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Monday, February 26th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled. Hi our friends and all onto our buzz out the cell based classic rock station in San Jose the fox ninety point five also 1057 the acts in Peoria Illinois and our friends Iraq 103 in Fayetteville, North Carolina big show for you today your guess is good as mine categories accidents and send returner mass demands from coming out of course we'll drink. And those with a shot of the day and in the meantime it is our random question question eight. 4499. And Brent hello I'm good until the men's room ran all our video on top. I you're tired yeah yeah and it says in Oklahoma City last Thursday. Westbrook hit it straight or there was 12 left that it is did you Oklahoma City just doing emergency digest them. A test. Of the emergency budget decisions annoying you know close if you thought. Man down man. Less than I mean are you missed probably nervous but back in the day in the Dallas called the the Heidi mold. My father because while watching that game I guess late sixties or somebody like man they don't like the jets jets and some raiders maybe. But he sent a bunch of dudes have gotten together to watch it and then all the wired the sitting in the kitchen to the back waiting to watch Heidi some horrible musical like Arnold the greatest game ever played the cut out to start the cigar retired in my neighbor my mother says they were saying counselors or British or may have been it almost always. It was raiders and jets illustrators and that a defense that's stationed though there was again a guy lives working its first night completely respect he's like I gotta hit the switch at the start. To put on Biden it and if if you. I didn't know that that first night I watched a hole and then who has the whole movie about it Madonna was kind of freaky now but he was like they said it nine U turn on Heidi. All right Keith put on my. I am I still under the cast your time bet on 9/11 million music. Don't we don't like what I have no I have and I'm Susan Donna what did you visited Mets have a feeling you're gonna get that deal as crazy as answer ever all right. What van with a original members would you love to see lives I realize that all these members could be passed on policy original version comes so in theory they would all be alive would ban would you like to see. Because you are known to eat. And there should be cool don't enriched grade answer yeah. Now mentally very alert. Yeah I would work very well I I heard it is one new blaming your blow advantages is to be in their too little and somebody miles anymore I don't understand. Does. Yeah he was shot. I got I doubt would be in the zeppelin range. Let me ask you this then when they do the now that you look holograms Nelson Michael Jackson to pocket and held as I say I don't tonight saying because him and I would Google's C now. Are out now IOC Jason Bonham play regular season and I gotta go see with the best the bank could put together for the time. You know I like they whatever they put together is I disclose. This match what confidence reunion are close enough where once there was the whole band there and they're adding hologram dude or is it just like I'm just going to see all politics or what I'm vegan now base of a miles that would suck and so Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and it. Today and we're gonna hologram the other two would sink she's she's to play visually it looks like the other two members of there but you know there now would you go to back. Which when things planned to get into play to see her sing in depth that I'm still gonna OK but if it's just all holograms like that seems more like that you do see it like. Science and write some days the and I do Senegalese are they know that a laser share. What bella the original members what he loves he lives the reason we asked when Bon Jovi performs at the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony. They're gonna do with the and original band intact all of them an image ahead. Do you know all the members of Bonn July anybody. There is Tico Torres was drunk I don't have his name on here but that is correct because his name is funny I don't movies I know Richie Sambora Richie Sambora who is not a man and he's unavailable and I'll wait we years but they got a hologram and didn't know these are all the original members which means what I'm the only original halo was an original member right yes. So is he playing that would Joba Joba he's not dead. I know badly he had John Morgan along our gulf wildlife. Allan boilerplate no sludge. Who was the original bass player apparently got fired in 94 either way they're gonna hope the up with a whole band up there keyboard player. David Bryant I don't really know much more Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora and Zambrano on Joseph Lieberman of your Jon bon Joseph fan you'll be excited and you had to think they'll do what. One last Dugard junior which everybody seems to be doing these days. Sort. And he should memo may get them and I don't love his music but he is established Ortiz stabbed has been around 3040 years like. Mac is that I own and Iraq are all things. Is that why so I wrestled an earlier today you bring that up and I'm wondering if this inspired Steven Adler. I got a visual picture romo's slash. If he said something to the effect those. You