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During Monsterland Monday, a former Air Force air traffic controller called in and talked about his UFO experience in Britain. Multiple eyewitnesses, radar captured the object, and somehow certain people on the show still aren't believers. Do you agree with Matty that this is real or with Nick and...
Fitzy also made it back from LA and came in today beaming like HE got his 1000th rushing yard on Sunday. Seriously, this dude's Brady Boner is outrageous. He also brought some sound of Bellichick post game talking about his interaction with Thielen and the results of Gordon Hayward's big game...
In the final hour of Matty and Nick Live From LA, the guys put together a little game. Can listeners name the iconic LA move fight based on a ten second clip? Matty also has a little piece of info on an exclusive McFlurry and where you can get it. And of course, we close the show with everyone's...
Matty and Nick are live in LA from The Staples Center on Media Row at Fury-Wilder. They somehow got a Rocky cast member to stop by the show. Boxing Hall of Famer Al Bernstein stopped by to break down the fight. And then Fitzy crashd the party again and brought you all the Boston sports news you...
What an amazing moment! The first cast member of a Rocky movie to appear on Matty and Nick is none other than Boxing Hall of Famer Al Bernstein! Arguably, the greatest ever boxing analyst graced our airwaves from LA in the leadup to the Fury-Wilder fight. What are his memories of working on Rocky 5...
After making his Matty and Nick debut in Vegas during the lead up to MacGregor-Mayweather, Gerry Cooney comes back on Matty and Nick in LA before Fury-Wilder. Find out what he remembers about the pre fight interview process, his take on the current fight world, and who he likes in this fight.

M&N Hour 1- Matty and Nick Live in LA 11-28-18

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