Ice Nine Kills made good on their promise to Mistress Carrie to come back to the WAAF studio, and play acoustic. Today, the released The Final Cut of their album "The Silver Scream" with some bonus material including some acoustic versions, and a cover of Thriller. They talked about horror films,...
William Duvall called Mistress Carrie to talk about his new solo album 'One Alone', and his show on Monday October 28th at the City Winery Boston. They also talked about going from a huge Korn/AIC tour, to a solo acoustic tour, wearing pants, the new era of Rock, the World Series and more.
Tommy Vext and Mistress Carrie became fast friends over the summer, and now as they ready their new album N.A.T.I.O.N. which comes out on Friday October 25, Tommy called Mistress Carrie to catch up. They talked about the new music, when they will be back in New England, The Rock (again), mangos,...

Mom Helps Son With Cerebral Palsy Skateboard. I Think I Have Something In My Eye...

Found this on Jeff Ament's Army Facebook page : This Mom, with the help of a Physiotherapist and a Psychologist, helped her son with cerebral palsy realize a dream. Here's the story translated from Portuguese: "Because all children have the right to try and have fun . This duo in the video is @...
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Kyle Carpenter is the youngest living recipient of the Medal of Honor. He earned it in Afghanistan in 2010 after he jumped on a grenade to save a fellow Marine, and friend. Kyle suffered catastrophic injuries, that required dozens of surgeries, and he has written a new book called "You Are Worth It...
Chris Jericho, lead singer of Fozzy, and "Le Champion" of the AEW joined Mistress Carrie in the studio to talk wrestling, Iron Maiden, the Super Bowl, sports injuries, Steel Panther, Jay & Silent Bob, Fozzy, and so much more!
Henry Winkler is probably best known for his role as Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli from "Happy Days" or more recently acting teacher Gene Cousineau on HBO's "Barry"(for which he won an Emmy).  He's also written 35 kid's books with his writing partner Lin Oliver.  His latest, "Alien Superstar" is...
Mistress Carrie sat down with Dirty Honey backstage at the Palladium before their show with Alter Bridge and Skillet.

They talked about their #1 Rock song, phallic microphone positions, not wearing pants, playing with G'n'R and so much more!