should pray for or whatever it is for his benefit for a completely all the original Guns 'N Roses for you. I don't know that's been around. Random round and those guys talk about it ranch land rent brands like all I can do in my goes far thought I heard they think and that's gonna matter yeah. There on the road their own thing and I mean Medicare I saw go to the rose less. Summer for the Phillies play a song or two I mean maybe like one night in Detroit itself. Think this amount will pay window yet he's not is that that if they've done what they've. There's still no they didn't do all right through I thought that was kind of like hey we can reflect back. Four seconds left. Hello John welcome to the man drew. Solar and it's. I'd. John not to get too personal but what would you say. What turned you running gets you in the mood like what do you find to be hot. All big old set of movies. But if it we always been a move mad Jon. Yeah and does that exclude this that he must happen. Oh yeah and I Tikrit. Is he a big boobs. Are yeah okay if I act not a joke but it's not. Now what point do booster come movies until I get the kid. Anything is movies and and I feel like as an adult when guys say boom means it implies that they are massive. More boobs are just normal boobs and remain. Yeah they got to be they got to be at least a eked out small speak out. OK okay now I want to sort of they left the Mathers has moved not movie going to be able milieu for this. You will not of those. So yeah I mean it happens when you're known for summing known for zone you know really as good are you still single are you married. I'm married and your life as giant breasts. No. No she does not know. Now OK as a part of the reason it's your move god because you don't get to see them. Let me. Maybe aren't so good those on your field you attract the would you be on you you know you were booby Gary when you make enough. A bummer so. Would let her know if you like men with the big guy you know units do you fulfill that requirement. Yeah so what if you like guys with a really huge dogs do you fulfill that requirement. Oh yeah. The Golf Channel aren't so why why it opens up with the what is it about her than because you said it kind of sucks that she does now the movies that it's like we're people go on house hunters don't like what little hope for a third betterment colonial but instead I got this. RC a beautiful Oca is beautiful. Just not big movies. Now do you still look at them when they walk by other peoples and it. Yeah as a do you look at other people's brass. Oh OK okay you're brits are goof. And I've got to about them not a reason as what turned youngest in the mood does a pretty strange when he when he didn't have to think about it. Sorry all right Mary don't read and am. Seven Paul and one from Cheshire England got married back in June of 2015 there are excited when they got the wedding photos back until they started looking thrown. The photographer. David kill course had not captured the key moments from the day. He didn't get any pictures of the parents in fact there were only eleven photos that even have a hero in the picnic instead. I happy how mostly photographed two of the bridesmaids booms and busts. So back in 2016. They sued them 1800 dollars in the settlement when he didn't show up in court. But now Stefan Paul founder of the David is still working as a wedding photographer. So they now went public with a story try to save other couples who might sell hire him and have him ruin their wedding pictures so even though this is a nor story out there that is fantastic and having a few years ago and I've found that he's back to his old tricks up its fact that if they just wanted to warn people if you're random dude that they asked to take the pictures he did that you get away with it but. I needs to be pissed you can't be an actual wedding photographer not to poke into right. We got some interesting comments then they're trying to. How does read comments as the government says I'm on this guys kick Ivan dated a girl less than a hey guys McConnell sewer of cleavage that is what's inside historically common sewer of classes is what is evident movies RB cup or smaller jugs are eco provisions got it and teas are good cica. I won't argue jugs from a magazine Jones the game I don't know the total around brutal right it was a man but it sort of called realists. Because it was like oh my god it looks like Betty blue star mansion. And then this guy says I'm gay Bayer Ted turns me. But I don't and don't get out and got all the luck but here's the problem these gay bear engage community I would be a pair. Maybe that's why the bear from marrying a really hurting my I'm like hey are defined by how you look at what you like when my god you're better I could ever be a better but the doesn't mean you would not be attracted to other bears. You go but what time I was in a grocery store there's demand and then you know we we made eye contact with the but he looked like me someone to be like hey man I don't mileage can now I'm. What do you think I'm vain enough that they date and other dude looks like. Mean I think usually you don't have a good look at myself you're looking at yourself in the mirror I Legos frog is like dude you realize we look exactly the same thing. But what do it yet exactly stat of all you want to run New England ran ran. And. Yeah hello Cody welcome to the bedroom. Okay all I call