Comedian Carolyn Riley was just named the Funniest Person in Massachusetts by Laugh Boston! She joins us in studio for a hilarious Four You segment!! Also, the Brady Bunch house is now for sale for the small price of $1.9 million dollars! We may need to borrow some money... 


In the first hour of today's show, we prepare for the Hillman Morning Show to join us next week as we crown the best pizza in the North End! We also Hot Flash and find out why the rescued Thailand kids were so nervous about thier moms! Also Nick reveals the one thing he wants the most, a nanny...


Laugh Boston has just crowned comedian Carolyn Riley "The funniest person in Massachusetts"!! Carolyn stops by the studio and joins Matty and Nick for their Four You segment! How long until you are comfortable enough to fart in front of your spouse? Are women nicer than men? And if you could...


Inside The Warped Female Brain - Courtship Is Dead

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This hour Mike Hsu is back after a 1 day vacation and he is profusely singing the praises of Little Compton, Rhode Island, We hear about an incident involving a guy who went on 2 dates and stole the 1st date’s car to make it to the 2nd one, and they may be introducing new toll prices to get into...