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Wednesday, April 25th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. I 'cause otherwise aren't as annoying lingo Pitt Jolie air working our questions they talk about getting sick. Who our lives are you pretty sure. Got used 68449990. Revert from the few people and we've been we've heard of crucial for media for years a lot of the sugar free candy. For whatever reason be able to consume these both the dummies most prominent. When he got to talk about dollar range really dummies man it was the fact that early on. Whoever was selling there was a review online amateur ovals Amazon or if it was Wal-Mart or whatever you're allowed to go there live around you the product. And it was just comical the number of reviews about people who were having a really difficult time in the bathroom and that's kind of how they gain traction motors universal on the sidelines at the same re exactly the same while someone explain while multiple people these are the same people miles and a lot about female high you know I didn't sign up. They have now checked in today to let us know that and a lot of sugar free candies they use what's called alcohol sugar. And alcohol sugar in addition to being a dire rhetoric also filtered got what with gas and that's what sort of people prove themselves. It is far all the time but then why would that be like something new you would put an ex lax. It could be I mean who knows in the sailors out on sugar water. And his total points they say in jail people buy sugar free candy chews so they can sleep the whole place up and see who they can (%expletive) off and I know I did. I saw this guy but you know people but he did you did that. It's very specific with you aren't really sure I will wind up our game. It got an open our area I guess it is clear that we've played and are stuck with that he didn't deliver a load them welcome to the men's room. Yeah our blog hot. And very dark at 1250. Grand read my web RI did not I'm not. Lieutenant governor rooms. Not a group lost crew members are elected to public option supposed to go to general. I'm aware of that person walking near Adelaide where we walked across just one field. This because breeze blew up and keep people used just talking about what I did say that again. Holy Moly it's equivalent to that along the Nazis. About half an hour. And got back to hotel room I couldn't believe. Are like an idiot edited doctored out of Mexico trying to get all the to your doctor up here and they'll. Be keeping all kinds antibiotics is like you know we get asked me if players I ever smoked because most of that bad. She's a little bit allies what do you think does. Yeah I was just isn't pretty messed I probably would they speculate that you inhaled I realize it's not these calls are ultimately goes it was yeah was it to pollen mobile you know some test or. Sure it could have been a practice. Jesus Christ man would implement into a while ago wasn't like how I think they they just played and there was Sammy and the cantina. All got our president demand anthrax play with Sammy the cantina what just happened to me how males are anthrax is buying cattle. I guess I got audio system they kill us breeze blew through and knows. Did you tell me this week and you went to the doctors he assumed he smoked because your longed for that wrecked. I never saw him I am and this left any repercussion throughout the years you back to normal the doctor says are now. It's it's still listening every time I get caught completely right that that really bad and then and I doubt. It is this isn't meant a lot of some bad worker Sabrina. And it's either the output of just trying to do territory to give me some antibiotics and I really did. OK well thank plumbing they sell it dubious spore that's fantastic what kind of supported me think it is. They want our percent sure they say it is something how long legal business. So church team at least fifteen years ago. Usually you still think of the year dealing with a to the stare at. So the sport still still not in your lungs is it. I can't imagine that the spores and scores disposal I'm sorry but did the stories. So let damage there aren't. Still man Denny now all you want to do is go to Carbone drink tequila get laid. Wanna go to Costco. Launch cross field brief instant does nicely you know people's arguments Morgan and Paula knows a tray of Turkey will after he apparently didn't come back to Cambridge. Hello Jim welcome to the men's room. 000. Eight at all. Yeah it is sugar alcohol my story was about a pound you're free Kelly being that a movie ends so Eric later actually. All the little hard at what you have bad guy area you get thirsty I got to the point that I was drinking so much water it came out completely clear. Completely clear no way. Yes unbelievable I could I could they went on for three hours. I die hard to believe that anyway so you covered that mr. Obama got another one adult. And I don't know all of a lot of theaters this way when our thirteen. Fourteen years old I have the ability to drink straight alcohol. The jetlag and third judge in the down and I would make it. I like that they for the most part we don't know yeah most searching for girls can shrug and alcohol I I never did Delano thirteen or fourteen years old. I mean on a cell. It's a very yeah yeah you really do if you're chugging it. Yeah I didn't know it would again of course I get sick later but it barges drinking age you know I would gag so. Nobody send. There's apparent sir you know out of now and then we did typical thing where you're in the bid up the bottle you know and then all. Yes. Children there. Work. Yes Jim parents hate that