wow what what is that always the bag carrier submarine go to a good. Now I'm kind of not enough time I've never allowed it does very well right. Exhaust that we haven't they done and it until out of that little guy. It's really bothered me as though it Saudi gonna get that fixed. I don't know let's go that's been here. That that this attack. What we'll be your worst roommate experience. I'll might work dramatic very into the what I have right now us. This kid I not a word. Like did you think you want the limit auto auto. I bet the two things you want a gourmet is. Someone who paid dollar bill. You know he does that the second thing you want a limited him to clean up backer of open he would get off all of I we've we've been trying to set up of the template like it isn't that time he did let them that it like. Might it get them back that politely believed all week sometime. So he doesn't do any thing. So you're you gotta you gotta do it all over your saying you've. And on about how on the floor of our Everett does walk into the bath and see how hairy his toilet seats come. God and give up fairly clean guy when it comes alive. Our personal Herman my kids women about the man often ethnic tension in the kitchen and always awful life. Only light can make food and I'm not believe all of whose job with humble saying he. I don't wanna nose dives turn out to. Brazen mass don't work through May experience and got a guy the New York magazine calls the worst roommate story you've ever read in your life basically this guy comes in your house. Becomes a serial stalker and water starts harassing the people but he lives worth. Stealing their stuff flushing cat litter down the toilet please and then in general before sealing everything in the place gets in violent fights with these tendencies living with and he keeps just bouncing from place to place in his does what he does putting is adds up on the on Craigslist in running and it's a but they have got him and he's now and gusting Brad a question questioning for 49990. Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You don't have turned the man's room. Thank god John I will drink shot of the day is on the way health or your guess is gonna try to categories will be accidents around the world the ones you think are the sexiest. And we have a sin as far as these states are concerned the top ten most simple states and the top ten. Least sinful states in the United States or get a couple of categories there on your guess is as good as mine and any time and as our random question questioned a fourth or not and now. Brian hello Brenda ray hello Graham welcome to the mineral. God. I Greg Oden had a good hi Linda. Monastic kind of personal question here. Time. What is your favorite thing to do. Ask you have to meet that. Afghan some alone time. He needs. While you're watching TV you get snacks and sit on the couch and smokes cigarettes while enjoying what he did did you think that it. Depending on the bill's big shower and then all just good idea in front of deviate good. But it is the more you gotta go to war duty gonna demolition are in that had a worker. My god I'm so shower and I do everything to eat. Right after. T for any era under none on solo time but if I am if you have sex. Then I wanna eat their sex is different different brands but to have food good after I don't really know man I can go for Chaka dial like does not really that's not where you go did he not at an estimated that this guy is either. Top of the show our total. Don't forget the day go and work his way wash go to sleep at Adam and I. Annoying after a master Brit I wash my hands and walk right back in the studio OK you can hop. There is an adult company called canned soda and they just created a new vibrating adult toy that has a special feature. After you're done using it in this is basically for the ladies. It automatically order your pizza from dominoes and it's called the rub ground. And tuna talk about sales few months. For twenty bucks this is from the Huffington Post this is not a joke it's called grub grub but when you're done ladies it senses that and it tells. He hit against the Dell's your. It tells that your app on your phone to order your dominos and it does so I guess you have to put in what it is you want mortar engine. Already know probably as US in a repeat order but then you gotta wonder if if I'm working at Domino's right and if it's a phone call I can sue calling for on the go those. So many orders online you can see the email address as safe fun. I just think the drivers gonna have a different opinion what do pops up from rogue grub. And delighted by how somebody go to whoever opens the door late may just finished. Doing her thing animate and it's not totally I would not like I order a lot of pizza but I never call delight. And Hamels and I just finished masturbating to disagree with the deaths of thousands say I love ordering pizzas absolutely but the rate that order pizzas in the raider with I have meantime are completely different that would be a lot of maybe one need a little weak you know he'd like that is. Copies you don't that's a good point I don't get all these things it never seem that hard to walk back at the living room and order the pizza now for you get rid of the day a lot of right what do you have a bad day at fourteen Lola. It. Hello and Jake welcome to the mid group. All I caught. Jobs. Okay let's back to play Hillary