Get WAAF on your Smart Speaker!

Did you know you can listen to WAAF on your smart speaker? Get The Only Station That Really Rocks along with all of our exclusive podcasts anytime you want! Available on the Amazon Echo and SONOS. To listen to the WAAF Live Stream on your Amazon Echo, all you have to say is, "Hey Alexa, play 107.3...
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In this week's edition of "Extra Sauce", Greg & Mike share their Top 10 favorite Can-Man Karaoke classic hits like "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham! The gift that keeps on giving. Then we go "Behind The Earmoth" with Donnie Iris for his addictive song "Ah Leah...

In Case You Missed It - Weird Caller Jeff

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Mistress Carrie, Matty & Nick Interview James Hetfield of Metallica

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The Best "Sleepy Greg" Captions

Running the Hill-Man Morning Show is no easy task. Waking up extra early every morning to produce four hours of compelling content and entertainment every day can really take a lot out of you. So much that we asked many of our listeners to caption this photo of Greg Hill, asleep at his computer,...
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Star Wars vs Star Trek: The Greatest Battle In The Galaxy

It's the ultimate Kobayashi Maru for nerd-dom; who's better, Star Wars or Star Trek fans? Though their fanbases probably have massive crossover, they've been at each others throats for galactic supremacy for decades. They're basically the Crips and Bloods of geek-dom. Both are superior in their own...
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Hot Flash - What's Your Porn Star Name?

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