Mistress Carrie joined Corey Taylor from Slipknot on his tour bus before he took the sate at the Knotfest Roadshow at the Xfinity Center. They talked about a few old memories, the band relationships, the new album We Are Not Your Kind, touring, his new mask, and... butt gravy??? 

Taylor Swift Loves Tool

I usually enjoy a good mash-up but this one made my head explode. Did Tool aquire the ability to travel time(not too far fetched) and travel into the future to influence Taylor Swift or does Taylor just love Tool? I would like to believe the later. My colleague discovered this DJ Cummerbund...
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There was news today the there was a giant snake loose somewhere in Newtown. So with that news today, Mike Hsu found out that Josh Dolan is deathly afraid of snakes. So Hsu thought it's be a good idea to test just how scared of snakes he really is!
Our friend Sue Costello came into the studio to talk with the guys about her show on Cape Cod in weekend and everything that's been going on in her life and career right now such as standing up to the bullies in Hollywood!
Our buddy Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphys called today to talk about the video that is going viral of Ken Casey and fellow band member Tim Brennan putting on a show for a young cancer patient named Quinn right outside his bedroom window! Ken tells about how it ended up coming together!
Actor/Comedian Jeremy Piven came into the studio today to talk to the guys about his show at the Wilbur Theater this weekend, as well as what it's been like to start doing stand-up comedy after already being a successful actor and some of the obstacles he has faced while pursuing this new career...