when you replace the usual water most relocated Juanita crack he won't count the its annual. I don't just live day did you do whatever so that the dot org that. I wouldn't be able to drink a twelve outnumbered. Birdied I mean he really really strong during. I could drink at twelve ounce Tumblr with the everything out of the booze cabinet though where DJ and block. Build all the way that and I did it just got quite senate. Got IQ but course it melted into Billy gates and that they want this guy just got all things without stopping. All right but it did get down. And you know it hit late I got to go home so I walked my bicycle one block. That I rode my bike I get home my mom the fleet in the chair I just mama all I'm going that bad it. I'm out. The next thing I remember. Are the only thing I remember was my light coming on in the bedroom and I'm covered in vomit just. He's the editorial. Error. I got the they can my belief my mom heard me turn on the light. And he meant that. Yeah that made me sick. Now that they're on batteries don't I would I would recommend no one ever doing anything like that in their lifetime I think that's the hardest thing about my eighteen years who has spent the steroid era seed jug every form about the hall and next thing you know bad more so into the shell station and I checked acquittal on diesel and that's a thousand foot down on mound and turned it on and turns out through but I was sick and almost done. All compromise don't do that. Record if that's yeah I mean we all have those stories this team are absolutely out out there ever be like seventeen in doing almost the exact same thing what you Philip very Dino glass jar and it yeah. Like we didn't know we had I mean we know we're doing and all don't I don't religious mix. We had earlier contests either drink more it was awful are better than your brains out and it's going for our fast they're doing I think. It is important that you go to bed at three and at and knoller is an assay of us saying they would they were little kids that we can make fun for more. You don't you can tell it don't touch this it's hot but they don't know what hot means they know you're given the warning but they've they cannot. Comprehend what an ism and may touch the hot ass whatever right burn the (%expletive) on themselves. And now we understand so we can tell anyone Merriam what every you too. Don't go to all the state and showed this moves this group but the thing is like we're saying this. But there's no way to truly explain to you exactly how awful it is possible to feel as a human being. But no you're not dying like you're actually wants to be done you want to die but you're not. And there's no way to get into you have one of those nights you'll regret get a man that's all LA there's there's no wonders why let's go ahead do it man my money says you won't go more ones. Yeah I mean I cannot repeat this enough. I woke up in the twelve tours are fast food place in a college town. College Park with my head on the toilet alluded to this day if he grosses me out the kind of blue was what do what do South Korea. I SATA ports okay all right I just say the bathroom had been used to locked. All blue moon do. Came in to check on. Design a buddy pass on an bathroom in the Chicago fell down 9% of the go and pulls us out of what you were older right I was an hour materialize that are. It where is the one happened. But it was still the same dumb as situation you really does that a deal is he was old enough to know right exactly so still I mean I came out after you adult let's hear real quick. Cite somebody finally comes in like dude you gotta get the staff and like right. So then I went out it was a friend of yours or just a regular coach knows the use one guy came in and his left and then a friend came into come on getting at here book that I went back to the table. And proceeded to stick it cheeseburger Meyer. And here I was trying to eat it a myth but. Are cracking down you can ignited it and yeah it was that bad at all I feel as we were gonna wasteful and so my mom didn't find out about Camelot hello my mom's like oh you are wasting hours. If the goodnight you're watching Philly try to play your opinion and yes kids have been near and your average. The pressure off the a really tough the they do all the way to know. The Joseph the capacity to be that stupid thing to get that program. Will look you give out those seventeen and 37 threats to wonder years what he did thank you. I am still embarrassed and grossed out but I did that one hole the way what eight inches above other people's group. That's bad to me you would like to have murder to the eye you go like a plan that's funny. You're drunk we've all done dumb stuff but. Is the idea of what you open your eyes and based in your face down right above other people through and how long do you think you've been like that. I'll probably ten or fifteen minutes a unique breed a man for arguably be like this guy into its like this place Chile has clean toilets but you gotta keep an eye late. This is College Park, Maryland just a mile or two out there are few miles of the city. Like this McDonald's had a line. Every night right it's Friday night like 1230 at night like the people have been using distort. If enough plus uh oh yeah oh. Who are blood are you pretty sure got to stick with catcher emails Gillen of the men's or amendments or my back up although still to come or turn to whose Sox last. And the word has some annoying lingo that you only here at work that is all on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Plus didn't do our allies are you pretty sure got to say here come those emails in the men's room mad men's or my