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Tuesday, April 24th

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This is the men's room. Listening to. Some standing by conine a four point 999 a little play profile this is. And good your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working iron Harley-Davidson is looking for paid interns to ride around on motorcycles this summer M post about it on social media. Okay thank you can't be that hard and at the end of the injuries did you get to keep the motorcycle down here. So I can say is please stop applying for this job we've already gotten twenty million applicant I'm right on how many people that hired. Now working on an anti death. I think you're deal yeah that's right all they're paying you to intern right and you get driver I don't know much motorcycle. And then you turn around our I don't want to Mike all right I'm myself when I drive news. That's our goal right now hall hours for audio on it and hopefully a few things that he was a variety randomized. We. Really nice problem right there or will not you can buy corona flavored gummy candy for single and in my else. You can also go to hell but they're non alcoholic which makes them a lot less fun is that you would you during corona were not alcohol and now that's exactly. Had a bloodied and had them rose gummy bears that's different I don't do that with the closing in on. I'm not positive he's an AT think rose Coca. Then. Does that count. It's better than wrong. As I given that any of corona of the flag of I had to have our rose gummy or corona I'd take the rose golf professionals they're basically just evident grape flavored gum and it is in my better than having a beer flavored item of food every. I'm on a beer. Exactly. A ninety year old man and India got into a brawl and ended up with a key lodged in the top of his skull who unlocked manpower there. The key tonight at at the unlock your potential thank you for the G. God the man against our will looking for the source of a terrible stench earlier this month. And they found a household of almost one 101000 rare tortoise is that a group of people were planning to sell on the black market. Hand oh wow orders and Leo I guess they were alive. For there would be my guess if they were gonna sell my I don't know why I was only prejudice. I guess though there are a lot of the freestyle and I'm wondering why they were the smell was so bad I thought that maybe some 101000 totally in there zarrella on. 101000 though were even result in thousands turn here on the island I mean the black market unsafe. I don't know and I have heard from people don't journals they stink OK if you do not keep the cap on that tank dates to who are really behind tourism really buying this tuna but almost almost that was really buying brands as people you've hurdles okay that will be my guest it's. There's a rare tortoises were who buys a rare animals really rich people where nothing to do it yourself OK okay she. Yeah and and you're right I guess I think Joseph can blow it off the top of the jurors share our act group. If you keep this Jake Martin's. Turtles I had a one Fessler a year guy walks towards my quota on taken yeah. Takes them awhile it's good he's got a torn it. Yeah yeah no hurry to get in anyway and now. Maybe otherwise go without its foot to kind interactive time but I feel walking towards the river. I've gone down like atmosphere and then make it needs of the river and for him authorities did the damage Franklin quick Tug at the half hour. Does he stand there away forever love the tortoise. Like does his business. I've only seen the tortoise walking so I mean he's fast is tortoises Geico where did you take the tourist wherever he goes again oh yeah. What is the sort of this issue. What's at but I believe this next free Roman maybe that was an hour and I knew how they injures there's at least you still within think and I think take your finger at. I don't get that close to focus to fill these like you can walk up to others a good candidate and yet it's. It's not firm recently the first of Freddie you don't want to not fair to senator do you now have very that's. 44% of people say they've got revenge on a coworker recording new news survey. And that includes everything from spreading a rumor about them to getting them fired art at agave everybody here her whose lives on. I make every glass in the hi everyone around. When allows that you and I season rice for me it's also easier than what I did get a improved way to get right down the season. You do and I got your marriage does not peak when you're newlyweds according to a new study just MR sex it's pretty much. Researchers on the couples who make it twenty years or even happier. Because what you know the develop an even deeper appreciation of the jets. Okay you've got their bad days after the break from kind of you kind of have to read the book at that point ranked the fifth. Before got off flat flat out rights fees they got into any did you read the book again you know one. Felt tonight you really have gleaned only information from tiger brighten your own. See their friends and I spent similar to like