Mike Hsu

US Navy SEAL Nic Sanchez joined Mike Hsu in studio to talk about what he has been doing to help Veterans and what inspired him to become a Navy SEAL!
25 year Army Veteran, Scott Germain and his wife Jeannine, are volunteers and founding members of Clear Path for Veterans New England and came in studio to talk with Mike Hsu and Mistress Carrie during todays Vinyl For Vets about how they got started and how important it is to raise money for our...
Once again we were giving away tickets to the sold out Tool concert at TD Garden. To see who got the tickets we played another game of "Beat The Tool"! Josh went to hangout at Stonehill College to find some willing participants and found Jessica to answer some triva questions for the listeners!
Mike Hsu was reading a study that said most people felt that they were more productive at work when wearing comfortable clothes. Then Hsu learned that Josh Dolan hated comfy clothes, such as pajamas, not just in public.. but he hates it at home as well! Help Mike Hsu figure this one out by giving...
Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan still havent tried the Popeyes chicken sandwhich that everyone is going crazy over. That led to the discussion about what food they would get violent for if it meant it was their last chance to get that food. It ended with Hsu and Josh fighting about whether or not "Lime"...