doc. Guys those are high street Y January was able land five girls in one week while. I went and got my routine testing and I had chlamydia after many awkward calls. I cannot figure out how I got to years later I'm talking my best friend and he's telling me how his sister kept getting chlamydia. Former cheating boyfriend a sort of laughing and had to tell him thank you. Now I know where I caught it from now one time because she never told me he latins and I'm probably the only guy he's happy she's been with. She dates a bunch of losers. Guys are a couple friends that I got to Monday is the best we can't backs yeah hey you yeah it is did you have to get one that is the one right. Double friends that I got invited also rule party after a few a few years ago where the host invited some of his family as well. The holes on goal was talking about Chile to everybody's and everybody tried it and it was in fact really good however. When my friends and I got home all three of us had the stomach flu and all had to stay home from work the next day and trying to figure out where we got sick from. I texted the host to see if anyone else got sick every one every single person got sick. Minus one person. The chilly shelf who recently had gotten over the stomach flu enough. You Barack salute as he was sick he made me back she only had tuned got a real snake. Guys are pretty sure the sun got me sick I was on the beach of a huge leg jet skiing have been a great time suddenly I felt incredibly ill. Parents of the lakeside restroom the foul smelling building ever by the way no relation had to do my business and was sweating buckets. Finally get outside and feel like I'm gonna pass out while nobody gets struck stuck in the sand so I have to go get help. Afterward I feel like a little vomit I'm sweating a feel like I'm freezing word my buddies Kevin for the weekend and spend the rest of the night. Switching from taking a shower to lying down under a blanket every almost parting halt Jesus Obama by me offer you words of support a mockery. Felt much better the next day pretty sure it was heatstroke. Hold it just sounds like teacher either better was seriously some kind of food poisoning. I might came over looked at the winter to check that everything all right just. And they are man things that's amazing it's like it's like a splash. Did you guys keep talking about the Turkey on the airplane I am one of the captains for virgin America that flowed from San Francisco to Seattle Lamar and our lady told me she got left her husband died in became attached to it she seemed a little unstable but the bird BA better than most of our guest. It was wearing a diaper and she brought it to the window seat my flight attendants told me it just sat there and looked out the window the entire flight. Afterward I had to bring it up to the flight deck for a photo op that from shot blog man all I'm saying is this. If that doesn't make you come back from the grave that when you basically replace me you lost me but you found comfort in a diaper wearing Turkey. See our culture and I'm so are really got to welcome back from the dead probably not are probably a better companion I was laughing about animals in diapers. A only the third in a dire light it up so late president and we're kind of Segovia little dog here yet man. Our guys we operatives beach front property in Panama several years ago yeah that's right they just. I have my own growth of coconut trees socket last trip we took a last Thanksgiving was going great though we came back home on the way back at the Houston airport. I thought they slight rumble in my gut but just figured it was an airline food. Once back home Montezuma is revenge came on full force I thought I was gonna die. The doctor and I narrowed it down to the meal I had of the Chinese buffet we came across in the middle of the Panamanian jungle. Looking back. It was one of the strangest things we saw that trip there probably was not the best choice that day you stop that and it's and he bought bay. And the middle of the jungles of Panama big cool bridges. He had no you're gonna get the revenue any comments on yeah we had fearless the question of the day pretty sure I get a slight touch food poisoning. Every dumb either my mother in laws house Chile beat out on the town for hours at a time they received the server up. Was love but no basic food handling skills and well about four year old was sitting on the toilet he'd get Delhi. I'll help but move is melting. Third that Jim battery. What got me sick oysters in Florida I was bedridden for four days and only get up to either piano bug bugs. Obama anything he says overalls. I'll look says my dues ex gay B type one herpes gonorrhea chlamydia and do you TI. In one that night. And that's our find out he was cheating. Do you think why are our that is a lot of going on right there at the rainbow I don't know who he was having sex with a hundred people yes it was not good. And a hundred people who are not about taking care of themselves. And it was I using common thread the well you are very few extreme out there for the men's room amends in my dark comedies it's the last. That's I use out there chasing waterfalls. She got home dole today Greenland while the black guy cottage cheese did a huge GE. It it and I didn't expect Padilla's if my 41 birthday I don't know anyone who loses your show like I do so I'm requesting my own birthday shout out. I would love the dirty Germans telling me about the trouble I'm going to get into. Thanks let you guys that from the lovely Sarah. Senator from new book today I'm going to actually Thomas and into the the mechanical. You guys that I missed an amendment and each. Was professor of