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5 Reasons to Love Apple's iOS 12 Update

Earlier this week, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) revealed what’s to come in the latest update, and while nothing terribly earth-shattering was announced, that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for iOS 12. Here are 5 things we’re looking forward to in the newest version of the... Read More

Dave Grohl Pranks Sweden Crowd With Fake Stage Fall Stunt

It's been three years since Dave Grohl broke his leg during a Foo Fighters concert in Sweden, and to this day fans would feel a lot more secure if there were guard rails surrounding the stage. Then on June 5th, when they walked out to thousands of fans filling the Ullevi Stadium, Dave decided to... Read More

Sit and Spin Had Another Round of Mash-Ups!

Hola Bitcholas, You look great today. No seriously, I mean it. "Sit and Spin" today covered one of favorite categories of music..."Mash- Ups". Can't explain it, but 'mash-ups' (generally) make me happy. Maybe it's the musician in me...or maybe I just like it. Anyway, today's was pretty awesome, or... Read More

New Television Show Seeks To "Rescue" Unsigned Bands

Trying to "make it" as a musician is no easy task. Getting signed to a record label alone is a feat in itself. Now an upcoming television show hopes to give struggling bands a chance of making it big. Titled Musician Rescue , unknown artitsts from around the world will have the opportunities to... Read More

Jack White Receives The Key To The City Of Cincinnati

Before headlining the Bumbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Jack White was rewarded the key to the city by Mayor John Cranley for both his presence at the music festival and for his support of the legendary King Records, which helped launch the careers of legends like James Brown. On Sunday, Mayor... Read More