Mike Hsu was reading a study that said most people felt that they were more productive at work when wearing comfortable clothes. Then Hsu learned that Josh Dolan hated comfy clothes, such as pajamas, not just in public.. but he hates it at home as well! Help Mike Hsu figure this one out by giving...
Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan still havent tried the Popeyes chicken sandwhich that everyone is going crazy over. That led to the discussion about what food they would get violent for if it meant it was their last chance to get that food. It ended with Hsu and Josh fighting about whether or not "Lime"...
Today we played another one of our dumb games that we like to make our listeners play for their chance to win tickets to go see the sold out Tool show at the TD Garden next week! Why are we playing Jermaine Whitehead or 6ix9ine? Well, you just have to listen to find out why!
It's always a great when there is food in the studio, but it even beeter when some of the worlds best roast beef show up in the studio! Andy Ferg of North Shore Beefs was kind enough to bring some roast beef sandwiches in to the studio for Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan. Mike Hsu is a big roast beef guy...
Paul Mecurio came into the studio today and talked to Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan about how he went from being a lawyer on Wall Street to a full time comedian, and how he hid it from his wife at the begining. They also talk about his family from Providence, and how he ended becoming friends with Paul...
Every Monday Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan open up the phones and text line for you to get some stuff off your chest and vent! This past weekend did you get a little too drunk, a little too high, or end up in jail? It’s okay, no judgments from these guys because they probably did they same thing! Talking...