Nick Stevens

M-F 3:00pm-7:00pm

Comedian, host, voiceover artist and unapologetic Boston sports nut, Nick Stevens comes to WAAF with a certain of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for listeners like you. Well, maybe not so much a nightmare, but it's obvious he's a sucker for an easy action movie reference. Now... get to the chopper!

Anyway... Nick is a native of Braintree, MA, raised by parents heavily involved in the local theater scene. After making way to New York to attend NYU for film school (hello starving artistry!), he soon turned to the performer's life where the struggle and hustle helped him learn how to survive then thrive in entertainment.  Comedy training, production experience and sports passion has allowed Nick to cobble together a unique career of hosting shows on TV and radio, to running live variety shows and creating successful online content. Some places you may have seen Nick include VH1 (Best Week Ever), ESPN, AMC (Action Pack), NESN, Comcast Sports Net, MLB Network, Comedy Central, NFL Network (NFL Top 10), TLC and recently CBS Sports Network as host and executive producer of Tailgate Fan. You might also recognize Nick as Fitzy, the passionate Patriots "supahfan" on YouTube, or his voice from many of his national campaign voiceovers (Febreze and Angie’s List​ of late). It's the thrill of a lifetime for Nick to return home and contribute to a rock station he grew up listening to every day.Nick lives outside Boston with his wife and son, and has never met a plate of nachos or an IPA he didn’t like.