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Monday, May 21st

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You what sure love to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to. Offend anyone. There's I'm. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say. Radio more than. Three times. They go Arizona or 2803. Hand. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Shoot Ted Smith and law could bar. My car. Okay all right let you know. Yeah any question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories. Adult seeing and the food. They returned no ask the men's room there and play profile list plus headlines in your job they publish your emails everyone's favorite TV to imitate a black. Period on party loyalty no steals a blind man's wallet pertaining to be ex cop. But that he gets turned in by his mom. A Florida man is taser by cops after walking around the neighborhood within erection and getting days under par. Man minding his own business on porch in Hawaii loses like from flying love Iraq. Eighteen Wheeler has enough drugs to make even authorities got an Ohio man called the cops after a big won't stop following him home. That is all coming on today's very special episode of then for. Here's the question. All the bad news good day to you and yours. All right there are several scientific. Things that separate us from an opposable palms language math retooled untold part of it. The only got to have the unspoken agreement that we quote unquote becomes someone our own size right. So usually. Will leave kids and believed the elderly yet. Usually in California. Got points in 84 year old woman in the face before rob and I don't gold points and in the original thought mount. Today 84 years old he rolled off punters in the great state for her office. In Florida. It is year old crossing guard he gets plugged in the bases well good luck to the ground. Goes back to my third gets back to the left only the doors were playing the role crossing guard helping to elementary school kid twelfth is his. But that we don't typically pick I'm old people 84 years old punched in the face. Eight you were told. Punched in the face just let people give it. And back. There's the story of the world's oldest wolf. I would not even tried to pronounce remain vigilant in Chechnya and unlike most people who live long healthy lives. She says and I quote. Long life is not God's gift for me. But a punishment. Looking back in my unhappy life I wish I would have died in when I was young. If you. Good to act after I gambled territory come and Amanda it's. Man oh man and you don't feel better at any point going door but. Listen these little stories that we've C member of letters to many many questions questions we'd like to ask you and a form of our random requesting question and this is now works. New gallust we will ask you a completely random question and a few amateur are said question will be able to ensure review of the story that this. Fire the brother Joseph Doran a question question call 8449990. Look you don't like the men's room on FaceBook followers on Twitter and into the grand lemons are my fans and those emails to the men's room at men's or my backup. You are listening to the men's are ready and work. Listen miles hello John that I go to summer 2830. How are they guaranteed future re peat. There are amassed a men's room if you have a question for any of us here in a men's room. Judge issues an email to the men's room Edmonds or my dot com we've got profile this coming up your guess is as good as mine the categories today. Couple stories last week of popped up one of them that my cock touched on it it was as far as no dirty dishes today is concerned. So really get into the mood aspect of no dirty dishes day that one day categories and believe it or not one of the terms that just annoys the living hell out of me. But is still a category. The term is a Dalton from me. Yeah I mean come out solo gonna get into some adult dating or food coming up with your guess is as good as mine and today is a day we do our random question questioning for four and. I know I read enough runs on Iraq hello and welcome to the men's room and cool it below our our own back around today. I've maps show this was. When did tool or when did you need a rescue as a kid. Our meddle in this day if you read you have kids. What else do stand here on to get ready to fly out of Dallas. You know because remember I like the old airplane tray tables. They didn't slip up there or plastic like flip boys they're like medal and break it all lit up in there are where yeah you. Yeah yeah dogleg you know banging on that. Anthony Alabi extending gains by that if I don't know that they are imposed everything my brother's leg eighteen months older than anybody back here all the time. And I heated side take it upon himself to go ahead and closed Alomar and then. The only. It did basically. Almost tidbits Obermeyer. Finger off bootleg canyon but I will eat. Don't course you know the player that does not take god is and like something out of a movie from the women love on this story it