don't go well we'll just Jake go let's go this when job related how did you blow the job interview. I urge you know it. You know are we ever got hired her job and energy for a surprise but. Just right job right situation your good interviewer do you know somebody here at even want to build. It just helps her last six years but got out of college and how those are at peace in the manager's daughter when I first. Okay we'll have a right Santa elves are hurt yellow plate when you first started did you stop dating her while you were still employed there. And how'd that work out. Don't want to let actually at all understand the rule of land. Her dad is actually my dander so. Guys in this day and Shiite guest says she married at this point does things someone else who works the governor. You know honestly I don't know I think she's still single actually. So you don't have any day to day interaction whether tomorrow's those are decent break up in your gut. Retouched. So I thought you realize oh where that is just have a normal break up like things just and work out if you're still well you're all okay. No one hates the other person you know and that's is that kind of a unique experience or by just not used to unique experiences. I think it's 5050. Yeah fraud has some give you just done. Like Raj as I'd like nothing led to it in and we want some big confrontation woods' Cadillac I'm not feel under your outfield and at its socks but. How big it depends on how you explode out. Did you go the other person you're probably not gonna have a greater relationship outdoor outlets. Correct yeah and I don't know I think it's that if they. The demand demand situation here there and get the short end and I would in the what do you do for the company are gunfire I. Blown a governor duke north governor rod blues July admitted yes I smoke weed and it was good you can't smoke we place otherwise in. There's an irony of it it was the single best job underdog ever had as far as. I know I get along oldest manager we are clicking on everything in the final question was hanging. We drug tests is that going to be a problem I said it is not a problem for me. It might be a problem for you are good they are right now. A smoke weed so that's the only thing you're actually looking for but a smoke weed that's definitely gonna show. She's like manna I can't do it I'm sunlight can dammit. How is your problem is in this job most of the time if you're going to get the job Savard guarding those they want you they're just gonna go get your fifth. So I haven't had a resonate thirty years I got to I don't I don't even know what I would put on and I'm not even sure how to do that correctly but. I bet that the reason we asked how did you look you blow your job interview a new survey of over 1000 hiring managers found that there are things that can instantly destroy your chances. In a job interview even if you have a great resonate here are the top ten number ten. Knowing nothing about the industry engine you don't know where you're gonna need a little company only 35% say they don't pass on hiring. And professional body language is a big deal 43% Abbas said the three were some mistakes and I'm making eye contact not smiling. Fidgeting with something on the table just not being attentive looking at the phone whatever the deal us. Knowing nothing about the job of the company were your plight the these are. It's astonishing to me that anyone could go to a job interview and and not have a pretty good idea what they were doing here these are this is 10 once the president well I. I think these days that it's a lot less acceptable social social media or on the Internet if you wanna know Evey thing. About the place you go to Google all right I mean just the basic style of play of the no. I've got to imagine a lot of these people gone for their first jobs are quite that I look at for career sure there's trying to get in on that that strong bad mouth the NX Basra former company you work for that's not good if you dress and a pro port appropriately. If you swear which I think would be funny that's not going to be good for a showing a lack of accountability by giving got fired from last job and blame the whole thing on ma'am whatever the deal is. Being arrogance or acting like you're entitled to answering a phone call text doing anything with a phone during the interview. And the number one thing being caught in the lie like if you lie underestimate or whatever if you ask the question they know the answer your life right you're never getting tired that's not gonna happen. Read a question questioning for 4999. Lo brand umbrella over Roberts welcome to the newsroom. Affluent. Drafts. Elegant and fellow drivers. I rather. It goes parent well against. What is jaded view that it. What did you hate is a kid. That you kind of more appreciate now. Maybe so you can't stand it maybe just food. I'm really really just just how much of what's in my heart that my dad. Could that you appreciate it. Absolutely I do if I don't live. I have the moment probably the most violent. Like I feel bad could raise him escorting my father to him and adds some street and about forty lenient with things but but the things were he screws up. I'm exceptionally definitive about an hour expect him to be looked like. And maybe in a couple of years but I hope all I'm trying to do is just such who opted to succeed in life or some other standard things. Did