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Viral Video: Alabama fan comes in like a wrecking ball at the Sugar Bowl

Oklahoma beat Alabama 45 to 31 in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday. And a woman in the stands was caught on video diving across an entire row of seats to fight a group of Oklahoma fans. Then someone on YouTube improved on the video dramatically by syncing up the dive with the chorus from "Wrecking Ball"...
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Today Is the Most Depressing Day of the Year.

According to a new study that looked at negative comments on Twitter, today is the most depressing day of the YEAR. Mostly because everyone goes back to work, it's cold, and we're sick of dealing with our New Year's resolutions. We all know that making it through the holidays is a bitch. But making...
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First Storm of 2014: Winter Storm Drops Hammer on Boston

ENTER HERCULES Commonwealth Ave in Brighton. ©WAAF97.7/107.3 As you all know by now we have a nasty one on our hands. Roads are shut down, Deval is in his riot gear, and everyone is hunkering down for a nice day off in the city. We are officially closed. Here is what you need to know: PARKING BAN...
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How To Do Your Makeup Like the Members of KISS For Halloween

So you and your friends want to go out as KISS for Halloween. Perfect! But even if you all get the right costumes, the one thing that truly makes the entire outfit is every band member's makeup. So if you've got the artist's eye and you can mimic each of the designs from sight, then fantastic! But...
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