David H a V four. It's going to be dead. Owner Fred Tyler starting 22 I was wondering you give a shout out he makes a doors for a living so. I was wondering if you could give him a European this is too small and have the dirty Germans talking about doors thanks guys that from Paul. Us. Younger you looked a little bit in the mountains to working with the engine engine won't be home wounded no. Yeah outs for the save everybody uses their hands from the mountains and everybody gets. Tuned enough. Day sell out already admitted dirty German style police thanks guys that from Sandra. Yeah I was watching. Who's this for the start of the most of the terrain smoothly proximity. Of McCann signed a formal sit. And person through their lips met. Only has four years ago I got hired on to lay up project at a company I work for now and now one of the okay as people I know mr. like put it just so happens on this day more than. Four years ago he was also born in a big fan of the show. I know you love to hear some dirty Germans had to hurt anybody and I'll be days above average thanks guys that from Victoria. Not suit my agenda so you have to call if that's. And she in this week's. John yeah. Maybe it'll make up. The people. Old original estimate that 23 server other big ball of fire. Before we do remember they request a wanna thank all of you guys. Or what you do had kind of a tough year for my birthday gonna get your penis is too small Mike Cox saying deal though and the thirty Germans. Talking about are ready heading girlfriend thanks guys and the lob on that. And I will never understand that the spending time to go through what you only say red head. Yeah and those who Smith hadn't broke from Boston fans the fruits of that assistance. A local road slow pitch I'm homeless who huh. Regular. Hello Lou and once that's up to say. Now now we're at the. Owner Larry they've RT two what is this year I've been on this sir there's been quite an adventure owning a doggie daycare and all. I'm gonna suck it up cupcake at the dirty Germans talking about how beautiful it is outside thanks guys had from Jozy the dog nanny. Oh. Yeah I know Tiki to commence upon to protect children from the inside. Manager Ozzie is beautiful out there maybe agree didn't simplicity. I'm proud. This is my Big Three L an ounce of energy guys it really give me a barber shop they say I was pleased thanks guys that from lucky Beers it. New movie borrowed this and wins. She's a daughter on the side. Now it is Stanley is he's still really is in the morning and afternoon and. College is not an amber deja on my friend Jesse AKA that know me is 32 you might say this is not sell that old but gnome has been in school studying computer programming since we graduated high school in 2004. He also lives in the best trailer park above the only treatment plan and down video ladies he has single have a brunt of the European resistance small. Thanks guys that from boomer. Silent all wanted to wish my very good friend Brad to very happy 43 trip around the sun. He just moved guys to Jacksonville Florida and we want to know that he has missed about a classic face salads it was our inside joke at work. Thanks guys that from Hamburg. So yeah I guys here yelled. Happy I didn't OK I'm here I've got to learn OK I'm at a contract I dated to me UT you big game. Doesn't did you German front and then. Solid available through his world sings on men's line does come another sign retailers. And am trying to fly. Flew my guys a lot of them Billy bass talking bass I hope mine up to Alexa for RS and giggles. I'm from upper Michigan and it is adding it's funny as hell. That's from Dustin here's more on Billy the big mouth bass. All look I have enough owner Billy big mouth bass that things don't worry be happy to own wounds and take me to the river. I got an of the church rummage sale but there are actually a few different kinds besides Billy. There is Travis the singing Trout that also sings two songs do wah Diddy and Rock the Vote. Then there is one who they called Bubba the catfish this one says many different hilarious quotes and sings the song. Bad to the bone I have on both of said vicious and my dad actually threw Bubba across the room one night because he was fed up with. Believe it or not it's still work as those things are tough. Who hit singing fish more that's your call nine. Or kids. I'm they're both gonna lightly let I leave or go there and do or it's me and miles per house throw we know you're annoyed with the singing fish but it's easier with the kids. Because it did I can look here's the difference. As friends if you threaten us what you basically told to do is ample ordered a really loses about at least in the Kia by a thread it was something. Yeah it army and IIQ so empty promise that they don't realize yet but Williams government off the stove don't. And violate all the dinosaurs and no wild and I've sent more times zagging down on one someone snapped but best one I've ever heard of was my friend. He had a we leader that just would not start after facing its for the 100 time. So after I wouldn't start he finally wrapped it around a tree and broke the engine off the shaft. He then picked up the engine by the pull string and throw it and as it was flying through the air it finally started. Rock convoy West Africa Jacob listening on 98 point nine Iraq. And lovely Kansas City I still get on the word has I know I blame goes Jolie hearing more but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John. Yeah blue. Hey. Guy what they embargoes Sox lefty to throw you bring us three stories in the news it is up to us to determine. Which of these three stories suck Phillies now if you follow us on a Twitter