Mistress Carrie

Mistress Carrie goes down memory lane with Brent Smith from Shinedown

Brent Smith has been a friend for a long time... a REALLY long time. They were a new "baby band" out of Jacksonville Florida, when I was still on the air at night. We hit it off instantly. Shinedown were genuine guys, super nice, funny and REALLY talented. I saw them live, and thought they were...
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Mistress Carrie, Josh Todd from Buckcherry, and Live 8

Who needs 1.21 gigawatts to go back... I have my archives! It seems like forever ago, actually... To be honest, I don't remember the first time we met. I just feel like I've always known Josh Todd. I mean, it's been almost 20 years for me on the air here, plus another 7 or so, hanging around...
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Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Episode 17: Zakk Wylde (2018), Stormy Daniels (2007), Chris Cornell (in studio 2007)

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Peanut Butter & Hot Dogs?

Whose bright idea was it to combine peanut butter and hot dogs? Because we believe they deserve a medal! Matty, Nick and Mistress Carrie all gathered together to tackle this meaty, nutty challenge and were pleasantly surprised with the results! Watch the entire challenge below! Be sure to listen to...
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Zakk Wylde was in town with Black Label Society, his band that's celebrating it's 20th Anniversary this year. He has also announced that he is reuniting with Ozzy for this next tour, 30 years after he started playing with The Prince of Darkness. 20 years ago, Mistress Carrie started on the air at...

Mistress Carrie and Zakk Wylde

"Let me do it honey..." Zakk wanted to be the one to take the selfie, his arms are longer. 30 years ago, Zakk started playing guitar with Ozzy. 20 years ago, he formed the Black Label Society. The same year that I started on the air at WAAF. Over the years, there have been crazy parties, Red Sox...
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Mistress Carrie Side Piece Episode 16: Deanna Adler, Geezer Butler, Joe Satriani

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