Hill-Man Morning Show

During the second hour of the last Hill-Man Morning Show we relive some of the best moments on the show throughout the last 28 years, Shawn Thornton joins us, and Spaz walks into the studio to model Greg’s WAAF jackets. 
We have a brand new batch of final farewell Hill-Mails, listeners continue to call in to say their goodbye’s, as well share their favorite moments of The Hill-Man Morning Show, and Ernie Boch Jr.  joins us in the studio! 
In the fourth and final hour of the last Hill-Man Morning Show we have a live musical performance from some point in the last 28 years, listeners call in to say their final goodbye’s, and share their favorite moments of The Hill-Man Morning Show. We thank you for listening! 

HMMS Hour 1 - This Is Goodbye 7/19/19

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The Penultimate Show! Greg's second to last day of the longest goodbye in radio history. Kevin Barbare returns to the show to relive the glory days as listeners call in requesting their favorite radio gold moments.
The reminiscing continues with Kevin Barbare as we hear the gang look back on the Front Bum song and Spaz misfiring rim-shots. John Dooley of EchoStor also joins the show and shares his thoughts on the show's historic run.