It's A Very Hill-Man Reunion Show!

As we bid farewell to 18 years of memories at the studios of 20 Guest Street in Brighton, we decided to hold a reunion show with former Hill-Man Morning Show members Kevin Barbare, Spaz and a special appearance by our pal Lenny Clarke!

Listen to the entire full reunion show below!

Part 1 - The Farewell Show

In the final show at the 20 Guest St studios we have a reunion show with special guest Kevin Barbare, Spaz and Lenny Clarke join us as we stroll down memory lane.

Part 2 - The Parody Hour

As we continue our fair well show at 20 Guest St the listeners want to hear some of Kevin Barbare’s best parody songs through the years and some of Spaz’s best moments.

Part 3 - Swinging

The swinging fever has caught on at 20 Guest St and we have a real live unicorn in studio. We also continue our fair well show as we set to move to a new studio for the first time in over 15 years.

Part 4 - The Final Hour

As we start the last hour ever at the old 20 guest St Studios we continue to find out all about the world of swinging from out unicorn and several callers. Spaz gets into it with a swinger and a few more parody favorites from Kevin Barbare.