Tommy Vext and Mistress Carrie became fast friends over the summer, and now as they ready their new album N.A.T.I.O.N. which comes out on Friday October 25, Tommy called Mistress Carrie to catch up. They talked about the new music, when they will be back in New England, The Rock (again), mangos,...
Every Monday we talk to Matthew Slater of the New England Patriots. But since they were playing yesterday, we got to talk to Slater today! We talked to him about the Patriots blowout of a win and what he thinks Sam Darnold meant when he said he was "seeing ghosts".
Every year the Oxford Dictionary adds new words that have been made popluar or taken on new meanings. Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan talked about which words that are specific to Massholes that should be added to the dictionary. Which Masshole words would you like to see get added?!
The hilarious Ryan Hamilton joined Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan in studio to talk about his shows this weekend at The Wilbur theater, skydiving, and what it's like working with Jerry Seinfeld!
Every Monday we talk to a New England Patiots player and today it was our old friend Matthew Slater! He talked to Mike Hsu about another win for the Pats this past Sunday, getting rid of Thursday night football, as well as Matthew's go-to karaoke song!
Stand-up comedian Steve Byrne stopped by the studio today and chatted with Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan about his shows coming up at Laugh Boston! He also talked to the guys about fights he's been in, hockey, and the making of his documentry called "Always Amazing" which is about his friend and fellow...

Comedian Steve Byrne in the Studio

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