Mike Hsu

Comedian Doug Stanhope talks about his new special, "No Place Like Home", how Donald Trump could be a "good" dictator, and being friends with Johnny Depp.  He also explains why he had to postpone his show in Boston last week.

Doug Stanhope Talks About Donald trump, Johnny Depp, And Why He Postponed His Boston Show

Commedian Doug Stanhope had a show at The Wilbur Theater in Boston but his girlfriend suffered life threatening injuries after an accident that put her in a coma for awhile and left her and doctors wondering if she had permanent brain damage. So, of course, Stanhope stayed by her side and to...
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Watch Metallica Jam "Enter Sandman" With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots

Jimmy Fallon has done some pretty awesome "Toy Instrument Jams" with many different artists but this one with Metallica actually captures the spirit of a 6 year old budding musician. I personally, would like to see Metallica do a toy instrument set in the middle of their regular set on thier...
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