Throwback Thursday - Larry Bird & Some Old Guy

Thursday, December 7th

On today's Throwback Thursday, Matty and Nick remember a comic genius and a Boston sports legand on his birthday!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Start things off on this fine. Grow back there as well I. Think we would be doing a disservice to. Our audience ourselves our nation and its proud history we didn't remind everyone. That the ultimate throwback Thursday moment on this particular day December 7 every year by them. But the big gun. A member of the senate. This speech get about a preemptive. Franklin Delano Roosevelt yesterday 76 years ago beat somebody seven. I accidents behind me tomorrow or one Pearl Harbor day of course a gateway to a live. And Indian booming. Now earlier today when our great president. And it's. It and stage that it. Think that united character united church. And there are more to. That's the good as dead his reply to a bad united church. Boot for. Of earlier today. Our president must have found our interest in Donald Trump referred to the attack on Pearl Harbor as they quote. Pretty wild scene in us into the wild scene. It was a crazy thing. Studio. 54 it was a pretty wild scene that I've seen all the tragedies this is the best the united church. Tom. Anyway but let's not forget the real tragedy of Pearl Harbor deep Ben Affleck film she. It was so bad. I've never wish to Japanese plane crash in the movie theater I was in more in my life. Oh hi I'm Casey Affleck for Peta. With the airline should. That. So who wants to you used on all right. I'll start off tonight. I would like to on this particular throwback Thursday at pay homage pay respect. And wish. A late. Great and wonderful happy birthday to the late in grades. Star of so many movies somebody shows so many moments of our childhoods. Underrated actor fantastic voice performer and of course comic genius. Ladies and gentlemen. Today would have been. The 96. Birthday of. It's easy to Graham or leadership comes fair game. And you've got the stock market beat. The man worthwhile. The man of good smile. They shorts not too excited to see. I'm yeah. It's. Okay. Your daughter. I didn't tell you he was the greatest and of course there's Sandra knows him as. Judged mails from caddie shack model. I mean he was much. Don't leash. Truly that is one of the greatest comedic performances of all time I never before has anyone gone so far over the top apps and no matter how far he went it was never too far. His timing was impeccable and he had the look. Of such a perfectly chiseled weatherman every. Our newsman every news anchor every weatherman like. All the ones you see on the Simpsons everything you see on him and I it's all based off. His iconic performance as Ted Baxter on one of the ten greatest shows ever the Mary Tyler Moore throughout it. You're with the news. Local pig farmers are noticed today that rising corn prices are fortunate to find another means to be better stuff. Area that are already resorted to substitute dives of slop and garbage. Here's one bit. Every CME wizard gobble up that small. Caddie shack right you know which many B was is the greatest carnival time but let's just say it's up there. And you get the greatest comedians of all time arguably. Heavy hitters and in my estimation he steals that movie I know bill Murray's money up and I notice and roster is great everybody he steals them you have Rodney Dangerfield. Learning how to throw his fastball I have Bill Murray. In charge of all of his power you have Chevy Chase arguably one of the biggest stars in the world at that moment yeah and who comes in kills it and out shines. All of them. But Ted Knight and did you also know this as you know I love to dip back into our child and every now and again and shared an animated piece of Boston. Remember this. It's. In the great hall of the justice for all my god are assembled a world or greatest heroes. Free agent for the cause neglect of the regular class he would lose the voice of super friends around. How warm the woman who warmed over a minute and judge they felt. Admit it. Gonna move. I don't everything about them. Is still old school like it did. Seemed to have a huge sense of humor about himself or you would think somebody that polished and preen. Would not have a sit here about himself and he did and you know it was better edit. Annie get taken way too early passed away in 1986 at the tender age of 63. All right keep Ted Knight thank you for the last few are legends. We also give the less. What that guy's name Jim. Right out of star wrong I was should be. You get involved in this Monroe. Monroe on my dad god. God is the best he was yeah was he was he was the best also born today one of my five favorite porn stars Jason Lane. I really wish you didn't have to botnet beautiful tribute. With. You're still the exit tax of I can help and I noted that letter how can I address pains. Is there any it was a tragedy that happened okay he said is below it. Yellow it's tragic. What they think. I can't say it is I let's take myself to arm and numerous. He's I wish. I cries from the grave any EU fat and eat you know to the family which is you're available to do her eulogy. With an I have my own. My own tribute. And now are they to present my throwback Thursday submission. Today. Is a huge day. For all of us and if you are a man of my age. Or yes dare I say a woman why be sexist many of you ladies out there probably are as excited about this as I am today. Today's a day that is very very important to all of us because on this day. He was born. Good this season long quest bitterly done before him. Try that bird maybe dealing shockingly public. That's great players yeah. Heart's content. Today when he met eleven high fives and a guy's going. Close all day long as it is okay. Tomorrow it's propaganda. Until we get hard. Yeah. That was frustrating being disappointed as we all work that we got blown up at 33 for the national TV or come when he said that guys for you know heart. It's what I knew what was happening team and what would happen if you guys would do anything. It sounded the call for battle. The time the lakers celebration until. Our greatest. Larry Bird bar on this day. December 7 in Indiana three time NBA champion two time NBA finals MVP three time MVP twelve time all star. Well decides to coach for a little while Wentz talked to the air. Quits coaching. Becomes executive 2000 that was executive of the air because he's Larry Bird and without injury neck. I. He could have been even greater judo in his biography they talk about him he you know act crook index finger he had my. That thing blew up during a softball games