just so happened like that. Second bad hand surgeon in America had it and I think there's doubt there. Then there's word it kept his word out a bit and liked it. It appeared did on the play night I got a year or whatever and dad liked on the air and David in its. I don't the second man's hand surgeon in America happens to be crazy at the airport are there day that your brother slams your fingers and you'll turn. Yeah another burden off the bat but it. I don't look so apparently do how he handles the time that all of the top middle do you not think top fifty I think some 400. I don't know it and then got a handle third I. I didn't. How do you get be awarded second that's like how to go about even everything out well but yet another big night I'd still are now lawyers argued they get. Okay well in more better view of the best answer to but would government. The reason we have. When did you need do a be rescued is Q we have no one not two but three stories yet. A five earlier on Colorado seriously injured after going outside in the middle of the night to investigate noises that she thought were coming from her dog. I turned up the dog is being attacked by a bear. The little girl's father. Says that the Grand Junction girl be fine after the attack ads back to you you're a young. Her mother says that after jeered screaming she went outside to see a black bear dragging the girl away tales from the mother says the mayor dropped her daughter after she started screaming and it. Her condition was upgraded from serious to fair as of Sunday afternoon she needed 77. Stitches. But does suffered no life threatening injuries marriage poop yourself. But she did to as far as how the dog to the saved the dog made it. Is not say Karl about the can you know what I had me in certain charters and O'Donnell for an. Delaware has made history as the first in the nation to ban child marriage under all circumstances now about that the first state this is new news this is irrational for this miners in Delaware he had married at any age with parental consent and a judge's approval. Despite most US state laws setting the age of marital considered eighteen. Every other state in the District of Columbia have loopholes for minors seeking marriage license but now aside and happen anymore and Wal-Mart. Crazy then what's it. Mean I don't know if they're. If there is circumstances and they're both seventeen and apparently our Atlanta mayor I think gets seventy normal willing to listen I think it's more and her thirteen and twelve in this kind of thing that is is a horrible idea sociological Latin kids email I don't think a lot of people do but the fact that look not a lot of people commit murder but wants to do keep donut song the government out of people. Let kids get married but I guess Delaware's liked that there's any and all wanna be does nip this in the bud. We had to California where a child suffered minor injuries after a gust of wind blew an inflatable bouncy house in the neighborhood in California on to a nearby highway slow old San Bernardino sun reports that the child was taking to the hospital after it happened. The nine year old. Fell out of the bouncy house after rolled under the highway and then hit a vehicle. All the driver of the vehicle was shook up. That's good enough there. I mean is I'm gonna hurt the car too bouncy house still but you drive like they'll probably tell you what I what about the kid got dumped on the highway. Friend or send drivers should got a good lead probably has already knew that it was a little boy Ph.D. amendment not a bad idea I've told this before but so. My friends about it out as an adult. When ray Lewis Black America for the ravens are still playing one of the things he did to Christmas you go through this impoverished neighborhood of Baltimore. And if it was a really good to just give for all the kids were and are excited to meet and a few other players show up but. You don't Ray Lewis is right and he's a nice enough guy but that's not the capacity to meet demand. So in the basement of loosely used sooner or whatever they remove bound for the kid and his December feels like an outside. And for I worked there may be for seven hours and you just did different things one of the things I had to do along with the other gentleman. Which is why she did on the movement how hard is that for 8910 years old whatever it's a moon bounce and basically the principles. Count how many of them go and make sure that many get a true or not that hard. The moon bounce and don't give me 35 minutes so. Single mom and around the ground there having fun of those with the ace group of kids it's gone and are now and we know. Ray is about to start late his dinner slash two gift giving moment what whatever we saw got a humans so. Twelve kids at a time they have anti Meehan is under we've just been chatting the entire time. There time result kids time to get out and compile and how we do the head count and the stops on the left are so at this point. We look at the movement there's just no sign that there's another kid I'm like man. We positively counted twelve kids cornyn