Mike Hsu

Former Black Crowes Drummer Steve Gorman Ain't Hiding. Check Out The Interview About "Hard To Handle: The Life And Death Of The Black Crowes"

Melody Maker Magazine called The Black Crowes "The most Rock 'N' Roll Rock 'N' Roll band in the world" . That was true for most of their career. I first saw them at The Mosque in Richmond, Virginia for the 1992 "Southern Harmony And Musical Companion" tour. They were already living in the...
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Your Car Gets Splattered With Paint On The Pike? Shred It!

If you have been listening to the afternoon show recently you’ve probably heard us playing audio drops of the “Shred It Bro!” guy. Josh Dolan brought him to my attention after seeing a couple of employees from Shred It in our office getting rid of evidence. After he showed me the video I instantly...
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Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan talked about the new Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween costume, and they were wondering if sexy costumes have gone too far and whats next after this?!
Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan inadvertently started a cell phone war on the radio today after Josh insulted Android users when they were talking about the differant kinds of porn iPhone vs. Android users prefer! Which one are you?!
A few years ago Nathan Williams went viral when he started making video's whenever he would see a truck from the company Shred-It! Mike Hsu just learned about these videos a few days ago from Josh Dolan when Josh saw a Shred-It truck parked outside of the WAAF studios. After Josh showed Hsu the...

Yes Keyboardist Rick Wakeman Talks About The Best Advice David Bowie Gave Him And Telling Dirty Jokes At His Rock N Roll hall Of Fame Induction

As a member of Yes and later with his solo releases Rick Wakeman has created epic pieces of music that have spanned space and time and were sometimes long enough to take up a whole afternoon commute on the Southeast Expressway from Boston to Braintree. "Prog Rock" artists like Yes, Emerson Lake And...
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