events are live take out the amends are there like this on FaceBook town or even up on mr. Graham if you haven't seen as there as well the debate is already under way in who sucks less yes indeed and today worry have a group over massage in this for lack of about a term. Also an online community in Canada. They'll be competing against. The owner of organic popcorn store from Emory California. And together Adobe taking on young man from took quello Washington but. But starting Canada. And cells are that's the name of the online community to both of us doesn't this. Who are they self identify as quote in voluntarily some of it. I think we can imagine with a look like isn't this the guy. It is yeah but here's the thing I think involuntarily. Another words like Yankee game there ugly whatever the on this but they blame women for all of restaurant has nothing big but anyway. They flock to support the man accused of killing ten people living in Toronto. This let them guys which condor gave them lightly breaded and fortune and they adopted the driver of the man as. Quote the new site after reported that he had posted about it. On the website that they frequent. And he prays that anti woman UC Santa Barbara murderer and we Roger break before he did the man attacks these guys out hope this guy brought a manifesto. Was he to be our next thing that the people say you support them if you don't know when this guide Rosemary and Toronto for Donnelly only get what. Okay that was his goal is she into women because women find them on track. Now what goes there he wrote Dundee instill doubt to me that the former all these guys get together. Spread that names speak of his sacrifice for our calls out those guys look at. Worship him before he gave his life for our future of from someone else. Apparently the other duo demanded both neutral before the attack. He says infantry intent on what you to speak to sergeant or James leaves. The rebellion resorted to Gumbel overthrow all the Chad's BC's Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob. You were people who support this guy because he targeted women and the reason that. They don't white women because women don't find them track I want to keep that in mind out of the womb to. Other issues. No totally sinking all over the organic popcorn store in every bill California. He was seen by multiple witnesses Jason black customers out of the store over the weekend while also calling them the end bomb. Mark stone he's the founder and CEO of this place he confirmed that in employee. At oral racial insult to black customers while demanding they leave the store. Unfortunately for him there's a picture and video of him doing it so although he initially. Blamed the unnamed employee for hurling slurs. He stopped responding to the newspaper that have been interviewing them when they start confronted him with the evidence that he was actually won the only employee of the store that day. And at every witness there pointed him out. Here's a guy Jason on the street if it. Now Toyota to quell Washington more manned clip notes at Washington State ball stops he received from Dubai under age girls on the way. What he showed up for meeting with an undercover detective. Because of course he thought it was one of these girls guide darom Frederick Jones he's a boy oh boy he was arrested and charged with child sex related crimes. The investigation began when high school students reported that the notes were found bus stops and to quote and the surrounding area new offering cash for girls on the and detective posing for funeral of tech the number. Of the suspect agreed to meet with the men and additional offering to pay eighty dollars for the underwear. The guy agreed 300 dollars if he can make. Quote sexual contact with their 2000 dollars. If you agree to take photos in her underwear and or news photos. Now the sheriff's office says the suspect was arrested when he showed up with what he thought would be a fourteen year old girl's resonance. And ask him about to strike it should be noted that it destructive on handgun a machete had to 2000 originated loans and cash. Which if you added up is the exact amount he'd be willing to paper's request. And a camera. He was charged with attempted commercial sex abuse of the minor exceptions such as sick individuals as a very sick individuals so 62 with a group in Canada. I don't know if not so in Canada flag I think I was caught no wonder he had. Committed any acts. Prior to bust a gut yes I don't know I saw a picture of the notes and army and gone about like laminated. You leave these things to the bus stop for both shoulders is basically what I just told you. Here's what I'm going to pay for Puerto. He did not. Think the that the police somehow would get wind of this and get the ball but. They ended up catching but I I don't know if they found anything else to say he had done this before I mean that's always my question you be that dumb but on the fate of seniority. Committee that heinous the crime so. Yes we dubbed peoples oh man how can. Tell he he's such a lot. Yes you guys. The group thinks that what that guy did in Canada is cool such a lot. And I think it's tremendous. I think this CEO of the organic popcorn store who was seen chasing the customers of historical Indian word such a lot as well. Boy is a tough one. Look I'm black and there right now this deal sources. I just watch and look ahead of them is rampant in this country I'm out front of them on the robe closer and if you're black you're like yeah okay so that happen but the other thing is. You can stumble into his business. That's Osgood anything until we got to the white black people think we know that so you