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Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser Can't Talk About Stranger Things 4 But There Is A Reference In The Mad About You Reboot

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt had a pretty solid seven year run as the adorable newlywed couple Paul and Jamie Buchman on “Mad About You” . The ruled 90’s television with Seinfeld , Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air , and Friends . And, as opposed to Seinfeld they had a pretty good finale. So, why a reboot?...
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Hardcore Band Literally Has Grand Slam At Denny's

I’ve seen a lot of shows in a lot of places that probably were not meant for live bands. Living rooms, basements, school cafeterias, office building basements. I saw Soundgarden at the Hampshire College cafeteria in 1988. They pretty much destroyed the place. It was amazing! I stumbled upon this...
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Today Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach called Mike Hsu and they talked about the music video for the song Come Around, their tour with Five Finger Death Punch, and what crazy things Jacoby and the band should request to have in their dressing room back stage!
Jacoby Shaddix Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix Of Papa Roach Talks About The Video For "Coming Down", The Upcoming Tour With Five Finger Death Punch, And Jamming With Th Hu

Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach is pretty damn psyched about their upcoming tour with Five Finger Death Punch , I Prevail, and Ice Nine Kills . Actually, Shaddix is pretty psyched about everything. The guy is a fireball of energy and that’s part of the reason why Papa Roach has the reputation it...
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Luis Guzman

Actor Luis Guzman's Keys To Success: Be Humble And Never Order Food At A Restaurant Ten Minutes Before They Close

Luis Guzman stumbled into acting by chance. He was a Social Worker mainly for troubled youth in New York City and was urged by a friend to try out for a role as a drug dealer in the first episode of the hit series "Miami Vice" . Since then it's been steady work in movies like "Boogie Nights" , "...
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Every week Mike Hsu and 7News Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner nerd out together as they recap the latest episode of The Mandalorian! And as always Mike Hsu uses this opportunity to try and get Josh Dolan in trouble with his wife and Jeremy's co-worker at 7News, Jadiann Thompson.
Christmas Trees

Tree Talk: Real or Fake Christmas Tree

Is it okay to have a fake tree?
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