Win Tickets To See Guns N' Roses at TD Garden

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Hosts of the Old School Game Show make their triumphant return and deliver a taste of their unique brand of sleazy, seventies-style shenanigans. Meanwhile, everyone in the studio has a tiny aneurism at the ignorance of today's youth. Fun for all ages!
Matty and nick like to play a little game called "Do I Qualify?". In this game, texters and listeners give the reason they should win the prize of the day. The boys got many great suggestions, but the winner gave a reason you've likely never heard before.
Matty & Nick play a brand new, exclusive, probably one-time only game, 'Name that Dinosaur!' After a heavily debated 1st hour of the show if Dinosaurs were real or not; the guys test their audience on their dinosaur knowledge to win Social Distortion tickets. 
In an absolute perfect storm of stupidity that has become an all-too-common occurence here on Matty and Nick, eager callers light up our lines in order to win Dropkick Murphy tickets. Want to know who wins? Well so do we!
A new Game of Thrones porn trailer came out recently, and they guys set up a game. Is it a real Game of Thrones cut, or does it come from the porn parody? Listen here and play along!
Since Nick was out today, he was replaced by Danielle from the morning show. And since she's a dog lover, we came up with a dog themed game! Listeners were represented by Danielle, who had to guess the canine themed film based on a clue and a clip from Stiz Grimey. Can Danielle win someone tickets...