and I probably around going to circle of friends. And he ever left the room because your partner was snoring. And that I have not honors at PS based on might be a good enough now there is some I don't know yeah I think people away. Says according Newt is surveyed 31% of people say yes and women are more likely to have left the man yeah yeah yeah men are more likely to northern new life. There's not that you know everyone. Doesn't snores just. Seems like men do more. There's an app that'll actually record when you snore I'll have a wife little did that because they're good up until I thought you last time. Finally just feature in the thing on his senate decided pillow and it ended old. To stay silent until you start storing in the middle start recording and who doesn't wanna hear that Hanna thank you. Hey listen to this thing been and always everyone else is equal amount of smell is bad milk. I'm pretty good unless some flat on my stomach and it's. It's on fox apparently when I drink failure holiday shortened time and seeing very. Forget boxed wine a company just rolled out new boxed liquor it's about time they got vodka tequila and whiskey on cell right now in six states and should be available in more places him. Do they say the brand is one brand in particular or is it inquire. Doesn't matter NTA doubling time I think you should why would you like that's good. You know they've becomes an embezzlement yeah bio by the name of that story there but you know a manager of the budget from gitmo liquors early box drummer some. Yeah I had off guard Garnett slams yeah launch margaritas that a little book now I actually was a bucket a marketing in my bag. A new survey found a little bit of a workout specifically so we can over indulge any more junk food OK there I don't think I wired. I think this is gonna look good and it's office there are no mystery. Turns rise chocolate cake and pizza. Thought gosh I truly chocolate cake he thank you defeats against what chocolate cake and pizza are going hello can I oyster for take Yemen it. Complaint from the floods I don't know when he got PK playing around. Ever some people dislike having cake and maybe if you know people come over the cannabis was addicted to our own business and telephones from. Again cake is just never there. This is never around trouble you know like donuts of there without making her new home get them over more case or not around. A website doesn't go to the grocery store and just buys or she can you don't read and you make your own K can you put a little present her dish there's so people come over and make off the winds lessened in any case. The wants to last communication and there was a recent London home. Put on what they just figured out beyond maybe taken the last week and that's all you did make it can you engage in the last week I know organize a jury essentially defensive of the idea of making me pay to. What was then the family was. Yellow cake it's happened. Plant if I don't doubt Diana Phillips I just figured out the other thing you upon every state based on sightings in the past Arizona number one the but none of that Nevada. No Wyoming and Vermont actually. Or at worst teams that are in Florida and Texas. Is got a lot of open space I think that the USO had it right there is a long ago. Florida again a driver in the UK managed to get an eight month sentence due to a photo footage of snow fell out of one hour now. They've got deadlines are loyal one hour from now first the good news calls. Three precepts. Yes the throw to the police are on how profile goods is playing that's our ten miles that the simple game where we share the do you realize news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Our armed and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make molest you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello hello and welcome to the men's room. I sure loved it shouldn't fall and I don't laugh at Kapalua the regular. All of. And I mean. I don't you understand how this here game was played. Yeah fantastic here is your story we go to Laredo Texas world woman was jailed for leading to children home loan. While she got drunk. And started dancing on the bar at Applebee's. Even good in the neighborhood my friend now the 34 year old instructed to counter the Taliban met with the intent to return on the intends to return. I anyway he was also cited for a public intoxication but about 1 o'clock in the morning. The police responded to Applebee's for the report of the disturbance. Police say man be drunk woman she was dancing on top of the bar. Believe it or about deed by boats and Applebee's and after she would stuck. Now as you incoherent and blood semis she could not battle through self injured became belligerent toward the cops. And started cursing at them. Officers said they found out that you lived at a nearby apartment complex and they were actually just went take her home. But when they got her whole month unit discovered two children both twelve years old sleeping in separate rooms with no adult supervision and that's when they took it to the headquarters Booker. Due to her intoxicated state anyway. You believe in