There is a new trend on TikTok that is dumber than dipping your balls in soy sauce. This new trend has kids sticking coins into power outlets and it's causing some fires and other damage. Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan try to think of any stupid trends from their childhoods and ask you if you can remember...
Josh Dolan dips his family jewels in soy sauce for science! There has been a new trend on TikTok where guys are saying they can taste soy sauce when they put their testicles in it. We needed to find out if this was a real thing or not and we put this to the test. So Hsu ordered some food with extra...
Jocko Willink is a Silver & Bronze start recipient, retired Navy Seal Commander, best selling author, podcast host, husband, father, business owner, and guitar player... His new book ", LEADERSHIP STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Field Manual" is out today (1-14-20) and he called Mistress Carrie to talk...
Last week the rock and roll community suffered a big loss with the passing of Neil Peart. As we all know Mike Hsu is one of the biggest Rush fans. Unfortunately Hsu learned of Neil’s passing while on the air. Mike Hsu turned the rest of the show into a tribute to Neil Peart and the music of Rush...
Tom Brady made a post on Instagram today saying that he was not done playing football... But he never said he was coming back to New England next year. Mike Hsu and Josh Dolan believe he will in fact be playing football.. but maybe not in the NFL.
Over the weekend the New England Patriots season came to an end and left a lot of fans wondering whats next for the team and what is next for Tom Brady. We talked to The Obnoxious Boston Fan, Bill Speros, to get his expert opinion on what went wrong and what this off-season may look like! 
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Watching this makes you a bad person!

How do you make Disney, George Lucas, and TOTO mad at the same time? THIS! Warning: Watching this makes you a bad person. Laughing at this proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. Enjoy! Video of Baby Yoda Getting Punched Repeatedly While Africa by Toto Plays in the Background but It's in...
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Today we got a call from Jay Buchanan from the band Rival Sons as he was boarding a plane that was headed to Boston so he can sing the national anthem at tomorrow’s Patriots game! Mike Hsu talked to him about how he got asked to sing at the game and also about Rival Sons’ recent Grammy Nominations!