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Gavin Rossdale and Bush are in town, playing with LIVE at the Pavilion. Gavin joined Mistress Carrie in the WAAF studio to talk about the tour, their new song Bullet Holes from the John Wick 3 soundtrack, their upcoming album, and along the way talked about raising kids, being shirtless, hotel...
Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, Satellite Party) joined Mistress Carrie in the WAAF studio before his back to back shows at the City Winery Boston with the Kind Heaven Orchestra. His wife Etty came in as well to talk music, touring, Kind Heaven in Vegas, LA in the 80's,...
Ed Kowalcyzk from LIVE called Mistress Carrie after the first night of the ALTimate Tour with Bush. 

They talked Throwing Copper, placenta, Woodstock 94 & 99, reuniting the band, and so much more. 

See them on Tuesday night June 11 at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavillion. ...

Today, Jonna Mendez called. The former CIA Chief of Disguise, and best selling author has lived an amazing life.

Jonna Mendez called me today. You may not know her name, but you probably know her work... or do you? She's the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA. She's also an author, with her husband Antonio "Tony" Mendez, sound familiar? What if I said "Argo Fuck Yourself"? Ahhhhhh, THAT Tony Mendez ! These...
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Jonna Mendez is a woman ahead of her time. She was the Chief of Disguise for the CIA, wife to another legendary CIA Agent Antonio "Tony" Mendez, and author of best selling books, including Argo along with her husband, whose story was told. Their latest, and final collaboration "The Moscow Rules" is...
On April 18, 2019 Jay and Scott from Rival Sons came by the WAAF studio to see Mistress Carrie, before their SOLD OUT show at Royale. They gave her Boston Marathon running advice, talked the future of Rock N Roll, cassettes and vinyl, their new album Feral Roots, and a whole bunch of other stuff...
Mike Mangini, the Grammy-Nominated drummer from Dream Theater, and certified 'Worlds Fastest Drummer' joined Mistress Carrie in the WAAF studio to talk about touring, writing the new album Distance Over Time, growing up in Massachusetts, and to put his drumming abilities to the test with Carrie's...
Jay Buchanan, lead singer from the Rival Sons called Mistress Carrie to give her some Boston Marathon running tips, talk Boston, touring, Long Beach, Nashville TN and how it influenced their latest album Feral Roots, the resurgence of Rock music and their upcoming show in Boston on April 18, at...