you have any standard chores for examiner doing a better every day here at the grass or be responsible. Yes that's I had you know my daily chores which was just. 82 record with tiger my dad but they eat them. It can be deadly kept a tight ship it home but not economic at MI so much or outlet public summertime under dispute checklist of the chores that day when it turns out you're done and everything was cool and and absolutely yeah and and I definitely learned real quick to do it right the first time because it took a lot longer to come home what she got home. If they weren't done right I got to come back into them so. Oh yeah I mean I love them. I don't know issued ahead and do half of this I ask you to do all the new realize like Aaron who do you you still have a make you better morning. Absolutely not okay so you could tell that things are held onto some of these things you do not hold on to. Well I mean I I wanna work on public aren't cars so you know now I. The that there which had through the my adult life where you know now. I'm doing something I do it right the first time and make sure it done right the first time. You don't know where does the best running usually get three don't waste your time hopefully. But kids like to waste time looking they had it. It's brilliant that it's just they always try to negotiate right so Imus on my daughter my my son he's pretty good note yields listen what you say because he gets my daughter. Everything is a negotiation. And man we got a new bath. Can I blab blab blab up even if it's like hey it's always quite company or goes command Orioles are forgotten and scoops from him and typically if I say. To please can I thought it might even have to re gonna non you're gonna want it this is up to if I say you can have three. Please back in February she got a Celtic bluntly guy currently in out but that's all right because it's like what you want to try to negotiate every single time she doesn't do it as a joke it's always it's a legitimate but said hey. Eat that entire pack of unopened Oreo she would come back. Well commute by another pack in the Mike Gravel more out of it doesn't matter everything is plausible spoke out and it re sick and this is like my god man and you know it's. Beautiful lights doodles man them the right the scale. No bags you'll have been you know makes him he's Beckham arrived too late you can now walk and you ask the question this is the answer. Really how it's legal of this every single time that a one what you should happen with the issue tried to make me you are trying to make she got them. No highs and just watched you with Manny. Right we spent ten minutes or Thomas how she hated curling I hunt and Hamlin won my sister in laws say hey guys in the shower she's a I was at the end of the growing threat analogy you know she's fourteen all right that she's allowed to know. Doesn't matter how do you ever had a team out anyway I mean he's he's old at the maker of decisions on whether she likes of and a bus is limited as the Florida wanted to ban just the dealer gives you wanted to go shower partly what we just sat there had a ten minute conversation nauseated currently I wanna believe there are other than the threat of cyber go to bed and we got to wait to the end of currently have always something but the Rory when asked what did you hate as a kid the appreciate now this country star named Chris lane not for mayor I'm sure he's very good looking. He tells rare country we were in church every Sunday morning every Sunday night every Wednesday. My parents were firm about that when you're a kid. It's hard to appreciate because you want to be playing in the yard or whatever all right get the more I realize a closer relationship I have with a larger Trulia put him first and things will work out Libya. Three times a week that's kind of a Catholic level stuff right there how intelligent data. I mean I would to church every Sunday. But also I went to Catholic schools there is any feast day or anything like that you'd you'd go to church in middle of the week I just a thing about the doughnuts I knew it was going to be done us there are those the only thing that pulled me through. I'd say my my dizzy and are there at a Catholic school and that's couple weeks ago walking up to school when I heard because on my. Several daughter's mouth was that we've mastered it today and do I stop in my tracks and Matt and I look your deadly I'm so what are the words just came on. The daddy we have mass today my flight data that that's yeah. Okay brand New York as base brand new is that it's a weird moment and it is and we rented and we're humans and they wanna go on the weekend now they go fast. No hard okay fine during the week because you look closely at this. Jim this class is the when you're done with the stuff you still just do silly things dune elementary school you cupcake and I don't know I have some conversation that's. It's fine don't like them we are not front. I've never asked with a goes to a low brow. We held trek west hello Daniel my son welcome to the men's room. Okay. It's. I then I got a fairly good man are you about it. And he joined Soros. Own chant it and Chad let's go of those what man what do you do maybe this is a good answer what do you do that scares you. Or what have you done your life that scared you. A lot. I have to say it was a time when I alert so black out drunk. I managed to get from Seattle to