have to go to business is now that it's out there I assume with his business has taken a hit. Down the people on and not really organic above trying aaron's all white cheddar popcorn and. They're both delicious. By that. But and we wanna say like I you have to start doing commercials for that for parents are doing the Q how will any harm us out at 30 yeah into the gym just gave him to go limo line I didn't execute my way out. Paulina. Ed the debate continues by the way on who's such less if you like commend him on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter at men's surmise. I got over it surrogate doesn't shot of the day is moments away and the word has annoyed lingo that you only here at work that's coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. This is your. True come. Over again does its job today as volatile I bonfire. Yeah I've learned today have come up annoying like yell. Only here at the Elian was there as according to a new survey daylight get back to work savage overzealous sometimes use the annoying cliche phrases but believe it or not we only use these phrases for the majority of the time. It worked. It's almost a different language we speak even though we know we should know better and here are the ones we say the most some phrases that just missed the top notch. The term synergies. I had right style. Mean when everyone's working together and seemed energy but we can't say that we have to say sanity back to the drawing board. Means we got to start over I'm OK with that and tomorrow that's basically put a paradigm shift. I'm I'm okay were better Potomac through people use the term paradigm shift what he's doing literally went. Don't minimize the paradigm shift and got an army like Motley Crue and Guns 'N Roses The Beatles were a paradigm shift to be rocking on. Poison was not on the teaching compliments my way. It paradigms oh well it's easy around me right here tomorrow. I would make sense paradigm shift when she correctly I like right but not here but not everything literal not everything's a paradigm shift that's right. Other terms touch base all loop you win in team player all just missed the top dandy here are the top ten phrases we know better than he used to work. Number ten is a win win situation. Similarly situated. Right which basically means you're losing outright to say I'm the one telling you it's a win win situation Brian why don't mind the phrase book like paradigm shift to literally I don't believe you. Owns a win win and that means that you are getting the upper hand. Right that's what I typically think of when when you think I'm right we'll do this tonight and then frail guys that are. And I today the UN led the winner. Number nine let's circle back. Let's circle back. I hear that little. Gaffe which means that we don't really know the answer to this right now well we have an idea of what's going on. We have no way to solve it let's just drop it for awhile. Come back later and then we'll talk about it again. I think it depends on the situation and I think you'll hear this in the meetings we have exclusively with the show you. We hear that a lot because we have the tendency to get off topic. Depth on our volatile is let's circle back to what the hell I was talking about a grad ball number eight let the cat out of the back. But the cat's out of the back. Everybody could every night this war commandments could be a lot of things. I'm pushing the envelope is still in the top ten believe in and out of your pushing the envelope and if you are pushing the envelope to some degree as far as trying to better yourself and your job why didn't work then exactly weather here Vander weather here counselor. I don't count your chickens before they're hatched the number six. Throw you under the bus at number five office terms that we should stop using annoying as hell at forest let's do good heavy lifting. Number three let's hammered out against number two is still think outside the box and I'm rat a brand new number one. Give 110%. And yes this is not an ESPN's sports there you go it is impossible. Bothered him way manager during its or somebody else they're deserves to be ready. Men's room. Just to win games. I read that as usually heads of the very best dance even throw him off. Find out nortel's debt yes the dean and today we chose 24 year old key on Wallace of Belmont count Belmont county Ohio. Not Seattle's facing a drug test I don't know if you is on probation if his for job but. Like most people will drugs in her system when she decided to ask a friend to provide the actual urine sample. While there were two problems first. Actually figured out of the now the second problem was at the bar or urine sample. Yet it also tested positive for drugs. They're back oh yeah we're truth won the tip offs. That might not be herders because she said basically the way. Could there be here are going to be drugs and I've been sentenced batted in mind very go to Brigham and I'm now in court the judge was quoted as saying. Limited street. To avoid a positive test with your own urine and you'd use someone else's germ who turned out to be positive also. That's bizarre cannibalism and I give an eighteen months from jet. Wow eighteen months I wanna say six in prison twelve probation and again I don't know if you violated probation. Is for work but. Here's the thing I mean my god we'll talk about earlier. I would. Yeah afterward for a lose lose in the drink this booze because we think it's yummy okay so all the time you're down the world to party in our days. Down at home ravaged our laugh particular nine online right now I thought scored 9990. Look. I show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.