right he's like. That might it would positively kind of leverage its kimono like man. This thing's gonna start my tour to remember this is at being removed and like I'm not telling them how we Boston tea man like the one thing we've been asked to do is not lose a child. In this is exactly what we've done and I I don't understand where they compete. So we're search of the moon bounces or way to get out of the back but nothing man we have no idea we're starting to freak out some like removed and killed. Go no one knows whether you actually did or did not kill someone anyway but he will kill us man this will admit these words were from him. You know this and I don't think you got to be in here that kind of thing and he's got handlers around the ball one of the things about him if your kids have been he chooses to speak to the people that are open which is appreciate. You know what. Yeah may be washed his limit today at a good time that got so like this don't go to kills man we gotta find this kid. So raskin the other eleven kids hey man don't another kid and there was an incident earlier girl. We don't know really doesn't anybody else who's not here and give rationally know. Finally were looking in the moon bounce and we're starting to sweat like serve and and we lost some kid who lost somebody that content. This can't seo boy the move unfortunately it was one giant mattress in the middle. And then simply attempt panel wraps around this kid somehow got wedge like under the mattress far between attempts to reopen this kid. And finally those are all postal sweaty students so Brett the sweaty as our folks up and away pocono the water we register now she's all sweaty her clothes were almost out. But she was there and what do good. URS yeah I'm OK really don't know rent and build a road I serves a darling I'm going to be killed velocity and on movement and every time I hear about a moon bounce of the. Only thought ahead as can really act I would have a hard time of just doing the Ray Lewis know me or would have my phone number eight. He didn't know million of you know I was there as a phone rang like my new Ray Lewis like I I visited take like five hours would you give them and them he was you know what you did he know what does that are important reason I even if you ashtray did you even if you you do regret even if you didn't answer the phone the voice and be like. I know you're not science and follow you think your card your show today I don't and you generated regarding your back. If the holes comes down from the mountain and it's carrying followed with a walk and everything radio nobody was gonna go people who win the message ends you know as we look I don't know yet could you imagine I mean seriously giving your phone every that you be spigot on no matter what I gonna do a dinner Rendell I'm all right. And I hung and they hesitate 45 minutes and a battery. You can talk to us and Tony let me talk anywhere let you think you will be cool no tomorrow it would holy rollers may come a limited well Britain does do anything you wanna deal. Now to know what you want to talk to you can run of the deal but you need some help desk nobody did that help when you're confident. I'm home run in phony and a best and I knew I had exactly where you just. And it just doesn't make it he says stuff and deceive her and it's the most active and it's great believer in title abstract. Who's scary. So low wage to welcome to the men's room. It's all saw job. Why does go that's what hair on your random question question what's what meals. One meal would you say that you leads more than any other meal you can at home it's just go to thing. Urinary aren't. All the every night. We. He's like a reward like you know on the Saturday or Sunday gonna fire at the grill thing it's remind night. Well I'm just. Single father. We live all of them are being shot and. It damaged wells may resides there rebounds. Are out there and like. Garlic and stuffed chicken bread salt do. You're ready and our view I've found are right I thought yeah right now own these are v.s what well what are you what are your kid who's least happy to see like when you start cooking what's the one of the rolling your eyes. Oh. Probably east. I'm doing the big brought. Most likely. In out of Brock hit. He will be it. I beat like this old computer live right on a late. Easy cheap over. I'm fully mobile always joke okay. So I love it. Tell us how often do you use to you I mean are your kids in school. All right cheek because you can pick governor only time we want. How often do you move around. How we can't rattle markets used to erase marker out that was pretty heavy into it but now he's older and it's pictures that changed in two female manatee cars. Well the fact that seemed to be pretty standard bearer for the hour right now. And that never really chat and it really changes does it. Well well well they finally out and still valued so little Ortiz cracked. Would you let it many miles below on the thing. Oh I doubt that it Fiat auto complete thirteen. Luck probably. I've got to watch part of thirty help file. And what