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Let's Play "Father Knows Best" 2018 Edition!

Father's Day is this weekend, and you know what that means? It's time for our awesomely uncomfortable game, "Father Knows Best!" The Hill-Man Morning Show put a father and daughter on the line and if he answers some very awkward questions about his baby angel, then they both win some great prizes!... Read More

You Want This Bod?

Hola Bitcholas, Today we conducted another legendary, infamous, Mens Room Poll. Today we asked you to pick a physical body to spend your life in. Keep in mind, you don't get to live THEIR're still you, but you will live in the body of: Andre the Giant Gary Coleman Donatella Versace? If... Read More

Foo Fighters Announce Openers For 2018 North American Tour

The Foo Fighters will kick off their highly-awaited North American tour in July 2018 in support of their latest album Concrete and Gold , and they've added a lot of exciting opening acts to the lineup. Joining the Foos throughout their tour include The Struts, Dinosaur Jr., Speedy Ortiz, Melkbelly... Read More

Ozzy Osbourne Says He Spoke With Lemmy Kilmister The Day He Died

Ozzy Osbourne revealed to Metal Hammer that on the day Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead passed away, he tried to see him at his one last time. Ozzy said that he recalled speaking to Lemmy on the phone that day, though Lemmy didn't seem to know it was him. Then he told his wife Sharon Osbourne that they... Read More

Let's Play LB Lingo BINGO!

LB has so many catchphrases. "Hey kid", "Not For Nothin'", "All Day Everyday", and so on. So we decided to take it a step futher and create a series of custom LB BINGO boards! Download them all and play along as you listen! Just don't turn this into a drinking game. You'll regret it. Read More

The 2018 Miss Boch-Kini Contest Recap

It's the most wonderful time of the year! June 14th marked our annual Miss Boch-Kini Contest thanks to our good friend Ernie Boch Jr! This year's competition featured lovely ladies from all over New England, and even some international competitors, each hoping to be crowned Miss Boch-Kini 2018! But... Read More
Frances Bean Cobain

LISTEN: Frances Bean Cobain Shares Another New Music Clip

Frances Bean Cobain has shared another new music clip on Instagram, and based on the positive reaction in the comments alone, fans are eager to hear more. Listen to the clip, captioned with the lyrics “Please bequest my last request for duty calls me and she says come hither,” below. Please bequest... Read More

REDFESTIVAL Pre-Party With Us!

Hola Bitcholas, Redfestival is in 10 days and, to be frank, we're starting to get kinda amped up. Happens this way every year and this year is no different. You have to understand that Redfestival is our celebration of all things Mens Room; the show itself, the beer, all of you, everyone that... Read More