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Top 10 Babies Caught Rocking Out to Rock & Heavy Metal

Babies have been known to rock out to music they know they like, and they will let you know how much they like it! Whether it's classic rock like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, to grunge bands like Nirvana, to all of the various genres of heavy metal, babies know how to rock! So never mind singing "The... Read More

The Queens Of The Stone Age's Concert Got Crashed By Spider-Man

Even superheroes deserve a little down time every now and then. But during the Queens of the Stone Age's set at the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium, the web-slinger was seen crowd-surfing in the audience. Then, like a classic super villain, frontman Josh Homme beckoned the crowd to bring Spider-... Read More
Ghost, winners of the award for Best Metal Performance

GHOST’s Tobias Forge Discusses Need for More Ambition in Rock

Swedish metal band GHOST is well-known for taking risks, from their theatric stage costumes to their unique and easily identifiable sound. RELATED: Ghost Share 'Chapter 1: New Blood' Lead singer Tobias Forge recently sat down for an interview with Blabbermouth where he discussed some of the voids... Read More

Marilyn Manson Orders Fan To Remove Avenged Sevenfold Shirt Onstage

It's unclear if there's a dress code implemented at Marilyn Manson's concerts, but if there's one thing he doesn't want to see, it's a fan wearing an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt. While performing at the Download Festival, Manson invited a group of fans onstage. However, he ordered one fan to remove... Read More


Hola Bitcholas, All you need to know is that at some point, Miles mispronounced the word 'diarrhea' as 'diaree-qua'. It was mildly funny, but 'diaree-qua', in our estimation, sounded, inevitably, like some unfortunate woman's name somewhere. A few minutes later it was confirmed that there is an... Read More