Everett and I was wearing my boots we nose starts. I also wearing jeans with no underwear. Closed managed to stay in that. It was scary. At all. What does acted did you walk this how did you get there. I get that should it had no I had no money search ads number no bus ticket so little. And you can't tell all of that and by the time he got there we your dismissing underwear and socks. I analysts are still wearing their clothes okay. And he got that try to forgive I will read and a similar situation and woke up butt naked. Outside of a busy intersection in Baltimore Maryland. Wearing a motorcycle helmet except I don't pony motorcycle and I don't know I saw my shoes on. And as I wake up in the morning rush hour man and it's a slave was going on and I have no. Zero recollection. Of how the hell I ended up there are what am I close. Why had a motorcycle helmet what I may have said so I wake up and I'm discover my job and everyone's honking and waving a laughing at me again. I rose my door from lives maybe half a block away. A rundown there are knock on her door like 7 in the morning and so she's not expecting it opens the door there date. Rather told make him black man with a motorcycle helmet on she had the appropriate reaction he taught to lift the bar is essentially she led what do you normally. I don't know what I'm go to new at least what were your clothes on Mike Wilson. I don't know that he's been an X 45 minutes someone a series. Whatever you're close like bay by I don't know how could you not know I don't know I'm still drunk now I got blacked out drug wears a motorcycle on the front. I don't know you have a motorcycle dealer stole it from some of the motorcycle a stalled at the bar or someone gave it to me in exchange for my clothes like. It means I could've been abducted by aliens and pearl gonna put me back in the wrong clothes I do not know but here I am in the sucks and I don't Wear. Some of her clothing until I can get home to put my clothes that was not a dignified moment when you do. I think the thing that scares those pros or its image of us scooter does you know I love get on their nano like this could be the day that I die. You should always have that attitude out overthrown pop and right borders its funds which are very aware that your sister Aaliyah and you're very aware that you could died in a moment yes Kelli it's a great adrenaline rush to the same time. You just understand enough you've been enough situations are like this is. This is a horrible idea and you Rogers a lot and up eight million independent driver three days I'm right next thing he wanted Ali to despair if you according to a new survey out Americans say they are afraid to go to know anybody but Dennis Dennis pump ever two thirds of us that feared and develop into your teenager or an adult the average age when it happens is fifteen to before than your fine but as you become older guys you become. An adult. And maybe you're not doing your best to brushing flossing and whatever you start slack the fear grows and again it's not like we're proactively trying to keep Ortiz in good shape the average person has done more than. Two to three days they say without brushing at some point. Luckily this though when your kid ever went three to a lot better when he visits like that. So that Dennis is the size person messes around to map it shows you is that they used it teaches them and and the by the time your teenager and you're aware of what you should be doing with the exception to be tied pubs apparently. When you're aware of that stuff. Every visit gets a little worse select. Think about the doctor I never worried about going to the doctor until I turned forty because everything you here's. Once you turn forty everything inside of you is now on the death spiral right and it's up to you who now you have to change your battery to take this pilloried appropriate but all rest of the stuff so. I will still get a physical. But my mindset going in now. Is a lot different than it was when I was a teen is that I will say this so is it true that who's ever responsible letting people Linda Dennis to I just preschooler value gul. They'll let in really good people really good looking people. Not always. There is somebody there rates it is looking at pictures and is doing a very good job it's like cosmetology school. They're doing a very good job of filtering the people who come through their based on books are and I'm I'm not lose my mind on this they should at least have good teeth. Right that goes a long way I mean alma oddly enough I. The some level that was a bystander not a precise and Adeline mask out the right person at the front does visit the amazing I don't work here you get your teeth cleaned every three months. Mean as a fan don't think about that a slow sport they love teeth more than any other doctor discipline loans would they do random question questioning for 4999 all Morey calls coming up you're listening to the men's or radio network. Surely it's. That's immeasurable that I before we drink and tells with a show today in the meantime it is our random question question before. Or 999. Hole and ran down and oh yeah broke into the newsroom brand hey coil. Of Georgia friend. Yeah yeah. Have a few of those who will do well adults and then move would be dropped in the toilet death. All I haven't got it from you that question okay. I'll. Animals Emanuel is free with a constantly has