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Hi, I’m Mistress Carrie, the Purple Haired, sometimes bitchy woman on your radio every afternoon from 10am - 3pm. I was raised in Leominster, where Johnny Appleseed, and plastic lawn flamingos come from. I was born into family filled with proud military members, first responders, and Italian bakers, so naturally I ended up on the radio at WAAF. I’m a graduate of Newbury College, and Framingham State University’s Radio programs. I started interning here during the Grunge era, and after years of begging they finally said “what’s the worst that could happen if we gave her a microphone”? Now, I’m the WAAF Music Director, a Harley rider, licensed skydiver, pug owner, Boston Marathon Tough Ruck finisher, amateur marksman, military supporter (callsign: Narko), veterans advocate, guest lecturer, motivational speaker, baker, gardener, and all around thrill seeker. I was the first ‘non-news’ journalist embedded with US troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, and I’m a proud recipient of the Commanders Award for Public Service (2x), and the Order of Saint Maurice. I also REALLY enjoy tequila!

On Friday February 15th, Dorothy will be stopping by for an in-studio performance!


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