kind of being aware of looking out the window. But don't remember how I got there. And I don't remember going back the edit I remember just carried out the window. Do you ever have you ever eaten when you slump when when your sleeping and walking. I am I sound sad and weird place and like I found a remote and a breather before it's. Going to be OK he's I have to get out today liable got to know how the peanut butter get on my. Out of chocolate get on my pillowcase or red wire exert Tito dust in my bed you know like I'm so I don't know LeClair it is I got as they do like I don't remember eating this stuff. You know I know I can't you block to get it. Why did I think he knows a good idea to get up in like another slam Belgrade crackers and bring him back to bed with what's the what's the farthest you've ever traveled sleepwalking. I'll probably that comment you know my current vice. Number 1. I am I am laid out. I want my family members out. Each army running down the driveway at like 1138. In the at night. And I remembered that next morning I was having a dream about playing baseball. And so I think I would like running after a ball down his drive away. It's when you see dead can't do it literally. Eric. And that driver it's all of this sharp jagged rock if you had kept some might be a morning or terrible. Man I I might my uncle I don't know if he still does but our time right as he used to sleep walk and we were unaware of this before this incident happened so. We're live in Rochester New York my uncle a belief. With it does matter to me and apply in the town he stays in my brother from my brother stays in my room. Well. Easily but we'll go to sleep walked in here this screaming in here this entire felt my brother from collapse. Long story short theater dreamy restraint we can which was the self improvement to the ground which is my Brothers stereo record books. Com and I thought it was swollen eyes. They should many things continue on the men's. Newsroom radio network.