this class act is black white makes you or Asian. He. Com. Think you're there I'm. You know on the math thing. And actually. Of matching. I imagine would she was drinking and she's there like dollar Long Island til like diary on early I'll tell you what I know. She was there 1 AM and it was 1 AM Wednesday so they have some daily single mine that was bad but I do not know the domestic. Is there for wet Wednesday. Drinking a lot yeah yeah and apparently they have good chicken wings and to. Twelve year old kids sitting home she's in a bar TNT on top of it hammered yet hammered and then she gets arrest that is fair and again never want to take her home. Maybe Lynn Sweet and all whatever bowl when they got her to her home in June and her body ultimate problem kids. And ultimately aren't were taken in downtown and we're gonna press to see what countless Laredo Texas sounds small man. Dillon you're not fit into it and finally why there. I I'm I'm built stickam at night immense. Final answer we'll find out if she was black white Mexican or Asian next. That was it tees you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Phases to Applebee's in Moreno taxes 34 year old mom dancing on the bar and she's a drunk it's 1 o'clock in the morning. Obviously the people that these are really excited about this please do get called a common. Offer her a ride home do giver ride home or apartment which is pretty close to the album please. However when they entered the place they realize that she had a two unattended children. There were living with her that she left to go to the bars and get drunk and answer. Apparently the job to have problems like that's fast so. Bill we ask you did you believe this woman was black and white makes you or Asian youths started what makes these local banks need we can methane individual lives. Our. We do. I was Sabatini damaging. Engine countless hours in front of a talking box and the presents. Again I was sold a lot of weird stories. And a half he gets the kind of crazy theories right. So I don't know if they were true or not at all but one theory was always that back in the day Jackie's. Had a purging Stahl. When all you know Hillary I'll do what I know that would make sense. Jack has that keep their weight down or whatever I don't I again I'm not positive is sure not active jockeys were always puke at the small. So he missed the team's canopy lot of cocaine. In the horses. On the whole sports. So the the other theory he always had with that race car drivers. Pete that. Now makes it kinda does the cheat you don't hear a ton about it while I am surely bring about Blair rubbed it as though the readout of the miseries. Generally they don't but let's go to IndyCar driver James. Thanks to a lot of city mayor during that first read and I was begging to get just three minutes it's all 83 minutes we'll off the wheel on. And we got going again I was my legs were shaking. I had to go so badly I can't Everest like this so under caution it took me full apt it was a wanna put at least comfortable experience is my entire life. But I can officially Sam join a license will power Dario Franchitti and other greats that repeat themselves and their suit so you're talking to a manages weapons. I left when he finishes I don't think the fully integrate time now the club affinia mention FaceBook page. Yeah I mean I guess it makes sense Sapient everything got to see the same seat all the time didn't permit her seat. When after fears of yet did you put a little I knew when you had on the adult diapers. No I didn't it is hard to. Pentagon outing really had to go and I still elegant and it's amazing I'm rent out a broad drop him a little when I really did not want to go. Yeah like when I exercise every muscle my body to prevented this delay got is there's there's a level where I where it where you get to where. You've been holding it for so long and the closer that you get to the vessel yet so loudly your view is that it's almost like no matter how long it's been a could be five minute difference but the closer you get to the actual thrown the worse the fresh all my god it's it's like it's it's it's hard Dick why I don't know because. It could to test more I know two more minutes to get to the bathroom you could still do it right. Yeah as soon as you didn't hear it and see it like your body just got. I don't know. I don't raise the buckle everything I've done that during war or in home on the elevator and got to do the damn thing you know like I gotta go bad and all loosen the grip it's. Those are the movie leader to hold onto a cliff in your finger for flippant like it feels like that it. Elevator door opens in in our old building the bathroom is right there systems elbit door open. Iran interest rates now you've go a little extra in right so it. Somehow I can go another thirty seconds but once you open about them going there right man I mean you're undoing a panther happy and before you read into the journal and it's just. It is not a good feeling that. Yeah well we shifted PU I hope my god alone and now but I said that I ladders like or maybe that's just me. America. Probably the only sport where you really have to