Luis Guzman

Actor Luis Guzman's Keys To Success: Be Humble And Never Order Food At A Restaurant Ten Minutes Before They Close

Luis Guzman stumbled into acting by chance. He was a Social Worker mainly for troubled youth in New York City and was urged by a friend to try out for a role as a drug dealer in the first episode of the hit series "Miami Vice" . Since then it's been steady work in movies like "Boogie Nights" , "...
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Jack Black Had the Best Reaction to Forgetting He Starred in 'The Holiday'

Whoops. Jack Black has starred in so many classic films, he’s having a hard time keeping track of them all. At the premiere of his upcoming film “Jumanji: The Next Level,” Variety asked Black about his favorite holiday movie. While everyone (including the interviewer) expected him to say beloved...
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baby yoda

Baby Yoda Loves Metal!

Who knew “Baby Yoda” (what we’re calling him for now until we find out what he is) would become the breakout character from “The Mandolaorian” ? Between the Baby Yoda t-shirts, plushies, tote bags and Starbucks drinks you can’t escape from the wrinkly little kale chip. I just hope it all doesn’t go...
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17 Gifts Under $75 That 'Star Wars' Fans Will Love

The galactic epic of “Star Wars” has spanned countless films, games, books, TV shows, and bits of fan fiction, captivating generations of galaxy-exploring audiences. There are few people who don’t feel moved by the series in some way or connect with one of its iconic characters . All of which means...
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Disney Warns Flashing Scenes in Newest 'Star Wars' Film Could Pose Seizure Risk

If you’re planning on seeing the upcoming “Star Wars” film, you may want to read this warning. On Friday, Disney issued a warning asking theaters to warn moviegoers about the visuals and sustained flashing light sequences in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” because it could be...
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8 Best Netflix Original Films of 2019

Netflix truly outdid themselves this year with more original programming than any one person could watch. Some films were better received than others , however, so prioritize the best of 2019 during your next binge! El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie The highly-anticipated neo-Western crime thriller...
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Tom Holland’s Drunk Phone Call to Disney CEO Saved 'Spider-Man' From Marvel Exit

Who do we have to thank for the latest “Spider-Man” movie? Drunk Tom Holland. The latest installment of “Spider-Man” almost didn’t happen because, as you probably remember, negotiations between Disney and Sony hit a bit of a snag in the summer when both sides failed to come to a mutual agreement...
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'Star Wars'-Themed Hotel Coming to Disney World in 2021

Visitors to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida will soon be transported to a galaxy far, far away. Disney Parks has announced its brand new “Star Wars”-themed hotel will open its portals to the general public beginning in 2021, reported Cnet. New details and dates were just revealed for upcoming...
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SCREENSHOTS: Daniel Craig Is Back in Action as James Bond in 'No Time to Die' Trailer

Bond is back! The first look at "No Time to Die" has all the makings of a classic James Bond film: guns, Bond girls, and gadgets! The highly anticipated first trailer for the 25th James Bond film sets up Daniel Craig’s departure as the MI5 agent and presumably introduces us to the newest agent to...
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