Hill-Man Morning Show



Danielle tells you how to use your sex swing in the summer. The Duchess of Sussex visited Wimbeldon and she had some new rules made for the spectators and President Trump may have seen this Jefferey Epstein thing coming a long time ago. 
During the second hour of the Hill-Man Morning Show teens will do just about anything to get viral these days, a woman suffered a heart attack during a sex festival, and is having your AC on sexist? 
In the fourth and final hour of the Hill-Man Morning Show Spider-Man blows away box office expectations, the world’s first lab-grown steak is revealed, and is that a wild pig or traffic noise?  

Meet Cali, The Pretty Pittie Mix on Monday's Mutt

This week's guest on Monday's Mutt is Cali, a sweet Pit mix that is still a puppy and she's on the look for her forever home! Cali is both an active dog and a couch potato, and if you would like to take her into your family, visit www.bulliedbreedsrescue.org to begin the application process.
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