do that. Yeah how will you remember running even distancing himself in the EMI years ago memory lane and Donovan got in trouble for USA soccer. Is he took he did little tickle on the field than Mexico. In so many people were pissed yeah no content. Yeah but I mean really it's that unheard of to drop the bird right out the side there for playing soccer get on Monday but Palin was Karl. It acts. Are its bigger birds. It's kind of an English word right they did you give bird could be like like a lady right to read Dana and it's got a new bat and it masri vitamin. Well speaking of the English big news yesterday. There was a baby and all the nighttime guys here's basically everybody talked about it on early by a doctor maybe. The mom I'm congratulations isn't new by royal baby that's exciting news. He has arrived at congratulations to prince William and his wife came. Hours of labor code but the royal baby precedent his mother how. Eight pounds seven ounces. And this is nice Muriel has more hair than his. If you smile about them the full had a hair Jimmy can't. McKinley the RD of three kids. Yeah and that's been there for awhile I know there's still quick work isn't. Well almost anytime guys I don't know I can shagged me wife. In any given drug after it exactly that we votes. Yeah exactly I did a net Adolf and I shagged me why. She and wife now I think it's more problem than that none John it's probably everything that is agreed to ask you know may. Here's who senator dale I've skipped. Fred Armisen yeah. To basically think the royal family but I think when they get behind closed doors they've been thick cockney accent and Kenny is just think that 30000 judo and I wanted to do okay Ryan Lilja after that into thank. This is a way that we think with some posh from London. Spamming and it's. So if you guys know anything about England. You ever heard of the town crier. Sure but it's loosely guide an American assistance that person. Right but it's lake. But you've you've ever heard that hard. Oh and yeah he. Right in it's like there's a whole square where people go when you could tub thumping which means you've got a standing on top of a top talk and that's about soft all can make everything and having a bullhorn so the town crier he's that guy in America the closest thing we have is the guy at the it's. State of the union okay because I got mad that I crash sites. He doesn't every year. So the town crier right so Stephen go Blair has some pretty good he has a little thing oh town crier and he's a pretty good point. And I'll. It's. Don't you know there's a babies sleeping. I mean that guy is just some guy. Out of official he does does that every time there's a royal baby despite not having an official relationship. I'm late but is easy to mistake for royalty he's got a stupid hat. And he doesn't have a real job. He's just a guy who wonders in London in a custom you can take your photo whiff. Cumulatively let the Times Square Al mullah announce our Supreme Court decision. If I really mean it yeah there's a lot of stuff out in the tournament but did you know humor had beat Peter Jen yeah sure you know that I think that's a real position. The beef eater yeah I have heard that he dresses with a little beef eater but Honda finally had his job or were they got the idea prove well yet. But I think part of would seek the royal garden. I'm glad I don't know in the Dallas. When you know it's a thing but I apparently I don't know they do but if you dressed like that it's got to be some important at the more ridiculous you dress. The more important it seems that you aren't and they have yeah they had scenario. What's hard to keep track right because like the Pope right. He lives in Italy. In Vatican City wreck but he's guarded like the French guard Swedish car is it the Swedish I believe it's Swedish first I just really that Italian and always throws me off. But the Vatican city's don't place it is only that Lara got buzz in Italy but this we discard whatever they are like they where the absolute most ridiculous costumes. But as I understand rulings parsley is going these guys are lethal and deadly. They look stupid but obviously protecting popes don't assume your bad ass I would go to an after party with them. Swedish stories you hear yeah maybe awesome. And take a little bit incidents because I think it does a great anything like this music. Miles is always asking me Ted. Fast and furious what's up with yeah with all the franchise I don't live I think that the Euro has ordered. Written notes. It's do you have any there's actually been bottler Noah never seen one. You've ever seen any up oh no. Hall irony in the end it will snow. Many of the first blow I was in any them. Then about scooter and I watch it. I just watch the first one if nothing else for the quotable it's okay all right okay most of the voodoo stick that's conflicted. What downloadable bud goes abroad to avoid huge huge if I have big adjusted to grow by retired career well there's aren't easy there's been 78 or nine fasten your own denying that it is pretty bright idea audit and I'm unaware of the franchise get them haven't seen. The picnic picnic at it on the