Matty & Nick

The Matty and Nick show starts off today with Greg still in studio with the guys as they raise money for the Rock For Change, and within the first few minutes Greg is alreay sick of their stories!

Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - TB1K

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Matty has a new nickname after leaving his "wallet" at the country club on Saturday night. That's right, he is now Man Purse Matty and he made the mistake of telling us about it. So we spent a large portion of this hour judging him for the size of "wallet".
In another fun filled edition of Monsterland Mondays w/ Ronny LeBlanc, Matty and Nick discuss seeing......stars and balls. Yeha, we don't get it either. But apparently some listeners did and they called in with their experiences. Oh yeah, and Fitzy stopped in before we got weird and talked about...
In this edition of Kyle's Unbelievable News Thing, he follows Monsterland Monday talking about real aliens. Like the ones in Star Wars. Because those are real and we'll have none of your "it's just a movie" nonsense. Will the resident Star Wars nerd, nick, get a win? Can Matty oull out the upset?...