Matty Blake

M-F 3:00pm-7:00pm

Matty Blake was born on the comedy stages of Boston. it was kind of gross, as the crowd did not expect to witness a live birth at the Kowloon. He was then raised by a feral pack of Boston headliners who helped him hone his craft. Life was good: but then he was signed by a major talent agency and pulled a Johnny Damon, moving to NYC. Matty went on to build a successful career as a full time working actor, writer & host, starring in dozens of national network commercials, TV shows and films. He is so happy to be returning home after almost 15 years in enemy territory. He is marries to his beloved Yoko, has a son Mad Max & a dog named Rocky. Matty has a doctorate in Sly Stallone films, loves telling long-winded, self-aggrandizing anecdotes and writing bios in the third person. He's wicked strong.