same liked the so. It's gonna be a spinoff featuring the rocky Jason statements characters. Part time comes out 22 money. Parred ten hits theaters it twice what he was can't wait right but I know what you're saying this is about TV. No worries my friend boat because. An animated series based on the franchise company Netflix. And it made your money man how am I seeing movies and doesn't bother me main character with a teenage nephew Vince Steve vin diesels character. Deacon John. On. A lose lose students a lot of change yeah exactly. A that its rules they're typical veins down to Tora. In his nephew's going to be Tony to Peru good go to pizzas and stuff I don't know how to say no last name right but yet been. A I mean it's going to be. And NASA animated areas of going to be captain Tony's friends get recruited by the government to infiltrate in elite racing league award for tomorrow. Well you know how this goes to it's actually a front four that's okay that's really. Yeah they're liable under the money everyone on earth is letting us know that there's not a snub the restart it's the Swiss guard Swiss guy with a Swiss army knife. No right or alive and they make the hot time in little plastic to pick in there pocket elephant the Swiss after parties completely different just like you said you're the bottom jeans and shoot holes and that's yeah that the work on what the bond dude do you want to hot chocolate late. With the Swedish students at the can the little balls and IKEA furniture yes Swedish Gianluca. Yeah what do they call I think socket wrench no that little low tolerance Allan ray and they call that 25 things in your drawer in your kitchen kick and after. I don't know if you guys were watching the lethal weapon the TV series good news been re been renewed for a third season. I pirate I did I lose the reality you know. About red and a coma and move on TV man oh yes it is. So I stopped watching Comedy Central that you guys watch lethal weapon the movie's depth chart chart so Mel Gibson's much miles. You know Michael gets its character rig straighten he was always in trouble with the boss in the cement if he's crazy he was. Well turns out that the actor. Klein. Crawford. Who's playing and Mel Gibson's character rigs he's actually a problem. I used to quote disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse in creating cost our environment and brag that I'm somebody important some members of the cast and crew so they are comfortable working with them there's a source that says they're actually considered replacing the dude. Well he must be a real jackass. It everybody keep concludes that your jackass you're jackass but when everybody and I look and they can't if you're not nice to people whatever your dealers what are we don't want that they they don't wanna work with the juniors that big of a Jack guessing you're obviously a jacket what does he hasn't. The guy with talking about replacing. If he sees that I'll read the wrong story cleaned. He Kallis CL a Y any claim Crawford. Some dumped in the way you like right we don't even a named any ratios on the air. But on network for a couple of years I don't know I think there's some irony in the fact that he's hosting play in this like. I meant god I think man that scared everybody in this and that right and then he's actually like doing just double the amount that look able we have is eight three cast members very sound to land just had method acting no game and agree. Dude have you seen how would say it's on Netflix. There's a documentary coming out about Jim Carrey when he kneed me in on the move. So basically we are you got into character hearing right. Think he got so ended the method acting that like he was creeping people out they thought he was losing his mind. And I mean he's still he's. Always kind of perpetually losing thought they think now about a minute and a is he seems crazy to me. But he's losing his mind yet not always in the worst way about like he's not but yeah Paris losing to these final latest thing about him and it's paying. I don't like the at all times. Did whatever this situation is whatever throwing from it is like. That's how he operates that's where he gets his creative. Maybe you forget he's been doing it for so long. But you just it's not that uncommon to for comedians lately either the holders to probably to generation the people that don't know. Tom Hanks was comedic acting right yeah I think that's how we started animal house. With the bat house one. Animal house how far bachelor party as a party that's one part of a money pit. It is I mean you and Mer the TV show us about slash IR made splash. You know if you throw today we showed today you sure about that pinnacle and what are users and view them TV show bosom buddies write it now. And I don't mean I'd be Baghdad field but now we know him as a serious actor now has a little let's I think. You know I think he Jin Kerry's candidacy and lately he's been even is so known for comedy that he try to get into serious stuff like. I don't I used off the times like that shocking to me that the guys that are really high level comedians has initiatives we're there and I'm an arc do