something in your hands when you're taking the lead could take an adult and then drop it. Actually I was still. I got bigger and. Ever other than to load. I dropped the wallet and not the best one was. Our madness was terrible. OK so. I had these glasses and you know glasses are when you go to that the eye doctor you know it's it's nice to get new glasses every once a while and he and you think yourself all right well I'm only here once every couple years. I wanna get these frames these are the ones at that my face and how like these the most. And of course you find out there like 300 stricken dollars a what it right which like all right whose glasses the wanna pay these glasses not contacts. But the ones I got were straight temples. Which means that where your ears are they don't necessarily hook around your ears and they gonna just go straight back. And I don't know like. Did drugs like only you kind of way maybe but it just there but they're still regular glad I'm nearly all we're all I know exactly what he looked down and I'm in a Porta potty at a festival. It is about I don't know 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon there's definitely been action in this thing is not as bad as it could possibly be bad enough but it's bad enough where there. The volcano is for right you don't mean there's enough there where the bodies coming out of the liquid. And I'll look down and they just fell straight into its impact had a fire man there might even like you minaret festival kind of experience and I'm I come out. What the hell I do. So I reached down and grab my glasses out I realize there would you could do on that the Michael Dolan glasses on that. So yes I I I increased down and a full my glasses out. And then we have those pump sayings were you apart upon the bottom of the day comes out yeah now wash them thoroughly than it to them back inside of washed again and I still couldn't put them on all day. But I wanted to get home and I give my thorough look Terkel cleansing. But I mean I was just terrified that they Landry limbs down with I had to put my hand beneath the water to get them. Yeah. A. I'm just out. At and brought the cell phone and a little watery yet as well as the was still blue was agrees you know I just started a chain I don't know he's come on I was just I wanna get the hell out of how hard was it to get the blue stuff off your hand. It was and I want to run up those funds went back got it its mix of warm. IRAs and as a that the Pope would be drive until and you bust that thought on seven. No idea to those trip to the Cincinnati airport in I don't know lesson you mood for a pay phone. But like that is a long lonely road Manson in a phone fell and it managed to work for about ten minutes. Shorted out broader home portable Royce which include everyone says it targeted the. A man and not China. Named Chang is getting national attention after he got his arm stuck in a squat toilet while trying to retrieve his iPhone eight. In China and I phoned a cost around thirteen hundred dollars. And he wasn't gonna let all that literally go down the drain as soon as he sat down or squatted down and started to look at this phone it dropped straight down the hole. So he got down on all fours instead his arm and after could not reach it so we kept pushing his arm further in all the way up to a shoulder. At that point tang realized two things he was not going to it has found in his arm had then become stuck in a public toilet embarrassed he screamed for help. And he's been a good twenty minutes trying to free himself but his arm had swollen due to pressured. He soon realized he was not getting out there without assistance. So he put his pride aside and called for help the gender found among the top of the floor immediately called the local firefighters. Who had to dismantle the squat toilet in order to free tang who suffered some swelling. Eventually though the same cannot be said about his iPhone eight. They could not find. Wrote no they could not be sick to death so they found a guess the couple days later they can opine and initially when they did in a basically fried itself. I'm by the way miles Simon's comments came in says models is the man he savage. Says that the same thing with my company phone miles. A drop little slider phone into the toilet full of as flushed it the phone went down mind you and bold phone out and work seven days before the battery died. Than this one my ex wife and I after an argument she threw her wedding ring into the toilet or my daughter taken induced. I lunged at my arm chop of the turn to receive. I ran home. And an intent upon this new law to body had that in the middle of all of these bizarrely comic comes it. Dave there hear it and honestly Ted I'd pick you over Brad Pitt merger looked every time compared to then you're real Mexican PeopleSoft is too. Don't you horrendous day if they scare. You going to be feeling good lags. On finds it does attractive except for you. Hello Craig welcome to the bedroom. All. Yeah it's. I pray that I have here. Craig. What the concept to ask you about. Whole you know let's. Think about we're put the cubs have to ask you about that your random question questioning for four and 999. Cola. Silicon or does is goes my categories coming up will be accessed. And sand and more of the random question question. In second to 844999. Ol' luck. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.