plane back home life was at the you know in young for you got here. His finger literally exploded it was a mushy and then they clearly insulate they barely saved his finger real hoses to blew up. And his coach. Said he was less of a shooter. Then he was never the same as a shooter. And that's the labor we know the group one gets the letter at all times one of the five issues that he was never as great as he was. After that incident I don't care what he says so and then his back and his Achilles and you know we just. You know he likes went back Beers and small but she's Larry Bird it was back then there was no train all why it cash. Let me from Baghdad sorry is that bad stories I've heard from folks around down here. On good afar attacked. He still enjoys putting him back and can put like bets six foot ten yeah of beer come containment and here's I would say about Larry and I understand I'm a homer I grew up here watching them as the first Foreman of sports experience ever had my life why are dispersed when Lara Matty yeah never forget his first sports hero he's almost probably in this room. Other reasonable age. Larry Bird easily for sports is exactly right but here's what I'll say about him you know Ali city's best bass player ever and people argue magic of course Michael. I'll say this and I'll believe this the day I die. I believe there was a two year period. Where Larry Bird. Did more things well at the same time than anyone has ever play I still believe that rebounding. Passing shooting scoring leading. Everything the team needed if the team needed triple double he'd get it if the team needed rebounds of the team they're playing with a great rebounding team had gotten it when he and take its lack confidence points. He never played fourth quarters those two years I was scoring total gone way up Manila heat they sat on the bench it is up and every you're doing everyone in AXX. So so do you think so who. Who was better in their prime bird magic or. I am today. Balloting MJ was as good at three I was obviously no I would say a Michael Jordan is the greatest operative. Player ever great to add greatly because we're too but do you got to count defense of rebounding birders incredible re better incredible passer he can do everything the team needed so I would say this. If I was starting a team it's look at magic if I was starting to team him and I wanted to win all time team I see regard anyone in their prime I would start with a healthy Larry Bird. Every all day while everyday while us he'll do whatever you need on that team he'll do it. And you know if you wanna say you can't have that magic okay great write his magic of oil five point I mean right all by CNN ugly shot though he wasn't you know he's in now it was an ugly shot early for their rivalry was incredible and if anyone in the sound of our boys solicitor right now has not seen. The bird magic document on HBO. Sit down tonight. Gets a Miller lights and the thing and then get ready for some serious. Man tears because. That's a piece that I incredible Avery. Larry moment that we played as when he called out the Celtics after they get embarrassed by the lakers and he called mas who were soft and then that clip from ML cargo on I knew was gonna happen after a sim account just pick it ram is the and they just roared back. Fought back in this series I just love the guy and there was one day in high school next. I was in high school. And my older brother's friend said to me yeah I'm gonna go over to a helmet college in the practice and I'm gonna go hang out celtics' arms gonna go crash their practice I was like coming so I park my car and come beast when I skipped school he picked me up he was older. And die by the way they the police had to climb among lick his car was found abandoned at the actual words that used or don't know where was and it's up school. So meanwhile is free to cook for me and I'm a hell Hellenic college. Waiting for Larry Bird come and I met Paris and Danny Ainge Danny Ainge showed me like his car phone which is big huge weight thing and I'm. The other fifteen or restoration so bird in the best labs Robert Parish was Wacom bias. And and Ainge looks in my friendly ghost was and hauled it. And members goes. You know Larry Bird day. Which is a great line no way and then Larry comes over and I talked on ethnic nobody told you guys story but I I had practiced that I wasn't gonna talk to my basketball because like he's not gonna talk about spots earlier we talked about all mr. Burton. Hi happy birthday eight. So I knew that he had read I've read so much about my new go fishing so at all I brief search fishing a look at news cycle PDA like fishing projects. To expire you gonna steal money from I was gonna talk to about my missing and I don't miss like pay I go five decimal I've made up whenever. So he walks comes up I saw these this product is like ED. Five rate he's and he's a giant and he's a giant used handy at the mullet he's handsome Prius has he ever got. He's this god right walking by me and his wife on the and he comes walking up I go are you in a parking lot early ice is it Jim made a big picture on this is like a college a small college I'm outside the gym door opens the lock gym doors and and it was a distended there inside when he saw the subcommittee opened the door for them. We sit. And no stopping us. And he comes walking up out of his car drove himself when he comes walking up again because it gives nights ago at least. And I had a whole speech worked out and come up ago. Palin as soon yeah boom Aruba. We. He signed some forest and Nevada as he still got the autograph death of our viewers. That ought to sing and it was that or at least post the picture on my eye well it was the greatest day he was the was is the best if you grew up around here you know what I'm talking about up explain it to you it was magic. He was his nickname out Larry legend by accidents right that's right and there's also a very loving tribute. By Matty to his idol on our instant Graham just go to. Act Matty nick WAF. And you see. The little birthday tribute Manny did form. Subtle understated yet appropriate to have the know yet if fanned again I think. Thank you Larry legend was that. Well. The game was over and let dresses awful yeah I don't think much cheaper authorities think. And I got there there was there was it was our series all game all done. And there's that 12 laughed and they were down by two NM downing the ball. And Larry just steals it has of the DJ laser that it was the most incredible moment so thank you Larry legend. We don't forget you hear them via had a birthday. Don't care that does sound and fun you have a good time.