you think. It's hard for him I think it's always you always learn to be ace venture that our I would trust no one Nick Cage to be HI from raising Arizona you. So yeah so it was great soda and I can break comic. You know indicates that he's gonna continue making movies everybody just for can relax and thank god yes and I think attack attack attack. I think they did do justly so. You know sometimes you hear about we are just talking about method actors it's and that. Matt LeBlanc. You know him from a couple different series mainly you remember him from friends generally. Jolie with the episodes on showtime all the severe received documentary did for my own. Top gear I believe how yeah yeah I remembered about for local host it's a he was on with Graham Norton and basic is a funny story about being really into character on friends. This two pages that cooked book gets stuck together. There's a meat dish and dessert ash as she makes half and half a beach in which is it to go so it's like a meat trifle with swiftest path. Actually eating was not that it was a story was loses so we're prima and some bananas or something. So Ross is saying he doesn't like it and Rachel hears them and had hurt or feels that he doesn't want to know her field so he. He's such he's gone he can't finish any source laughter. So we cut. And actually we're cutting he tennis spits it back on this play like that. But yeah and I'm sitting right next summer and I didn't I'm looking the other way I. Oh I think it's letting go give it to me and escape some online play and we'll hear us okay. We go get and now I'm even. Have to take no one sheds and have to do wrap party is him watching the blooper reel and I'm watching him on revenues by. It's a weird one man could you gotta stop somebody when they're about to eat your previously Choo Choo Choo to. QA BC people who don't don't don't don't you don't movement correctly debate Elijah alternative into it and I'm here in plain mean her immediate and did previously sued nets try to pick him. At Ladenburg tradition that if you TrueCrypt and we've mentioned you don't brood to save give a warning might. When Mike Tony back. No cake has been in my mouth obviously heroes don't tell them it is Bennett's arrest Johnny Italy a place and there's an open kitchen all the codes are just chewing nonfood all bit our previous it. We have the fittest real cycled organic kitchen they don't even. The apparel like grown started here to Abu ma'am and thank you terror reality anytime a dead hello it's gonna fear and a few minutes with Mike you're listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. We actually smiled. Now let's see what's happening in the real arterial to England where a man gets eight months in jail for flipping a traffic camera the hurt. American Airlines passenger gets these ten times and still puts up a fight. Which is slash. Tennessee ball while she loses say is that I held a week. A man who stole a million dollars and think he does well now have jail food to critique and have a domino finger right your trunk as time. It's time day day. Bidders might call. At got a story in the UK a man thought he'd be a little cheeky and flip flop a speed camera as he whizzed by it. He obviously hadn't had enough because he did it two more times within the week needless to say authorities we're not happy with the jets and so we decided to take close to look at the photo. While examining the photo they came across from damning evidence in radar Jammer in the car all all. When police showed up that is on the thumb of the general is actually missing. Turns out that the man removed it and attended destroy it before admitting to use it he was arrested ends and serving an eight. Dressed sorry he was arrested and serve an eight months that the and really it's because you flip the ball. That's exactly what I mean for what it is not just the ones is the fact that you came back twice within the week and did it again our I find it on and I think Andrew let's make a statement. That's actually exactly what they say their but I guess. Otherwise you've ever found out though I'm guessing my physical wall to prevent you from doing that right but now you yeah mission. Oh yeah yes they can't they they said quote if you wanna attract her attention repeatedly gesturing at least caravans of your middle finger while driving a distinctive car but it will laser camera is excellently in an illness. Surely love wild. Thank you sex. In other news at Tennessee while plows did is we haven't quite the week today following a shooting that occurred address from a division manager spotted a car that had been in an accident pulling in the parking lot. Where the investigation of the incident was taking place. When he went at tech who was in the car he found a woman and her newborn baby. Apparently moments earlier while the way to the hospital the woman had gotten into an accident and her baby decided to abandon shaft heavier right now places having just an amazing week this is Avery he's one I know detained is still up there's officers out there and investigation is underway and full there's a baby had your part of my. Bob the man who don't want