Mike Hsu

Tye Chandler

Pro Bull Rider Tye Chandler Talks About The Upcoming PBR Worcester Rumble At The DCU Center

Pro Bull Rider Tye Chandler Talks To Mike Hsu About Following In His Family's Footsteps And Hoping His Bull Is In A Good Mood
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Mike Hsu read a study on the show today about how much money people spend on dates per year. Josh Dolan said he spent way more money than the yearly total on one date! Mike Hsu told a story about when he left his date at a restaurant to go home and get his wallet!
During our throwback weekend we played a song from 1974 by the J. Geils band. Josh Dolan told a story about how he hung out with Peter Wolf for about an hour one time and had to Google who Peter Wolf was while he was sitting next to him! That led to a listener calling the show to tell the story of...
mike dirnt

Mike Dirnt From Green Day Is Doing It For The Coffee...And The Weed

Mike Dirnt From Green Day Talks Weed, Day Time TV, Hella Mega Tour and Father Of All Motherf****s
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Valentines Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts For A** Holes

Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan are here to help.
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Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan were talking about a donut being sold at a couple Dunkin' locations down in Miami, FL. The new donut involves a Jelly donut and hot sauce. Since they don't have it at any Dunkin' locations in the Boston area, Hsu and Josh decided to try and make their own and eat it to see...