Can Mike Hsu Poop Like A Champion?

At first I thought Poop Like A Champion was a joke. Turns out, it is very real. So of course I had to go on Amazon and buy a box of this "ultimate colon cleansing formula" because they use "Poop" in the name and I am basically still 12 years old. I was hesitant at first because I thought this was...
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WAAF Rock and Roll Up Your Sleeve Blood Drive

On August 29th, WAAF presents the Rock and Roll Up Your Sleeve Blood Drive! Join Mistress Carrie, Mike Hsu and LB along with the American Red Cross at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center on Route 9 to help save lives! Live broadcast from from 6AM to 7PM Doors open from 7AM to 7PM
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Mistress Carrie joined Corey Taylor from Slipknot on his tour bus before he took the sate at the Knotfest Roadshow at the Xfinity Center. They talked about a few old memories, the band relationships, the new album We Are Not Your Kind, touring, his new mask, and... butt gravy??? 

Taylor Swift Loves Tool

I usually enjoy a good mash-up but this one made my head explode. Did Tool aquire the ability to travel time(not too far fetched) and travel into the future to influence Taylor Swift or does Taylor just love Tool? I would like to believe the later. My colleague discovered this DJ Cummerbund...
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That Time Kevin From "The Office" Almost Played Drums For Alice Cooper And Other Stories From Brian Baumgartner

Who didn't love Kevin Malone from "The Office"? A gentle giant of a man who's many talents included making an amazing pot of chili and drumming for the Scranton, PA based Police cover band Scrantonicity. Here's some of his greatest Ofiice moments: Video of The Best of Kevin - The Office US Brian...
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Jonathan Davis from Korn sat down with Mistress Carrie backstage at the Xfinity Center after the Korn/Alice In Chains Show to talk about him keeping 'vampire hours', the new album, spending time with his kids on the road, the Head documentary, Munky's new baby, and his first memories of WAAF back...