my goddamn race. You don't elect Matt I don't wanna hear Carl walker raids. The fairway than health and hospital in and the hospital has not commented on their condition but I got to loosen their front. Would you name did. You don't people are trying to do to attribute when it's something crazy like as a hero by name on maple. Are now back legend and he's really suit your needs a lot of doughnuts can think the thing round maple bar. Out of major asphalt of those out of parking lot they get fixed asphalt asphalt. That's Obama but correct cause my asphalt. Thanks. You may you may remember awhile back that animal rights group were coming to the aid of a monkey that'd taken multiple Selby is what the man's camera saying that the monkey should have the copyright to the photos yeah I remember them coming to the aid of a monkey that number I asked them to do bags even remotely realizes look stupid exactly. So the story blew up so big that they were act while law suit get the monkey the rights and it went as high as the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision has been made it. The monkey has lost the appeal and will not. It's. All really. The monkey didn't have a good lawyer. Download it doesn't care. I don't think he is Cutler all play on my brother's phone right now just it's just pissed on my dream my. Don't you they went cemeteries like Simon got them on day. I thought I should say put on fluke kid made it just aids awareness and he's in the picture he took it. Little negatives right but he used the photographer's camera right exactly I mean there it's like he stalls cameraman up while Myers to decide when guys know your camera and I'd take it great picture with. I don't have a camera I take great ritual that you managed to get your camera back. Could I used to use that why it took two pictures you know and I did bring your camera figure from but I did think even you admit yes. You took pictures lost because to me the answer would be no closer to me. If that month he has not asked that question and the location. And as he didn't say when you go to grease monkey absolutely not. Like Joseph says here people for the ethical treatment of animals such financial control the photos to benefit the monkey. Yeah benefit the money donated blood is on track and I absolutely no it doesn't. Lie in injustices. Monkeys just don't get their due. Sometimes they do miles. All men as people might. Throw it. He's a really said sometimes they get there I don't know man my during the third story earlier today I believe it was on another Chinese do or Thais who but the guy. A visitor pushes a small market maybe two feet tall pushes it awful rail and have somebody who's really puts an offer. John here screech and then a billionth of a second later those monkeys on those guys act Jack and didn't. And then a month before it can become thousands bad you might think Jason that's out of the zoo. I mean right not take law. They're aggressive man they're gonna do it don't miss. Markets in Texas a former juvenile center employee faces a fifty year prison sentence for making a little money on the side. During his time at the center of the man was slowly stealing thing he says that it he was then reselling. Saying quote started small and got bigger and out of control the man made off with over one point two million dollars and. He'd know how this is there heat. This is the green peppers onions and the tortillas and doesn't know how is that going to impact what does it feel that the heat and meet tonight and hopefully you know good to meet or don't just let me just merely OK well how long have you been doing as a necessity here it says. We want quality tennis million dollar if you're not really so by this point you're just selling shredded beat her earlier bill itself but nobody noticed. And he kept order and more and reselling it let me put in Scully to combat go into the same trap the drug dealers there. Look at panda meat. The old days you order a friend you find any euros or the other of the small store or it has since changed ownership that they were Boston on the news and all of us. You'll go to the store and I wanted to buy cigarettes but if you look surrounded by candy bars. I won't detergent anything like that and you realize. David certainly Taiwan interstates to 99. But when you look close there's a Safeway price tag on episode seven month. So they were hiring homeless guy who's risen. David still tied and any other kind of expensive items people need from C play. Or target and then they would bring it to distort the storm cellar for lessons from Morales. But that explain why so many target and they put a price tag them. Authorities started suspecting foul play when an order of 800 pounds of billions of that found. Down the center beat both because senator serving units. That's a very headlines and that I Hopkins out there about where Brazil's scene except for the return of whose Sox last the word Allah during Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it's all true but in the meantime we've been all above and there it. We're told tomorrow please do what you do best. And for a leaflets that. Diane you have.