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A study put out by Fast Company, proves that there is science behind what most of us have been thinking for a long time. The study shows that men who own Mercedes and BMWs are more likely to be A** Holes! Do you agree with the study?
Today Mike Hsu read a poll that had the list of the places with the worst commutes, Hsu and Josh Dolan were shocked when they found out Boston wasn't on the top of the list! Also Hsu was floored when Josh said he didn't know what Route 128 was or where it is!
spinal tap

This Is Spinal Tap Turns 35 And Director Rob Reiner Is Turning It Up To 11

Rob Reiner has many moments of true greatness to his credit.
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There is a new trend on TikTok that is dumber than dipping your balls in soy sauce. This new trend has kids sticking coins into power outlets and it's causing some fires and other damage. Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan try to think of any stupid trends from their childhoods and ask you if you can remember...
Josh Dolan dips his family jewels in soy sauce for science! There has been a new trend on TikTok where guys are saying they can taste soy sauce when they put their testicles in it. We needed to find out if this was a real thing or not and we put this to the test. So Hsu ordered some food with extra...
john cleese

John Cleese Says Monty Python And The Holy Grail Would Not have Been Made Without The Help Of Rock Musicians

Whether he likes to hear it or not, John Cleese is a Comedy legend. As a member of the groundbreaking troop Monty Python’s Flying Circus he’s been involved in some of the funniest moments in television and movies. You can see the Python influence in shows like The Kids In The Hall, The State, Robot...
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