Every Monday we talk to our pal from the New England Patriots Matthew Slater. Today we talked to him about the tough loss and what he did for Thanksgiving. Also Josh thinks Mike Hsu and Matthew Slater tried to pull a fast one on him with a fun fact about sweet potatoes.
Every Monday Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan read some of your texts and take your calls as you confess things you did over the weekend in a judgment free zone! Here are some of the best!
We are once again joined by Chief Meteorologist for 7News Boston, Jeremy Reiner, for his weekly recap of The Mandalorian before Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan leave for their Thanksgiving Day break! Jeremy Reiner gives his take on the newest episode of The Mandalorian and let's you know what the weather...
Typically Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan dont talk politics or serious news because they want to help you forget about all the crap going on in the world on your drive home. But when something as serious as "Fartgate 2019" comes up, they can't avoid it and they need to cover it.

Since downloading Disney Plus, Mike Hsu needs to talk to someone about the new series The Mandalorian after every episode. Since Josh Dolan has never seen Star Wars, Hsu had to bring a nerd on to the show to talk shop with him! So Hsu called fellow nerd, Jeremy Reiner, who is also the Chief...