is your families what your favorite roads I travel. Cult like hit the road to travel. Well I don't actually could question I felt I really don't know any recruited throughout. All totally out. You can't do it created. You often hear six dollars across the border ballad it's an older pictures finger right. Yes hey Al surely do these search your RV right I've gone across the border and car like there is the strong Enders and me but until late. If my answer and and RBIs completely understand made mommy to step out there about a thorough look. Actually hit it. I write a lot of people. An image did anything to try out I believe you all the William blocks he had overrated those moves across guys in California. I'm originally as blood meal do you we eat up more than any other I think my. I think about look just based on a stepfather was dying growing up debris somebody that I now and every Sunday night and a nice German. Every Sunday a based on the show he still makes Boston the state that that is that is the meal it's early Sunday as he made the apostate himself or no no no joke I'm sorry I just regular dried pasta but response every Sunday. It's normally a 1 o'clock. It's an afternoon's bad early. The ad they eat well whenever they get home from what they used to do they would of church and don't do that anymore but I mean. What is some woman church after the kids movement. Yeah when you rather that be right exactly a year later no man I'm gonna go because I'm here but I think cost is probably been the meal and I've had more than any other love plots some half. I like policy because. To me it's like look if you just have pasta so mourn your home what ever else you have nine times out of ten. And possibly announce a mile down right. I made a lot of pizzas. I mean a lot of things with sauce and cheese. Prevalent I mean that's pretty much got a lot of bad element I think that's right the most consistent as far as our policy and geez insults just pushed Turkey sandwich is count as a meal if you eat a lot of them. Let me not only lower chicken and broccoli and I was shaking and I'm telling liked. Cooking chicken but over my lifetime but I made more Turkey sandwiches and and everything else I you know modern Joseph and it'll look for duke what do you need more. Absolutely peanut butter jelly sandwich is without. Question okay I would put Pete's on the ever ordered a lot of pieces of closely cook over the rights yet oh here's senior won't real mobile the well partly because there is a massive superstition and partly because he likes what he likes Alex Ovechkin of the capitals there the Washington Capitals two at. How Tulsa OK about half excuse me Soledad around this way he easy exact same thing a few hours before every capitals home game and he's been eating it. Since his rookie year. It's chicken parmesan. With pasta mushrooms. Bread and then board different sauces. It's a kind of thing you'd wanna take a five hour nap after eating. According to the coach it's from a mama Lou's shoes but the restaurants. I guess. The solution isn't Lucci and those are Lucci is faced off yeah I generally calls it. I think it's as we are that's your right through prepares our pregame meals will be always orders the same thing. A mama Lou GO which is this pasta dish that's like chicken farm noodles bread cheese. The kind of thing you wanna take a five hour nap after eating he makes a big display of a two there's no shame in his game. It'll be 11 in the morning wave before anyone is even thinking about eating lunch and mobile walking into the dining area yelling marble. Did you know borrowed Julia how notes where to. But it seems normal now ESP into the story about announcement picked up by the Washington Post how many seasons has even gone. If he's gonna lose he's 32 years old sounds of the play and he's got to be at least say well they're already nearly everything is only thirteen years plan for both say that story alarm miles an hour for two different reasons. Number one. I was amazed CD that have you food early game day develop you can up. Yep and then miles just this use it duties of the salsa it's like a different place coming up all saying he did so what are your old mushroom like a forest he kind of mushroomed around Sabah Al and then acclaim he saw the news and they both say get Hawaii nobody makes sense aren't so he gets the big ass bowl pops just like that I learned a metal price of that when he wants a little clan would jam was one of those bowls they have torn on this idea yeah why not arm down that goes on makes all again. I would not I don't need the mushy and earthy side that's the problem that Iraq but the other one thing I got a big vanishing affirmed in his embrace a huge plate of food but he's got you realize this is forty games a year and it. Every year for every seasons he's completely down. Damn about the problem this is is that when he stops playing and he continues pieces away. Yeah exactly and and I. Hello friends I got to step plan football at all man that you can't he can't might have three states and mourn and remember that that's not a good idea. There's