Download The Radio.com App

Do you want to carry WAAF for your Apple or Android mobile device? Get the Only Station That Really Rocks in your pocket. Stay connected to your hosts and favorite music. Download it today using the link below:

Download the RADIO.COM iPhone App for Apple and Android Devices Here

The app features: 

  • Improved Live Streaming Experience: Listen live to all your favorite WAAF's shows anywhere in the United States.
  • Audio on Demand: Listen to highlights from Mistress Carrie, on-demand interviews, original podcasts, and in-studio tunes from your favorite artists.
  • WAAF on Social: Stay connected with WAAF on all of our social media accounts with a steady stream of station content 
  • Connect with the Station: The new app allows users to call and text the WAAF studio directly!

The RADIO.COM app is available on the following:

  • All iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices currently supported by Apple 
  • Android OS versions 1.6 and higher (tablets not supported) 
  • Windows Phone 7.5 and above
  • Compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Look at the screenshots below to find out how to favorite WAAF on the Radio.com App.

After adding WAAF to you favorites, you can receive instant mobile notifications by going to your notification settings and checking off WAAF.