Go Fund Yourself

Go Fund Yourself 07-19-19

Here are some people that could use some help. Meet Tony. Like many, Tony has admitted to himself and others that he's an alcoholic and he's getting himself the help that he needs. He packed his bags and went down to Palm Springs to get himself treatment. Things were going well, but his insurance...
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Go Fund Yourself 07-12-19

Here are some people that could use your help, Our friend Jordan's Dad has found himself in a bit of a situation. At the age of 65 and ready to retire, Jay suffered heart and kidney failure that left him in the hospital. He was transitioning from private insurance to medicare, leaving him uninsured...
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Go Fund Yourself 06-14-19

Here are some people that could use your help! Our friend Cody reached out and asked if we could help his friend that was in a terrible motorcycle accident. The man is in the emergency medical field and has saved countless lives. Now it's our turn to step up and help where we can. He has a lot of...
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In Case You Missed It, actor Burt Ward, famous for playing the iconic Robin character, calls into the Hill-Man Morning Show! He speaks on working with Adam West, how "fun" their fans were, and promotes his dog rescue organization, Gentle Giants Rescue! 

Go Fund Yourself 05-31-19

Here are some people that could use your help While out early in the morning delivering papers, Travis was the unfortunate victim of a random shooting. He was shot 5 times by an unknown assailant leaving him with a broken jaw, multiple wounds and 2 broken femurs. It's going to take a lot of time...
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GoFundYourself 03-12-19

Here are some people that could use your help: Our friend Del is in need of some support. His wife of many years was diagnosted with Stage 4 breast cancer a couple of years ago and she's been fighting it ever since. She's spent most of that time in constant chemotherapy sessions and various...
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GoFundYourself 01-23-19

2 month old Benjamin Thompson was taken to the hospital early in the morning earlier this month and it was found out that he has a sever bronchial infection as well as RSV. He's been in the ICU for quite a while and the medical bills are piling up. His family lives on a single income and they could...
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GoFundYourself 01-15-19

Dwight Bondy is a man that has lived an extraordinary life full of fun and adventure. But, as with all people, time has caught up with him. He suffered an ischemic stroke that paralyzed him to the point that his family had to retrain him how to swallow food. After a long battle of recovery...
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GoFundYourself 10-18-18

Here are some people that could use your help. Earlier this month, we lost a good man by the name of Roy Eagan. He honorably served in the Navy, and was unfortunately diagnosed with colon cancer when he came back home. Sadly, the cancer metastasized throughout his liver and organs and eventually...
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GoFundYourself 10-02-18

Here are some people that can use your help! Chris is in dire need of some help. Last month he was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with pancreintitis. He needed to be transported to another hospital to be able to have access to the equipment needed to see him through this. On top of all the...
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