union for a reason I want that he still left fired up about it every time he gets the meal do you think singing a song and this is news but it was drafted in 2004 so lewis' thirteen fourteen season and yet. Credit question question 8449990. Mari golf coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. There are guys that there goes my coach categories belting and brutal play your guess is as good as Lara and poetry doesn't sound and then I think it. Bridge out of car ran a blessing question 8449 run. Comrade and friend hello governor welcome to the newsroom. And that's our job. General and the program of the red questions let's just give you this one here literally or figure let's go figuratively. When are you in deep bass. When will I didn't eat fast. Hello I know fail at times. So. I. I was sixteen just got my car. And that. The first thing my dad says to me is. By your car you pay the insurance. Don't get any ticket. Or are you out problems. So. Course. As to your Soriano Obama grows and sent back. We're gonna have a problem and he never seven problem would be you knew Justin Mon find out. Yeah and then you're at and then you're immediately afraid and that's why don't edit word. Yeah well in this case it didn't work because two weeks later I was rolled through schools on. And that I got popped. Occurred on over the limit. And I got a phone call probably a week after that. Of course it's it's one of them weird I ought to take hitters with a camera on just kind in the mailed continue to and even though he did it. At the time regrouped well. Exactly it I mean the site I get a phone call from him probably have a week after what would have been when I when I got opera speeding. And hates the greatest thing he says in the years I had to the front of my head up and get. I want you to know right now. You're getting your ass cute and I mean it like. But our craft accident. He didn't know you didn't know. I know at that time I didn't go out. And parents that a blood. Is Mike is not pay. Do you know why we need to talk. 50% of the time unlike those first contingent told me I knew nothing about we're gonna talk about the meta man at that and I'm trying to teach them like what I don't want or need to know everything. You knew it's harder of this. It only gets out I don't I thought you loved the stuff I did not and I loved looks under freshly gathered know about that I have talked about antennas must conversations of my daughters as well some things from this like man you've just got to be smarter. Yet I mean. It sounds horrible part of my book I want you to enjoy being a kid and I know half what you do is up to no good. I'm fine with that put if you tell me I have to respond right. Yep I know a whole entire problem if I know you just totally not. Other is whereas literally or figuratively when where you indeed passed middleman officials say emergency crews rescued 83 year old boy a who fell into woman nor pin on a farm near Philadelphia. Emergency responders are called to the honey brook township farm Hun labor yes honey brook township. 630 Saturday at the child fell into the six by ten foot pit. Inside a large barn. And basically if these animals like quicksand. Yep and while the what I saw on the Six Million Dollar Man fire crews tried to India and help but quickly became stuck themselves now according to the associated press and as they develop a plan. They try to calm the frightened child. His whole body was sitting on the manure. So he was completely above the manure but if he had moved around a lot it would have been a different story so we have to be very still does comes back yes I'm he's Tyler bass he's basically just you know did you move to drown right the Norris kind of like quicksand the more you move the more you sink you. Two rescuers went wrong harnesses worked their way inside and after building a plywood platform. They were able to move to the pit to the victim. Officials say the boy was alert when he was removed on a stretcher and taken to a hospital minor injuries. Authorities say. Here's my question are we stumble into a situation of those kids sitting in the pilot as we recognize the quicksand like in he'll drown it in the hoop. These three know what three year old knows not to move when you tell him what he did in all of I don't remember wanting Bobby in the Q and when compared to explain it. If you do the same amount that I'm asking you not to do you'll die. There is a dependent of difference man in its like you're not saying this could you're going to get mad at me you're saying those who like. My wife will be stuff Aaron had to remember that would resonate put what you think just by trying to haul from adult world social political and pull amount fight. It seems very elaborate Jolie did for what my UI isn't the only think I understood before this story the consistency of boredom and Newark that would be like what it would do I'd if you move around judge what do you examining sink to the bottom up but I did not. The new or knowledge random question questioning before foreign. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.